Fan vote; who will win? Rangers or Celtic?


As anyone who is not under a rock knows, and a few who are, Rangers travel to Parkhead for the first time since 2012 seeking to pick up a massive three points that would instill confidence and momentum and the crucial belief this Ibrox side can do something in the SPL following a shaky start to life back in the country’s top tier.

But just how many fans believe it? How many supporters believe Rangers can take a giant leap on the journey back towards being the rightful champions of Scotland by dispatching Celtic on their own turf?

This one is open to you, Ibroxnoise readers, and I am quite sure a few green and whites will vote on it too, but let us see it;

Who believes Rangers will secure the win away from Ibrox in Glasgow’s East End this Saturday, and who thinks the home side will take the victory?

There is of course the possibility of a draw, so that is there too.

Readers, make your choice.

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  1. Often said, but I believe it. Who wants it most will win. First goal will be a big deal. C'mon the Gers, we can do it and kick on big time.

  2. Would like to see us go 4-4-2 against them,o'hallaron and windass out wide with Barton and rossiter both sitting,Miller and garner up front,get tav and Wallace bombing forward with 2 holding midfielders as cover,our defence ain't great but Celtics ain't much better.

    • Are u having a laugh? Ut's Willie Collum so Rangers will get a penalty while he has his back turned 180 degrees to the play. Even with that Celtic are gonna destroy your 2 bob team.

  3. after bartons reaction to his horror tackle.. i believe he is not the absolute nutcase we thought he was. so i believe this thrown together duct,ed taped team that you have here will actually give us a game. we welcome the chase.

  4. Only one team for me the Famous Glasgow Rangers – we have the edge from the last meeting ands strengthened considerably

  5. Presumably the real purpose of this survey is to find out how many of your loyal readership are Rangers obsessed Celtic fans. And looking at the results, wow! Just, wow…

  6. We have to win, if not Celtic have beaten the best 3 teams in the league not to mention going to Perth and they look like they are getting better.

  7. The combination of Griffiths, Sinclair, Rogic & Roberts or Forrest will run amok. Dembele at around the hour mark to rub it in.

  8. looking at this vote, there's more green and white shite on this site than gers fans.Here's to rubbing their noses in it. WATP

  9. Rangers will win no problem
    Last season we beat them by out passing them and playing with a "2 Bob team" as the celtic fan so eloquently put it (feel free to Google the meaning of eloquently timmy)
    We will finally be able to play our game against this lot, just like we did in the semi, we proved we can do it and let's be honest here, who even mentioned sinclairs name in the premiership?? He's found his level that's all, it's the same team we beat in the semi,bar dembele who won't start , toure who will be out run at every turn, and more pressure on them at parkhead to perform
    I for one can't wait, money on 2-0 rangers
    Even if you doubt guys and even if I'm wrong, were back where we belong and whever it's this year or the next the title will be back home soon enough guys
    The futures bright, the futures blue, down at parkhead they know it too….moan the gers

  10. Going on form everyone knows what the outcome should be but it's an old firm form goes out the window majority would have said same in Scottish cup semi, if a gers team turn up like they did that day and bearing in mind we have a lot of new players looking to shine in ther first We could b in for a high tempo high scoring game bt here's hoping the defence have a blinder n th famous Glasgow Rangers come away winners WATP. Get stuck ryt into those manky bees!!!!!!!!

  11. Bougy is seemingly considering a move to killie on a free n u kno they'll b paying peanuts so y don't we go in for him cheap gd central defender who knows what the gers are all about would b another gd option cud get done before sat senderos n bougy in CD a wud b happy with that cos out of Wilson kiernan n clint hill it's flip of the coin who plays on a sat bt u wud have senderos n bougy at the bck starting every sat. Gd option in my opinion.

  12. see durrant has taken the bitter pill after being relieved of his duties at rangers.
    His comments in the paper today "no one will stop Celtic doing 10 in a row", ex rangers man talking like that no wonder we binned him, money grabbing leach just like his mate mr mccoist who's legendary status was severely damaged with milking the club even when the old board went durrant your just a mumbling fool who talkings like he has peter lawells nuts in his mouth jog on ya fud

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