Will Rangers ever progress under Mark Warburton?


There comes a point in all walks of life when persistence gets eventually considered futile and insanity takes over. Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome, and while this Mark Warburton era at Ibrox does not quite fit that, it is far closer to it than any predecessor.

Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and admit defeat. Sometimes you have to concede something is not working, and no matter how long you persevere with it, it never will.

Mark Warburton has now gone beyond that point.

This site has swayed more than a few times regarding the gaffer – we called for his head a number of weeks ago following the Tynecastle debacle, and then mellowed when the man put together a run of two impressive displays against firstly Aberdeen then Hearts. We retained our doubts, but he had earned some slack.

Three weak displays later and we have to call it – Mark Warburton does not work as an SPL Rangers manager, and never will. Anyone who cannot see this is blind to reality – fair enough if this pattern ceased after a couple of months of life in Scotland’s top flight, but we are at the midway point now and it just keeps on going with no sign of progression.

Oddly enough, every Rangers fan I have ever spoken to ‘in the real world’ agrees now that Warburton is the wrong man to go forward with – all the opinions backing him are based in social media online or Internet forums, as if there is a strange ‘other wordly’ culture on there which does not apply to real life.

Mark Warburton was the right man to get Rangers promoted – he was secured for that primary purpose and he achieved it splendidly. Unfortunately the progression stopped there. If anyone requires ‘hard evidence’ that he will not take us forward, one only has to look at the two summer transfer windows since he took charge. Summer 2015 saw him revamp the whole squad with solid players who did a fine job in the Championship – the Waghorns, the Hallidays, the Holts, the Foderinghams; that was why he came to Ibrox, to build a team equipped for promotion.

He succeeded. But then we fast forward to the following summer and the signings designed to ‘make Rangers competitive’, (Warburton’s words not mine) – only two of them have become regulars in the starting line up; Hill and Garner (the latter still not truly convincing as a striker). None of the rest, for injury, poor judgement, or just not being a Warburton pal, have managed to get their foot in the first team door consistently. Sorry, but of 11 signings, for only arguably one, maybe two to be a success is absolute failure.

And that was the team built to handle the rigours of the SPL. Are Rangers atrocious? By Rangers’ normal standards, absolutely. To be 19 points behind before Big Ben sounded is disgusting and any Bear who accepts that standard is a sad indictment of how standards have fallen.

Did Rangers expect to compete with Celtic? No chance. But the second top budget in the country is nowhere near being delivered on the pitch. 21 matches, 11 wins – and only two of those non-wins were against Celtic.

Yesterday another football lesson was delivered by Brendan Rodgers’ embarrassingly superior outfit. Rangers did start well, and for the first 30 minutes made a match of it while Celtic barely showed up. But once Dembele’s rocket flew in, there was only one team in it and as usual Warburton was completely out-thought thereafter, with all the usual rubbish and predictable substitutions.

Some fans will point to Miller hitting the post and Forrester blowing a colossal chance as a way of pinning all the blame on the players. True to an extent. But what do they make of Dembele hitting the post and bar and Sinclair missing an open goal? For all the chances Rangers wasted, Celtic wasted double or even triple them. So it just is not an argument which holds any water.

It was put to me Rangers’ players lack composure under pressure – cannot make decisions when they count – absolutely spot on. The players are evidently not up to the task of playing for a worthy Rangers. But neither are the tactics.

Warburton could win 10 games in a row now and it will not change a thing. He is not the right manager and does not sign the right players – nor does he play them or use players in their correct slot (why did he sign Crooks, again?). The number of fans increasingly irritated by both his stubborn refusal to admit he is wrong and his equally stubborn inability to read a game and change it is bordering on depressing.

Only once do I ever recall Warburton seeing what was wrong in a match and fixing it, turning it around via a change in system and managing to win the match. That was when his predictable tiki tika was not working and he finally went route one aerial as a late Martyn Waghorn header put away Queen of the South at Ibrox last season – 17th of November 2015.

But his overall record since April last year absolutely reeks. Rangers, under his guidance, have managed three good performances – again, the Killie, Aberdeen and Hearts’ displays at Ibrox.

Many would argue a loss against Celtic does not change much, and we were never expected to challenge them. Sorry, but any Rangers fan who believes losing to Celtic in any context does not matter is no Rangers fan in my book. I do agree we were never expected to challenge them, but then with Warburton becoming the first Rangers manager in history to lose to a new Celtic manager three times in a row yet another dubious honour becomes bestowed on a manager in the wrong job at the wrong time.

He will produce fleeting matches where he will flatter to deceive us that he is the right man to take the club forward, and this site will probably be tricked by those moments temporarily, like enthusiastic fools aching for a Rangers to trust and be proud of. But the underbelly of truth is Rangers will never be the titans we expect them to be for as long as Warburton is boss.

And you can quote us on that.


  1. there is no money at rangers, the gap to celtic is massive in terms of how the clubs are structured, the business acumen, the current and potential wealth from Europe, the resale value of players, the pre season tour earnings, The photo of Garner sitting in A&E speaks volumes. The only answer now is a takeover at Ibrox by a mad millionaire, or Celtic somehow departing to a Euro set up ( all their infra structure and connections built up whilst rangers were dealing with liquidation sees them as a very very healthy proposition for at least a secont tier of Euro football, al though to be fair their is no tangible signs yet of such a change) leaving Rangers to dominate domestic football and then perhaps progress from there, but the club is currently in a very very tricky place, spending money that cant be justified in order to give the illussion of competing with a club that is currently on a different level, Why spend money that cant really be afforded just to finish second? A lot less could be spent to achieve that goal. In short this is not Warburtons fault

    • Halliday needs dropped not good enough for me in this position, I would have had Holt in def mid with McKay and windas in front of him, Miller, waggy and garner as front 3. MOH and Forrester on at 60mins to finish games off. keirnan should never be on the pitch again for Rangers but it's questionable about tav being in RB as not good enough at defending, maybe move tav to mid field when Wallace is back and have hodson at RB of a back 4. Only my thoughts

  2. I for one, have had my fill of Warburton and Weir. WTF is going on at my club? The St Johnstone game was the final straw for me – or so i thought until i sat in my seat yesterday and watched the same f*cking side warming up!!
    Fine margins? FINE F*CKIN MARGINS??
    I do not say this lightly….Warburton and Weir, get tae f*ck NOW.
    Tactically naive, arrogant in team selections and player positioning, and, although i hate to admit it, Barton was 100% correct in questioning you're footballing and managerial credentials and destroying you in front of all your 'old pals' you signed.
    Enough is enough.

    • I respect and appreciate the more than fair and consistent approach adopted by the Ibrox Noise guys in respect of the abysmal state of affairs at our glorious club and strongly suspect (99.9%) that they are, for the most part, merely adhering to the traditional Rangers true blue way of getting points over in a respectful sensible manner but would in reality like to put cards on table and call The Hat out for the pigs ear of a job he (and his china) are making at Ibrox and the honest truth is that it aint EVER going to get any better with these two wallopers at the helm as it astounds me how they are still there as they do not have a scooby re- signings,team selections,tactics,(tactics!!! whats that then?) substitutions & the naive, stupid, arrogant and ultimately insulting useless comments they make after every brass neck performance. But we are where we are and to knit pick each of current managements failings would serve no purpose and would be akin to pointing out that jack the ripper had bad breath, the facts are that they are SHIT and they have to go asap, I appreciate that it is annoying for all bears when fans get it into their heads that they appear to know more than the rest of us and recommend this guy or that guy but, on this vital issue I do personally feel compelled to mention my choice which is Tommy Wright of St Johnstone who has done a smashing job up there, is nobodies mug and is a die hard blue nose, the likes of Tav, Waggy and a few other current wa-k-rs would be in a fast black to the airport within a fortnight under him and we can once again claim what is rightfully ours RESPECT and CREDIBILITY as at the moment we are still on our knees and getting a kicking from the usual crow of cowardly maggots (SFA, SNP, SPFL,papers etc) We will be back stronger than ever make no doubt about that but better sooner than later. WATP

  3. "Rangers will never be the titans we expect them to be"!!
    Blimey, try to manage expectations please! We have just been promoted to the Permier League. It was always going to take time. Small steps before we can run. We are building a secure foundation – one which we can build upon in the coming years. Nobody likes losing to "them" but please be realistic.

    • expectations are you having a laugh we've got to adjust to the top league are you joking this club your talking about is massive small steps were playing against teams that attract 7000 people if there lucky we've waited long enough warbs won't do . wish him all the best in his next job as he's a great guy . new manager big tel butcher would do for me .

    • Butcher? No thanks! His shite comments on the recent BBC footballing series regards his embarrassing behaviour singing our songs at Tannadice after winning the league were atrocious! Then there is the recent talk of his on BT Sport, didn't see it myself, refuse to watch it while smutton is employed but it's clear his words enraged many bears online. That's not to mention any captain who refuses to play in a finals for us is no captain of Rangers, nor manager.

    • We are building a secure foundation?? Really, you think Keirnan, Tavernier, Wilson, Halliday, Forrester, Garner are the foundation on which we will start our climb back to dominate Scottish football? There are already better players in other club in the SPL or championship than them. Spending £3m this summer before wages and playing that football is not and never will be acceptable to me. Stuart Mcall, whilst maybe not the man to give us long term dominance would have done what all previous managers have done first and it's sign the best in Scottish football outside Celtic who know the league and can give us some stabilty. Cummins is an example. 10 times more prolific than Garner, banged in more goals than garner, is young, quick, hungry and would cost probably less and give us a bigger return but Warbs signs garner for almost £2 million who scored 6 goals last year in the Championship!, whilst Celtic sign Dembele for 3 times as less who scored around 20 in the same league and is younger, so what happened to this whole" We like Value for money patter we kept hearing?" To many of you fellow Bears are hanging onto the Mark Warburton who first came to Rangers NOT the MArk Warburton who is now at Rangers. Everything he said about giving youth a chance, signing value, playing fast free flowing goalscoring football, keeping people on similar wage bracket, respecting refs, keeping harmony has ALL gone out the window and in return we get a Team with no heart, players playing out of positions whilst better players rot on the bench. For me the final straw was playing Garner up front against Celtic. Anyone knows he isn't going to score goals. Waggy isn't much better but in my eyes Garner plays reguarly and played on Sunday because the manager simply won't leave his most expensive signing out and be shown up for singing a dud! Rangers needs a brave manager, not a panderer who shows loyalty based on the wrong reasons. Seing him and his assistant Weir standing on the sidelines at St johnstone the other night looking utterly clueless says enough. Not Rangers quality, bye bye…

    • What did he say? I never saw that! Terry Butcher never refused to play for Rangers in any match, after he played for England against Poland in a shirt covered in blood he played for us with stitches in his head days later. He was one of the most committed captains we've ever had! He has let himself down talking about our songs in the past, but he was a tremendous captain and leader on the park. Craig Moore was the captain when he refused to play for us in a Champions League qualifier to play in the Olympics and was stripped of the armband. Butcher has his faults but he never once refused to play for us. Don't forget Warburton is the prick who has criticised Jock Wallace, a true Rangers legend, on more than one occasion so he isn't a true Rangers man either! At least Butcher can organise a defence. Who would you prefer as our next manager? Bearing in mind it's going to cost a lot to sack the management team as it is, without having to pay compensation to another club if we take a manager currently employed elsewhere.

  4. Spot on as usual Warburton has been a failure where it matters signings ie Rossiter, Crooks, Senderos etc.Tactically naïve. Loyalty to the wrong players Kiernan , Tavs. I would be more relaxed if I saw progress across the team but I don't all I hear are the same old platitudes from Warburton.As far as his claim to develop Young players tell that to the likes of Ryan Hardie. I would not give him one more penny to spend on signings one of which is reported as being A winger just the position we need filled enough is enough

  5. I know that we were not likely to compete with Celtic after traumatic years in the lower leagues , however, Warburton will not change his ways
    Why does he keep playing Kiernan anD Tavernier both useless as defenders

    He needs to look at other countries (not England ) Holland ,Germany Ukraine, Portugal Spain –anywhere but England where i am sure you will get a couple of very good defenders for a fair price–that's on the understanding he will get money for this transfer market
    He seems hell bent on a midfield maestro fair enough but get the defence sorted then worry about the front end–then he needs to change tactics-the goalkeeper throwing balls out to dangerous areas–whats wrong with kicking it out and let the other side do the worrying
    Warburton for me is too set on doing it his way but has so far failed

  6. The only way I see It changing is if they really up the budget for player who have the next level in quality because if we keep shopping in a market for has been who haven't been playing,freebies or inexperienced young player who have played at very mediocre level then I really fear for us. On yesterday's squad who wud I want in my team.
    Foderingham – not am amazing keeper does a job. Keep.
    Clint hill- will just get us by till end of season but after. NO.
    Kiernan- not gd enuf. NO.
    Wilson- place on bench not starting 11.keep.
    McKay- Keep.
    Windlass-to lightweight but time on his side .Keep.
    Holt.- Again to light weight.use cumin of bench. Keep.
    Halliday – to lightweight again use cumin of bench.. keep.
    Tav-really liked him but as weeks got on he's becoming more n more of a liability. NO.
    Waggy- on his game can b powerful n skilful n a ryt hand full. KEEP.
    Garner- obv got injured but unless he plays two up top he won't work. KEEP for now.
    Miller- most consistent of them all. KEEP.
    Dodoo- lightweight age on his side tho. KEEP but loan out.
    Ohalloran- not given much of a chance but not sure wat I've saw he ever b anyfin more than a bench man. KEEP loan out.
    Crooks- loan out.
    Forrester- in my opinion he can only play one position n there's a lot fighting for it but I wud. Keep.
    Hodson- in my opinion shud start every week he's the new papac goes about his business quietly and efficiently consistent performer.
    Gilks- KEEP.
    So in my opinion of yesterday's squad foderingham,Miller,waggy,hodson,McKay and Wallace who was out injured wud make my starting 11. 7 squad players n then rest I'd loan out or let go. So I think we re 5 first team players short 2 centre halfs 2 centre midfielders n a proper striker. So many times yest 50/50s wer lost due to lightweight coweredness mostly from the midfielders far to small n weak in ther.
    Wud I trust warbs with decent money well doesn't look good wen u bring in 22 players n only 3 of his signings I wud start in first 11 with McKay Miller n Wallace already at club wen he came in.

  7. Until serious money is found 2nd is best we can hope for. I do agree that the signing this year havent worked but when ut signin players from league 1 wat can we expect. Give him till end of the season 2nd is a must as is a run on scottish cup even then i dont see how we can challengr sceptic until mr king puts in money or finds someone who will

  8. Warbs surely must go, all this pish, we trained well, we slept well ( especially Tav at second goal) we ate well, we are in a good place, total utter pish. Send the fans home happy- really- since the start of the season I have seen every game and I'm not happy. King get the finger out or this lot will get 10 in a breeze. Either King must go or get an outfit like red bull on board ( see what they did with Leipzig) a don't give wan about logos, names we are still Rangers. Get big beck back ffs, wi 30 mill then we are up there

  9. My dad will be 95 this year and is now too frail to attend a match but he had a saying….I never want Rangers to lose an old firm game but it would have been better to lose four nil than two one and paper over the cracks….we have our hands tied behind our backs financially and this board is far superior than the last regime but dont be fooled by yesterdays result as we are miles behind Celtic in every department…..our climb back to the top may take longer than expected but lets stay behind the team in these turbulent times……we are still the Famous Glasgow Rangers

  10. Spot on Big Bear! With Hearts in meltdown it looks like we can't finish lower than third and that takes us into Europe, so it's time to give the best kids a chance to show what they can do for the rest of the season. Ryan Hardie must wonder what he has to do to get a chance, it would be impossible for him to be worse than the senior players up front, they've been pish all season! I'd prefer to see the likes of Hardie,Burt and Billy Gilmour get a chance, instead of that prick sign anymore second rate journeymen! If he's allowed to keep his job, he should be told that he'll only be allowed to sign a centre half in January and not any other position! I wish Walter or Souness would take over until the end of the season! Enough is enough!

  11. THREE ROASTINGS by Celtic is NEVER acceptable at Rangers, but seems to be acceptable to Warburton. If Rangers AND Celtic had both taken their chances the scoreline would have been Rangers.3. Celtic .11. We were getting hammered, our defence had more leaks than The Titanic, yet Warburton brings on Dodoo, the most USELESS striker ever to wear a Rangers strip. If King has money for new players then I don't think he should offer the money until we have a NEW MANAGEMENT TEAM….

  12. Every teamsheet pinned on the wall brings a bigger FKN insult to Lee Hodson.
    Forrester and Waghorn are the greediest FKN wannabees in Scottish football. All these two want is personal acclaim if they find the net.Don't give a shit about the team, fans or result.
    It is unforgivable that Forrester refused Dodoo a near certain goal.Should never play again.
    O'Halloran and Dodoo are being wasted and it's FKN shameful.
    Time for a shake-up.
    A 10 on the Richter scale is required.
    Too much WNKN, no enough FKN goin' on.

  13. So, who do you propose should replace Warburton and try to compete with Celtic on the same budget? Personally I thought yesterday's performance was much better than the two previous meetings, we created chances and put their defence under pressure, the main difference is that they have better forward players and their decision-making is better. With better decision-making on the part of players like Waghorn and Forrester, we could have scored a couple of goals, even allowing for Miller missing a sitter. So, lets have a list of candidates to take Warburton's place.

    • Willie, in my opinion, the budget is not the major issue. We have the 2nd highest budget in the country but the team is not playing to that position. Yes, we sit 2nd in the league but we should be adistance clear if 3rd place. The blame has to be laid at the management teams feet. THE DEFENCE IS A SHAMBLES because the players are doing what the manager tells them to do….the manager does not know what he is doing ffs so the pkayers look ridiculous!!! Example? Danny Wilson at left back…Rob Kiernan dragged across to right back to cover Tavernier who seems to be anywhere else on the park than where he is meant to be. This playing the ball out to the fullbacks from the goalie is Warburton, not the players!
      A new broom and all that….he has to go!! Look what happened to the manky mob….players that couldn't kick the sheets off the bed at night but gving their all for they bastards now.
      You must ask yourself why Brentford got rid of Pinky n Perky…
      You ask for names to replace them…we need experience. I would burst the bank (not that i think we need to because i think Warburton and Weir are on a substantial amount). I will go out on a whim here and throw one name into the ring, a guy that is not involved in management but has been at the very top before…Glen Hoddle
      He is just an example of the type of manager i think we need

    • Willie, in my opinion, the budget is not the major issue. We have the 2nd highest budget in the country but the team is not playing to that position. Yes, we sit 2nd in the league but we should be adistance clear if 3rd place. The blame has to be laid at the management teams feet. THE DEFENCE IS A SHAMBLES because the players are doing what the manager tells them to do….the manager does not know what he is doing ffs so the pkayers look ridiculous!!! Example? Danny Wilson at left back…Rob Kiernan dragged across to right back to cover Tavernier who seems to be anywhere else on the park than where he is meant to be. This playing the ball out to the fullbacks from the goalie is Warburton, not the players!
      A new broom and all that….he has to go!! Look what happened to the manky mob….players that couldn't kick the sheets off the bed at night but gving their all for they bastards now.
      You must ask yourself why Brentford got rid of Pinky n Perky…
      You ask for names to replace them…we need experience. I would burst the bank (not that i think we need to because i think Warburton and Weir are on a substantial amount). I will go out on a whim here and throw one name into the ring, a guy that is not involved in management but has been at the very top before…Glen Hoddle
      He is just an example of the type of manager i think we need

    • Terry Butcher was a superb Rangers defender and captain and he knows how to organise a defence. He's an experienced manager and I think his man management skills are his main strength. I think the players would respect him and he would get the best out of them, also he is a born winner and understands that winning is more important than how you achieve victory! Tippy tappy playing it out from the back is dangerous defending and Butcher would put a stop to that! I know he let himself down when he criticised our songs and I have always believed that a true Rangers man should protect the good name of Rangers at all times, but he would be a manager in the Allardyce mould and I think that's what we need!

    • Those main differences you site are hardly minor details mate! Better players and better decision making. Also it cant be overlooked Celtic have better defenders , better midfielders, better reserves and a better manager..oh and they also have more money and an off field structure thats been in place for a good number of years. So while you are right , its not simply about Warburton, he seems uncertain and unsure imo, putting right all that needs putting right seems at this stage to be a task beyond the ability of anyone at Rangers

  14. I agree with some of the criticism, but to make it absolute is wrong. To claim Kranjar as a failure is unfair, because the injury was not his fault. While Rossiter arrived with a suspect fitness concern, I think it is still too early to bin him. Barton didn't work out, but no manager can tolerate a player running he dressing room. Crooks is a concern, he doesn't seemed to have developed.
    But while I would question some of the decisions, I would give him until the end of the season to demonstrate an understanding of what is required before condemning him. The summer signings that were made seemed good at the time, central defence and Garner apart, and some have no worked out yet for a variety of reasons.
    The lack of tactical awareness and variety is a separate issue. As is the inability of David Weir to Marshall a defence.

    • Agree with you ScotsWhaHae, our dream midfield of Kranjar, Barton and Rossiter did not materialise. Crooks and Windass are at the moment not contributing anything although Windass has at times shown great promise. With no plan B MW has proved he is inflexible. He sticks with Tav no matter what, Hodson could not be blamed if he asked for a move. Miller and Hill are in their late thirties and will need replaced sooner than later but will he give youth its chance if they are good enough?. We need some financial heavy hitters on the board and Ashley off our backs but thats easier said than done.

  15. I don't know what you expect like?

    Compare their team with ours and it's just a complete miss match.

    Second biggest budget in Scotland ? Well we're the second best team in Scotland so I don't get why you always bring that up?

    Doesn't matter who's in charge unless there's serious investment they won't do any better or get any closer to Celtic.

    Put Rodgers in charge of us and Warburton in charge of them and we'd be in the same position.

    They have better players and far more money. It's not rocket science really.

    • Bobby, i'm sorry brother but you couldn't be more wrong…..if MW and DW were in charge of that mob, we would be at least challenging them. His arrogance in formation would ensure that. The guy worked on the London Stock Exchange ffs and had no footballing (or managerial) experience until he went on a shitty course….i compare it to driving…he might have passed his theory test but never sat in a car and driven!!!
      GO NOW

    • Partly right, but Warburton would mess up at Celtic imo, plus it has to be remembered Rodgers is a 2.5 m a year manager, Warburton aint and he would not command the respect Rodgers does. So swapping managers would help but Celtic wouldnt have aman like him in charge now. Years of work to be done to get Rangers even remotely close, unless Celtic commit some almighty fuck up!

  16. MW wants to play 4-3-3 and play out from the back. No doubt about that. A couple of problems here though.
    Whenever a team presses Rangers we struggle to play out from the back. Slack passes put us in danger when we give the ball away so close to our goal. Other teams that sit back and hit us on the break, in numbers, also give us big trouble.
    Our CBs are slow. All except Senderos struggle with a high ball into our box. When they play up the park a bit, they get caught out with a ball played into the spaces behind them. No recovery pace. We also have marauding full backs, so our slow CBs are exposed on the flanks.
    If the CBs sit deeper to cut out that space behind, we leave a lot of space between our attacking midfield and our CBs (we don't have a "backline"). MW has chosen to play a solitary DM in that space to protect the CBs. Either the slow Barton (who could at least tackle a bit) or the slow Halliday (who is a total lightweight who can't tackle at all).
    MW, rightly, got a lot of criticism for those tactics, using those players. For some games he did change tactics and personnel a little. He brought in a full back that can defend and pushed Tav further forward. He helped Halliday a bit as well as joining the attack more.
    Unfortunately, apart from Hodson and Wallace, none of the others are suited to their roles using these tactics. The slow CBs need TWO quick DMs who can tackle in front of them and TWO full backs covering the flanks.
    Halliday is not a DM and never will be. Tav is not a full back.
    MW tends to revert to his original 4-3-3 with the same personal and tactics, whenever we meet so-called lesser teams. Then changes tactics, on the day, when we meet Celtic and the like.
    I won't even talk about the other slow players who get picked and the chopping and changing between games and during games.
    We don't have the players to play 4-3-3. We don't have the players to play the way MW wants to play. When we "get away with it" when some teams "park the bus" we think all is well. Untill we meet the next team that breaks quickly in numbers or presses high, like Celtic.
    With the players we have, we had to go 4-2-3-1 from the outset and stick to the system throughout the season. That system can still see good attacking attractive football. celtic have much better and quicker players, overall, than us and they use 4-2-3-1. That's because their CBs are not too flash at times.
    If MW had lots of cash I'm sure he could build a good 4-3-3 set-up. But he doesn't and he never will. He'll never have the players that can play his way, so he must change, permanently, or leave.
    While we have slow CBs they need protected. On the flanks and with two quick, good tackling, DMs in front of them.
    Bring back young Thompson from Raith. He can play in midfield or left back. Give the kid a chance. Play Senderos who is good in the air. Here's a couple of 4-2-3-1 selections that could work. All players fit

    Hodson, Senderos, Wilson(Hill) Wallace(Thompson);
    Rossiter, Crooks(Thompson)
    O'Halloran(Forrester) Windass, Mckay (Forrester)
    Dodoo (Garner, Miller, Waghorn)

    Players, not in brackets, first selections. Except for Forrester, who was our best player until being inexplicably dropped.

    NO MORE EXPOSURE ON THE FLANKS. NO MORE SOLITARY DMs (even REAL ones). Quick players all over the park. Two bits of "tall timber" for set pieces (Senderos and Crooks).

  17. totally agree warbs not got it love to see big tel butcher next would love to see back of those giant screens at ibrox replaced with seats get celtic support in the corner instead of giving them full stand ibrox would then be fantastic rename murray park , blue bells arena, first thing to fix is defence surely warbs not got a clue

    • Getting rid of the giant screens is a good idea, they must cost a lot to maintain so replacing them with seats would not only cut costs but also increase revenue. It makes good business sense and cutting the filth's ticket allocation would put them in their place! I'd like to see the training ground renamed Sandy Jardine Park, in recognition of a Rangers great who came through the youth policy. Big Terry can fix the defence, under Warbs we'll always leak goals because he's defensively clueless.

    • brilliant shout sandy jardine getting rid of those screens would give us the best stadium in britian 65000 and our listed main stand give us bears something to brag about .im sick listening to that other mob ,warbs has had plenty backing dembelle and grit his cost pennies its not all about money warbs should have been sacked after his cup final

  18. What has changed, can't really get excited about the football we are playing, no money or scare stories about çontinued past problems or issues never addressed when we had money meantime Mr King and his promised fortune will never be delivered just like Mr W has no real clue when the team he puts out is given a challenge, he just falls short, he was okay when in lower divisions, mainly because the opposition was poor, back in the top league, the opposition is slightly better but still we struggle and much as it pains, we are miles off competing with another part of the city. J

  19. Daviecoopernumberone,terry butcher to replace mark warburton as the next rangers manager,behave yourself mate!!Never in a month of sundays!He's never a glasgow rangers manager,NOT GOOD ENOUGH,SIMPLE AS THAT MATE!!

    • Robert, it's obvious that Warburton isn't good enough to be Rangers manager and I'm not the only one on here who has suggested Butcher as the next Rangers manager!

    • big terry butcher would not stand for this nonesence tav so far up the park big tel would give us bite determination hunger .i don't want to watch this tipsy tipsy shite any more brown and there centre halves kicked us all over the park no one went near them would not happen under big tel

    • here you forgetting helicopter sunday big tel won us the league with motherwell beatting celtic for us also done the business with inverness he knows how to beat celtic big tel would sort the unwashed out ,

    • Robbie Nielson is a manager I've been impressed by, but we'd need to pay compensation to MK Dons.

  20. Where is our leader mr King on times of trouble?? He was quick enough to come out with all his bull shit at the start of the season……. Is he just keeping the lights on at ibrox or willing to put up serious cash (in his very own words) £30 million to compete with Celtic…..hahaha taking us all for fecking mugs!!!!!!how can we trust someone that has told us this bullshit then done the opposite. A very good source of mine told me that the Warburtons – King relationship is none existent and instead warbs puts forward targets of all different qualitys and ends up with to put it nicely the cheap options! Now I can see it from both sides of the argument that Warbs should go now and to be fair anyone that knows me will tell you that I was defi on that side a few weeks ago however has he really done that bad a job so far as for all we know he has perhaps been told there is no money and your tavs and waggys r our limit now?????? I don't know where we go from here fellow bears we seem stuck in limbo but al tell u what I think these next to transfer windows are the most important in Rangers history…….

  21. Can't put my finger on wats wrong are these really warbs signings or is he given a list of available players with a low signing fee or freebie and on a low wages n he's got to try n pick best cause to me all the players we ve signed wernt get in a game for ther club, had been out with long term injuries and old players get in ther last decent pay or very inexperienced players only player I can we ve signed in past few windows who was playing week in week out was ohalloran n he does even get a game wat does that say about our signing policy. We signed garner for £1.8m as a goal scorer but he doesn't score goal we wud been better getting a player in like Louis molt fae Motherwell who's scores goals at this level,fast,match fit n plays week in week out prob talking £200k max. Thinks must change this signing policy is not gd enough.

  22. The simple answer is no! – Rangers need a manager who is ruthless, who knows how to field his best 11 and who can build a squad. Now I'm not saying with our budget a new manager would easily catch Celtic so we need board finiance and huge board finance from somewhere or it's a busted flush no matter who we get. Warburton though has already showing his inexperience when it comes to picking a team, his abysmal ability to sign a player and his total lack of tactical nous.

    The core of his team will NEVER be able to take Rangers to a new level and it's simply time to go. No more signings in January, finish seconds then leave and hopefully the board come up trumps with something better(don't know if they can or not).

    Keirnan, Tavernier, Wilson, Windass, Halliday, Garner,Forrester, Waghorn and more will NEVER in a million years be the calibre to dominate Scottish football it is as simple as that. And Mark Warburton will never be a manager who can dominate Scottish football. Thats for getting us out the first division Mark, tata….

    Again not expecting the world from where we have been but I do expect a manager who won't spend almost £2m on a guy who scored 6 goals last year! a manager who shows loyalty to players who don't deserve it a manager who leaves out Ohalloran, Forrester and even Waghorn who can all play on the left and instead plays the abysmal Tavernier in both roles at the same time against our biggest rivals. We may be second in the league but are making a right struggle of it and I dare suggest if you gave half the managers in the SPL £3m quid to spend before wages and an academy with all the trimmings murray park has they would find it less of a struggle than Warburton does. A guy like Mcall(who albiet may not be what we need to dominate again) would certainly by now have a strong stable reliable squad who score goals and are hard to beat, we would have strengthened the squad like all previous managers have with the best in Scottish football outside Celtic to give u that initial stability, for instance the younger, quicker more prolific Cummins over the slow non existent finisher Garner who cost more wages and has no sell on value!, Tansey at inverness, The centre half at Inverness, Souttar who was on a free etc etc. A better manager knowing his budget who plays a system that works and plays games to win..Strikers in the box like Waggy instead of Garner 30 yards outside, Wingers on the wing such as O'halloran instead of a failed RB in the position.

  23. I hate to sound like a cliché but Warburton seems to have gone as far as he can.
    The question then is who can do any better with the squad he will be given and with little hope of adding quality ?

  24. and nobody mentioned referees because they won, but refs were clearly biased in our favour. in the 1st half they were going 3 versus Wes and had a huge chance of scoring and linesman waves for offside, which was not offside. then they went our right and their left back has a simple pass for a tap in to make, and again linesman gives us a free kick. so possibly 2 goals scored for them but refs give us a shaming helping hand. there was also a sqirmish in our penalty box, no foul, no hand ball, nobody touches even our player and refs give us a free kick, out of the blue. Wilson kicks a long ball out of the pitch, rivalrs break, and they give us a throw-in. one of them takes out Miller just after a goal, and ref waves play on, giving us an advantage play, then when we dont score a goal, he gives us a free kick which is against the rules of the game.

    let alone their 4 one on one chances, as the author of article also mentioned 2 woodworks, missing open goal and their striker miskicking a clear 100% chance.

    We had only Miller post and greedy Forrester. We could have lost by 1:7 easily and nobody would feel very hard done by. And if anybody accuses me of being a timmy or whaterver, just watch a game and speak to some Rangers fans who are willing to see reality as it is, instead of wearing "rose-tinted glasses".

    I spoke with some people after the game and they all said that if we lose to a side which misses at least 6 or 6 great chances and referees are clearly biased in our favour, then we are just pure pi*sh. Kng already said there is no money fo the manager in the transfer window, and we have to add Garner to an injury list- he is out for 3 months its been confirmed. So our summer signings are more than distater- Crooks, Krancar, Rossiter, Barton, Garner, Senderos, Dodoo.

    Why Lee Hodson nae playing, when Tav is ridiculous? He even stumbled against his own feet when Sinclair ran him ragged all game long.

    We sign players and waste money, but still our best players are Wes Foderingham, Kenny Miller and Barry McKay.

    Warburton has to go, the sooner the better. He, or King. Their relationship is virtually non existent. Its a shame for our club that King was not a game. He lied to us and stole our hard earned money for season tickets, and doesnt even attend an old firm game, our most important in the season. and he is our "charmain". He is a liar, promised money but gave nothing, and sanctioned transfers from money delivered by the fans.

    Hard times ahead, im afraid, both on and off the park…

    • Haha ur head is in the clouds somewhere. The season ticket money doesn't even cover the running costs of the club. But your accusing King of stealing it?? Go and check the latest accounts and see how much the board have spent so far. And I bet the bill to repair ibrox will run into the millions.

    • the board didnt spend anything apart from taking other loans and driving club into financial trouble. we constantly borrow money from other sources and we need another loan in a couple of months to see out the season, as the board confirmed. debts are escalating and we will finally run out of ideas as to the run the club in sustainable fashion. finances are dire, fat ashley gets 96% of merchandising and we get only 4%. its ridiculous plain and simple, our signings been disaster, where is king and his promised money? Why is he not at Ibrox at the ofd game ffs??? these are hard questions, but real questions. im really curious what this guy plans to do to improve the situation, for the time being he is hiding i dont know where and already said our manager cannot expect to be given any funds for new players, which are necessary to move the club forward

    • King isn't to blame for Ashley getting the merchandising money, the spivs on the old board are responsible for that and King is fighting to get the contract renegotiated. Soft loans from King and the three bears will be converted to equity when there is eventually a share issue, King is putting in money to meet running costs. Ashley and the Easdales voted against a share issue because they don't want their shareholding diluted, they're the reason King hasn't underwritten a share issue yet. The old board raped us and left behind serious problems that will take years to fix.

    • The debts are owed to the board. That's nothin new, Celtic owe lawell almost 40 million at the mo and that's increasing since he's paying for their manager and a few players. The board won't put any real money in until Ashley is gone. If they were to fill the accounts there's a fear that Ashley could have a way to get ahold of that. There lots going on in the back ground that until it's sorted will hold the club bk.
      but the fact that warburton has blown a bushes bigger than hearts and aberdeen combined then the blame is with him, 2 million for barton for a handful of poor games

  25. Warburton has run his race , New look, New Money , New attitude required . Tav Waggie etc. are not Rangers players no heart no fight never seen such a gutless display in all my years of following the Gers. Do it now do it quick then give the New Man Alex McLeish the only candidate at this time the money to spend

  26. Time is Up David Weir is a disgrace , He more than any know what the Rangers are all about yet he watches and accepts this pish

  27. The only player in the spine of the side good enough to be part of a title winning team is Foderingham. Kiernan, Wilson, Holt and Halliday will all need to be replaced with better quality if we are to win the league next season and we are also crying out for a target man and a prolific goal scorer! That's six players out of seven in the spine that need replaced! Hodson and Tav or Windass on the right and Wallace and McKay on the left look up to standard, but the spine of the team is lightweight! MW signed all of these players and is therefore to blame! Tav can't defend but is decent going forward and should never play at full back, why can't MW see this? How can a lightweight Hearts reject be good enough to represent Rangers in the spine of our team? Holt is never a Rangers class midfielder in a million years, Brown was bullying him on Saturday! Pathetic! Don't get me started on that prick Kiernan! We should sign aggressive players for the spine of the side like Shinnie and Lafferty who won't let the filth bully them, but it will never happen under Warburton because he's obsessed with tippy tappy lightweights! We need a change!

  28. Mark Warburton can only work with what he has lets face it we are doing better than the rest,i would like to see fan ownership I am sure that is the best way to go other clubs have done this more are going do it then why not us.

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