£20M striker, midfield departure…Rangers’ January window latest

£20M striker, midfield departure…Rangers’ January window latest

When it comes to January windows, 2017’s has been arguably Rangers’ most eventual for a great number of years without a single thing actually happening yet.

Naturally no one has signed up till now, nor departed, but IbroxNoise fancied a little summary of where we are, where we are going, and exactly what has transpired so far in the mayhem of this increasingly bonkers winter window.


Matt Crooks:

Heavily speculated with a loan move out, this one would be more surprising if it does not happen. Crooks simply is not rated by Warburton, with absolutely no idea why he signed him. Evidently something about the defensive anchor does not tally up with the Hat, and he has simply continued to deploy Andy Halliday in the engine room this season. A player, I hasten to add, that a lot of fans last season instantly rejected as being good enough for the SPL. His continual residence at DM is either a stunning disproval of that opinion, or a chastening condemnation of the attempts Mark Warburton has made to sign a defensive midfielder. Barton, Rossiter and Crooks have been absolute failures and it looks like Rangers could be left, again, with not a single proper DM.

Michael O’Halloran:

After ‘that’ display at Ibrox, Rangers pursued him for months – indeed IbroxNoise was first with the story way back when in 2015. Warbs got his man that January, but after all the hype, the winger never settled. He had a stinker of a second half of the season, which most fans put down to a lack of pre-season, but the unimpressive trend has continued this season too and St Johnstone are heavily touted with snatching him back for the price they sold him for. When he got a modest run earlier this season due to McKay’s loss of form, O’Halloran started to look impressive, but after a while his lack of finesse became obvious; his entire game appeared to be running hard and getting to the byline, either resulting in a goal kick or a corner. O’Halloran does not appear to offer enough depth for situations beyond counter-attacking and pace, and Rangers’ boss clearly does not rate him. Truth is, neither do I any more.

Matt Gilks:

Another one who never broke through, Scottish international Gilks was signed as competition for Wes Foderingham and to be truthful he managed it well, as Foderingham’s level has certainly raised as a result. But Gilks has evidently got bored of the bench and knows he is only going to feature for cup matches – which would give him an appearance on the 21st admittedly, but the papers have him eyeing up a return to England, with Wigan monitoring the situation.

Ok, now for the really crazy stuff; incoming:

Saido Berahino:

This story is beyond absurd, but after the Joey Barton Fallacy no one can be discounted. The West Brom striker would literally be the signing of the decade in Scottish football (not that the competition is massive for this) purely by name and the fact Spurs bid over £20M to take him away from the Hawthorns not that long ago. The downside (and there are many) is that his wages will be near £100K so he is simply too expensive, unless he wants a near 90% reduction in income. Oh, and he is not very good – his career stats are abysmal – at 23 his best spell came during an 8-match loan spell at, you guessed it, Brentford, when he nabbed four goals. Otherwise his record is pretty abject at every club he has been to. ‘But he will tear up the SPL’ I hear you cry. Yeah, so did Barton…


This one is done. Rangers were linked with the young creative midfield Spaniard for over a week but the story is dead in the water it seems following his recent appearance for…yeah, again, Brentford.

Jon Toral:

The young Spanish playmaker (have I not already done this?) remains a target but it has quietened down a tad. He was benched for Grenada yesterday and did not make an appearance at the Bernabau but Sky Sports’ ‘bastion of knowledge’ Guillem Balague says the on-loan Brentford star (I DID already do this) still wants to join Rangers anyway.

Andrew Considine:

Well at least it is not a young Spanish creative midfielder from Brentford; Rangers have been linked over the past 24 with a move for Aberdeen’s experienced stopper Considine. The 29 year old is the right kind of age to mix experience and youth and with Rangers’ defensive options looking ropy and thin right now, it would not be the worst signing. But at least it is not a midfielder.

Emerson Hyndman:

Ahhh, normality resumes. Rangers are said to be close to capturing Bournemouth’s creative midfielder Hyndman, an American playmaker at 20 who has hardly set England’s sea-side resort alight with his displays, but who does have a national cap or two to his name. A national publication claims the deal is done, but we shall see.

Rushian Hepburn Murphy

18 year old forward, and I still know nothing about him. The youngster is under contract dispute with Stilyan Petrov’s Villa outfit, with the former Celtic legend advocating a loan move for the lad to Ibrox. Yes, really:

“Rushian is a very exciting young striker. He’s very quick and he would make a difference for Rangers. He’s one of those players that you love to have in the team but you hate to play against. He’s a very exciting young prospect and I would like to see Rushian moving away from Villa and having a chance somewhere to progress because he’s got tons of ability. He hasn’t asked me about Scotland, but I’m going in next week so we’ll probably have a conversation if he wants to know anything about it.”

You have to say it is a very dignified comment from a Celtic man about Rangers – goes to show there are still one or two decent ones out there. Then again, the gent certainly has a new perspective on life following his health issues of the recent past. Back on topic though, Murphy certainly sounds half-decent if Petrov’s comments from Villa Park are anything to go on.

In terms of incoming, it seems every day Rangers are linked with someone new, usually a midfielder. And every day, someone appears to be headed out. But it is worth emphasising; nothing has been committed yet. No one has gone and no one has come in.

But do not be surprised if the alleged departures of Gilks, Crooks and MOH are joined by Senderos, Dodoo, and Hodson.

Till next time, folks.

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  1. Considine….your joking…surely…surely not…this would be another farcical waste of money should it occur.

  2. ibrox noise your doing a fantastic job .mr warburton said he wanted a nice tight unit he's went back on that why do we want any more loan deals waste of money we need new manager that will start buying big strong centre halves all he's looking to buy is young midfielders or wingers were going to end up with some amount of players mostly duds nobody wants

  3. I don't believe for a second we'll be able to sign saido berahino but obviously i'd be a very happy bear if we did,i'm allowed to dream!!It would replicate our foes from the eastend,when they signed moussa dembele!!The signing of berahino would be without question a mirror image of them signing dembele.My next statement on this is a question to ibrox noise and all my fellow bears out there!At their best who is the better striker,berahino or dembele??I also know for a fact that celtic wouldn't sell dembele for anything south of 25million quid and here's the reason.When celtic signed dembele,he had inserted into his contract that when celtic did eventually sell him on,he gets 35% of the transfer fee he's sold for.So hypothetically speaking,if celtic sold dembele for 20million quid,celtic wouldn't get the full 20million,they would get 13million quid and dembele himself would pocket 7million quid!Thus why celtic will hold any interested club to ransom,to squeeze as much money as they can,so they can get as close to 20million quid for themselves,after dembele gets his 35% cut!If we were fortunate enough to be able to sign berahino,i'd imagine the deal would be structured along the same lines as the dembele deal with celtic!Berahino would make us big money in a future transfer,IF we could only sign him(we can only hope)!!!

  4. We don't have 2 bob, so loans deals all we will get, Berhino don't make me laugh…
    RHM worth a try good age, MoH he goes back to Saints he will come back to haunt us and will make MW look very stupid as this guy is a player and Tommy Wright is a proper manager who knows how to utalise his talent, unfortunately MW is a not a proper manager that's why he's letting him go, as for Crooks doesn't suprise me considering where he came from AS bottom tear English football what you expect really, Gilks good keeper, unfortunately Fod has been outstanding this season in my opinion. Robert get in the real world please pal, who cares about Celtic or Dembelle, 35% sell on clause don't talk nonsense

  5. The realist i'm afraid pal its you who's spouting nonsense!How do you know that its not true and i'm wrong eh??Here's how i believe it to be true that dembele gets 35% of any big transfer fee once celtic do eventually sell him!I got the information from a source who's good mate from Rutherglen is one of the celtic directors nephews!OK!

    • I think your probably right about this Robert! I assumed when they managed to get him that the only way they could afford him would be to offer an incentive like that, in return for Dembele agreeing to sign for lower wages than he could earn elsewhere. Berahino would be good business if we can get him on a similar deal, but it could be to good to be true! Time will tell!

  6. I hope your right Robert and they don't get full whack on what ever fee they get…
    My uncles best pal has known Dave King since they were nippers up c/milk he sent him a text about Berhino and there's no chance….

  7. we aint gonna catch celtic by signing young boys on loan the loan players will disappear end of season and we will need to start again have we not been down this same path it is just one big shambles every body in scotland knows we need centre backs except w and w

  8. No need to spend the cash now it is gone and second we will be summer spending is the best way to go save money now and then ask Dave King to splash the cash he said he would then we can make big inroads,no cash from DK THEN WE TAKE OVER AS A FANS OWNERSHIP WE CAN DO THIS.

  9. Rangers will never in a million years sign Berahinho all this crap about the deal being similar to Dembele needs to wake up now!! Get the heed out the cornflakes. Talk about signing him for 500k and selling him on for £8/10million is laughable!! Loan buys from here on in Warburton can't be trusted to buy players his record is abysmal

  10. The fact I've heard a few 'bears' say how they old get Berahinho for 500k then punt him for £8/10m!!! The 500k will be used to keep ibrox running till June plus "Warbs" can't be trusted with buying any more players it will be more loan signings an league 2 duds yet again

    • agree with you barry why should wee bring on some other teams young players for to give them experience what about our own young players look at ball and zeal am they got more game time than most of our first team . these loan deals aint doing glasgow rangers any good .said it a million times warburton no good .no way will he beat celtic again

    • I wouldn't trust Warburton with my lunch money.

      He's the first place rangers manager iv actually had zero time for. In my opinion he beats plg to worst manager in our history, yes even more hopeless than coisty.

  11. Those that think there will be money during summer window are fooling nobody but themselves.

    It would make much more sense to sign players now, let them settle in then he ready to go- especially for Europa qualifications.

    Truth is that there is no money, just lies from king – which will reappear at season ticket renawal time.

    What a horrible mess both on and off park.

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