Warbs, Waggy and more…

 Article by Richard Fillingham

My colleague and boss, Ed (supreme editor) and my mentor of the ever popular IbroxNoise.co.uk, has, like me, been a huge admirer of Mark Warburton in the past.
But now we are both starting to ask questions of him regarding his incessant attacking formations and his inability to change during games that are going against us despite his success with Brentford.

Let me use Martyn Waghorn as the perfect example to compare footballing achievements north and south of the border.

Martyn Waghorn has never been a major scoring success at any other club except Rangers – for the following reason. He is NOT a prolific top class STRIKER. He scored plenty of goals for Rangers, in a very attacking side last season because we were playing against much weaker and cheaper players than he encountered in England. His scoring record at all clubs was exceptionally poor. You cannot buy a top striker for only £200,000. When Rangers approached Wigan for his services, they certainly didn’t stand in his way – that alone tells you plenty!

Summary of his goal scoring career from 2008 to 2016, from 18 – 26 years of age:
Sunderland, played 7 games and scored 1 goal
Charlton Athletic, played 7 games and scored 1 goal
Leicester City, played 116 games and scored 19 goals
Hull City, played 5 games and scored 1 goal
Millwall, played 14 games and scored 3 goals
Wigan, played 41 games and scored 8 goals

Did I say exceptionally poor; clearly I should have used the word abysmal. Now here is what he achieved last season in Scotland:

Rangers, played 34 games and scored 28 goals

If he decides to stay at Rangers, I am convinced the solution is to sign a top class striker or two and play Waghorn in a free-flowing, attacking midfield position. His main objective would be to continue to score as many goals as he can, and he would be involved in more goal scoring opportunities from that most important position. He is a very intelligent player, and can help to set up chances for others into the bargain. He can see a pass, has a bit of dig about him, and he is a very solid player who fights hard for every loose ball. He would give our engine room a sturdy presence and make us even more competitive in that department. Martyn is a clever player, who is fit and exceptionally strong in the tackle, due to his build. I would love to see him play for six games in a row in the midfield for Rangers, to confirm my opinion of his potential to become a top player of the future, but not in my opinion, as a top class striker!

However, I would like to introduce to this website a new feature of some of my friends for years and people I trust giving honest opinions of how Rangers are at the moment and asking questions about it.

Sweet Caroline – a-pal-of-mine from Carntyne wants to know: –

How was Halliday and Holt not considered good enough by Warburton to play in the Premier League this season and why did he bring in so many midfield players? He brought in Barton, Crooks and the ever-injured Rossiter to fill Halliday’s defensive role and Kranjcar and Windass were added to replace Holt.

Sidney who widnae kid ye from Riddrie asks: –

Why is Harry Forrester not back in this season’s team? He was a great January signing, who turned out to be a star player, with his brand of football and goals contributing so much to us winning the Championship. He was a revelation scoring 5 times in a 9 game period and was sorely missed once he picked up his injury on the 9th of April against Peterhead. He subsequently missed all of our end of the season bad results. Playing in 16 games, Harry only played in a losing team once in the 2-3 defeat at Falkirk, that’s how important he was to the team and now he’s lost his place. What is Warburton thinking about?

Donny plays poker, he’s also the joker from Yoker and wants to know: –

James Tavernier or Lee Hodson at right back or can you play both of them with Tavernier as right wing-back to bolster up our fragile defence?

Feel free to try helping them out in the comments, folks.


  1. Simple halliday Holt forrester not good enough that's why we signed those players it's not rocket science that's why we're languishing 3rd in the table miles and miles off the pace and stand 6th in the goalscoring stakes with a measly 16 goals from 12 games!! Will repeat again not good enough!!!!

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