Should Mark Warburton build Rangers around Josh Windass?


The 22-year old has only made a few appearances for Mark Warburton, but was one of the few to gain pass marks (if not more at Parkhead) and in terms of contribution has overall impressed significantly since making his long awaited debut in the Light Blue.

His father went on record to say two things about his son’s ability:

One, that his best position was in the ‘3’ of a 4-2-3-1, and two, that it is his contention that Warburton should build the entire team around the creative midfielder.

Sure, he would say that, right? But in terms of performances, Windass has certainly demonstrated a level of quality his transfer fee probably did not merit. The forward is big, strong, quick, has outstanding ball control and retention, composed, can score, and while he is obviously no Kaka, reminds of that kind of number 8 or 10 style.

So, on the surface at least, he has fit in perfectly to Warbs’ vision of a dynamic, fast-paced possession system attack.

There is, however, one increasingly significant problem, and while it is no catastrophe yet, it is unnerving – he is fragile as glass.

Josh Windass has spent more time being injured than on the field for Rangers, and while it does not yet threaten to derail his Rangers career, it is certainly affecting it.

Of the last nine fixtures, Windass has only played two of them. He made a surprise return to action at Parkhead, then stayed in the side against Ross County, but pre-match warm up for the League Cup visit of Queens he once again suffered a pull and had to be replaced last-minute.

One certainly hopes this is just a tender physical stage in a young man’s growth, where his body, due to the style he plays, has not quite ironed out the aches and pains and will mature in time, because the evidence is certainly there that his dad has a point.

Windass does have all the attributes to become a real star for Rangers; he truly has stood out like a sore thumb in the appearances he has gathered and quite possibly could become something rather special.

But the lad really needs to put together a run of games, with full fitness, and hopefully he will be fit for Sunday and will start. He fits right into what Mark Warburton is trying to do, and is one of the very few ‘game changing’ players Rangers have; a player who can do something on his own to turn a game round.

He very nearly did it in Glasgow’s East End.

Which is why his contribution would be so welcome up at Pittodrie.

Let us hope he is fit enough to make it.


  1. There is no doubt Windass has the potential to be a very very good player for Rangers. However, it's very restricting to build any team around one player….unless of course it's Messi, Zidane etc etc. However, if Warburton plays the correct system and utilises the talents available to him I think a team with a foundation of Windass, O'Halloran, Forrester, Garner, McKay, Wallace, Hobson, Wilson, Halliday, Rossiter, Holt, Kranjcar, Gilks, Dodoo….would be a team based on pace and ability….i'd pay to watch this group of players.

  2. Wilson Kranjcar and Halliday have no pace. Wison can tackle but is hopeless in the air. Kranjcar can't tackle but is a good passer and has the skills to open up defences. Andy Halliday can't tackle and has no particular skills of any note.
    The other players all have good pace and are good players.

    • I would add…Wilson has his faults but is a rare breed, a left sided left footed central defender who distributes the ball well. Every club needs a Halliday – he will never let us down and will contribute some goals. Agreed, not the best but will bring the best out in others. With that group of players we have the balance to have a decent season. Add a commanding centra defender (Senderos or Crooks may be that person) and we can do well.

  3. Andy Halliday…no skill….yet BEST player on the park against Q.o.S
    Andy has something that NONE of the present team have….He is a Die-Hard RANGERS man..that means he will always battle hard…cant say same about a lot of our other players..!!

    • There was little to be learned from the QoS game. The lessons were handed out at the Celtic game, particularly, and in the other games when we couldn't break teams down. teams that were better on the counter than QoS.
      Not much we can do about the centre backs at present, except tell the full backs to give them some protection on the flanks.
      If we start with players with no pace, like Barton, Kranjcar and Miller then better teams lie Celtic will simply run past and away from them to get at the CB's.
      Halliday cannot tackle and is utterly hopeless when players run at him. His defensive faults are hidden when he has a Dominic Ball to cover them or we are playing teams that park the bus and don't press him.
      Kranjcar has the same faults but can open up defences with sublime skill at times. Halliday has no such skills.
      Rangers will learn that the glaring faults are the CB's AND Halliday. We will ALL learn that being a "Rangers man" does not mean you should be playing for Rangers. Andy has been getting a free pass. That will change or we will continue to get battered when we face teams with pace and drive from the midfield.
      We will learn the easy way or the hard way.

  4. Seems ridiculous, and far too early, to be talking about building a team around someone with a couple of games under his belt.
    Sounds like desperation.

  5. On what basis would you even pose this question? While Windass has looked promising in a poor team in his few appearances to date – what exactly has he achieved. There is also a suggestion that he is injury prone. Let's get him back to full fitness and then let's analyse his contribution going forward.

  6. No Josh is as good as many other midfielders playing in Scotland
    and there are many Scottish lads that where just as good hey i
    would say we had a few better players in midfield than Josh.

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