Mark Warburton v Joey Barton – only one winner

Mark Warburton v Joey Barton – only one winner

Regular readers of Ibrox Noise will know we have not been hugely complimentary to Mark Warburton recently.

We make no apology for criticising and saying what needs said, and saying what others are too scared to – there has been a taboo in criticising anything Warbs as if it is some kind of honour to have him at Ibrox and we should kowtow and kneel in worship at his (or anyone else’s) feet.

The fact is the honour is his, and he knows it, as it is the honour of anyone who represents our famous club and is their responsibility to carry themselves with dignity, class and humility.

And right now that most definitely excludes Joey Barton.

When it comes to player versus manager there is only one winner, and only should be one winner, and that is the manager. Thinking back to the past while few disagreed at the time with the decision, it was wrong of SDM to politely fire PLG over the Barry Ferguson saga and take Rangers’ captain’s side. Ultimately it was probably the right outcome and paved the way for the return of Uncle Walter, but morally speaking the manager is the boss, and should always be supported by his board or chairman.

Which is why, in this case, there can only be one winner – while Barry produced on the pitch (strengthening his case), Barton has not, which gives him essentially no case at all.

From our understanding, there was some kind of strong disagreement on the Murray Park pitch – reports have varied between it being with Halliday, or Weir, but what is definitely clear is the Supreme Ruler Mark Warburton told Barton to calm down and Barton failed miserably to heed, instead turning on his manager before being ordered away until Monday.

Since then he has offered a strange apology in which he decided to criticise Warburton again, before deleting a tweet in which he once again affirmed he believed he was in the right.

It does not matter if Barton did indeed say what needed said at Murray Park, and indeed, the odd heated exchange following a dreadful result does show the players care. But then taking it out on the manager, before refusing to apologise to him twice and being sent home to stew is unacceptable.

We have been harsh on Warburton around here recently, as we just want the best for Rangers and want the Hat to get it right, but in no way is he at fault for any of this and in no way does he deserve to be disrespected two or three times by the player he effectively put his reputation on the line to sign.

And to add insult to injury Barton goes on TalkSport when he should really be keeping an extremely low profile.

If the ex-Newcastle mid was producing on the pitch, these indiscretions would be borderline forgivable, with a more convincing apology afforded first. But he is not – far from it, and as such one really has to wonder if Joey Barton has a career left at Ibrox now.

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    • But it's not a paper story. Barton made sure of that. The truth is he went onto UK national radio and criticized how the club "handled" his incident with Halliday.

      He also said he told Warburton "IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, where I THINK we're at." That, together with Warburton banning Barton from the training ground, tells me that Barton thinks the manager isn't up to the task of managing the team.

      BARTON OUT. By trying to endear himself to the fans on the radio, he's trying to drive a wedge between the management team and the fans.

    • Fair enough but its now a circus with two ringmasters. MW must use his whip or it will be his arse that is tanned.

  1. I honestly view this as a positive. One of two things should happen with Barton now. Either his contract will be ripped up and we've gotten rid of a 'bad apple', or more likely, he'll be forced to knuckle down and prove his worth. It will also be good for Rossiter to get a chance to shine on his own on Saturday.

  2. Barton has been saying and doing what he wants since he stepped foot in Ibrox ,and if you believe Warburton can shut him up , you are so wrong as he proved with his tweets

  3. Get rid of him!! Maybe he's the thorn in the side that's upsetting the moral of the dressing room ther for the togetherness is not as strong n that telling on the park or could b as reported this is not first time this has happened n maybe it was swept under the carpet n other players have noticed n maybe down tools or lost a bit of respect for the manager n that's y form has slipped. Just reading between the lines.

  4. Only one winner is right. Barton. How many times have you heard of a footballer in some dispute lose a case of compensation? hen's teeth!

    This will be Barton's last major contract reputed to be worth £3m. he will not be fussed sitting that out or taking a pay off cos he know he will have an easy life into his retirement or get the majority of his contract paid up.

    He is in a no lose situation and knowing how King like some court action it will probably cost a lot more than just his contract costs.

    A good manager will negotiate with him, encourage him to give it his best shot, motivate him to be the player we want at Ibrox. Otherwise he will be a costly mistake.

  5. Joey Barton, educated at the Jan Bartram Academy for Opining.
    Hopefully history will again repeat itself. Bartram (who?) went on to have an outstanding career with KFC Uerdingen 05 (not sure if he was flipping burgers or playing football there).

  6. You can't just rip up a contract, much as King would like to in order to alleviate the financial position.

    In any walk of life there is a disciplinary procedure and legal hurdles to jump before you get anywhere near sacking someone.

    Has Barton been verbally warned previously, was this followed by a written warming as to his behaviour?

    Companies employ HR professionals and lawyers to keep them on the right side of the law. If the spat is purely verbal and involves other parties it will be very difficult to make an example of Barton without someone else being brought to account.

    The manager knew what he was getting when he signed him so it's all on him.

    I suspect that keeping Barton within the camp might be seen as preferable to getting rid of him.

    Without a confidentiality agreement in place Joey might have a few things to say that could be deeply embarrassing for the club.

    For example what if he had been told that blessing himself entering or leaving the field of play was a complete no no……..the headlines would be very, very lurid.

  7. I think its been blew out of proportion . We got done good by Celtic and a few boys were hurting a said a few words to each other. I think this will be positive going forward

  8. The Liverpool Lip better hope Rangers don't turn it on tomorrow without him because because I think there will be no way back if they do – truth be told he's been a big disappointment.

  9. So after listening to the Talksport interview with JB I wanted to just write and say that what he has to say isn't all that bad! He has an opinion and he said it. Weather what he has done will seen by MW as an attack on him I hope not. He seems to have a passion to win with us and I was expecting far worse on the interview than what I actually heard. Context is always good. This I hope will get sorted out and he starts to show some humility and humble himself an smashed for hi team mates, and all of us who love our team.


  10. Get him to fuck out the door . If he used violence first on another player that's a direct sacking offence . The fuckers wrecked the dressing room wae his big effin gob and the team will only be better off without him .

  11. At the moment we have two sides to the story, joey barton side, scottish media side, and a media who do
    everything in their gutterless press to slaughter us at every angle, minimum negative to hibs after the cup final and even less after last weeks disgraceful events from the other side of the city. Me a will wait to see how the manager reacts for future team selections,IF Barton has done as the media has indicated then then the manager should banish him. As for ibrox noise the majority of your articles border on bbc and media negativity against our club. Your happy when things are sweet but bitter after a couple of bad results. As said before if you thought after four years of turmoil we would have an easy ride. WAKE UP. Have been following the gers for over 50yrs and seen many and more bigger blips than this, give us a break and stop your boring negative reports!!!!!!!!! !

    • Negative reports ffs……the ST monies will run out before Xmas, what then?

      Please tell me how King and the board are going to raise the additional £8m minimum to see out the season?

      What's the position with Club 1872 monies, does anyone know, are people too frightened to ask the question…… those paying their monthly subs have any idea where there money is going……why not ask James Blair?
      Who are the signatories on the Club 1872 bank account?

      How much money is left in the bank account? This is the only source of money coming I to the club…..what happened to buying shares and fans ownership of the club?

      Another question for James Blair, a very conflicted man!

      Who is he taking instructions from……..,King/Murray?

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