46-year old Portuguese installed as new favourite for Rangers job


Portuguese Pedro Caixinha has sprung from nowhere to be the current favourite to take the managerial reins at Ibrox. Following former Hamilton boss and now Norwich manager Alex Neil’s surge to the top spot earlier today, the ex-Nacional coach has now taken joint top place alongside the previous joint favourite Alex McLeish, with Neil dropping slightly out of favour into third.

The 46 year old, who has mostly been an assistant coach over his 15 year-stint in the senior game, has top grade experience at the likes of Panathinaikos and Sporting Clube de Portugal (or Sporting Lisbon as they are commonly known).

In 2009 he was national coach of the Saudi Arabians, but is currently attached to Qatari side Al-Gharafi hence would require compensation.

Not the most obvious choice as new Rangers manager, one wonders where the bets originated and if there really is fire under this smoke.


  1. Lets face it a non starter or should be our next manager must have current or past experience of working in this league or he will be another failure passing through

    • I reckon I'm as liberal as they come,but not for me.Him and wee Barrie could exchange hair/skin products though.

  2. We need a manager with a knowledge of Scottish football, if we give the job to this unknown we will have another failure. This is a disaster!

  3. He might be brilliant, but it will not sort the problem we really have, ask Mr King, forget that, he is clearly no speaking to anyone about Rangers, he just sees more money going up in smoke, except he has no real intention of spending any more on Rangers, that is assuming all his smoke screen £30M, or is it £18M or is it another £12M or is it just a fantasy that even the rest of the board let alone us season ticket holders believe, one thing is certain, we are no better off than when he came to power, unless he can prove otherwise. J

  4. Another Le Guen. Would be a disaster. Like Big Bear says we need someone who knows what Rangers stands for.

  5. The Big problem we have is no money that is going stop Selltic we may or may not beat them once or twice and be second for some that may do but unless you pay 7 to 10 million for a top manager then that is what we have to look forward too we may or may not win a cup now and then ask mr king how much is going be in the pot for new players and then how much is it going cost for there wages i for one do not want to go bust so the above will do for now.

  6. I really hope not rangers reading an article saying he's been a number 2 most of his career but what stuck out most was his team have played 22 games n only won half this season n sit 5th in the Qatari league n it also said he likes to bring youth through. Sounds very familiar to me does he own an supposed magic hat. Not what we're looking for at this moment and time. We need someone in to stabilise the squad n be more resilient not another experiment cos we cannot get this wrong!

  7. I liked the fact that he's big on youth development… but then, so was MW supposed to be and look where that got us.

    It's too ridiculous to comment now. I don't much care (within reason) who we get, so long as he can sort the team out.

    It would be good (echoing Derek Ferguson's comments) to have some Rangers men "in aboot", but I don't think there are any hugely successful Bluenoses in management, are there? (Derek Macinnes is a qualified success, I suppose, within reason)

    Happy to be proved wrong.

  8. I am in total despair.

    It's ok taking your time if you are making sure of the right decision.

    However I honestly don't think that's the case here. It smells more like the board are split over which direction to go in and who should take us there.

    The hope seems to be a director of football can give us the direction we badly need. It's almost like it will be his decision who will be next manager.

    I don't really think any of the linked manager's are what we need to transform the club. This latest link seems ridiculous, until you hear he almost joined as assistant prior to Warburton. However if it is true then what the hell are the club thinking- he lacks the experience and qualities we need.

    I truly despair. For me McLeish is the best of a bad bunch. The dream that de boar would join and king would finally honour his investment promises has been stubbed out like a cigarette.

    Celtic fans must be enjoying this, the ones that still see us as a rival, many just see us as a joke. Hard to disagree

  9. Leave the caretaker manager to the end of the season to see how he will do. The best we can hope for now is third place and Europe. I can't see anyone stopping Celtic winning the treble this year. We can regroup at the end of the season