Rangers fan poll: should Rangers keep Joey Barton?

Rangers fan poll: should Rangers keep Joey Barton?

With the controversy lingering around banned midfielder Joey Barton, Ibrox Noise felt it appropriate to try to gauge fan opinion over his future.

Currently, it is up in the air, with the former Burnley man away from training for 21 days, but with his radio controversies and apparent media displays further contriving more publicity for his upcoming book, do Rangers fans want this circus surrounding their club any longer in the hope he will find his form from last season again?

Or are fans more akin to wanting to wash their hands clean entirely of Barton and moving on without him?

Yesterday’s display v Queen of the South impressed most beleaguered fans who watched, and signs had been subtly promising against County as well despite the two dropped points.

So there is life without Barton; but do Rangers fans want to give him a second chance, or has he burned his Ibrox bridges?

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  1. Rangers should sack Barton now! 4 week suspension makes little sense. Gears are paying 20K per week for Barton to tour the media promoting his book. Perfect timing for him. As long as he is a Rangers player and on the payroll he should be turning up at Ibrox and keeping up his fitness levels. Barton being made to either train with the kids or training alone I suspect would dent his ego and be a more effective punishment.

  2. Doesn't want to be here get him to f**k said it himself n he's an arsehole anyway upsetting the team, better off without that!! Been on here not happy with team n manager but think it's time I n us get behind them all give them time to adjust and gel. A Wee step back n realism we've came through the leagues n can't expect no teething problems we have 11 players tryin to get used to life at a massive club. WATP

  3. Best advice Barton should have been given when coming to Rangers is "better to stay silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt"
    The last two games have seen a marked improvement in our performances and I think we should stick with players who want to play for us–Crooks, who looks promising, Windass who looks a real find and with Holt back and Halliday looking as if he is coming back to his best and we are keeping clean sheets for a change I can see a real improvement. However we are still too one dimensional so I think Warbs should be looking at his game management as he has been sussed out by all the managers we have have played against to date.Needs to deal with playing against packed defenses with different tactics always trying to play through the middle of these defences-think that is obvious.

    • Unless you have Lionel Messi in the side, it's pretty difficult to deal with defences that are so tightly packed…last night, QoS had 9 of their players (incl. the goalie) inside their 18 yard box when we were attacking. That's not football, and I don't want us to drop to their shit level and change our playing style to suit.

    • easiest start of any team in Scottish prem trust me the pain of how rotten rangers are as a team will be seen soon be lucky to be in top 6 by seasons end

    • this could be the making or breaking of Barton as a rangers player we are talking about sacking a player when we are unsure what happened but we know its not a trivial matter, let the truth be heard before we jump to conclusions

  4. Rangers should get rid of him as he is a troublemaker,look at all the shit he is comin out with,let him play the remainder of his career in England or where ever,we need to move on from this and start talking about football again,we need to start winning in a regular basis aswell,when January comes get some1 better in WATP

  5. I honestly believe we are better team unit without him. He slows the play down and that has been very evident. His best days are by him and he has a negative influence in the dressing room. Bite the bullet and get rid now. We will be better for it in the long term.

  6. Bridges burnt im afraid.

    We can spend the money on better/younger players.

    I would venture we should be looking to gte rid of Senderos & Hill while we are at it.

    Not forgetting the usual suspects Wilson & Kiernan

  7. Too many cunts talking shite no one knows the full story here "sack" him blah blah aye he's no done anything no one has done the damage this season 5-0 against qos is hardly a difficult team to play theye all deserve to be dropped until they get there finger out

  8. There must be a clause in his contract re gross misconduct. A release clause re gross misconduct relating to financial penalties.
    Signing Barton without a financial safety net would be suicidal.
    I hope to God Rangers have a watertight contract with Barton with a release clause without financial penalty to Rangers.
    I vote to get rid and play Rossiter/Windass on a regular basis instead. Both have much more energy, passion and ability.
    Bye bye Barton. You couldn't cut it in your so called 'lower level' of Scottish football?! Seriously? Then why not f off and play for Iceland Caravan Park fc or something. You might even get another game against the scum that way.
    Onwards and upwards. The team is playing way better now without him so all good.

    • I would say that if such a clause existed he would be gone by now.

      Still you are correct – he has been a complete waste of space, possibly is not liked in the dressing room except by his mates Hill and Kranjcar who should be put in the same taxi as him.

      Last night was the comfort zone for the players and manager – Sunday will be a better measure of where things stand.

  9. I cant see what position/role we specifically signed Barton for, especially one that he is far superior to the players we already had.
    The club is the most important thing, we have been striving to regain our dignity and do not need any more negative influences that may impact on future signings.
    If the manager wants to continue his particular style of play, he needs to consider 2 or 3 different tactical formations that will make opposition teams have to play differently.
    Good signs from last night that I hope we can continue.

  10. I never thought Barton was the manager's choice of signing. I always imagined King was behind this to boost SB sales and it worked then but now has backfired. No manager needs a Barton in the squad. His past record should put off most clubs and his level of performance in our diddy league has been abysmal.

  11. Player's contracts are usually water-tight, we will keep Barton as we can't afford to line his pockets to get him out.

    Much more to come from Barton in the forthcoming weeks trust me, this is only the start.

  12. How can we judge him when in the end no fans know what was really done and said? All we have heard is loose tabloid talk.

  13. If we had a football manager rather than a talking version of the coaching manual this would have been sorted without the publicity, as per Walter or Souness or Big Eck. The club spokesman put this in the public domain which means Barton has100% right to comment in public irrespective of what the club says- they are not above employment law! Would you allow your employer to rubbish you in public and say nothing? No chance!If they want him to go they will have to pay up his contract in full.
    Given that none of us knows the details but too many rush to condemn, think again guys. I can think of at least half a dozen bust ups in the last ten years, it's not unusual. As for those saying you must back the manager,were you saying that when Le Guen wanted to bin Barry Fergusson? No! This all falls nicely as a distractor from the managers own shortcomings and in truth he still has a lot to prove. If we lose at Pittodrie then big questions should be asked about him.

  14. Why did it take the suspension for him to be left out of the team? Many fans expressed the opinion that his style was hampering an already limited team yet Warbs continued to pick him? Lo and behold as soon as he is gone the team improves…now that begs a question about the managers judgement???

  15. To the brave "Anonymous" at 09:19, I am no tim, but I back barton to stay, look through my previous posts, he simply Must stay, he will come back bigger, better, fitter and stronger. I personally canny wait to see him vs scott broon in the next old firm game. He will have learnt a very valuable lesson, scott brown rang rounds around him that day, and he will want to extract revenge lets just say.
    Overall his attitude stinks and I wish he hadnt disrespected MW the way he has, but he is just too good to forget about.
    We nned him to be perfectly blunt. forget the press they love celtic.
    Get on with our own business and start getting points on the board. WATP

  16. such skirmishes happen everywhere on all training grounds, it just shows warbo is not up for the job. it should be dealt with internally, but one little dust-up happens and there is a big deal being made about it. we need strong guys like barton, barry ferguson thinks the same.

  17. Perhaps we should be looking at the tactically astute Alloa manager to take us forward….after all it took two late goals to see them off last night whereas we shipped 5 under a manager who progressively talks more and more rubbish every time he is inteviewed.
    Defeat on Sunday and the league is gone, 12 points dropped from a possible 21………..at the current rate we will be 30 points plus behind come the season end and that's without the additional points deduction when King and his failed board run out of money……..I couldn't understand why King had a £25,000 bonus inserted in the first team player contracts for avoiding relegation, now I get it
    Some hefty share movements over the last few weeks………King, Ashley,Kennedy, Super…….somethings amiss but thanks to King's transparency promises the fans will be the last to know what's going on.

    Stories are circulating of Murray being sent out with a collection can with no success, King is toxic and no one will invest whilst he is pulling the strings from the sidelines…..after failing the SFA F&P test, which the SFA and Level 5 deemed not newsworthy.

  18. Barton will put a few words out to the media testifying his loyalty and undying love for Rangers, a few shield rattling comments. This will act in 2 ways, either it adds to his defence case for dismissal if we choose that route or it endears him to the manager and fans and proves he is a real rangers man, a couple of decent performances when he is back and he'll be back in the fold.

    He knows how to play the PR game. We dismiss him it will cost a fortune and he plays a good victim, so will most certainly win and if King wants his day in court as he seems to it will cost in 2 sets of legal fees also. If we take him back we still have a footballing handgrenade on the books and he will re-offend I think we all know that, it is just a matter of time.

  19. On the games Barton has played, he has looked relatively ordinary. We should have spent the money on a younger, strong and more athletic player. I can see the rationale of Warbs wanting to bring Barton into our team, for experience purposes and possibly motivational reason for the team,, but he has used our club to publicise his own book and standing in the media,, the club has done the right thing by suspending him and giving him a verbal and written warning. Like all employees, the must abide by the rules and regulations of the employer as per contract. When Barton fails to abide those rules, Rangers will have the right to terminate the contract without any comeback. Barton has proved to be one failure signing and I'm sure Warbs regrets it. So lets move on, get behind the team, be positive and dont expect to win the league this season. I've always maintained, it will be in January transfer window, that Warbs will definitely know what kind of player he needs for the team to win the league, but by then, the league will be over im afraid. We'll get there, but not this season.

  20. I believe we need a new manager who can bring in good defenders. Only Wilson does reasonably well. I would like to see the Norwich manager brought in.

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