Does Lee Wallace need a rest?

Article by Sam Groves

By his own concession, Lee Wallace is not at his best:

“When you are a player and you are searching for your best form – and I put myself in that category, as will some other guys in the dressing room – it’s all down to how you prepare. It means you have to come in here every single day and work that little bit harder, eat that little bit better, study that bit more in-depth and really look to get that form back.”

His attitude to regaining that form is faultless, but without a shadow of a doubt the outstanding left back of the past four years for Rangers who captained his side to the Championship title last season has been some way off producing what we know he can.

No one would question the man’s loyalty – he gave up the national team and far better leagues than the Scottish Third Division in 2012 to stick with Rangers, and he has never complained about any of it. Indeed, he admits he probably sacrificed his country for his club, and he would do it again:

“I was asked before if I thought international football would be sacrificed due to my decision to stay at Rangers. And I said that if that is the case then it’s a fair sacrifice for me. I can look myself in the mirror and happily agree with that. There hasn’t been a moment’s regret from the minute I chose to stay here, it was all part of a plan and that’s going in the right direction. If the other side of the football isn’t going to come back into my career because I’ve stayed here, then I accept that. I’ve not been involved in the Scotland squads for the whole campaign that just passed, so I wasn’t expecting to be in it. So there’s no point in me talking about a squad I haven’t been in for a long time.”

But his form, currently, really is wayward. The last thing I want this piece to sound like is a negative attack on Wallace – I admire his courage, his guts, and everything he has given to Rangers over the past near-half decade. And his form over the past while has been one of the highlights of the Journey.

But Rangers need performers on the pitch, and right now, by his own admission, he is not doing that. Mark Warburton, on form currently, has a better option in a current Northern Ireland international sitting on the bench, just wasting away, and in the past few fixtures there has been a subtle hint and shift to Andy Halliday picking up the captaincy for now.

There is nothing wrong in Wallace taking a little rest. Playing a few less matches and working hard in training to get that form back. Rangers are fortunate to have a few decent full backs, and unless injury dictates otherwise, it would be arguably to Wallace’s benefit to take a few matches out, get the form back, get the hunger back, and return to the fold stronger and more equipped.

He has struggled this season, and he is one of the players who especially does not deserve that. Good management from Warburton would be a subtle rest for Wallace, deploy Hodson in his place for a match or two, and see how it goes.

We all want Wallace at his best – and the sooner he is there, the better.


  1. Andy Halliday gives his all for Rangers there is no doubt about that but Lee Wallace is the captain of Rangers and that is that.

    To question Wallace, whether, that comes from Ibrox noise or from Warburton is outrageous.

    Have you no memory and no loyalty?

    In the last few months this site has let itself down on quite a few occasions which is disappointing because it used to present a fair view, if you are now just toeing the party line its a waste.

    • Well said mate totally agree on your views especially about this site in past few months. Simple answer on your question about wallace needing a rest, a big fat NAW

  2. I would not be to critical of Lee Wallace he stayed loyal when he could have chased more money elsewhere.He has all the personal attributives as a Gers captain so he should get all the support he can from us.

  3. Lee Wallace may not have grabbed the headlines going forward this season but this is due to having to take care of his defensive duties in a better standard league. This site is a great one for championing players not playing who have yet to be tested. Lee Hodson may yet prove his worth but a couple of pints of Guinness and I'd get a game for N. Ireland – so let's not over egg his international credentials.

  4. No Barrie McKay needs dropped he is a big part in the loss of form for Wallace, play Joe dodoo in left hand side of front three and we will see a different Wallace guaranteed

  5. After watching that car crash yesterday at the press conference where James Traynor made a fool of our manager I would like to know who is in charge at Ibrox

    • The only reason the prick kept asking W the questions about Barton was because he could see him flappin and smelled blood.I don't think he'd have asked Walter Smith the same question twice.Traynor saved him because he needed saving.I feel sorry for the guy because he's not cut out for all the off field stuff that accompanies being the Gers manager,the guy is basically a coach.

  6. So the guy sticks with us for the duration of football wilderness and after eight games it time he was rested!!!!

  7. If you read the guys words properly he clearly acknowleges Wallaces commitment to the cause,how much he rates the guy etc.But he's been rank for a long time,he's the least vocal captain,nay player,I've ever seen at the Gers and he's been going missing during games as well.His bottle went at the Piggery along with a lot of others but he's been there before and should have been shouting and bawling pumping the players up like big Gough or Greig or Barry Ferguson would have.Instead he took it stinkin from the unwashed and bottled it.I really hope he can find his baws again but this grass carry on I think has affected him badly.What do you do?Strip him of the captaincy and really finish him or would it help him?He just needs to get on the ball and have more belief,a few good games and he'll be sorted but needs to find it soon.

  8. yes he needs a rest. Give him some bench time & if were doing ok tomorra, get him on for last 20 mins
    Im sure it will be for the benifit of him,
    Main thing is we get 3 points

  9. This forum is starting to rip into all and sundry. No one is safe anymore from being slaughtered. When every other decent player we had was legging it to the door, he was one of the guys who stuck with us. You need to start cutting the guys some slack and aim your malice elsewhere

  10. First off, I like Wallace as a player. I will always revere him for staying when so many traitorous b8st8rds left. They will never be forgotten or forgiven. Wallace and McCulloch in particular will always be revered for staying. Despite Jig's many footballing shortcomings, he stayed and he fought for us. I won't forget that.

    But the article agrees with that sentiment. It then goes on to say the guy is going through a rough patch. Now, we can either agree or disagree with that. Personally, I agree. Same with McKay. But everybody is entitled to an opinion and nobody has to agree with me.

    If, and it's a big IF, you feel that Wallace is going through a bad patch, then the next question is what do you do about it? Do you rest him, or let him play through it? Personally, I don't have an opinion and am happy for other people, who probably know more about football and Rangers than I do, to have their say. I just enjoy reading their opinions.

    But, whatever your opinion, lets respect others' rights to their differing opinion without claiming they are attacking the player or the club. Apart from the unwashed trolls who come on here to see how grownups talk, we all love Rangers and our players. So lets agree to disagree and respect others' opinions


  11. Lee Wallace will be remembered as a Gers legend sadly Warburton won't!! The job is to big for him I fear dropped points tomorrow night followed by a heavy defeat against the manky mob next week will be the end for him!!

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