Graeme Murty: “We’re not set up to fight”


Rangers’ interim boss Graeme Murty has stated his Rangers team is not set up to fight, as the latest shambolic first half ends with the Ibrox men trailing 1-0 at the hands of an abysmal Inverness side.

During his pre-match interview the temporary coach conceded that his XI is not built to fight for the cause, saying:

“We’re not set up to fight. We’re set up to dominate the ball”

Rangers fans worried their team was not committing to the cause now have vindication with a manager who appears to be continuing his predecessor’s fine work in building a Rangers side who could not give a hoot about results.

He further added that his players had given him a lift this week following the Dundee calamity, and fans can feel further reassured they truly have a coach incapable of inspiring the team and happily admitting that is the case.



  1. Murty Murty GTF
    A message to our brainless, naive board …. please use common sense and get an experienced manager in before the next game or else the Rangers fans should boycott the match, just to prove to you that we are not going to accept this sh*te we are forced to watch.

  2. Apparently Celtic have signed a sponsorship deal with Tena- the UK's leading incontinence wear range. It should be well received because Celtic fans keep pissing themselves.

  3. Murty "I couldn't have ask them to do more" well if that's them playing at ther best wat chance have we got!! AVERAGE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Same old, same old. Dominate the ball and take care of the ball. Is MW writing Graham Murty's script. At least no predictable 60min subs. Everything else was predictable. We need a manager now! But no doubt that 7 days from now there'll be another 3 big names in the magic hat. I feel it'll have to be really magic to get De Boer or his ilk. Get Alex Mcleish in now. It's not rocket science.

  5. You have got to be joking!! What is it that these coaches of our team see in these players? They are pish and not playing for the jersey. It used to be an honour to play for this team but these bastards are just picking up a pay check. Fuck them! McKay is lightweight. Not a trier, but has the ability to be our Sanchez. Where was the fight? Harry Forrester is the only one in that fucking team that has some heart and yet these DICKS won't play him! BTW he can score goals too! Get Alnwick in goal to see what he is all about. Fuderingham-pish. Tav-pish. Keirnan-pish. Wilson & Wallace dragged down by these other 2. Midfield – don't get me fuckin started! Only Hyndman has quality. It's so fuckin bad I can't remember who else was in midfield! Forwards? Forwards? FUCKIN FORWARDS????????? Oh do you see all these question marks???? Who saw talent in these pricks????? Come in Rangers, your time is up. The fans are now going to stop going to games! Management! Get it fixed!

  6. This shambolic club couldn't fight or dominate a balloon. Who the fuck does Murty think he is kiddin' here. This is Glasgow Rangers. Tavernier, Kiernan, Wilson, Waghorn, Halliday, Toral? If my son was playing in the Under 20's I would have his agent up against a wall and fuckin' demand he finds a better opportunity elsewhere. This club is rotten from top to bottom. Clueless in every department on AND off the park.
    By all means stay in South Africa Mr King and take every one of your coaches and first squad players there to, absolutely gutless and useless people hyped up with your Rangers TV interviews and every one a vastly, vastly overpaid failure.

  7. Murty is totally clueless and out his depth.why do we not have a new manager who at 1-1 is going to push for a win knowing we are six points behind Aberdeen. If you can't beat the bottom team we might as well Chuck this rate we will be lucky to be in the top six never mind third.

  8. I don't even know if Murty is doing an excellent job with the U20's. He was brought in by MW, who
    also brought in Weir & McParland + Kiernan, Tavernier, Halliday, Holt, Waghorn, Senderos etc

    • U20's coaches are playing 15,16,17 year olds who gain plaudits for performance, not results. Does anyone see a pattern here? Warburton's ghosts are causing nightmares in both Auchenhowie and Ibrox.

  9. Having just sat through yet another catastrophic display of ineptitude and down right amateurism by our team….I was in no way shocked or even horrified at how inept and how bad we are.

    sad but true that we never go into ANY game now with anything other than fear, you just have to look at poor Murty's expressions and actions to know he really really didn't want to be there and I sincerely hope people will stop pointing at him for what is happening at the club. He doesn't want the job despite taking to the press in a manner as if he will consider himself up for it….he is in an unenviable spot and I hope this doesn't ruin him as a very good youth team coach.

    The problems at our club are thousands of miles from the pitch and yet again, its motor mouth Sutton asking the questions….and yet again there are NO answers to his questions….the inevitable wall of silence from King jon um and his collective in North Govan ….the only thing that's missing is some Chemical weapons and some hit squads targeting any dissenters….but that may come yet.

    We are where we are thanks to King jon umm and that's the truth of the matter… you can point fingers in any direction but the only one you should be pointing at is yet again hiding in his Transvaal bunker…coming to it when I can agree the colour of shite with Chris Mouthpiece Sutton ….says it all for me.


  10. Fuckin absolutely pish. Thanks Warburton for bringing so many talented players to my club.. you truly were the worst manager we've ever had. Also Dave king.. where the fuck are you? What the fuck is going on? Get your arse over here NOW or get to fuck. This is FUCKIN HORRENDOUS! We need a FUCKIN quality manager in NOW.

  11. I never thought I would see the day when fellow bears would say things like " this club is rotten from top to bottom" and "absolutely fuckin' pish".

  12. I'm not even surprised when we play pish anymore, Warburton should be ashamed of himself. We need a clear out of the squad, I would only keep Wallace and Wilson! The rest are all gutless pish with the exception of Miller and he's too old to deserve another contract.

  13. king could have asked walter or alex as their free to sort it out till end of season get the glib t.f. he's had 2 weeks to stop the rot. must b countig the last of his rand. pissed off , never felt this bad in my 40 years follow follwing such a great club.

  14. ye could take 11 bluenoses oot the copland pull that jesey oan and they wid fight and run for 4 the whole 90 fuckin minutes.It 's because we breathe it. dock the paypackets they will get the message or they will gtf.Nae mare passenges takin money 4 fuck's being gone on fur to long.

  15. Yes, disappointing again, but… well. I thought Wilson had a decent game. Hyndman and MacKay looked to be trying. Tav was his usual bombscare. Foderingham his usual. Toral way out of his league. Might be blasphemy, but I think Miller fucks up the whole front line. He isn't a striker, he isn't a number 10… he just floats around, making insignificant moves, tutting at others and generally being pants. Waghorn tried. Halliday still is where he shouldn't be. Kiernan… he wasn't the worst.
    To be honest, the whole setup and selection is pointless. Murty is just the mirror Warburton. Until someone has the balls to mix it up, we will go nowhere. What the fuck is the point of bringing on Garner on 91 minutes- that is just messed up.

    When you are this far down, luck shoves it up your arse. How many times is Billy McKay going to do that in his life?

    Anyway. New man. Shouts a lot. Stops pandering to the bullshit and takes some control.
    No idea who he is, but he sounds good to me.

    • I agree with you about Miller, he's past it! I'd like to see the new manager release Miller and sell Garner to free up wages, to bring in Moult and Cummings.

    • Hibs won't sell Cummings to us after the Scott Allan saga and I doubt Ibrox would hold much appeal to Cummings. He'll be eyeing a move to Celtic or down south long term. We could do with getting some decent defenders in pronto. Darren McGregor looks good, who did hibs sign him from?

    • Rangers are the most successful club in the country, Cummings will want to play for us if he gets the chance. If he bangs in the goals to put us back where we should be he will be a legend and that will appeal to him.

  16. Cheap shot at Billy McKay. The lad had an outstanding game and I only wish we had a player like him in our team. There isn't one and that's why we have taken 5 points from 21 and will be in fifth place after next Wednesday's game.

    • If you mean my comment about luck, it wasn't at all a dig at McKay- I agree with you. Thought he had a great game. I just meant this wasn't the worst defensive display I've seen from us in recent times and when you're this low, things like a McKay overhead are going to happen. Where we fell down was middle to front for me. Toral is clearly a player suited to playing in winning teams, Miller went wanderies and our MacKay went all over the pitch looking for the ball.
      I've said it before, but NOBODY IN THE BOX means no goals.

  17. I have been an advocate for Frank de Boer for some time time but after last nights display we have no chance of attracting a half-decent manager. Good players do simple things well, like passing and controlling the ball. I lost count of the times Rangers players passed the ball to a team mate and immediately put him under pressure.
    Sunday leaguers (no disrespect!)try harder and at least they want to get the basics right!
    Any decent coach watching last night would not answer their phone if Rangers call. We have been sold a team of donkeys with a board that is clueless about football matters. I fear the future.

  18. I have enjoyed the reading all the comments to the Ed's article, but my favourite two quotes are: –

    Gordon RFC – King jon um and his collective in North Govan and

    Doug Young's brilliant line – Halliday still is where he shouldn't be.

    Both lines made me laugh out loud, thanks guys.

  19. The biggest culprits now in this fiasco of a season are without a doubt the Board. Warburton should have been sacked before the turn of the year – never has a Rangers manager survived such poor results. When they did finally get rid they even f—-d that up. To have kept Murty in charge for more than the cup game has cost us 2nd place and even maybe 3rd place. Actually I feel sorry for Murty – he doesn't want to be there. He looks embarrassed. Fine to take your time to find the next manager but the Board needed to bring in Walter or McLiesh right away to steady the ship until the end. of the season. If we go to Celtic Park with Murty still in charge it will be a cricket score! Seriously worried now what's going on behind the scenes and what the true state of our finances actually are!

  20. doug! The only guy to undo MW mess is WALTER but he can't rescue us every time we are struggling.He would take some convincing just to give us back our credibility and stablise the club until the whole structure is modelled top to bottom. But i really feel we have went backwards. something massive has to happen to lift us and bring the feel goog factor back and have everybody talking about rangers instead of hearing how celtic are doing on and off the park despite them receiving another fine.The media will sweep that under the celik rug.

  21. Chris Sutton isn't exactly popular with Rangers but he asks the questions that everyone associated with the club, especially the fans, should be asking.

  22. On reflection, I'm not so sure anymore the Board are taking their time with a new appointment because they want to get it right. I think it's because they are so scared of getting it wrong again.
    The new manager is out there. His name has already been mentioned. I can't see there being a surprise package at this stage. All the candidates are known to everyone already. Get it done soon please before we are in a relegation battle!

  23. Oh Dear it was so awful Not one had a F…in clue what they were doing . Hopefully someone will speak up to let us know WTF is going on we are a laughing stock across all of the UK . There are none I would keep and painful as it may be we need to start again . Lets see what cash we can get for the crap and take it from there ….Not hopeful… Love the line about Halliday LOL He is where he should be only he should be on the terrace suffering like the rest of us WATP

  24. My heart is very heavy watching out team lose time after time, when we should be streets ahead in second. The lack of communication from the board to aleviate our fears about our club is disgraceful. Murty is probably doing his best, but its just not good enough, he is way out of his depth. We NEED to replace him with someone who will get the team fighting!! I really hope something is done soon, as I am in utter concern when we meet shellic next month, we will get totally humiliated!!!

  25. It is obvious from Murty's post match comments that he is smoking the same stuff as the rest of the team. The man is delusional and hasn't got a clue about what to do with this bunch of misfits.
    Tavernier yet again to blame for the first goal, the guy has no defensive savvy and more worrying is the fact that he believes he is a footballer. Halliday is a carthorse and too slow to be playing midfield. McKay shouldn't be on the park when he is having his period. God help any manager who comes in with this lot. Time for a major clear out.

  26. Not set up to fight !
    Isn't it the job of the manager, even a temporary one, to see that they are ?
    The whole club is stuck in reverse.

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