The imbalances at Ibrox

The imbalances at Ibrox
These are, at best,
uncertain times at Ibrox. The last entry illustrated how Rangers’
form is currently rather fiddly, and the undercurrent of implication
there is essentially ‘untrustworthy’. We cannot trust Mark
Warburton’s Rangers to put together a convincing package which
resembles what we expect from Our Rangers.
All season long we have
been mostly troubled (and fleetingly pleased) by the performances on
offer and for every high of a brilliant win over a fine Aberdeen side
there has been an accompanying low when Ross County nicked a point,
Hamilton stole a draw, or Celtic walked away with a win.

It simply is not a time
in our history where Rangers fans know which direction their club is
going in – it is by no means as troubling as the dark days, of
course; but the lack of a coherent plan, vision, or general strategy
leaves many fans scratching their heads and in many cases getting
increasingly frustrated by the bluster and often meaningless rhetoric
from Warburton, who reassures us that his team will ‘learn from
One the biggest current
imbalances at Ibrox is expectation versus reality. Rangers’ fans all
over the world have grown up with colossal Rangers regimes, be it
Wallace or Walter, Godrup or Greig – the impact of these titans of
the Scottish game gave us a country-leading outfit every one of us
identified with.
I even remember
actually feeling my blue blood in my college days as a class full of
Celtic fans tried to goad me. No matter what they said, I simply sat
proud that I was not one of them and was One of the People. It
mattered. It mattered then and it matters now, but then I also knew
what it was I was part of.
These days Rangers are
not that same table-topping mammoth, and yet how can any of us Bears
truly reconcile that with what we grew up with? The situation is
unprecedented, and I do not feel many of us have come to terms with
Rangers being this far off Celtic and this close to teams we used to
spit up and chew out. I know I have not, and I do not think I ever
will. I am used to a Rangers I expect to beat Celtic, to win the
title. I am familiar with the hurt and shock when we do not beat
Celtic and do not win the title; this new world of having to accept
second best is still something alien to me and anyone over the age of
15 – yet we still expect to win every match and top the table.
Because deep down that is what the Rangers do.
Hence the support is so
divided over the squad, the board, and the manager – it is not
strictly that any of these are genuinely bad – it is that none are
delivering what we expect Our Rangers to furnish us with, with
supporters being left borderline confused as to what we should truly
expect. And as such, some fans defend everything the regime do, while
others castigate their very breaths. Neither of us are right or
wrong, it simply is what it is.
The other current
imbalance worth a look is a slightly less abstract one, and it is one
which is increasingly annoying fans. Rangers are chock full of
attacking midfielders and winger-type players. Jason Holt, Andy
Halliday, (currently injured) Niko Kranjcar, Josh Windass, Harry
Forrester, Barrie McKay et al are at least six options Rangers have
in that slot. So what is Mark Warburton doing? Looking for yet more!
Jon Toral and Ali
Crawford are just the latest two AM’s linked with a switch to Ibrox,
a position which is becoming embarrassingly overcrowded. Meanwhile
striker, defence and defensive midfield continue to remain neglected
as yet another creative midfielder appears on Rangers’ horizon.
The positions Rangers
are struggling in the most are the ones Warburton never seems that
interested in enhancing.
Another day, another
attacking midfielder shows up touted with a switch to Govan –
meanwhile Joe Garner’s impending absence from first team affairs
possibly till close to the end of the season is ignored (regardless
of the fact he really has not been a good signing) and we are left
with just Miller, Dodoo, and Waghorn up front; only Miller here is
coping with the SPL – Dodoo is just not a Warburton pupil it seems,
and Waghorn has been dreadful since promotion.
The truth is I, like
many others, just am not sure where this Rangers is going, or what
its grand plan is.
And that saddens me.

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  1. I share your failure to understand Warburton (or Weir). Every Rangers supporter has known since the Scottish Cup Final that we have a major weakness in central defence. This is proven again and again by the dreadful errors we repeatedly make by failed marking, schoolboy slip-ups in defence. Time and again against Celtic I saw unmarked attackers on our left, calling for the ball – until Dembele was given his opening. It is heartbreaking; and even more so that our management do nothing about it (unless you count Philip Senderos as doing something). In fairness, I thought Clint Hill was immense in the air on Saturday. I dearly wish someone would buy Kiernan; we should pay someone to take him. How are W and W so blind??? Warburton says he can't find good central defenders (why get rid of Darren McGregor, Rangers Player of the Year? Yet other Scottish teams find them, or promote them from within. Oh sorry – I forgot, we don't do that, do we (apart from Barry)

  2. I think King will finish Warburton time as manager by March or April just in time for season ticket renewals. He knows there will be a big shortfall in season ticket sales compared to last year if this mediocrity is allowed to continue. So it makes logical sense to get rid of Warburton and bring in someone like McLeish or McCall to steady the team in the short term and bring some believe that things would change for the better without Warburton. Everyone but Warburton sees we need to shore up defence, beef up midfield and find a striker instead he is looking at a winger. Experiment over time to move on.

  3. Spot on Big Bear! The only bit I don't agree with is bringing back Big Eck! He was certainly a much better manager for us than Warburton, but there were a lot of dodgy signings and the filth having the league wrapped up by the New Year when McLeish was in charge! Andy Watson leaning against the dug out when we're losing isn't something I'd like to see again! Stuart McCall deserves a chance to be our manager, he did a good job as our caretaker. I wanted McCall to get the job when Warburton was appointed.

  4. Our problems run deeper than just poor signings. Limited income resulting in limited ability to buy decent professionals. It’s time for the Board to make peace with Ashley and try to find a way to get proper investment in to the club. Just sort out the financial mess!! That’s the only way to stop the hurt. The bragging from that lot is driving me demented!

  5. we badly need change the sooner the better but I'm afraid we will have to put up with warburton until end of season looks like we will be getting a couple players on loan certainly don't want to see any more of his signings kenny miller puts them all to shame effort heart ,the rest have no stomach for the fight down to manager

  6. I believe their is a good enough quality at Rangers to finish in 2nd place and clinch European qualification.
    Unfortunately most of these players are being played out of their best positions or not being given a run of games to prove their worth.
    Hodson, O'Halloran and Dodoo come to mind.
    Joe Garner is playing a strange lone wolf type of game, it isn't working for him or the team.
    Our goals scored column is abysmal.
    It all comes down to Mark Warburton's tactics and strategies, they are simply not up to task and neither is he.
    We need to get rid of Ashley, have a new share issue then spend on top players. Right now each of these three needs look far off from happening.
    But I think Ashley et al is the biggest issue for the club. It puzzles me why McCoist voted with him.

  7. Patience patience patience fans' words our fans don't understand. We need better players granted but give our manager a chance if we finish 2nd it's a decent first season back. Halliday' holt' tavernier'kiernan' waghorn not good enough there isn't a chequebook or magic wand give our manager a chance. Everybody goes on about defence but that's actually least of our worries Wes and hill been outstanding this season biggest concern is goalscoring only scored 3 in a game once all season!!!WATP BTW

  8. Willie, there can be no peace with Ashley. Unless it is total surrender. You may want that, I don't. He would not pump money in, he is only looking for cheap exposure to sell shirts.
    Ashley is part of the problem, not the solution.

  9. MW is never a Rangers manger in a million years. I had major reservations when we brought him to the club. He had achieved very little in management to merit such a move and has shown that he is not capable of putting out a consistently good team I like many others are acutely aware of our financial shortcomings however the lack of any fight or clear strategy to take us forward is really frustrating. Is a Europa league place the limit of our ambitions if that is the future then I will certainly not be renewing my season ticket. Come on King get the finger out and get it sorted!

  10. Warburton will be gone at the beginning of new season at last, just as we will be knocked out of Europe in August at the very latest. Many fans will not renew ST when we will not win a cup and lose to the unwashed the last 2 or 3 games. its sure fire

  11. A takeover at board level is whats required , but how or who is anyones guess.
    A lesson was dealt out in liquidation, clammering to spend a way out of this mess is incredible really. Forget Celtic and where they are or where they may be headed. Rangers are in a mess and the focus needs to be on how Rangers move forward, end the obsession with Celtic or there will be more problems ahead for Rangers FC

  12. Wats get in up my nose is the obvious things he keeps getting wrong kiernan poor defender keeps playing him keeps on making mistakes costing us goal.tav not a defender better in advance roll keeps costing us goals. not playing hodson at right back, Halliday not a DM, Miller not play CF, playing garner as a loan striker doesn't wrk he wins the head to play sum1 in, forrester playing well and scoring goals doesn't play him. Wer did m.o.h play better n score goals for st Johnston CF wer does he get played for us out wide wasting away if n wen gets a game. The problem lies with he bought to many attacking minded players he wants to play them all cos he wants to b all ther pals am afraid I Jst want to get our best settled starting 11 on the pitch. Aw n keeps making like for like subs wen the other team are already hold us cos of the way we play struggle to break most teams down n don't look threatening ,need to change it wen he's making subs to catch team of guard not sit n hope his tactics will come to fruition. Don't want him to loose his cos he seem a decent loyal man but he has to change it if he wants to stay in job. He must get a settled 11 on the pitch!!

  13. I cant believe fans are saying they wont be renewing there season tickets.
    Our first season back in the Premiership if Rangers is in your blood you support them whatever
    I think we will see some changes next season and we need to stop the Tic getting 10 in a row
    there are some decent players in the team but as said before they need playing in the correct positions

  14. When we were winning 9 in a row and brushing teams (including Celtic) aside, I cautioned my mates to remember that there would come days when we were not on top again. I never imagined that this would happen in the way that it has, but I am equally convinced that the day will come when we are back on top – and so the cycle (f some sort) wil continue.

  15. I agree we need new everything but first we need around £30 million £15 million for new players and £15 million for the wages for the lucky 15
    we will pay them £1 million over three seasons.

    No good we need fan ownership that way we pay for the players we want and no need to pay any one on the board as we are all fans and every penny goes in too players and staff only let us do this Bears OUR CLUB WE ALL WORK FOR NOTHING


  16. As every day passes we become further away from a return to the top or being able to compete in Europe. No clear playing strategy (manager is poor imo), our cost /income is beginning to strain and unfortunately even season ticket sales are becoming a drop in the ocean, our wage bill for players and management etc is ludicrous, whatever way you want to look at it, where is our market, where is our football progress with young talent and where is Mr King, certainly no chance of any meaningful funds coming our way. Shambles at best, our final days as a business / football club at worst. J

  17. WTF is happening at my club??
    John Gilligan, Paul Murray, i believe you are true Rangers Men….please do not allow this 'mushroom' mentality continue between Board and ordinary fans (best kept in the dark with a little bit of shite now and again)
    Warburton and Weir must go NOW to start proper building for next season.
    I'm f*ckin sick to death reading about this midfielder, that midfielder….he'l drop the f*ckin 'keeper and put anither midfielder on next!! We are screamibg out for any sort if proper defender…Senderos might not be everyone's cup of tea but he is an actual CD ffs…..why did we f*ckin sign him and throw him into a doin at the piggery then sit him on the bench?? Just like the number 29 (won't use his name as he shouldn't be at our club in the first place, he's Ceptic daft and slways has been) but we did sign him so f*ckin play him through the middle n use his pace!!!!
    Don't get me started about Kiernan/Tav/Wilson and our full back positions…..enough us f*ckin enough…yes Kings hands are tied with Cashley but explain just how bad things are to the ordinary fans n that will hopefully shut the 'where's the £30M u promised' brigade up (by that i mainly mean tarrier journalists who shit stir constantly about our club)
    Play the playets we have in their proper positions…i for one couldn't care less if we play 5 across the back against certain teams to refuce the risk of losing stupid goals….
    Right, thats offmy chest so i'm away to lie in the dark fr a wee while, whilst always remembering….WE ARE THE MOST SUCCESFUL CLUB IN THE WORLD…BAR NONE

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