Warbs and Waggy bust up?


More rumours of discontent from the Rangers camp have surfaced this morning with claims manager Mark Warburton and star striker Martyn Waghorn have had a falling out leading to heightened speculation of the former Leicester striker’s departure, with Bristol City continuing to be linked.

Warburton and Rangers do not have their problems to seek, with dreadful form on the pitch, the Joey Barton debacle off it and now these claims that the powerhouse forward and Rangers’ boss have had a spat; Waghorn has lost his place in the side recently, and that will not have aided relations with his manager.

It is another in an increasingly long list of problems surfacing regarding this troubled regime, one which promised so much once promotion was secured last season but now is threatening to unravel horribly.

Claims Warburton has lost the dressing room are also appearing, with speculation that the squad is no longer playing for him; claims backed up by the Barton shambles and this news (if true) about Waggy.

Naturally the Waghorn story is as yet unconfirmed but then the Barton one never was either and he is imminently to depart with coffee machine in hand.

Rangers are in a real pickle right now, and January promises to be a very interesting window with potentially a great number of departures. The question is will the incoming be good enough to replace them?

Worrying times.


  1. The reason Waggy is not in the team is he is playing pish , he couldn't hit a barn door if he was holding the by the handle.Yes January will be a very interesting month indeed.
    Souness brought players in by the bucketload and shipped them back out if they were not up to the mark ,this lot should be no different.

  2. This is a wee piece of news i heard about finance possibly getting better at our club.To ibrox noise and all fellow bears out there here's what i've heard.As we all know, rangers are going over to germany, in january,to play RB leipzig in a friendly.Here's what i've been told by a friend of mine who's from scotland and is an sv hamburg season ticket holder.He has it on good authority,from a prominent person who has a voice within sv hamburg,that rangers WILL be replacing 32Red(deal runs out at the end of the season) as their shirt sponsors,with RED BULL who own leipzig.They will according to him become our new shirt sponsors,taking over from 32Red at the end of this season.He also tells me that RED BULL looking to put money into rangers,with the possibility of an ibrox stand being sponsored and having the RED BULL name emblazoned on it.He also went on to tell me that RED BULL want to actually buy a football club in britain,with rangers and an unnamed english club at the top of their list.This potentially,could be tremendous news for us financially!He assures me there is a lot of talk about this in germany.Well fellow bears and ibrox noise,what's your take on this info i've given you?Must admit it could be brilliant news for us,if it comes to fruition!Has anyone else heard anything regarding this??

    • Wild rumour, as far as I'm aware.
      Of course, the interesting problems occur if/when more than one RB-owned club qualifies for the Europa cup/CL. They'd only be allowed one entry into said competition, to prevent any conflict of interest – remember the discussions regarding Mike Ashley, Newcastle and Rangers ?
      In addition, you've got a 'brand' in Rangers which is unacceptable to a considerable part of the population, as well as to the entire nation of R of Ireland. RB might well look at such a situation, and not want to be 'tarred with the same brush'. Understandable so, they wouldn't really want 'their' fans singing about being up to their knees in anything red (unless it was a drink), not good publicity.
      In addition to which, RB can't just throw money into a club (FFP rules), and show no signs of wanting to do so either – RB Salzburg went out in CL Q3 last season, and Europe play-off this season, so not making it to the group stages.
      Finally, RB, when they bought Salzburg, got rid of the management and staff (maybe a good idea !) club logo/badge, and declared "This is a new club with no history". So if they did that for Rangers, then blue will be gone, the old logo will be gone. Same with RB Leipzig : they bought the 'right' to play in the league, and re-founded the club from scratch in 2009

  3. If its true and the players have turned on warbs then it maybe time for a new manager, hes signed almost all thr players, so cant blame anyone else. No doubt hes been told his tactics are shocking and hes gone in a wee huff…time for a manger with a back bone

  4. Worrying times? When has it been anything other than that in recent years?
    'Warbs' himself took the hump in the summer and was only back in Glasgow as no job offers in England emerged. What a mess it is. Club needs leadership from a strong man at the top, a man with a few quid, if such a man exists

  5. Very interesting comments guys,as regards to warburton having possibly lost the dressing room.I'm 100% behind our manager and will judge him for myself when the season ends.However,as some of you think he has indeed lost the dressing room,who would you's think would be a replacement for warburton as the next rangers manager.You've called it spot on,in regards to it being a massive job in football and someone who's tough,with a very strong mentality,would be the correct manager for us.So i'll put it to you who want warburton changed,who should replace warburton as the next rangers manager.Thats a question to ibrox noise as well,if he doesn't mind?Lets get the debate started!Should be very interesting indeed!

    • Hi Robert, I don't mind at all. Depending on how the next results go, maybe he will turn it all round again, but chances are low sadly. I have three men in mind I'd probably trust with the job – Stuart McCall (doing a great job at Bradford), Derek McInnes, and Tommy Wright.

      All three great at organising their limited resources, and don't forget how close McCall came to promotion first time of asking after three months in the job. But only so far you can go with McGregor and McCulloch in defence.

    • I hate the habit of chopping and changing managers too quickly – but Warburton seems to have only plan A. If teams go out to frustrate that, then he doesn't appear to be able to make changes to the playing style. To adapt, in other words.
      With him in charge, I'll reckon we'd be lucky to see fourth at the end of the season.
      Hogmanay will tell, I think.

  6. Hi ibrox noise,its robert miller here mate.Firstly like i said earlier, i will judge our manager,mark warburton at the end of the season when all is decided.I will also state here and now that i'm 100% behind warbs and really do rate and like him as a manager.I go to watch rangers and have been attending for about 42 years now.Hypothetically speaking ibrox noise,if anything were to change regarding warbs leaving his job as our manager,my choice would be billy davies as our next manager by a country mile.In my opinion he's easily a better manager than stuart mccall(who i do really rate & like),derek mciness & tommy wright.Honestly ibrox noise,i don't think mccall,mciness or wright would do anything against brendan rodgers at celtic.I certainly think billy davies would be able to go against celtic & rodgers.Billy davies's managerial record is superb and he's made of teak.The glasgow rangers manager job certainly wouldn't faze him!!What do you think ibrox noise and any other bear out there in general??

    • I hate to say it, but one manager who can organise a team and make them hard to beat is falkriks houston, even as d utd manager his teams were always hard to beat, and last season just showed how good he could organise a team from nothin. Yes he hates all things rangers, and said some stuff in the past, but if we want a tight defense that can see out games, then i think he could do the job.

      De boer is the other option which could be good for the youth academy at the same time

  7. Don't think he's lost the dressing room ,and don't want him to go bt id like to see him a little more humble regarding formations and tactics during play ,seen advocatt lose dressing room mcleish too and le guen,no evidence of that so far bt if he is to go ,we need step up our ambitions on managers and players to match the beggers ,id bring in big Sam allerdyce to start with and build from back to front

  8. I'd love Big Sam as manager if we could get him, he would be a manager with the wow factor! Maybe if the red bull sponsorship rumours are true we could finance the type of transfer budget we would need to get him. When things were bleak in the eighties, we showed ambition and brought in Souness. We are Rangers! We should think big! I agree with John Campbell, stepping up our ambition is what's required. Stuart McCall or Robbie Neilson would be ok if we go for a cheaper option, but I'd love Allardyce!

    • Was this Waghorn caper not started by that unimpeachable source of bullshit second only to Phil Ma Golatrainers, John James?Regardless,I think something is amiss with the players, I think most have chucked it.

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