Guillem Balague says this Champions League and La Liga winner could be the right manager for Rangers


Sky Sports’ Guillem Balague has praised Rangers’ managerial link Pako Ayestaran and endorsed his credentials.

The 54 year old Spanish manager, with experience of multiple different global leagues, has emerged as a candidate for the vacant position in the past 24 hours, and Sky Sports’ Spanish football expert has given Rangers fans an insight into what Ayestaran is all about and why he could be the progressive appointment fans might want.

He said:

“He will be an interesting choice for many reasons. This is someone who has managed or assisted in five different leagues so he’s got experience. He won the Champions League with Liverpool, of course, and he has been a league winner in Israel with Maccabi Tel Aviv, as well as spending time in Mexico.”

The Spaniard was also assistant at Valencia when Benitez won the title in 2002 and 2004 and his credentials are certainly impressive.

The analyst went onto add:

“It will be interesting; I’m pretty sure he will be fascinated by joining a Club of the history and stature of Rangers.”

It is certainly an unexpected name to add to the list, but as with it all, we shall see.


  1. On 14 February 2016, it was announced that Ayestarán would join Gary Neville's backroom staff at Valencia and on 31 March, he was appointed manager of the club for the remainder of the season after the sacking of Neville.

    He suffered defeat against Las Palmas in his debut match before recording consecutive La Liga wins over Sevilla, Barcelona and Eibar in April.

    On 24 May 2016, Ayestarán was appointed Valencia manager until 30 June 2018.

    However, he was sacked on 20 September with the team in last place in the league table, having lost all four games of the season and 8 of his overall 12 fixtures.

    Doesn't sound like the manager we require.

  2. I agree with the other comments. We are the 'sick dog' of football right now and likely to be that way fr some time yet. We have to set out our stall now and sho ambition in all this adversity. That for me means getting a manager who knows his football and our club and the only man for me is Frank de Boer.
    I like the idea that being floated on a Director of Football. If that's the case my choice would be Alex Mcliesh to work with de Boer and more importantly the board.The future is Orange!

  3. How would you feel about Alex McLeish and Billy Davies working together to sort Rangers out as a management team for the next two years?

    There are some questions about both of the guys, but together it should work out better.

    If Graeme Murty feels loyalty to Warburton and wants to leave the Rangers U 20's set up, why not bring in Barry Ferguson who would be a great addition to Rangers, even as our assistant manager
    to start with and eventually becoming our manager.

    I never forget his loyalty to Rangers when playing when he was only 80% fit and taking painkillers
    so that he could get through certain matches.

    He is presently learning the ropes of management at Clyde and there is very little he doesn't know about the game and how players think. It is only a matter of time before he is back at Ibrox, and he fully deserves to be for his many years of of top service. He is a genuine true blue Rangers man.

    • I would take both Alex and Davies together for the interim period, but not long term. Long term, both are dated and have no status or clout in the modern game which is required when trying to attract good players to Ibrox. Do you think they would have a team that will be strong, fit, skilful, can pass a ball and most importantly structure a team to play the fast moving, pass and move game? They are just not that intelligent football wise, nice guys, but no.
      As for Barry Ferguson who I feel was over rated in a blue jersey and disgraced himself with his immature antics against Paul Le Guen and the Scotland squad. Hardly an ambassador of maturity, let alone our club. John Greig put in many years of top service and is a genuine true blue man who I dearly love and respect. However, he is the best example of great Rangers players, do not make great Rangers managers. We really need to get away from the jobs for the boys mentality.

      We need a management team that can provide a modern footballing strategy from the kids to the first team which will win us titles and challenge in europe. Ex Rangers players will not give such success, including Frank (mercenary) De Boer!

      We need a top class manager to challenge Brendan Rodgers and a Scout that can bring in the likes of Dembele. Realistically, thats what we need to do to challege Shellic in the long term. Can ex Rangers players achieve this?, no they can't!

    • Barry Ferguson doesn't have the temperament to manage Rangers I'm afraid, nor the man management skills. And yes, I know, neither did Souness, but we're talking of an entirely different set of circumstances and two entirely different men.

  4. I am less concerned about who gets the Head Coach job, much more concerned about the Director of Football role. Whoever gets that will need to sort out the scouting, youth development and transfers and if he gets it right then the Head Coach job could be done well by a number of people…

  5. We are deluding ourselves if we think a director of football will sort our problems. Just an extra pay cheque, Mr King will probably say his other £12M was spent sorting out this present shambles, which he is part of. Mr King should leave, current board members who have provided loans should be given the reigns with the fans, we go back to grass routes, sort existing issues Ashley (it is costing now and foreverwhile King stays), make sure the stadium, training and youth development become second to none, the rest will begin to fall into place with the right Scottish manager, we have the ability to do it from within, not adding another fall guy (director of football) and not listening to someone who stays half way round the world. J

  6. We will get a manager but I feel he will still not get the big money needed to take on Selltic a good second maybe for how long will it be like that not sure but I hope it gets sorted in 2 years and not in 4 or 5 years.

  7. I personally don't think that he is the manager for us. Even though he has managed in many countries & leagues and has many attributes I don't think he'd do anything for us.

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