Dreadful Rangers dismally destroyed


We cannot say the signs were not there. Rangers had not truly kicked a ball in anger since mid April, that being the Old Firm semi, and indeed the form had gone from underwhelming to downright poor.

Fleeting glimpses of decency against mediocre opposition gave supporters a superiority complex, making us feel we were better than we were, just because we were comfortable against East Stirling or destroyed Linfield.

But the truth is Mark Warburton’s Rangers have gone completely off the rails with the plunge now totalling three plus months of frankly disappointing at best football with extremely patchy results.

For every half decent win away to Motherwell there has been a huge struggle to Hamilton. For a hard fought win in Dundee there was a crushing drop of points at Killie.

The signs have been there. Fans knew it. Social media has been filled with defiance yet concession that this Rangers team was not doing the business; and today’s tragedy at Parkhead summed up the utter plummet for all that it is. An embarrassment.

Mark Warburton is looking seriously out of his depth; he is making the same kind of mistakes as Paul Le Guen did all those years ago, by stubbornly sticking to a flowing game without variation; it did not work for the former Lyon boss with better players at Ibrox, so why would it work for Warburton with the downgrade by comparison?

It functioned at a lower level, to an extent, of course; Rangers were comfortable winners of the Championship last season even if the defence did not look overly assured and the midfield lacked balance.

But these issues were set to be addressed this summer. And while on paper the players acquired (Barton, Kranjcar to name but two) looked to have upgraded the team considerably, the harsh truth is Rangers are barely any better than last season, and that lack of improvement is being brutally exposed. It had simmered under the surface, with those unconvincing wins in the league this season flanked by poor draws, but it was not until today’s hyped-up trip to Celtic Park that finally this team and manager’s failings were truly laid bare.

The signs were already worrying with the team selection; some might call it bold, but foolhardy was a better adjective, to select an unfit Kranjcar and drop the season’s best player in Harry Forrester, while sticking with the painfully out of form Barrie McKay and chucking Garner out on the wing.

And while Joey Barton’s selection was a guarantee, his increasingly poor season shows no sign of improving any time soon, and he was left completely wanting in Glasgow’s East End.

Meanwhile his Croatian team mate was doing his level best to get sent off, possibly on purpose as his evident instruction had been to press – well, Kranjcar does not have a defensive bone in his body and putting him in to press off the ball was quite simply wrong. Eventually realising his error Warburton put in Halliday, who did bring some stability to the midfield, but the gap between the two sides had already been entirely highlighted late on as the home side strolled to an easily deserved 5-1 win.

At one point in this match the possession stat read 91% to 9% for the past five minutes; no Rangers team should ever suffer that, and it highlights how much thinking Rangers’ boss has to do.

From early on in this match a 4-3-3 formation was pinned back into 4-5-1 as it defended constantly, with only Garner up front as Miller filled in as an auxiliary RB; this Rangers team simply is not built to contain, nor is it built to counter, although Windass, one of Rangers’ few successes, sure tried.

Ergo it could not handle Celtic – defending when it did not know how to, struggling to even counter without having the tactic to do so properly, it limited Rangers’ attacking threat to all of effectively zero. Dorus DeVries only had one significant attack the whole match to deal with, and it was a goal for Garner.

As such Celtic contained the whole match in Rangers’ half, and picked Warbs’ side apart with ease.

This was not unlike how Warburton’s XI would usually take on weaker Championship sides, and that is what it felt like; a weak Championship level team struggling to contain the country’s champions.

And while many fans do rightly point to the fact that it is easy to blow out of proportion a loss at Celtic when better teams have also lost there, the manner of this execution pointed to deeper concerns.

Rangers have a dreadfully soft centre, and a lack of ideas – the form which has exposed these flaws continues on, and only Mark Warburton knows how he is going to remedy this.

The worry is, does he have the will or adaptability to do so?


  1. Well that did not suprise me,am a huge rangers fan but we have no class ,defence is terrible and midfield is rotten ,Barton and kranjcar, I would never have signed those has beens, Clint Hill kearnon should never have been signed either ,we ain't competing in this league against celtic,we will struggle against Aberdeen and hearts ,our season is going to be stop start ,we need investment big time and tbh I don't think warburton is the right man

    • Why is this site always so negative? We were royally thrashed, but is it a surprise? We are newly promoted and playing a vastly improved champions of Scotland. Perhaps now, all talk of 55 this season will leave us! We are still a decent side, we will improve as the season wears on and also as a few more players arrive in the coming season.
      Yes I'm devastated, embarrassed, annoyed and feel like drinking to forget the game, but I'm also a realist, we were almost extinct four years ago!!!!
      We as fans need to have belief in our manager, we also need to show some humility. We are miles away from Celtic just now, but today may be pivotal and a blessing in disguise. Warburton is not the poor manager you think he is, in fact last season this site was singing his praises.
      To sum up, we are newly promoted and lost one game I the league this season! Four year ago, I would have bitten your hand off for that.


    • Iain what are you on about! I for one have never sang Warbs praise. Warbs isn't a poor manager? Why because he won the championship and managed to make that look hard at times by losing goals and games because of his tactical naivety? The guy is not a manager! 1 tactic! 3 transfer Windows and 20 odd players and still has built the worst defence in the clubs history! Where you one of the ones screaming for Mcoists notice for signing over the hill duds on big wages, not giving youth a chance,being tactically naive,struggling to score, being too easy to play against, not being experienced enough?!? Because that is Exactly what Mark Warburton has brought!! So don't embarrass yourself by calling fans big game glory hunters simply because you can't see what's right in front of you! Be a fan of Rangers not Mark Warburton…WATP

  2. Utterly gutless & totally embarrassing performance. We posed absolutely no threat whatsoever. This is what we will have to get used to because with no money to spend what we have is as good as its going to get.

  3. The harsh reality that rangers learned today is that Celtic are superior to Rangers. This is no surprise especially considering the standard Celtic have been playing at for the last 4 years compared to Rangers. The disappointing thing about today was the lack off effort and how tactically rangers got it wrong. We are defensively weak, so why play Krancjar, Barton and Windass in midfield. As you have said Krancjar can't defend. He is a good impact player and his best use to the squad is to bring him on in the later stages of the game. Barton has not been at the races, I am all for his pre match stick he gives everyone but if you are not going to back it up in a game then stop!
    That being said Barton was not given the midfield support he needs to play to his potential. I hope Matt Crooks is the answer who can play that solid midfield role with Barton but only time well tell.
    Mckay is another player who has not been with it. Harry Forrester has been exceptional and should ahve started.
    The team has promise, but warbs needs to play his team properly. He is our manager and i hope he learns from this game. We are 2 years away from being able to compete with Celtic. We as fans need to understand that and give the squad time.
    And for senderous….

    • In King We Trust. ……now that the bubble has burst on the park, stand by for the financial bad news to hit thanks to King and his board not having a clue as to how to run a football club….oops company, silly me.

  4. forced to agree with every point you make. I think that our manager has been untested in his career so far and it showed today. The big ticket signing were brutal, Joey "the invisible" was dire, it really pains me to admit this but Scott Brown never broke sweat again Barton, he is a complete waste of wages.
    I thought that Kranjcar at least looked interested although he was way out of his comfort zone. Senderos is just pish poor.

  5. if you never saw this coming then you better take off the blue tinted glases,,since starting in bottom tier you have had 1 result in 4/5 years,,semi against celtic,,top 6 should be realistic target,,

  6. It was a bad result, but you are going over the top here. MW's future well not be put in doubt by this game. He got it wrong but he will learn.
    He did not fix the centre of defence as an absolut priority in the summer transfer window. That was his big big mistake.
    He has been selecting the wrong players to start games. That is what happened here too. Its fine playing ONE slow player, if they have players buzzing around him for him to play in. Kranjcar, Barton and Miller are slow. So are the centre backs. To top it off he replaced Kranjcar with another slow playe, Andy Halliday, who hasn't a clue on how to open up a defence.
    Selection can solve the midfield and attack problems. The centre back positions will be very difficult to fix, now that the transfer window has closed.

    Here was the team that I selected on your site before the game.


    tavernier, Senderos, Wilson, Wallace:

    Windass Rossiter, Kranjcar:

    Forrester, Garner, McKay.

    (O'Halloran could have been the best sub if either Forrester or McKay were not playing well)

    That team would have given Celtic some real problems. If the centre backs avoided giving Celtic free hits. Like the first two goals.

    • Well that team will still leak goals for sure how about defending first then attacking??





      Fuk this 4-3-3 shit??

      I'm not going to have a go at our manager but he got it all wrong today big time,but he will know that himself,He is the Rangers manager and must improve or Derek Mcinnes will replace him (Enough Said)
      The thing that worries me is the unwashed aint that good and we still left with a spanking, they will get a lathering on Tuesday nite watch.
      All rangers fans need a reality check thinking we were just going to walk back in to the top flight and take it by storm, top 4 this year will be great then build again for the following season.

    • Well that team will still leak goals for sure how about defending first then attacking??





      Fuk this 4-3-3 shit??

      I'm not going to have a go at our manager but he got it all wrong today big time,but he will know that himself,He is the Rangers manager and must improve or Derek Mcinnes will replace him (Enough Said)
      The thing that worries me is the unwashed aint that good and we still left with a spanking, they will get a lathering on Tuesday nite watch.
      All rangers fans need a reality check thinking we were just going to walk back in to the top flight and take it by storm, top 4 this year will be great then build again for the following season.

  7. seems to me we have a first division manager with a team of journeymen mixed with kids learning their trade ,a recipe for disater against a good team no more than that who we made look like barca!!!

  8. Shocking!!! Players picked on name not merit Barton kranjcar n McKay shud Neva have started not kicked a ball thus far this season! Warbs didn't believe we wer on to a hammering wake up m smell the coffee cos all the tims did n 90% of gers fans did apart from the ones way the blue tinted ones on no improvement wat so ever,keep making same mistakes I.e. Kiernan dreadful defender bt he's one of the favourites of course . In my opinion last seasons team looked better. Defence was the obvious fing to everyone that needed strengthened but again warbs Cudnt see it. Yur tactic are nieve n predictable 5 games in n an average of 1.5 points a game is not on for a gers team get it sorted warbs or ull b ryt out the door. Get a plan b sorted asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fucks me, who couldn't see that coming. We got relegated to the bottom of the bottom league and we have managed to claw our way back to the top tier. Warren Buffet didn't step in to help us out. There are not too many genuine bears, with money to buy a team so we can walk over every team in the premiership. We are simply not good enough and it showed today. That is the team we have and we have to accept that. Terrible result, but we have done that to them in the past and hopefully we will do it to them again. We have to take this on the chin,move on and hope things get better. We are still second in the league, not bottom. WATP

  10. I have time and time again Warburton had the opportunity in the summer to put together a defence worthy of the name He failed to do so.His tactics are pedestrian at best.i counted only two crosses into the box one-off which we scored from whilst the rest of his play is about possession but never in the last third of the park.Apart from fans frustration I imagine King is thinking of next season ticket sales and I predict if we are not second and challenging by Xmas he will be gone. I hope he gets it right but on current evidence it's not looking good fo all of us

    • Who signed Barton I don't think it was Warburton. What funds was he given to sign central defenders – none I believe. The manager can only do his best with what he's given and in this instance he has not been given much. There has been much hype about Rangers strength in depth. The truth is they are threadbare and it is going to be a very long season. If Warburton is gone by Christmas who do you think will replace him Mourinho? Guardiola? The real world beckons…..

    • The investment in players was needed as soon as we knew we had won the Championship. But MW went incommunicado after the Cup Final and DK either doesn't have access to funds or isn't going to invest. January will be too late but the only business we can do before then is free agents ie people no one else wants. This doesn't look good.In fact this looks awful. Barton, Hill, Senderos and Kranjcar don't fit the MW template. Who signed them?

    • You don't think Warburton signed Barton? You are totally clutching at straws now! and what funds did he have for Central defenders, how about the 1.7 million he spend on a striker? should he not have used that first to fix the problem he's had since he became manager…maybe it's really isn't his fault and having 3 transfer windows and signing over 20 players and STILl having one of the worst defences if not Thee worst defence isn't enough time for the magic hat? shall we let him sign another 20 odd players and have another 3 transfer windows then? OR should we get real and realise he isn't the Rangers manager we deserve???? Answers on a postcard.

  11. Defence has been poor for long time now! We need to accept that we dont have the money to compete with celtic right now. We need to just keep playing our best 11 and hope for a top 3 finish and europe to boost finances. Today was poor but keep the faith. No surrender!!!

  12. It was as expected. Celtic have been playing in a better league than Rangers for the past 4 years and are a settled team. Rangers are at least 2 or 3 years from being able to compete for a top 3 finish and the sooner we Rangers fans accept that the better. We need to get the defence playing together and if that means booting the ball out of the park every time then so be it. Barton talks a good game but when it came down to it today he was found out.

  13. when is going to go back to the drawing board when i seen that both kranjcar barton both so slow and windass was found wanting we were seriously found wanting in the midfield forrestter waghorn definately
    should have started and they deserve all the critism coming there way

    • Agree with most of that but Windass??really?? Thought he was our only positive yesterday, Never seen any other cunt run 40 yards with the ball!!!!

  14. I have been saying for months now, Warburton and Weir don't have a clue when it comes to defending.when we had lost two CBs what does Warburton do, brings on a forward. We need a solid base to give scope for forwards to do their job. Be prepared for more humiliating defeats if Warburton and Weir don't get there act together quickly. I think they will both be gone by Christmas, anyone else agree?

    • Totally agree! The desperate hype surrounding Warn and Weir since day dot has been ridiculous!Ally couldn't build a defence, Warbs can't build a defence. Ally played 1 dimensional football that was easy to play against, Warbs plays 1 dimensional football that is too easy to play against. Ally didn't give youth a chance,Warbs doesn't give youth a chance. Ally signed past it duds on big wages, Warbs signs past it players on big wages…he's now had 3 transfer Windows and built one of the worst defences in Gers history! He lost too many goals to crap opposition last year with his naivety. He signed Ohalloran who is one of the countries most players and already tore most team apart whilst at St Johnstone yet Warbs leaves him benched to let Tag play fullback AND winger! He might be a decent coach but not a 12'000 a week manager! Never been a big fan of his and never will be and he certainly isn't doing anything to change my mind! Too many fans in dreamland and thinking he is a messiah and won't here anything said….Remember Celtic fans doing same with Delia till he was sacked. I'd have Warbs and Weir(who isn't a Gers legend either by the way) out in a shot..WATP

    • Yes I agree we only look good against shite ,u build a team from the back 1 of the worst rangers teams I have seen ,celtic will get 15 in a row because we have no investment

  15. Windass and garner played well enough apart from that it was dreadful,its time to drop the gutless mackay he's abysmal,give o'hallaron a run in the team and change to a 4-4-2,if Warburton doesnt change he'll be sacked

  16. Windass and garner played well enough apart from that we were abysmal,its time to drop the gutless rotten mackay,give o'hallaron a run in the team and change to a 4-4-2,Warburton better change the tactics soon or he will be sacked

  17. When a fuckin wank like Broon says it was men against boys then you're bang in trouble. We've known since early in the championship season Keirnan is no defender yet W can't see by him.Sick of Wallace escaping any pelters on here as well,he's fuckin rotten and shit himself today hiding again.I've lived through enough beatings from that mob in my many years but never one as gutless as that.I'm disgusted.

  18. For the deluded amongst our fan base…..sit down and replay the match.

    We were second best all over the park and their manager is tactically miles ahead of Warbs.

    Stand by for lots of bad financial news over the next few weeks.

  19. No defence, two veterans in midfield and one up front against a mobile, pacy, aggressive and talented Sellic team what did we really expect? If the gaffer can't honestly see how bad we were today based on his team selection and tactics then he is definitely in the wrong job!! Pure riddie!!!

  20. I've disagreed alot with Ibrox Noise's articles, but agree 100% with this. We were a disgrace, especially defensively, and that buffoon Senderos looked like he'd struggle to get into a Cowdenbeath team. We have all been saying it for weeks – do not sign Senderos, he's a waste of money (salary) and he will not improve the defence. If anything, it was even worse than usual. What does Hodson have to do to get a game? He's a right back, but I'd sooner have him at CB than Senderos, even if he is small. Also the boy Bates…is he just on a season-long tour of Ibrox or what? How shit does the defence have to be before young guys get given a chance???????????!!!!!!! Shameful. Seriously pissed off.

  21. Warburton did the right thing taking on forrester. We got pumped today. If we didnt go down to 10 men it would not have been 5-1. It osnt the managers fault but the players. No desire. Celtic aint miles ahead they just wanted it more. The old firm is a cup final its just who wants to win it more. Any gers fan slating the manager, players or board need to get a grip, we almost didnt have a club. Id rather we wound the tims up saying "you only managed to beat a 10 man newly promoted team 5-1" and cause a timplosion

    • You are 100% kidding yourself on! This garbage about almost early didn't have a club is an embarrassment. So should we just accept the dross then aye?? It's not Warburtons fault for building the worst defence in our history or playing 1 dimensional football or signing hasbeens? You said get a grip slaying players but you already said It's their fault…doh! And you rather we ignore the result and wind the Tim's up for only winning 5-1…are you an idiot? Do you think they care, they are about to go 7 points in front and it's not even October. Give your head a wobble son and grow up..

  22. Never watched the game due to taking my son swimming, i knew we would've been soundly beaten. Money was needed in the summer, and investment is needed right now. Such potential with a club like ours, warbs hopefully has some answers but I honestly don't believe he has. The team just is not good enough, defence , centre is just mince, plain and simple!

  23. Never watched the game due to taking my son swimming, i knew we would've been soundly beaten. Money was needed in the summer, and investment is needed right now. Such potential with a club like ours, warbs hopefully has some answers but I honestly don't believe he has. The team just is not good enough, defence , centre is just mince, plain and simple!

  24. Like all Rangers fans, I was delighted to get Warburtin, we played a brand of football that we have not seen in a long time at Ibrox. Last season, the only top side to humiliate us, was St Johnstone. We were excellent against every other Premiership side. War button needs more time, I believe he is an excellent manager and we would be foolish to get rid of him. As for his transfers, I remember everyone shouting the odds about Forrester coming in, he soon proved us all wrong. Let's just keep our heads and support the manager as well as the team.


  25. Cant point the finger at Warbs or the team. Did our best and found out our level. Where the hell is the money promised by DK for the team??

  26. Rossiter is the best ball winner at the club. He should never miss a game.I was shocked Kranjcar was on from the start. The buck does stop at the manager's door. It's gonna be a looong season. Barton, Kranjcar, Hill, Sanderos and Miller won't be there next year. Drop them all and give the young guns a run of 10 games.

  27. Wallace and Krankjar are rank rotten. Compared to Tierny and Rogic they can just forget it. That's on top of a non existent central defence. What a deep hole we're in.

  28. And to top things off, instead of calling Parkhead "a world-class piggery", our manager calls it "an outstanding footballing arena". Seriously, what.the.fuck.

  29. I think big Davie Weir needs to come under closer scrutiny. Not as a man or as a former player, but as a coach. He showed at Sheff Utd that he didn't have the charisma to transmit his knowledge/experience to his players. Is that what's happening now? Clearly, the defence is not playing ANYTHING like Weir played…no order, no structure, cocking up simple tasks, guys forgetting who they're marking. Not acceptable, boys. He's one of the most experienced defenders ever to have played the game on these islands, but if he's not able to impart that knowledge to his team's defenders, he's not up to the job. Period.

  30. We were woeful ,Waghorn going on the right wing, he can only kick with his left,I truly think 5 was a let off, we were their for a bigger bollicking,the monies from shirts etc not coming in hurts we cannot compete financially right now,Barring a miracle the season is over league wise such a gulf. And by the way I am proud to be a proddy not associated with scum destroying toilets, lets not lower ourselves here

    • thats not a bad thing playing a left footer on the right if hes coming inside and scoring, what foot does our left winger score with??

  31. Its not the time to over react. We need to stick together and support or team. Its only 4 games in but yes it was humiliating, we got humped. However, there were periods when we did play well but then we gave away a stupid goal. Then our CH tried to play a pass and that lead to another soft goal. We got the best goal of the day and at HT it looks like maybe we could do something. However, at 3-1 MW made the mistake of thinking this was about football. He gambled and should have stuck. He should have put on a defender and taken and parked a bus but he though the game was still with our reach so decided to be open and try and attack. I think had the result been 3-1 we would all be looking at this differently and more objectively. We have a good squad for this level, in my opinion. I think Joey and Kranjcar need to be dropped and the younger guys given the chance they deserve. MW has to learn this game is not about football and because he gambled we got humped 5 -1. Taking the two afore mentioned players aside I do think some of our players are coming up considerably short. McKay…I'm now thinking this kid is not going to make it. He needs to be told to get on his toes and run at people and stop cutting inside, get confused about what then to do and then giving the ball away. Not sure Wallace is good enough, I greatly appreciate he has stayed through the 4 years but he has been missing this season back in the top division.

    I think O'Halloran looks strong and fast and he should be given his chance in place of Barry. He likes to run at teams. Windass was good today and he likes to run at people and I would like to see get more of a chance and Miller ( can't believe some of the critics ) he gives the team everything we would all give out on that pitch. Week after week he puts in a performance.

    Not a huge fan of Wilson but he has to be better than Kiernan who today showed he can't defend and can't pass. This takes me to the much needed plan B. Its crazy that I find my self moaning they we try to play 'too much football' but we do. MW needs to learn its about scoring goals and not possession and allow the players to play to the situation that faces them. Kiernan should not be trying to make the pass he tried to make today. He is not capable but he could have hit it straight to the front line and that would have opened things up and created opportunities which we are greatly lacking with plan A.

    We need more than plan A because every team know how to play against that. MW will hopefully have learned this today…if not we will end up 3rd rather than 2nd….or even 1st at the send of the season.

    Lets support the team and keep the faith, remember where we have just come from…a living hell!

  32. first off keirnan not good enough too play both barton and krank at same time is total mistery no pace we sat far to deep hodson in arb tav move up one attack from there and must stop the schoolboy rotation crao up front take mackay oot bring in a player who digs fights screams for the ball not him def not good enough we need to go by players with halliday i still don't know where his natural pos is ??? and centre backs weve not had one since gough butcher no leader4 out there dreadful blah blah yes the games moved on crap were not doing basic gers standard get walsh back and put ohalleron on notice why did he come here show us you want a game not a seat as warburton you need plan b and c cos this wont work no chance having said all that we gave 4 of those goals away cos we were ballwatchin just shocking ….

  33. to all you other "Rangers supporters" I would like to say to you that you are that quick to get the knives out for the manager after a bad result ime thoroughly disgusted…last season you called him "the magic hat" whats changed?…so we lost a game!…give the man a chance…have you never made a mistake in your life?…stop attacking wee mackay…he did his very best,after all he was battered by one of their henchmen…keep the faith for fu–s sake and give our manager a little more time.

    • After a bad result?? you say that like we've had a good result since before the cup final…enlighten us all? Warburton hasn't made a mistake he's been making them since he came in!The problem is certain fans who screamed about the magic hat patter can't accept it! all we hear is how we play freeflowing attacking football? what and failing to score plenty of times against wee teams in the championship? for failing to play Hibs of the park in the cup final? for leaving O'halloran the one guy with pace in the team on the bench? for having lots of posessions but scoring 1 goal because al of our posession is in the halfway line? as a diehard Rangers fan I'm still waiting to see this fast flowing attacking football. I think that's kind of different from fast flowing attacking posession…

  34. Hate aw u so called rangers fans apart fi a few bad moments in defence we contained them pretty well there's rangers teams in the past with the likes of Gascoigne and Laudrup lost at Park head celtic never really looked that great either wait till we get them at ibrox and as for u traitors slating Warburton please do 1 and dinny support our team again we r still gelling and will get it rite any rangers fans who can't agree with that should bolt we have a good squad that plays good football and wen it clicks uz traitors will aw be praising the magic hat again well done warbs and unlucky u will get it right watp

    • Contained them well! In Narnia again is it? You cannot defend this performance it was dire and could have been worse… wake up !

    • What have I been saying since first game…over expecting and believing the hype. No money, no investment. Just hype. This is rangers this is reality and because you all accept it and believe. ..55? Dream on ..

  35. hey they are a CL team we are miles apart just look at what they did to us,it could have no it should have been more than five,mr king get the money out it is your turn to spend and not on more of the old men and useless crap,we went along with this big dream that we where going win everything top six if we are lucky.

  36. I just read that MW thinks we are as good as septic i will say it now get
    him out of here and all the old men he and DW brought in.
    We need the young players to take the lead we got rid of better younger players that would have given there all for the club to bring in a bunch of old duds we got destroyed i with a better team get MW and DW and all the old duds out of our club now sake them all,if that score was other way around BR would not let many if any of that team play again,mr king your turn to get the money out

  37. Oh dear, oh dear.

    Warbs wouldn't swap any of our players for their's……….what's he on?

    Well done to the poster last week who called Dembele ordinary….another season and a bit and he will go for £20m

    We are useless, Warburton is a a one trick pony. Rodgers is ta

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