Barton takes to Talksport

Barton takes to Talksport

With the Joey Barton ‘situation’ now fully digesting in the press as well as the support, it is safe to say few fans are exactly thrilled with the former Marseille anchor’s current conduct.

Regardless of whatever was said or was not said, even Barton’s apology itself confirmed he thinks he is bigger than Rangers, by claiming Mark Warburton was wrong to send him home, implying his own opinion matters more than his manager’s.

However, to compound matters, Barton this morning spoke on Talksport about the situation, further suggesting the player simply refuses to show any dignity or serious remorse over the issue and is happily willing to air dirty laundry in public by taking to a public platform.

Rangers fans (and Mark Warburton) knew what we were getting when we signed Joey Barton, but with his 2015/2016 season at Burnley so productive had hoped his worst days were behind him.

Alas, they are not, and it is another offence in a litany of them and this morning’s endeavours by the ex-City midfielder to mouth off on national radio is the latest in incidents reminding us why we should not have signed him.

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  1. Just listened to the talksport interview. As I said, a gob on a stick. He just has to have the last word. Utter moron.

    On the positive side, he's just giving Rangers more ammunition to terminate his contract without a huge payout.

  2. Get shot! Rossiter/Crooks would do a better job and I'm sure they're on nothing near Bartons wage.

    I was perplexed to see the hype surrounding Bartons arrival as if we're back to attracting big names…

    In my opinion Rossiter is the big signing. Bags of ability and potential

  3. Barton's actions are totally against what Rangers stand for. Should have been kept indoors. Wouldn't have been brave enough to try it in Walter's day but then again he would never have been signed in the first place. Punt him.

  4. I think the Barton situation is another sign that Warburton is struggling to be in charge of a big club.His press comments about last weeks game show a lack of understanding about what it takes to manage us in the top flight.As for Barton who signed him?

  5. I disagree that he has said or done anything that if his contract was ripped up would not cost us a high percentage of his overall contract. It would set us back a couple of mill imo.

  6. Do you know how difficult it is to sack someone these days….well nigh impossible.

    Did he receive verbal or written warnings re the previous bust ups….it would appear not.

    Joey will want his contract paid up, playing or not playing,

  7. Heard the full interview with barton there and while I don't condone everything he has said or done since Tuesday I think the training incident has been blown out of all proportion
    Barton and his unsavoury past reputation will follow him wherever he plys his trade but I wouldn't be too hasty to get rid immediately by terminsting his contract or whatever course of action the club may take.A final warning would suffice

  8. This problem has been brewing since he walked in the door. He has been shouting his mouth off firing up the opposition who were happy to do their talking on the park.

    Warburton should have reigned him in at that stage but by not doing so it was only a matter of time before he swung round on his teammates. Weak management has lead to this and while most of what Barton said is true you cannot have this coming from a teammate.

    He will not be paid off so the best hope is to get an English Championship side to take him on loan for a portion of his wages but even at that I am not so sure there was any interest in the summer and given there will be less than none now I am at a loss to know where this goes.

    • Totally agree regarding weak management. When Barton made these comments about Brown, the response from Warbs was something like "That's just Joey."

      It was like an inept mother rolling her eyes, saying "Boys will be boys!" and letting her loudmouth little son run riot.

      I think Warbs also at the time said "the game's all about opinions" –
      Yes, sure it is… among fans and pundits. But we should expect individual players – whose wages we pay – to hold their council, and not publicly air their views opposing on players. Warbs let it go, and here we are just a few weeks later; not only is Brown not in Barton's league, but neither it seems is Warburton.

  9. The focus should be on our next game and it is not. The focus is on MW and right now he is flailing. Fergie or Walter would have this guy out of Ibrox by the weekend. We don't have a team right now. We have a very disjointed group of players on and off the park.Tactics are woeful and have been since February. Hodson, Rossiter, Holt, MOH need a long run in the team, I think it's ridiculous if not.

  10. This is no good he could just sit on his ares and take the pay and i heard he was on 15/20 grand a week,if he is then he plays and we make him run hard.

  11. Barton was a risk from Day 1 and has lived up to his terrible reputation.
    Warburton now has a real managerial job on his hands, can he control Barton and get him too play or does money dictate he has to be lived with because it's too expensive to et rid of him ? Not a nice thought to have a player drawing full salary etc while sitting out in the cold as unwanted.
    I hope Warburton can sort this asap but am really not too confident.

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