Goodbye, Mark Warburton…

Article by: Greg Roots

I haven’t written on this site for a while, and I hope that doesn’t make my opinion less relevant than that of our regular contributors to this site, however I feel that after last night I had to air my views.

The general consensus from this site for the last 6 months has been that Mark Warburton just does not have what it takes to be a successful Rangers manager. Rangers are about winning at all costs. Mark Warburton is about delivering a performance and learning. Rangers are about fighting until the end and battling for our lives. Mark Warburton is about subbing off a loan player (best on the park at the time) because he sees us as a ‘development club’ and wants to respect Hyndman’s parent club.

For me, there have been far too many deviations between the true meaning of Rangers and Warburton’s philosophy this season for him to stand a chance here in the long run; however, fans have continually backed him and used the whole “look where we have come from” rhetoric as an excuse for this season’s disgraceful league showings. It confuses me as to how the majority of those against Warburton took until last night to realise their feelings. Last night was not too much different from a lot of the other embarrassing away performances under the same manager. Comfortably beaten by Hibs and Falkirk twice last season, despite dwarfing their playing budgets; Embarrassed by Celtic, flattened by Aberdeen and laughed at by two different Hearts managers, despite having significantly bigger playing budgets than the latter two. That’s without looking at many other poorly dropped points, but when you focus exclusively on the ‘big’ games, his 0% win ratio is very telling.

Last night at Tynecastle, though, was one of the worst Rangers performances that I have ever watched. Completely out-thought by a 30-year-old manager, and outfought by a team which had been rolled over by an average Celtic performance at the weekend. Combine those factors together and assume that Warburton may still be in charge in March and all of a sudden the third league Old Firm clash of the season in March could end up being a cricket score. Back to last night, though, and it certainly was a treat for Hearts. They managed to face up against us when we were in an extra generous mood. I can’t remember the last time we played and didn’t make a mistake, but last night was a new low. There was a clear mistake for each and every goal, and the all-round attitude to the defeat was shocking.

A proper Rangers manager would have screamed at the players. Drummed it into them what Rangers means as an institution, and reminded them of what a privilege it is to pull on the famous blue Jersey. Warburton? Well he couldn’t blame the players, and of course said that we will learn from it and move on. That just highlights his poor mentality and lack of ambition to be the best.

For those of us who can watch our beloved Rangers without blue tinted specs on, this was clear to see for a while. He has signed far too many rejects for lower league clubs. Failed journeyman. But no, we are led to believe that they are heroes because they got us promoted from the Scottish championship and ‘finally’ won the Petrofac cup.

I’m done with Warburton.


  1. Expectations for the season were unrealistic, goingfor55 etc was utter nonsense, dreamed up to hype the support and sell tickets. Mamny of us knew that, people like Windass, and lots more being talked of as serious players who would see Rangers win the title. Utter guff. Barton shooting his mouth off, I honestly believe he did try to join Celtic before comning to Rangers, best players to date, Miller, and Hill, old men in football terms but no new contracts yet? So to be second is something, but ultimately this team is not imrproving, cannot defend and if it was not for a few late late shows up front would be nowhere near second. We then heard nonsense that the gap between Celtic and Rangers was not really that big, again utter guff. The truth is a performance like last nights at Celtic on 12 March, if Celtic click into top gear, could , no, make that would, see the biggest defeat for any Rangers team in many years, That will at least end this managements reign at Ibrox, Even now we have guys only coming in the door, and they, like Garner did, are telling us how they will sort Celtic out! These guys wouldnt get in Celtics third fcukjing team! Warburton AND King need to answer questions! Rant over!

  2. This has been coming for a long time,one look at the league goal difference says it all, how the defense has not been sorted is beyond me,we ship simple goals EVERY game,too many stupid simple mistakes by individuals,no leaders on the park and no direction from those off it- it makes sense when you look at the lack of action in the transfer market- DK and the board clearly dont have trust in the present management,hence why Miller and Hill have no new contracts and very little money was given. Time for the board to say enoughs enough, Warbs clearly doesnt have the know how to succeed in the Scottish game, but i fear they'll wait till we're out of contention for a european spot before acting. Painful times ahead WATP

    • 3rd would assure a European spot, i think that , at least, is assured, whether Rangers can overcome the pre qualifiers remains to be seen

  3. MW and DW should do the honourable thing now and resign…. It's very clear the players are not playing for them… We are very lightweight with no fire in their bellies…. We are getting BULLIED by teams (with virtually no protection from referees) and we don't seem to have the stomach to fight back….Celtic done MW and DW a big favour by beating Aberdeen last night, but it's a sorry day that we need favours from these people. Now the fans are Arguing and Fighting amongst themselves over these pathetic performances…. MW and DW should RESIGN now before it gets a lot worse….

  4. Fuckin relax it's football it happens. No we don't have momentum right now. And not supporting the men in charge MW and DW is cowardly. I'll back who ever manages or plays for Rangers. Do your job and support.

    • Support for the club is unconditional. Support for those that represent the club is earned. Would you support 11 men that walked on the pitch and sat down for 90 minutes? Of course not, and that's basically what happened last night.

      Players and managers are given leeway when they arrive. A chance to prove themselves. Warburton and co have had that chance. We're no better now than we were in his first 10 games last season. When we were in a lower league. THAT is inexcusable.

      Worst part is the one player last night who showed any heart, any fight, any resemblance of what it means to play for rangers was Hyndman – a loan signing barely in the door.

    • yeah i agree with thomas spence and who we going to bring in next?
      where is the money coming from to bring in the new managers own players? lets be realistic here we are building a new team with young players for the future . yes its going to take time. we have no money so lets back the manager and the team. we aren't going to sail thro this next part of the season either we just have to find the right balance and hopefully gain a little momentum. and on my last note one of our own hasn't been playing great the last few months and deserves a few weeks on the subs bench andy holiday

    • BUILDING A NEW TEAM 😂 What planet are some people on? This nonsense MW keeps saying that we will learn from this and that has worn thin. THE GLASGOW RANGERS are a laughing stock and KING must act NOW! Worst defence of all time so what is DW thinking about as every single week keirnan makes one bad mistake,Hill is over it and Tav is not a right back. MW & DW are both really nice guys but we need someone that can get players HUNGRY/MOTIVATED/WINNERS.

    • Building a NEW TEAM …. to build a team you first need players to build it around, can you please show me ONE PLAYER on that park last night that you could build a team round?? FFS look outside the box… we are stuffed and we are being taken for a ride yet again…. sad that an ex Celtic player, who has a motor mouth, is the only one asking the questions…. Where exactly is that umm was it 30 or 50m we were assured was waiting for us to strengthen …. a bit like having a queue of NOMAD's lining up at our door to get us back on the LSE where we need to be to attract mony, and by money I mean REAL, CLEAN money…. we have been lied to repeatedly and its time some people started asking the real questions…. we are guff … we borrowed a couple of young lads on loan until the end of the season…if that is our new signing policy get used to last night as that is the new NORM

  5. warbs should have been shown the door after cup final stubbs and celtic have been walking allover him .he accepted . give frank lampard job got to be better than warburton .what about scottish football looks to me as if every team trying to help celtic to go unbeaten this season hearts did not try a leg against celtic against rangers you would think they were on banned substance warburton to soft so are all his players .

  6. We will learn from this….. Really?? We need to take better care of the football……..Is that a fact? Pi:sh!!!! This is Glasgow Rangers we are talking about. He should be saying I will make sure these guys perform for the shirt and meet the standards expected of this great club. If I can't do that then I will do the honourable thing and get the hell out of dodge. Taxi for Warburton and Weir anyone? Get Walter back till end of season to kick some butt and get some pride back….As this is getting embarrassing

  7. You are all thinking with the heart instead of the head… Name me any other team apart from Juventus who get promoted and come back to challenge in their first season ??

  8. You are all living in the past..!! We have fantastic history, but it's changed days for now at least. Excluding Juventus – Name me another team to get promoted and challenge for the title in their first season. Even the best teams can take a pummeling at some stage. All of the short-termism needs to stop. Newcastle have one pf the largest followings in England and when they last got promoted after spending a fortune, they finished 12th.
    I read the same nonsense from Rangers fans on here that I used to hear at Ibrox. Negative garbage and no clue about modern football.

    • What you say is true but, to be honest, last nights performance was shocking. I can accept getting beat by a better team but I would expect the side to go down fighting, did they? No. I was grossly disappointed with the lack of activity in the January window. For a long time now it has been obvious we need defenders who can defend and forwards who can score. What did we get – a goalkeeper and two loan midfielders who will say goodbye when the season ends so where's the team building in that. I can appreciate the manager wants to play attractive football but his style is too one dimensional. Hearts signed nine players in the window five of whom played last night for the first time. They looked like a team while we seem to be regressing.

  9. On wrong road ,missed the exit to success ,do we keep going on road or take next exit to find our road to success ,his arrogance and football philosophy are behind his downfall not combining a win at all cost attiude with a appreciation of the stature of the club he is in charge of should seal his fate

  10. As one who has never rated Warburton since day one (dodgy signings, questionable formations, inability to change during matches, abject failure to address central defensive weaknesses, inability to defend set plays) it's good to see that others are now catching up. He should have gone after the Cup Final debacle – anyone with the slightest knowledge of the game would have changed things to respond to Hibs' tactics!

    • thank christ someone who thinks the same as me…should have been emptied at the very start after the debacle at Kilmarnock which showed we were pissin against the wind

  11. A rookie manager who signs sub standard players? This result has been waiting to happen for a bloody long time. In warbs first dozen or so games wich we played great footy against part time teams any idiot could see these teams waltz through our defence a couple of times every game,and not a bloody thing was done then. Same old same old. This whole thing is becoming bloody boring we need a new manager now,for all our sakes. WATP

  12. The mentallity from the manager permeates through the whole team/club. When nwe had Jock Wallace and our club had passion, fight, determination and a winning mentallity. A fear of the manager if they screwed up. This Rangers team and manager lack all these necessities to compete for our great club.

  13. Agree 100% with this article. Enough of this loan nonsense and developing young players for other teams. Football is about confidence and what does it do to the confidence of the players who have signed to be soidelined when 2 young loan players walk in the door. Not experienced seasoned pro's to give the testament some backbone – but two youngsters.
    Rangers need to be building a team and that means buying/signing players. Looking beyond England (the most expensive market in world football) and finding good players we can afford.
    King needs to dip into that family inheritance but not to give with Warburton – his time is truly up!
    Bring back Walter as a short term replacement 1/2 seasons. – give him £10 million and he will stop Celtic's 10 in a row. Guaranteed!

    • See if he comes back for this half of the season, how can he spend £10 million (window is shut), and how could he possibly catch Celtic? This attitude is killing fans of this club, always go back to the old stuff, bet you moan about players having their socks too high as well.

    • Read again – I said bring Walter back for one or two seasons (ideally two) specifically to stop Celtic's 10 in a row. Celtic will not reach 10 in a row this season. This season has obviously gone – but let me tell you if we bring back Walter now he will make us a damn site harder to beat for the rest of the season – even with the hopeless lot currently occupying the great

  14. Maybe just maybe we don't know much about modern football but we know a hellava lot about Rangers.
    Never in my 54 years have I read such utter SHITE. If you think what we're watching is acceptable you're deluded.
    Oh and another thing if you're a real Rangers fan then I'm the Virgin Mary

  15. Does anybody see any improvement of any player in our team since Warburton joined ? You could argue McKay though i think natural progression plays a apart here. I understand last year we faced a lower class of opposition but you would have thought some of the players would improve/Get used to the system. Kieran just doesnt have a clue how to defend and any time he causes a goal to be lost he points at Tav to blame him everytime. Back to Tav , 15ish goals last year , assisting regularly , now he looks really slow, hardly gets a cross in or hit a shot, cant get back in time to help the defence. I could go on, surely he should have improved by now not got worse, he looks like he just joined this formation yesterday, he just cant play/understand what exactly his role is. Windass doesnt look 2 good at the moment and again hasnt improved just like Forrester, MOH , Dodoo and lets just not mention crooks a all. On top of that you have the whole barton thing attached to kranjar (would never have guessed he would be injured) attached to sendoros and the ever injured Rossiter. Haliday is terrible at DM though the manager buy attacking minded players on Loan and then has the cheek to drop Holt who i feel is key when it comes to linking play between the midfield and attack. Hill looks done in and no wonder, i doubt he has played so many fixtures at this point in the year since his career started. Then you have the 1.8 mil spent on Garner, the guy warbs claimed at the age of 28 had only ever played in teams/trained to a 4-4-2 formation, all the fu$king budget on a guy who is 28 who you need to teach how to play the lone striker. I actually meant this to be positive but F*Ck it get Warbs outtttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  16. Come on negative garbage I don't think so. I blind man can see the deficiencies in our team .Warburton spends 250k on a goalie 1.5 mil on a c/f who cant score goals when its plain as hell we need 2 decent CH .Rangers always built from the back with reliable CHalfs .this lot are garbage only Hill would get pass marks and he is past it .Please go now Warburton

  17. I cant listen to the constant spraying of vitriol..!! It's the same dinosaur attitude as always. Fickle..!! After another few victories, it'll be all singing and dancing again… Last night was bloody awful, that much is agreed, but second in the table is the best we're going to get for the next couple of years at least. Manchester City got pumped 4-0 by Everton and they were calling for Guardiola's head. Even the best managers aren't safe from short term social media opinions.

    • smell the coffee….there is a difference when you havnt been watching te same players make the sames mistakes week after week and stil start kiernan never dropped halliday never dropped tav dropped but shoved into midfield. We watch the same cracks in our team get exploited every week and MW changes nothing!!! No manager with any credibility sends players out week after week making the same mistakes!

    • It's you that's fickle and can't recognise failure.

      This isn't about one bad game, this is about every game.

  18. Anyone who expects this Rangers squad to win the league with the lack of investment is a moron. To call for the manager to be replaced is childish.

    • So we should just accept failure, we should accept a manager who has admitted he doesn't know what's wrong , we should accept the club running at a loss with a large squad of mediocre players, we should accept that we have made no progress this season, we should accept that Celtic are miles ahead and are running whilst we stumble backwards?

      If you say so.

  19. halliday rangers man though and through but not rangers class,too many mistakes and not football brain has to be dropped,long term we have no chance where the fuck is kings 20 million!!!!!

  20. Let me say this loudly and clearly.



    Some of the excuses and attempts to deflect critical comments show a complete failure to grasp reality.

    Last night was the most humiliating defeat I have seen the club endure in 35 years of supporting. We have lost to lesser teams but never been destroyed like hearts did to us last night. We are lucky it was only four.

    Several players offered no fight, Warburton admitted he didn't know what went wrong- a comment that should cost him his job. How can he possibly address the problems of he can't see them. His further comment that he had to protect arsenal and Bournemouth asserts above all else should also cost him his job. His arrogant response to questions today should also cost him his job.

    I have said since day one that he talks well but is a flawed manager. He lacks tactical nous, he has not done any of the scouting development or youth development he promised. His recruitment has been shocking and he has filled our squad with mediocre players at best- arguably our best players are two who were at the club when he arrived- despite him signing over 25 players.

    Those that argue Warburton hasn't had money to spend lack basic understanding of economics. We have the second largest playing budget by far. It was Warburton who decided how to allocate this and has wasted the money available. It has been reported that there was money available in January and it was Warburton who decided not to spend

    I have said recently he is the wrong man at the wrong time as many other fans now realise this. I had said he needed time, to the end of season at least. I now believe he has to go now. Give a new manager time to access what we have and time to improve our performances before HOPEFULLY some summer spending.

    • your right at first warburton said he liked a tight pool of players .look whats happened i think we have to many players all because he picked that many duds we have 4 strikers all on not bad money his fault 16 midfield players a lot of money five centre backs all on good money left and right backs all on good money why is everyone on dave king back .we can't let warburton sign anymore players he's not up to job

  21. Pfff..!! Luckily I now live in Amsterdam, but that doesn't stop me from watching every game on RTV.TV – Home and Away..!!
    As the saying goes.. 'You can only pish with the cock you've got'.
    The manager didn't tell Andy Halliday to turn straight into Jamie Walker for the second goal. Mark Warburton also didn't tell Rob Kiernan to completely duck out of the way for the first.
    Maybe if you had ever played the game yourself, you would know that the manager only does so much. When you are out there, it's down to you.
    Look – WATP..!! I'm confident, given time it will come good….

    • As Martin Black says the Manager picks the team , Andy Haliday Right winger by trade playing DM and getting hung out to dry. Kieran gets caught like that often, if there was improvement/progress we as fans would understand. We had a terrible start to the season, 4 years away from the top table. 1st game of the season we had a stinker in front of a full house of happy supporters , that game and the few that followed were terrible and we all stuck by the team/manager. Why did we sign two attacking midfielders in January when we have Holt, Haliday (should play further up the pitch) Windass with MOH and forrester who can do a job, yet we can all see we need a CB and a DM. it just doesn't make sense.

  22. Personally , away from home i'd do what teams do to us at Ibrox.Sit back ,5 across the middle and that might stop us losing so many goals

  23. Quote – Last night was the most humiliating defeat I have seen the club endure in 35 years of supporting. We have lost to lesser teams but never been destroyed like hearts did to us last night.

    20 January 1996 Heart of Midlothian H 0–3 45,096

    • Remember that game well. Nowhere close to the humiliation of Thursday.

      Suppose you will mention 0-3 hibs game next?

      Smell the bull.

    • FFS..don't talk shite, a very good Rangers team got pumped 6-2 and 5-1 by the bheasts in the same season.

      You honestly think losing to Hearts is the worst performance you seen in 35 years? Maybe..if you don't watch Rangers regularly

    • Did they nearly get 6 or seven that day?

      Did half our team give up with half an hour left ?

      Did Smith say he didn't have a clue what went wrong?

      Em, no,no and no again.

  24. I was looking to finish in the top half of the season and last night was no surprise to me. I have no managerial experience in football but as a Rangers fan of over 60 years and season ticket holder for over 30 years I could put a team out to beat my team. Our defense is sloppy and lack continuous focus for ninty minutes, too many go to sleep all be it for seconds and that's where the opposition pounch. Playing out from the back is all well and good but if the opposition pressure you there mistakes get made.

    • need to start at the back and that begins with the goalie…he is stuttery throws or rolls out dodgy balls all the time and puts the whole so-called defense under immediate pressure.

  25. It was Hearts highest ever win in over Rangers since 1956 and that tells you everything that was wrong about this Rangers performance.

    The lack of ball-winning tackling in the light blue jerseys was truly shocking. Where was the fight in the team?

    The defence was its usual inefficient self with Kiernan the worst. He has to be dropped or all the players in the Rangers squad will lose confidence in the manager.

    Why can’t Warburton and Weir not see what all the fans can?

    Now that crosses are diabolically handled by Kiernan and Hill, this should leave Warburton with no option but to promote Sendoros to centre half.

    Hodson at right back would make us less vulnerable to Tavernier’s frequent tendency to be out of position.

    Kiernan missed another simple header from a straight forward right wing cross that Wallace failed to stop. This allowed an easy goal from Nowak with a strong header, almost identical to Mould’s goal against Rangers at Ibrox v Motherwell. Do Warburton or Kiernan never learn?

    Warburton should have taken Tavernier off and brought on 6' 3" Senderos to try and stem the flow of the Hearts attacks and give us more height in the defence.

    We should be playing a back three against Hearts at Tynecastle, Aberdeen at Pittodrie and against an excellent Celtic team that cannot stop winning. Drop Halliday and hope that Rossiter can get fit for the Celtic game and play with two wing-backs to make the defence stronger and Rangers harder to beat.

    Rangers have not managed to win any away games in this SPL season against any top five team – a shocking embarrassing situation for a team of Rangers standing.

    Conclusion – Warburton and Weir MUST GO!

  26. People need to realise this backlash is not the consequence of one game, it is the consequence of poor performances all season. We have struggled against the likes of Hamilton, Dundee and Partick Thistle and have shown little, if any, improvement.
    Our goal difference speaks volumes and is the result of MW 'philosiphy' possession football – which is killing us. So many games we are 60-70 minutes in before a shot on target is produced. I firmly believe our players are more than capable of wearing the light blue jersey but we MUST address the tactics pronto!!

    Another point i'd like to make is the 'favourites' MW has within the team. Kiernan, Halliday, Tav & Garner have all consistently under performed but seem to survive in the team where as players who are performing namely Waghorn & Hodgson are constantly overlooked. Waghorn scored 3 in 2 before celtic game in Dec but is then dropped for Garner who had 1 shot on target in 4 games. Again, last night, our best performers Hyndman and Waghorn are replaced on 60 with Miller and Toral both remaining in team but had contributed next to nothing to the game! His decision making in transfers, team selection and subs is very very poor.

  27. That explains why you talk the way you do. You've been visiting too many Amsterdam coffee shops and not drinking coffee. The manager picks the team so the buck stops with him. Kiernan,Halliday and Tavenier keep making the same mistakes week after week yet are still first picks. MW totally out of depth with your so called modern day football.

  28. Get a grip. What a shit post. One poor performance and you're all hunting for him to go!!! Come May then judge him. Fucking deluded if you think we would be gubbing teams every week with a limited budget etc…. if you are going through turn on anyone turn on the board who should have released funds for a decent central defender.

  29. All we need is a good manager look what happened at selltic with BR bought three players same team new life it could be same for us.

  30. We have managed 1 away win all season against the current top 6 teams and that only came against Motherwell last week. Money or no money we should be putting up a much stronger showing against every other team apart from septic.

  31. Gentleman, I give you the Sasa Papac argument…

    Papac was garbage under LeGuen playing in a defence that was terrible because the system adopted by the manager didn't suit his defenders.

    Walter came and simplified it, telling likes of Papac to defend first and foremost and don't worry about distribution or going forward. The man transformed into a very good dependable defender, one of the best in recent years.

    I don't think our current defenders are bad defenders, I just think it's unreasonable to ask them to distribute the ball like Arsenal or Barca do when they are simply not on that level. They don't enjoy making mistakes and most of the mistakes have been a slack ball in a dangerous area.

    Get a manager in who will simplify the game, defenders defend, may not be pretty but I guarantee we would see a happier back line and more points on the board…

  32. I'm still behind our manager mark warburton and at the end of the season is the time to take stock of everything!What i will say IF rangers did decide to change mark warburton in the summer,then what about us bringing in the current huddersfield town manager david wagner!What a job he's doing at huddersfield!He has them playing a terrific brand of slick football!He also has superb contacts throughout europe,especially in germany the country of his birth!I know not very long ago wolfsburg were wanting him as their manager.David wagner has a very good chance of taking huddersfield town up this season to the english premier league!Huddersfield are very good to watch,very pleasing on the eye!Wagner is also tactically sound!

    • We need somebody who has experience of Scottish football and who will instruct the defenders to keep it simple and defend first and foremost! BT is correct when he says that Papac was transformed, when Walter came in and the tippy tappy tactics were abandoned. We don't need another manager whose teams are supposedly very pleasing on the eye, we need a hard as nails winner! Your suggestion of Pearson this morning would possibly be ok, if he had an assistant manager who knew Scottish football inside out, but Wagner is a non starter IMO. We'd be replacing Warburton with a clone!

    • Hi Robert,

      If David Wagner has a good chance of taking Huddersfield into the Premier or if Wolfsburg are interested, then WHY would he be interested in coming to a club with NO MONEY?

  33. Simple truth: our manager has a bigger budget, by far, than any other manager in Scotland except Brendan Rogers. Simple truth: he uses his resources very badly. Simple truth: every Rangers supporter except 'smell the coffee' has known since the Cup-Final we need to recruit 2 strong central defenders. Simple truth: we didn't and we keep playing Kiernan no matter how many blunders he makes. Simple truth: only 3 teams out of the other 11 have conceded more away goals than Rangers – and one of these is Hearts whose total goals scored = 42 (Rangers 31, Aberdeen 38)

  34. Good article, varying responses, for exampleGuido (excellent), Smell the coffee (has the same clue as MW none) but both want the same thing success.
    We now have too many parts of our club going wrong to ignore needing drastic action, if you think finishing second with the present record and indeed wage bill is ok then worse will follow next year. If you believe in the Mr King promises then you are seriously mistaken, if you think Mr W is the answer andis worth supporting then great, enjoy (if you support probably every other Scottish team, one thing is certain, the gap to the east end will not be closed – ever – if this present situation is allowed to continue, our support will dwindle, our stadium will crumble and Mr K and for that matter Mr W will get on with their lives stating it "just did not work out" leaving basically a ruin full of unfulfilled promises. J

  35. Daviecoopernumberone,you say huddersfield manager david wagner is a clone of mark warburton,never in a month of sunday's mate!!Have you watched huddersfield playing mate??Wagner plays a lovely brand of high tempo football with a CUTTING EDGE!His team plays the forward pass a lot quicker than warburton has rangers doing!He also has a good defence at huddersfield whereas we are not too hot in that area!His team plays the forward ball a lot faster and tactically he'll change his system to suit what he sees happening in a game in order to win a game!!He's tactically astute!Hope that answers your clone statement because that ain't the case my friend!!

    • That's the closest you have ever been to admitting that Warburton isn't working out! Talk of a lovely brand of football sounds very similar to the hype about Warburton when he was at Brentford and that's why I described him as a clone. Wagner has no knowledge of Scottish football, we need a younger version of Walter, not a foreign manager.

  36. Who's your younger version of walter smith then mate??Lets have it!Imho i would have wee billy davies in a minute as rangers manager!!I don't care what he does with his personal life away from ibrox,allegedly!Obviously within reason of course!That wee guy would install hunger and passion and the main thing,he's a very good manager/coach into the bargain!Even sir alex ferguson has said as much!!

    • When Billy Davies began to speak in the third person during interviews I lost respect for him, as he strikes me as being somebody with a very bad case of wee man syndrome! He has reasonable credentials as a manager, but with his personality I believe that he'll always lose the dressing room eventually.

      Rangers are crying out for a leader of men, who knows Scottish football inside out and has a win at all costs mentality. Walter Smith is a Rangers legend and it will be almost impossible to find another Walter, but we should at least try! Stuart McCall is my first choice, because he managed to take a demoralised group of players and make them difficult to beat when he was our caretaker manager. I felt he should have got the job, when Warburton was appointed and still feel that way. Tommy Wright and Robbie Neilson are also managers with a knowledge of Scottish football, who have impressed me. I'd be delighted if either of them were given the chance to be our manager, although I feel that McCall is the outstanding candidate. It shouldn't be forgotten that when Souness and Smith took over from the legendary Jock Wallace, they were less experienced in management than any of my suggestions. Given the chance any of those three might turn out to be another Walter, but we'll never know unless we give one of them the chance.

      Warburton is an embarrassment to our great club and needs to be replaced before he does anymore damage!

    • daviecooper…you just typed in my thoughts almost exact on stuart mcall…the only thing I would add is that because he is at his other love Bradford city,it could be hard to get him back after the way the board treated him…Never thought I would turn against warbs but I have taken off my blue specs and Ive seen the writing clearly on the wall! WATP.

    • That's my concern as well camelonman, he was treated terribly by the board and I wouldn't blame him if he chose to stay at Bradford, where they appreciate him. We won't know if we don't ask though.

  37. With all due respect to stuart mccall guys,if warburton does lose his job at the end of the season,then we need a much better manager than mccall,to go against brenda at celtic,next season!!We must think out the box for our next rangers manager!Don't get me wrong i like stuart mccall and i think he done ok,in his short time as our manager!It has to be someone better than mccall to be our next manager,to go against them,next season!Thats my honest opinion!!

    • appreciate your comments Robert…But…Where would the money come from for such a manager?…after all we dont have a money tree to go to…I would love it if we could…the only way to attract a decent manager is their love for the club but I like your positive thoughts bro.

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