Fulham bid: should Rangers sell Rob Kiernan?


If one player has divided Rangers fans significantly over the past 18 months of Mark Warburton’s reign, it has definitely been Rob Kiernan. Initially rated by many, to the extent of most defensive criticism being aimed at his partner Danny Wilson, Kiernan was cut a fair bit of slack last season for his defensive weaknesses by fans, and while he started this season unimpressively to say the least, his recent displays over the past six weeks have shown a significant modicum of improvement.

While still no Richard Gough, Kiernan has shown more bravery in the tackle, a higher willing to get stuck in with some vital last-ditch blocks, and an increased tendency to use his head, both metaphorically and literally.

While miles off the level required by a traditional title-chasing Rangers team, Kiernan nevertheless has shown a better level in recent times, and without doubt these displays have not gone unnoticed with the news English Championship giants Fulham are interested in the former Wigan defender.

A national publication has run with the story that the nomadic stopper is interesting the Craven Cottage outfit, with manager Slaviša Jokanović said to be preparing a £2M bid for a player Rangers picked up for peanuts last summer year.

The question is should Rangers sell if a Fulham (or anyone else) bid arrives? There are two schools of thought to this debate; one, where his unimpressive displays of last season and the majority of this should remain primed in the memory, and the idea of making circa £1.8M profit on him is too good to resist. Furthermore, Rangers have a theoretically ready-made replacement in Swiss stopper Philippe Senderos just sitting there awaiting his turn, so signing a replacement might not even be that critical.

The second aspect of the argument though is that Kiernan may finally be finding his career feet at Ibrox, at this level, with his well-travelled career stopping him ever settle at a single club. Suddenly over the past few matches the giant centre half has looked much more the part, and is there any point selling him. Moreover, he is a well-known Warburton favourite, so would the Hat even want to part with him? However, the contrary case to this is that Robbie has shown brief form at Ibrox before, form which did not last. Is it then worth cashing in while his stock is high?

It is a tricky one, but until Rangers are on the same footing as Celtic, we have to consider ourselves a selling club. In all fairness, even our manager has said it:

“Please don’t report this the wrong way, but for every player in our squad, if the right price comes in, they’ll go, every player. We’re not in a position to turn down bids that are deemed to be good value. I don’t want to lose anyone, but if the chairman and the board decide that it’s good value for Rangers, that’s the nature of the game we work in.”

So if the powers that be dictate that a £2M bid from Craven Cottage for Kiernan is good value, the chances are they will sell.

The trick is for Rangers to accrue worthy replacements, be it with big money or those ‘hidden gems’ Warburton loves so much.

However, I will turn this one over to the readers; would you sell Rob Kiernan for £2M to Slaviša Jokanović’s Fulham?

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  1. I am a lifelong Rangers fan and season ticket holder (season ticket holder except for the years I lived in London and was a Fulham season ticket holder). I love Rangers first and Fulham second. I am delighted from a Rangers perspective that we could get £2M for Kiernan but horrified that Fulham would spend that (although it's loose change to Fulham – that's how much has changed over the last 5 years!). He wouldn't last 5 minutes in the Championship and that's the truth. He has been better in the last few games but nothing he has done makes me think otherwise. Since I'm a Rangers fan first my thoughts are take the money and run – as a Fulham fan I'll pick up the pieces on the other side.

  2. Don't fully agree with you mate!Rob kiernan has already played in the english championship.Over the last month or so i as a gers season ticket holder have seen a vast improvement in big kiernan's performances!He's still relatively young for a centre half and is only 25 years old.There most definitely IS a player in there imo!Big davie weir said so himself last week.Of course money talks and our lack of dough just now,would mean we would in all probability,need to take fulham's 2million quid bid,if thats what they do,eventually bid for kiernan!

  3. The boy is a lump,in a nutshell.Yes he has slightly improved,he can jump 12 inches off the ground instead of 6 now.I'm not convinced there's any truth in this but if 2 mill is offered then we have to take it.

  4. I would pay 2 million to get rid of him. God knows how he gets a game in place of Senderos. God knows how he gets a game at all. He has been exposed and been to blame for 70% of goals against last season and this season. Remember the scottish cup final and let the hibs player in to score the first goal, and when he gave the ball away to shelic which led the way to getting thrashed 5-1,, Kiernan is no where near Rangers class. I dont blame the lad, I blame warbuton for playing him. Take the money and get a centre half who is big, tough and fast,,oh, and someone who can outjump other players to win headers in the box, something he simply cannot do. Take the money, its a gift!! While your at it, get rid of Garner, Tavenier and Ohalloran,, They just dont cut it with me either.

  5. Playing some great stuff up until the fud intervened tonight,should have been a penalty awarded against him too.As I said,a lump.Who will provide a bit a fight in the middle for us against the B.O Brigade?That was pathetic at times tonight. Could big Crooks be the hero for us?

  6. If there was any truth in this speculation before tonight's match I find it hard to believe anyone will be prepared to take him off our hands after tonight's pathetic performance! Kiernan had slightly improved recently, but it's not a surprise to see him slump back to his mediocre standard. He is not and never will be a centre half in the Rangers class, and we need to get rid of him asap! I think Steven Anderson would improve us defensively, as he can organise a defence and knows how to clear his lines.

  7. If we sell then who have we got to replace? Looking forward, we need someone for the future, not players close to zimmers!
    2 million? Grab it, but it won't make the accountant happy as it should be spent immediately on a new CB.
    Rangers 2 scum 1

  8. sell him!……would gladly give him away….he is an idiot, if you watch him he regularly plays the man and argues/bullies the criticism he receives from other Gers players. Has more negatives than positives now he has an idiot commentator on his case highlighting his errors for all to see. Warburton can go as well and take Keirnan, Tavanier and Waghorn with him…dont care but the manager and his first three signings (all named) have been poor in the league that matters and no I dont subscribe to the belief that 2nd is good….2nd means we got beat! and now we are talking about signing a punter who cant get a team since last season….go away to England job ..please

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