Scotland? It’s a waste of Rangers’ time…


Ibrox Noise has covered the rapidly deteriorating relationship between Rangers and Scotland for some considerable time now.

If it was not the infamous Burley regime, Boozegate and the end of Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor’s Scotland careers, it was Lee McCulloch seeing how badly the Scottish regime was being run and having the foresight to get out by retiring. Then there was Lee Wallace booed by Scotland fans, Ian Black, booed by Scotland fans and the general cesspit of hate the game north of the border frequently aims at all things Ibrox.

But last night summed up quite starkly just how dreadful this present Scotland regime, be it Strachan, Levein or aforementioned Burley in charge, has been in its dealings with Rangers.

First off the title image. This ‘Lee Wallace is a grass’ thing is beyond nonsense – spurious accusations thrown about by ignorant supporters of other teams claiming Rangers’ captain ‘went to the police’ over assaults to himself and other players on that fateful day at Hampden last season.

He never even claimed it to be true, and his girlfriend even denied on Twitter that he had actually been assaulted but it is worth a bit of a snide dig at Rangers to peddle the line, is it not? But for the increasingly republican Tartan Army to attack one of their own players like this is a new level of pitiful, a shamefully disgusting act and a sure sign of the increasing malevolence of the game’s attitude towards Rangers in this insular and petty nation.

It was apparently provoked because Wallace ‘told Strachan where to go’ after receiving a call up for last night’s qualifier v Malta. Well, actually, no, Wallace pulled out through injury. He was snapped on the flight to Belfast, giving those vindictive little fans of other teams a reason to hate him – ‘look at him, he’s perfectly fit, and just pulled out of Scotland to be spiteful’.

Well, actually, no, he simply went with his club to give moral support because he was injured, and was not involved in the match versus our good friends Linfield on any level. Not on the bench, nothing. But why let facts get in the way?

Then we turn our attention to Barrie McKay. Also receiving a call up by the Ginger One, McKay flew out with the squad and did his bit, behaving as professionally as we have come to expect from the wee man. We did not expect him to start, but a five or ten minute sub cameo at the end especially given Scotland were 1-5 up against their hosts seemed more than agreeable.

Nope. Ignored, in favour of Anya and Fletcher, among others. Rangers TV’s Tom Miller nailed it with this tweet:

What a God-awful waste of Barrie’s time. One of the most talented attacking players Scotland has produced in some years, and Strachan did not think he merited a sub appearance even when 5-1 up. Why on earth bring him only to completely snub him?

It is absolutely no wonder so many Rangers fans have had it with the national regime. Many still loyally support because it is their country, but there have just been too many anti-Rangers sentiments among it for this supporter to follow suit.

It is no coincidence strong Scotland teams have always had a strong Rangers contingent. Now that it is clear even Rangers’ best Scottish players will just not be involved (McKay, Wallace, Miller, even an on form Halliday or O’Halloran) can someone tell me the point?


  1. You are living in the Republic of Scotland where Rangers FC and everything about the club is seen by the vocal minority of left wing (Irish Republican Style), Nationalists is seen as the enemy. Our club is the last bastion of Britishness left and they don't like it. Personally I wouldn't get too upset at no Rangers players being in the Scottish Team. I'd rather our players stayed fit rather than riskk injury playing for that particular National Team.

  2. Rite. First off. The lee Wallace banner is with 4 fckn people. Who cares. 2nd The barry McKay thing is purely strachan. And 3rd Ferguson and Mcgreggor acted like fckn 4 yr olds.

    Barry McKay should be a starter in that team never mind no getting on as a sub but thats just strachan showing his septic club he's still loyal to them by snubbing the wee man. He's a arsehole.

    Scotland is the country where we live. Its a fckn beautiful country and we should all be proud.

    Forget the Wallace thing. Your just taking the bait with that. The problem is STACHAN. He's a cunt

  3. Grow up, there used to be a time when we were delighted and proud to have up to six Rangers players making up the Scotland team. You are starting to get as paranoid as septic

  4. The claim our players were assaulted is being roundly denied on the blogs and several other partners and friends also say it wasn't true. The tone of many of these poke fun at us rather than display anger or hate. Mr King should think more carefully about what fights to fight in future as there are plenty of genuine grievances to air, and this one has spectacularly backfired.

  5. For many years I supported both Rangers and Scotland up until I realised how petty and vindictive the SFA, the tartan army and the media are towards Rangers.

    If McKay was in green and white or maroon he would be getting a game.

    The referendum has fuelled and stoked the tartan army's 'hate the English' campaign when most of Rangers players are of course English.

  6. Is there nothing you won't whinge about?

    McKay has not had a good start to the season so was probably lucky to make the squad in the first place.

    Wallace is 3rd choice full back when everyone is fit so he's hardly going to be missed.

    It's difficult to believe the criticism aimed at the SFA by Rangers fans……..if it wasn't for the back door deals and turning a blind eye to 12 years and more of illegal tax evasion there woukd be no Rangers.

    Now a convicted criminal, minority shareholder in the company that owns the club, ffs, is calling the shots.

    No Nomad, no share listing, no investment, a team built on free transfers, Bosmans and development fees ………let's see how that pans out on Saturday.

    I guarantee that a heavy defeat will see all the In King We Trust brigade turn on him and the wisdom of the manager's recruitment policy called into question.

    Of course no one wants to talk about the biggest single issue facing the club since liquidation……..where is the money coming from after Xmas to see out the season, leaving aside repairs to renewals and the fall out from SD and Puma legal action.

    King talked the talk about transparency then single handedly ensured we lost our share listing and because of his reputation in the City no Nomad will take a phone call from him.

    No one has a clue as to the financial situation, believe me if the news was good Level 5 would have been shouting it from the rooftops.

    Apart from Rangers 1872 and the monthly subs there is no other significant money due into the club till May 2017, that's 7 months away.

    The next set of audited annual accounts will be out soon which will provide the bare minimum of information……..given the 6 monthly draft accounts presented to the court in the WiFi case we should be break even or slightly in profit.

    Let's see how that stands up with the signed off auditors annual accounts.

    • Stop showing yourself up by pretending you have even the slightest clue about Rangers finance or where the money is coming from…Are all Celtic fans accountants and sports lawyers like the pretend or are the dreamers and jealous waffles like yourself?

  7. Not one video clip has surfaced showing any Rangers player being assaulted and I guess mot readers will have seen the one of a Hibs fan covering his head as he was being kicked by someone. These days videos and photos are the only things that proves anything.

  8. I'll tell you the reason for Strachan's choices – he's a) a crap manager, and b) he holds grudges against individuals. But,seriously, he didn't play McKay because he wanted to have a go at Rangers? That's too childish even for Strachan. I'm astounded by the choices he makes too…Jordon Rhodes and Ross McCormack should be our nailed-on, settled strike force, and should have been for the last 5 years. But for him to make selections based on the team a player plays for…come on, for christs sake.

  9. All valid points – the puppets will always dance to the puppet master. Mr Strachan is not a good manager – nor is he the great thinker he likes to pretend to be – playing the role of sarcastic wit, with no wit, only serves to show him for what he is.

  10. Wee ginger man, ex-Celtic manager and anti-anything Rangers, is the small man with the big ego presently managing Scotland, In his wisdom, he and he alone, thought that a real young Scot with a huge future (Barrie McKay) was not worthy of any time in the Malta game with the game well and truly won. He didn't have the wherewithal to extend some common sense to the occasion. I don't think Scotland will qualify, especially with a manager who can't think straight – even when we are winning. If Barrie is in the Rangers starting line-up on Saturday, I hope he shows his best form and his true talent is exposed in the wee Scotland's manager's paradise.

  11. Well if that's is why they are holding up that banner it is only them that look the fools. Because the majority of law abiding citizens when asualted usually go to the police obviously these fools are not. And who really cares what they think I don't.

  12. I'm a big Rangers fan but I don't agree that Scotland is a waste of time. Our best players should be Scottish and should be proud to play for our country. I love Scotland, I'm passionate about Rangers and Scotland. We should be proud to be Scottish and proud when our players represent our great nation. Strachan spoke well of McKay last night, he said he was impressed and has no worries about featuring him. He has picked Wallace twice and Wallace has had to withdraw due to injury.

    The point is, playing for Scotland will give our players invaluable experience against top class players and will see them help make our nation great. Get behind Scotland. Glasgow Rangers are a Scottish club. We should be proud of that, I know I am.

  13. McKay still has a lot to prove – he is young and has ability but I will wait until I see how he does this season before I start getting all hysterical about him not playing for Scotland and even at that he will then have to show that he can step up to international level.

    Wallace was right to pull out of the squad – he would not have started ahead of Robertson and when Tierney returns he will be further down the pecking order. If I were him I would retire from international football before wee Chesney makes that decision for him.

  14. Get a grip you, who are you trying to kid? Not one of our players got assaulted, and going on about this damages even more what little reputation we got left. But then again, as the song says "WE DON'T CARE"

  15. Barrie has to bide his time. There are players in front of him in the scotland squad. Dont think its a waste of his time – he was in the squad and spent valuable time away with his national team. He will benefit from that time – gaining experience and becoming comfortable around the national team set-up.
    The four lads with the Lee Wallace banner – they're trying to wind-up the gers fans. As a gers fan – we need to rise above this nonsense and stop moaning about everyone being against us – we sound worse than the celtic fans.
    Time to grow up.

  16. To start with, Barrie McKay "one of the most talented attacking players Scotland has produced in some years", so the article claims. Last season, in the Championship, he scored 6 goals in 34 league matches. In 2012-13, against third division opposition, he played 31 league games, for a massive … one goal. If that's one of the best attacking young players in Scotland, then Scotland probably needs to look elsewhere. Maybe, once he's proved himself for a season against proper opposition, he might just be worthwhile of a start or sub spot. Playing against part-timers and semi-pro's and getting so few goals is not a promising sign, however.
    As to 'Lee Wallace is a grass', it's as much about him 'grassing' on Level 5, etc. as they claimed 'EVERY player was assaulted' at the end of the match. Lee's g/f then posted that it was a load of lies. So it's more about Hibs fans taunting that Rangers can't even get their lies in order before someone breaks ranks.
    The real question should be who authorised those lies, both through L.5 and the Rangers website. But that's being conveniently ignored.

    As my father used to say to me "Truth will out. Better tell it from the start, because once you're caught in a lie, it just gets worse"

    • Did your father never tell you to stop sticking your nose into articles of other teams and being a grade a plum?

    • Did your father ever stop telling you to be a mushroom ? Because that's what King, Murray and L5 are treating you like, and you seem to be loving it.
      In case you haven't heard of the reference before, it's keeping you in the dark, and feeding you a pile of manure.

  17. I don't know why your even discussing the no-longer ginger haired talentless bastard. After him there is no other idiot capable of doing that thankless job. We don't have the players to make up a winning side. So until we do just leave that prick in charge, that way he will eventually get the tin tack.

  18. Wallace is a shite defender and not that great going forward, never going to beat robertson to leftback. Barrie mckay is overrated. Very predictable and to scared to take on his man. So anya or one of these lads playing in england will always be before him. Halliday or holt or ohalloran would be out of there depth against an england or belgium or spain etc. Before u slate me i am a rangers fan. If u think any of our players are good enough just look at the kilmarnock game…..exactly!!!! Oh and kenny miller retired so i doubt he would get in the team

  19. Are you seriously suggesting Kenny Miller should be in the Scotland team? Aside from the fact he retired 3 years ago, you're contradicting yourself by saying that Scotland aren't giving youth a chance and then whining because Miller isn't picked.

    What could possibly justify his inclusion ahead of Griffiths, fletcher, mccormack, Rhodes etc (and even they don't get picked)?

    At the world cup – and I assume the aim is for us to qualify – he will be turning 39!

  20. Really people a lot of you are sounding as paranoid as the other side of Glasgow. Rangers haven't got world class players right now that's a fact. Wee McKay shows glimpses of what he is capable of but only glimpses, I think personally he lacks confidence in himself and until he gets the "I am a great player" in his head and heart he wont reach the heights he could or should. Wallace is a decent player and good enough for Rangers but world class he is not. I am scared of the outcome next week and it boils down to who shows up. we did in the semi and deserved to win, can we again

  21. Good on the gers for thrashing the Linfeild 7-0. That's exactly the same result that will you will have come Saturday Celtic 7 Rangers 0.

  22. Anon 20.09…..wrong, I fancy the Gers to nick a consolation goal, 7-1 to the Hoops.

    I'm thinking that Barton with all his social media commenting will attempt to put himself bang in the limelight on Saturday by going out of his way to get sent off, probably before half time with the team already a couple of goals down.
    It's a sure fired money earner, get on.

  23. This weekend will be a watershed moment.

    The fantasy of a league challenge will be exposed as just that.

    The good news and puff pices in the media, bought and paid for by Level 5, will evaporate as reality dawns.

    An ageing team of free transfers, Bosmans, AS galacticos won't cut the mustard against a Celtic team which can strengthen at will.

    Ffs half the team will need replaced next season anyway come what may.

    Warbs is not facing Deila this weekend, he's up against someone who knows exactly what he's doing.

    3-0 same as last two visits looks a reasonable bet……would we settle for that?

  24. The only reason that Wallace and McKay even get mentioned in a scotland squad,,is so that Rangers fans will attend Hampden and put money into the SFA coffers. Strachan and McGhee hate Rangers, even in their Aberdeen days as a player. Both have strong shelic connections and they make it obvious. The SFA have told him to have a token Rangers player in the squad to appease the thousands of Rangers fans that will pay money to attend the games!!,, Without Rangers fans,, Hampden would be half empty as the dirty mob who were born and bred in scotland,,support the southern shite across the water,, fact not insult!! If we do play with Kiernan or Hill on Sat,, we are fucked!!!

  25. Look you only have to read some of the above comments that are not from Rangers fans that they are more about what our team is doing than their own team!! FFS they are on a Rangers page. They are still going on about tax this liquidation that, get a bloody grip go to your own pages and write your drivel!! WATP as for 7-0 get a bloody grip look what happened the last time we played!!

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