Why Scottish football hates Rangers


In 2012 Scottish football suffered the biggest seismic shift in its history when Rangers fell into administration and out of the SPL, and there began a journey back to the top tier covering the bowels of the game north of the border before the return was complete this year.

What happened to Rangers four years ago is precedented – Leeds in 2001, Fiorentina in 2002 – just two colossal examples of clubs who suffered catastrophic financial collapse and administration. Even Monaco struggled badly a decade ago, and were completely overhauled by a new administration; and of course, our Old Firm chums Celtic themselves received a new holding company in 1994 due to dire financial calamity and got a new name while they were at it.

But Scottish football, especially online, is obsessed with the idea Rangers are gone, refusing, on t’internet anyway, to accept Rangers are still around. Indeed, the notion of ‘Moonhowlers’ and ‘Sevcoites’ has been penned for those who happily doeth not protest at the integrity of England’s former champions or the Viola from Florence, but refuse to give Rangers the same courtesy.

The truth is Scottish football knows Rangers are still Rangers, like Celtic are still Celtic, like Leeds are still Leeds etc, but the hatred for the Club takes precedent over any rational thinking.

And as the most hated team in Scotland, we absolutely thrive on it.

Why does Scottish football hate Rangers so much? Because Scottish football is scared of us. The club is going in the right direction after so long in the wilderness and is slowly returning to the very top of the game here; and Scottish football’s republican moonhowling left and 45-ridden yesser extremists loathe the establishment club even existing.

But exist we do, and nothing would annoy the lot of them more than Rangers travelling to the headquarters of all that is wrong with Scottish football and winning. Rangers are not just facing Celtic on Saturday, we are going into the lion’s den of everyone who would hate us; and beating them will kill them inside.

It hurt them enough to lose at the ‘relatively’ neutral (it really is not neutral at all, is it?) venue of Hampden, so imagine how Celtic and their friends would feel losing on their own patch to Sevco.

It would tear them apart and put Rodgers under enormous pressure.

It is why Rangers must win this weekend. Those moonhowlers who latch onto every single tweet about Rangers with ‘was it with an EBT’ replies, those sevcoites who live to breathe everything Rangers and to let the hate build up more every day.

There is no ‘goodie’, no ‘baddie’ in all of this, but Scotland has decided Rangers are the bad guy and is not shy telling us.

Logic gone. Reason gone. Foaming at the mouth chanting just one thing:

“Rangers are dead, Keith…”


  1. In the space of 2 years we nearly lost our football club and the union,while the nazi government sat back and laughed,coincidence I think not.we stand for everything they hate. imagine Scotland today no rangers and no union run by and for IRA sympathisers we will always be Scotland premiere club they just can't accept it.

  2. Let the haters hate hopefully the bile brewing in there guts erupts into something serious we would rather die with our history than live with there's Obsession the smell from the east end offended by everything embarrassed by nothing

  3. And don't forget Accrington Stanley who have gone out of business several times yet in England are looked upon with affection as the club that refuses to die

    • Not yet it is not! Perhaps in time but, until we have gubbed each and every one of them and lifted our next Title we shall not forget.

  4. Time to move on, ALL other supporters…the RANGERS are still here..!!

    and only reason, a lot of other clubs are around…is because the greatest support in the world has helped them financially, BIG TIME…..RANGERS, SCotlands greatest club..!!

  5. Great piece and first comment by deer hunter RFC. Unfortunately, there is a section of our support who do not understand or like our title as the establishment club and our strong ties with the Union. A worrying too many yessers amongst us who seem blinded, like the Natzi party sheep.

    The words of the late great Bill Struth stand me well in these times. I'm sure you all know them.

  6. I am 61 years old now. I have seen a great deal of shit over the years, I am one of the lucky ones who went down stairway 13 because if I hadn't the bannockburn supporters bus would have left me behind as I was only a youngster then. The crap we've had to put up with from every bastard that hates Rangers goes without saying. All this shite about let bygones be bygones is utter shite. Fuck them all. give them none of our hard earned money and don't help them to read and write. Let's just fill our stadium and not theirs. WATP

    • Saddos? Who's the sad twat on another teams page? If you don't like it go home and leave our beautiful country to get on with it without your filth

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