Fan poll – would you select Joey Barton again?


With the sideshow surrounding Joey Barton growing into a full-blown circus thanks to his latest charge from the SFA, Rangers’ fallen ‘star’ is nevertheless due back at The Rangers Football Centre on Monday, having served his three-week ban for that notorious training ground incident last month.

In that time the former City and Marseille anchor has toured the country plugging his autobiography, and one might even suggest the ban was a deliberate ploy by the player to get time off to do so, using a high-profile move to Ibrox to aid his exposure.

But nevertheless, coupled with the SFA’s betting charge which sees the 34-year old accused of punting on 44 matches, a completely illegal activity north of the border for all footballers, the ex-Newcastle midfielder is hardly all sweetness and light since his move to Rangers, and his return to the training ground comes as his team mates show some small sign of form returning, albeit early days.

Andy Halliday has filled in at defensive midfield, and frankly rather well at that, while Matt Crooks remains benched and Jordan Rossiter is around a week to 10 days from a return.

So the question now remains, is there a place at Ibrox for Joey Barton, after all his indiscretions. Rangers knew what they were signing in the Scouser, and it has indeed blown up in our faces, but is redemption denied? Or should his manager have no hesitation in restoring him to the squad for selection?

Your call, readers…

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  1. We are still not strong enough in midfield. Too many wee men! We need more muscle. Thistle controlled first 30 mins on Saturday. Football has moved on from the days of Willie Henderson and Jimmy Johnstone. We don't win our share of 50/50 balls in midfield. Barton does. We still need him till end of season.

    • Barton has already said that if he had the decision to make again he would't have signed plus his agent offered him to Celtic who sent him on his way.
      We are stuck with him no matter what happens on Monday…..he's not done enough to be sacked or he would already be off the wage bill, £100k a month plus wasted.
      If Warbs takes him back on board it will show weakness on his part unless the board have told him they cannot afford to pay him off.
      Either way neither the manager nor the player will be very happy.

  2. I said undecided because if he comes bck with his tail between his legs puts his head down makes the wrongs right I.e with Halliday n manager n who ever else he's up set n changes his ways fine, which is a big if but could happen then he's worth a chance he didn't get burnleys championship player of the year for nothing. But he comes bck n refuses to apologise then I would say bye bye. Now I wonder now he's been found guilty of doing something he clearly knows he shouldn't have could this be a way out for the club because I think black got 5 -8 game ban so this will defo be worse than that so in the 2 months he's been here he's not kicked a ball,had a 3 week ban for insulting the manager n he could be set for another ban so could be a wee loop hole here watch this space!

  3. No way.
    I dont understand why the fuck we signed him, he is over the hill in all senses Get him to fuck, same with Hill Sendeross
    i would keep krancjar as he is quality through & through but as for JB let him go
    he can probably obtain full time occupation at any Bookmaking Establishment

  4. we need winners not squeaky clean gentlemen. If he can perform better start him! if there is players with more energy, goals and desire than him being dropped due to his high wages then no! we had a dynamic fast paced game thats dissapeared somehow. best 11 starts! no favourites, no pals. warburton needs to be ruthless and expect a reaction when players are dropped. if they are fragile and it dents confidence then move them on.

    • Winners… What the fuck has joey Barton ever won mate. Facts are- he has been utter shite on the park and nothing but a burden off it. If it was a boy from the development squad he would have been chucked out on his arse. Fuck him. Get rid now.

  5. a would give the man 1 more chance to prove himself we need someone like him in the middle of the park fair enough his rangers careere is down the drain but he can always make up for that if he just gets his head down and plays as well as a know he can u dont get in the championship best 11 players for no reason he was ovbs doing a stunt so that his book would probs sell which has back fired on him big time but yeah a say give the man one more chance !

  6. In my view Barton still does have a lot to offer. As a holding midfielder in front of a strong back four we should have a very sound defensive five. There is no doubt he brings a lot of baggage and many of his troubles are self-inflicted….BUT he does have the ability to be a major contributor to Rangers season. By now he must have realised his mindless pontificating has done him more harm than good. He can have an opinion and voice it but the delivery has to match the promise ! He NEEDS to do his talking on the pitch….give him ONE more chance ?

    • You are entitled to that opinion, but rather than abusing my opinion why don't you offer something constructive ? I await with anticipation !

  7. if he plays or not lets get behind our club, we are going through a bad patch at the moment so we need the players to get there finger out, we are still in rebuild so lets not forget that, WATP.

  8. Didn't want him in the first place.
    Warburton spoke of only signing players of good character as well as ability who would fit in well with his harmonious squad …..aye right!

  9. Here is my prediction Barton will be welcomed back by Warburton because I reckon part of the deal to sign Barton was an agreement to allow him to take three weeks out to promote his book.Warburton would have agreed to anything to sign him. So watch Joey coming back being all humble and being welcomed back into the fold.

  10. Not good enough either as a player nor having the character to represent a club of the stature of Glasgow Rangers. Bad signing in the first place. Take the opportunity to "get rid" or we will regret it.

  11. Barton was purchased to add 5-7k SB sales, our marquee signing. Good financial business bring in a couple of mill but I don't think he was one brought in by the manager. I think this was a King purchase and his interests are more money related than football.

    Players like Barton need a strong experienced manager and Warbs isn't that. When Barton was allowed to make those preseason and early season remarks about other players and managers the writing should have been on the wall.

    We don't need a media clown at the club we need players to make their statements on the pitch.

    Releasing Barton will hurt the club financially, I'd give him one last chance and see where we are at Xmas with him and how he turns this round.

  12. If as some have suggested in this blog that Barton had an agreement to get time out to promote his book then that's a disgrace.

    He didn't join us til later as he was working on radio, he has pretty much held the club over a barrel. Part of his form problems could be missing pre-season, as an ex-coach myself this would have been a terrible footballing decision imo.

    We paid for a name here, both OF teams have lost millions following this strategy in the past.

  13. He's got to go. We need players who are willing to do the hard work to get back to winning. Too much of a distraction both on and off the field. We don't need that right now.

  14. As a Gers fan of 60+ years, I do not think Barton should be given another chance.He has shown a complete disrespect for the club, not only during the training ground fiasco but on a number of occasions since.
    The guy is an erse, and appears to be right up it, and should be chased!

  15. Bring him back. We knew we were buying into a nutter, so what did we expect. I am personally looking forward to the day he nutmegs Brown, puts him on his arse, then turns round and shows him naked photos of his ex boyfriend. We all live in hope.

    • Looking forward to the day Joey Barton nutmegs Brown ? I think you need to lay off the mushrooms mate. Barton is past it.
      For goodness sake, Ali Crawford from Accies nutmegged him. At which point he tried a cynical kick at Crawford, but was too slow to even connect with that !

  16. Forget the trouble, he should be punished for that and he has been. IF he makes his peace with the manager and Halliday, he is back in the squad.
    BUT, at Burnley, he played in a team that rarely had 50% of the ball. So the game came to him. With Rangers that isn't the case. His best game for us was against Celtic, but how many other teams will come at us? Very few if any. They will sit back and hit on the break. We need pace in DM to combat that. He doesn't have enough pace.
    I would take him back into the squad, but not the team until we need him. Rossiter, Halliday and Crooks(if not at CB) all ahead of him except for Celtic games. Against Celtic play him with A N Other.
    Up to Warburton to work all this out, but I suspect he already has – he is smarter than me 🙂

    • Think you are giving the manager too much praise.

      There was nothing smart about letting Stokes rip Tavernier a new one for 90 minutes in the Cup Final without making a tactical change… was evident from the first few minutes yet the manager stood on the sidelines and did hee haw about it.
      It was almost McCoist like.

  17. I would welcome him back if, and it's a big if, i was in any way confident he's change, buckle down, pull his weight and behave but I'm no where near that confident.
    He's been trouble for many a long year so can he really be expected to change now ?
    It was a dangerous, even reckless gamble, and has backfired big time.

    • Expecting Barton to change is like telling a dog off for chasing cats for the 20th time, and expecting the dog to not chase a cat 2 weeks later.
      As you say, he's trouble. He's always been trouble. He's a typical scouser – a gob on a stick.

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