How the Scottish media hit a new low with Rangers


Rangers and the media have an especially rocky relationship in the past four years. In truth the relationship between the Scottish media and football in these countries has never been especially harmonious, but these days there have been some really ugly tales in the papers, by outlets with no sense of fact, morality or plain decency.

However, today a national publication whose name I will not dignify by clarifying, published one of the most disgusting pieces of filth I believe I have ever seen in the Scottish media.

Most Bears (and misguided purchasers of this appalling rag) will know what story I speak of but for those who unaware;

As most in Scotland and many around the world know former Rangers midfielder and Honduran international Arnold Peralta was tragically murdered in his homeland. The reasons were never truly revealed, nor did they actually really matter – at the end of the day a family lost their father, son, brother, and husband and they deserved support from every decent-minded person.

The death sent shockwaves throughout the football world; there have been murders before, Andres Escobar’s name will live long in the memory, and Peralta’s name was sadly added to that awful list, fairly small though it thankfully is.

But nevertheless, this incident really got under people’s skin – an apparent gangland killing of a footballer.

Anyway, we know the story, and that was surely it, the player, laid to rest and the world, and his family trying to move on.

Cue this morning’s story. I am not going to provide an image as said paper does not deserve any attention, and I am trying to avoid giving it that which it craves, but to run a story which spits all over the slain midfielder’s memory, opens up wounds for his family, retreads the story all over again while adding a salacious, gutter-filled and depraved angle to it just to sell copies is a level of barrel scraping and disgusting ‘journalism’ I never thought even our country’s media would stoop to.

That paper has used a man’s murder to sell newspapers; they have violated Rangers’ name, and his, to glorify the story and any sense of decency has gone out the window.

The ‘story’ goes beyond vile; and is borderline criminal – to stamp all over a man’s memory and use his tragic fate for front page tabloid trash is something that I (misguidedly) did not believe even that ‘paper’ would resort to.

Any decent person will simply not buy that paper. I know people who do, and I try my hardest every time I see them to persuade them not to, Rangers fan or not.

The true cesspit of the media was laid bare today for the world to see, and not a single good person can condone that story.

Or the rag which shoved it out.


  1. Anyone that buys the Sun or the Record is condoning the stories and lies which they print.

    Unfortunately many of our support are the chief culprits…………how can anyone buy a paper that lied and introduced the support to Craig Whyte?

    However the other side of this is that Level 5 has complete control of the Daily Radar, therefore most bad news about us is buried.

    Has anyone called out the Magic Hat on his barefaced lies about Lescott ………no.

    Has anyone mentioned that Senderos has played a total of 30 games over the last 3 seasons and has not kicked a competitive ball for two months…….yet he's going to be the rock on which the Celtic front line will founder.

    It's a joke……………I'm going for Celtic -4 on the handicap, gutted but a few hundred quid to the good at the end of the day.

    Might take a chance and also cover -5!

  2. As a Celtic fan I read your blog with a fair degree of bias, sometimes agree, mostly not, that's life.

    You have given this contemptuous article and rag parading as a news outlet the treatment it deserves.

    Well said.

    RIP Arnold.

  3. A Rangers fan? who bets on his team to get beaten by the scum the article is about the way the media treat Rangers and particularly the story on Peralta I have supported Rangers for the best part of sixty years and no matter how bad they have been I would never ever bet against them and more so betting Celtic to beat them your heart is obviously more in the bookies and your pocket than with the Rangers sad man

  4. I never buy gutter press as they are beneath contempt and certainly my intelligence. They have no morals. And it's not just Rangers. They are just as likely to write lies about Celtic or indeed any person reading this if they thought it sold papers.

    • Nice one Alan, no one should ever be surprised at how low some in the media can sink for a so called story and it's not just about football.

  5. This sad sorrowful lot of septic rhats are being lauded by a tarrier infested mhedia, so it comes as no surprise that for this past wee while the mhedia in Scotland are going full on with stories in lots of pages mostly always about septic.
    For me, this septic side are even a wee bit worse that the one in which we played off the pitch in the semi-final of The Scottish Cup.
    That they now have toure in that already poor-lookin defence is amazing !
    Toure was well past it years ago and if we (The Rangers) play to our pass and move strengths and can finish off chances created, man we could actually on the day, pump this lot.
    I do know about tarriers all over the tarrier-run mhedia here in Scotland bumming-up (words, eh?) septic and as to how THEY could inflict a heavy damage on Rangers, who's kidding who here ?
    Rangers have far better players, who albeit haven't quite been at it as of yet, but just you wait till we meet and hammer this septic lot, the tarrier mhedia will have no where to go….. hahahaha.(Alan63)

    • Tend to disagree here ray. Hamilton and killie stuck 11 men behind the ball. We play better against teams that actually try and venture outside there 18 yard box. I think rangers will win but not a pumping. Am gon 3-2 gers. Forester tae score first

  6. What else to expect? Even some so called fans are nationalists. Slating Rangers and anything to do with rangers is now a national sport as we are or sadly were the biggest unionist institution left. Once we are gone they have won. Don't moan about it do something about it

    • well said , I was reading hot line in the record this morning and the comments from tim's about the damage Rangers fans have done in Europe they seem to forget that their teams fans have caused more damage in Europe than the Germans during the 2nd world war .

    • I'm a fan of many decades standing and a nationalist so what's wrong with that ? Why should I support an Anglified institution like the British government, the monarchy etc., as I do believe I have a choice.
      I have lived and worked overseas for many a long year and when you hear the English talk the words UK, Britain and England are treated as synonymous and interchangeable which they are not and unlike them I don't have an English passport or driving licence.
      It's out of order to describe nationalists as so called fans. Sorry to bring politics into a sporting forum but had to respond to an insult.

    • Well said Ibrox Exile. It really is strange to hear Scottish people diss any feelings of nationalism that Scots might feel for their own country, while the same dissers trumpet the nationalism of the British nation-state. It is those who wave the British flag that are the REAL traitors in Scotland. You, like me, live abroad…and I'm sure you realise that Scots are simply regarded as "English" by everyone around the world. The idea that we are regarded as "Scottish AND British" is a joke. We are English, but I look forward to the day when we get our Scottish passports.

    • So the poor education of kids is England's fault? Like every other problem in Scotland eh? Your anti Englishness is as misplaced as it is puzzling. Like yourselves I moved years ago and a nicer people you couldn't meet. Be very careful what u wish for. Quite staggering how even the Rangers support have been turned by this vile organisation

    • The Scottish flag is our flag. The British flag is a union of nations, much like the EU flag is a union of nations. Imbecile.

    • If you look more closely at your passport, you'll see this is the first thing that's written on it – European Union.
      Being from the European Union doesn't make you any less Scottish, does it? Or do you go around your town/village telling everyone you're a "proud, loyalist European"?

    • In the 17rh century a United Kingdom of our tiny island was created. Whether you like it or not it still exists. I'm guessing that as you don't like it you are making plans to go somewhere else that will let you air your views on hating your new country pal?

  7. Celtic fans are deluded it's supposed to be about football so why turn up at games With PLO banners first they support IRA now PLO who's next ISIS after all they want a free state or the next terror organisation that comes along

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