Barton exit

Barton exit
Article by Greg Roots

Numerous reports are surfacing late this evening which suggest Barton may have played his last game for the Light Blues. The 34 year old ex Man City midfielder was involved in a training ground bust up with Halliday and then Warburton, although he has confirmed that he has now made up with the former. However, with him going on national radio and saying that he disagrees with the way Warburton has dealt with the issue, his Ibrox future hangs in the balance.

Rumours range from fake social media accounts, all the way through to the Mirror reporting it earlier.

It is unclear what capacity Barton will be arriving at Murray Park in tomorrow, but if the worst comes to the worst then it will be to collect his P45 after his disagreement with the manager.

Barton has hardly set the Premiership alight this season and a lot of fans would be glad to see him go. However, many fans believe that Barton was only speaking the truth and that he can be an important asset to our quest for a 55th league title this season.

We will report further when the club have confirmed what the situation is.

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    • 3 week ban,,,there must be some truth in media outlets that he called halliday an orange b,,,,,,d n said his son,s older than club,,he,s gone,,

  1. This season? No chance. Its going to take years to get back to where we belong. Get this 55 this season out your head. As for Barton v warburton. They're both out they're depth unfortunately

    • And this site has lots of tims pretending to be passionate Rangers fans, stirring up distrust of Warburton in order to create more turmoil at the club. Most fans with a bit of sense can see through it. And the majority of Rangers fans understand that Warburton has done a good job up till now and deserves our loyalty. You're not a bear, and there are plenty more like you on here.

    • Don't kid yourself mate, you are deluded if you think that Warburton is doing a good job. He did well at the start but people saw what his style was but that is to be expected, coaches on other teams will try to counteract our play, that's what they are paid for. Unfortunately for us he has shown he has nothing else in his locker. No good closing your eyes to it, doesn't make it not happen. We have no cutting edge.

  2. I honestly think the problem here is this, since Mr Warburton has come it has been respect this, respect that, yes sir no sir three bags full sir, one word springs to mind 'BULLSHIT' I hate to say this but Mr Warburton reminds me of a schoolteacher & not a football manager & we know what schoolteachers have teachers pets i.e. McKay Kiernan how else can you explain these two not being dropped first names every week & we know what schoolteachers don't like the disruptive influence in the class i.e. Barton, so why in fucks name did he bring him in, did he not think he would lose the plot at some point now we could argue the merits of who's right or wrong all night but tell you what give me a team of Joey Bartons any day over the teachers pets

    • You should have added Halliday to the list of teachers pets! Another that is not good enough for Rangers but seemed to think that a decent performance last year gives him carte blanche to be in the team week after week. Isn't this the real reason he started the argument with Barton, jealous of a better player. Well, there are a number of better players at Rangers for that position including Rossiter and Crooks so who will Halliday target next!

    • Tom in my opinion I actually think Halliday is a good player who is continually played in the wrong position think back to semi against them last year Dom ball was used as holding midfielder Halliday one in front & he bossed alley kebab that day, I honestly think the problem is the manager six spfl games into season & he still doesn't know his best team very worrying

  3. Get barton out he is a thug and a troublemaker,he should have never have been signed in the first place,crazy people thinking we will win the league no chance ,we will be in the bottom 6 we r terrible,rangers need an investor we need quality not quantity iam starting to wonder about warburton now

  4. If this story is true and joey barton is to leave the club then so be it, the manager stands and falls by HIS decisions, if joey barton has over stepped the mark then the manager MUST call the shots if he wants to maintain credibility. No one the manager or a player is bigger than our club, I.e terry butcher, graham roberts, and dare I say graeme souness. We are at a transition period and everyone players,
    management and fans need to pull together, no primo donnas, no one looking for media attention tofurther there own profile. Us fans do not suffer fools gladly, if your not here for the rangers get out and get out now

    • Agree, A little sanity & Patience is what`s needed. Give the Man & Team a chance. Half the critics could`nt organize a brothel on an Aircraft Carrier, yet they still try to tell Pros., how to do their job. Would you rather go back a couple of years to the mess we were in. !! Lets stand behind Rangers .!! Even with a few bumps we are heading in the right direction. IMHO.

  5. There is no doubt Barton could be an asset to Rangers. But several things need to change. He needs to concentrate on the football. He needs to lead by example. He needs to play a good game not continually only talk a good game. And, perhaps most importantly, for the good of the team, Warburton needs to play a system which utilises all the talents available to him.

    • Aw come on wake up and smell the freckin coffee barton has not got the legs he is finished and when he leaves he will slotted rangers and scottish football

  6. We must bite the bullet here and get rid. Manager needs to hold his hand up to a huge mistake. We are all human. Mistakes are made, nothing guaranteed.
    Cannot allow this situation to fester and impact on the ethos of the team. Players will continue to resent Barton's behaviour/attitude. Cuckoo in the nest and NOTHING will change that! Board should take the decision out of the manager's hands – for his own good. We will improve as the season progresses, but realistically third/forth place. No point kidding ourselves. We will still get there. WATP

  7. His Boot is in his mouth more than on the ball.You cant ignore his Previous History. Good or not. He has not shown a great deal on the pitch more off the pitch. He may have been ,but now he is not as good as he thinks he is. On Kiernan not consistant and wastes too many passes. The whole team with a couple of exceptions did not look like a Rangers Team Playing Celtic.!!

  8. The moment Barton went on Talksport and bumped his gums it was clear he was working his ticket out of the club. Barton's no mug and no stranger to controversy and knew exactly what he was doing. Disasterous signing and never fit to wear the jersey!

  9. Terry Hurlock,,Graham Roberts,, Iain Ferguson, Greame Souness,, John Brown,,, your are all fucking hypocrites,,, everyone above a thug compared to Barton,, you have all lost your minds and bottles,, its no wonder the filth will win 10 in a row when you wankers have forgotten what Rangers are all about,, fight till the final whistle and the players i have mentioned, are no less aggressive than Barton,, like all the good players in the past coming to a manager who hasnt a clue,, Remember when Walter Smith played champion league winner centre half, Basil Boli,,in left back?!!,, No defence and Nobody to score goals,, we will finish in the bottom 6,,, as for Barton,,well done for telling the truth son, fuck knows they need it,,as the past weeks have shown,!!!

    • Mr anonymous I am no hypocrite but I don't mind a wee wank now & again, now couple of things if you read my post above you will see that I said give me a team of Joey Bartons any day, now second thing I can guarantee you Walter Smith never played basil boli as a left back a right back yes so if you are going to target Walter I love playing players out of their favourite position Smith at least get it correct now am away for a chug

  10. The biggest Superstar signing we've had in years and some people want rid? Well not me, I have his name on the back of both this seasons strips. The boy Joey will come good, Im sure of it. I thought we missed someone with his presence in the middle yesterday. WATP

    • Look that's always a risk putting names on jerseys joey barton is finished dude bottom line ,I never wanted rangers to sign this trouble maker ,he is bringing his own book out that is more important than rangers,if he gets sacked which I hope then iam sure he will slotter rangers and scottish football ,any bad apples have to be moved on

  11. No one questioning where the money will come from to pay off the rest of his contract? 20k pw for a year – £1m to get rid of him.

    • Not an ashley fan, far from it, I shop in Spots Direct and I hate to think of all the nice staff getting paid under minimum wage and zero hour contracts.I think that sort of stuff is out of order.
      But I dont care about the internal squabbles over the strip, I want to wear the same strip as the players wear when they play, I always have done. I think its a cracker, both of them.
      Sorry if you disagree mate.

  12. Closer to £2m to ditch Barton imo. Read rumours earlier in the season that his contract states we need to play him if fit so we can't even sit him in the reserves.

  13. 3 week suspension……..board and manager have bottled it.

    You can't call the manager a useless c**t and stay on the books.

    Is it a 3 week paid holiday…….will he need another pre season when he returns from the Bahamas?

    All we have done is push the matter down the road…..obviously shitting themselves about a court case, legal costs and perhaps a pay off to Joey.

    That's him finished for sure….. the next few weeks will see an exit contract being drawn up with gagging clauses top of the agenda.
    Can you imagine him going without a gagging clause……the media will lap it up and Joey being Joey won't be holding back.

    Just pay him off and move on, a 3 week suspension suggests that talks are ongoing with his representatives.
    If we give him a free transfer then he can sign for another team right away picking up a signing on fee and therefore reducing our pay off to him…makes sense all round, bye Joey!

    • The transfer window is closed. So he can't go out on a free, or on any other basis.
      If we want rid, then unless he has breached his contract, then we have to buy out that contract. Bear in mind that this is a person who is coming to the end of his career. Not so easy for him to get another contract, and certainly not one on the wages he is currently on.
      So if we want rid, we have to buy him out. If he's on a 2 year contract, then the 'normal' settlement is for anything from 50-75% of the contract to be paid up in full and final settlement. We want a gagging clause in there, that then pushes it up to the higher end of the figures.
      So, assuming he is on £20k a week – £1 million a year (some people reckon anything up to £30k a week), then for a 2 year contract he'd get £1-£1.5 million, closer to the £1.5 with a gagging clause.
      You expect King to stump up that sort of money ?

  14. I reckon Warbs would have been glad to see the back of Barton but I don't think we could have afforded that. Barton is finished.

  15. warburton did a great job last season. unfortunately hes living in a dream world now. unless something serious has i think this is all way out of proportion and warburton is shortening his rangers career every day. hes failed to make decisions this year to move forward and now hes trying to prove hes in control or something. making an @rse of himslef and making the club look petty. gone are the days where this sport was played by men who expressed their opinions.

  16. This is perfect timing for Barton to say goodbye, he has a book out now & can do the rounds of the TV shows & his mates on talksport.
    I cannot for the life of me understand why we are paying these hasbeen they are sh*te,
    if McParland is so good a scout how come he hasnt come up with better that barton Sendeross [ i mean FFS] Hill etc, TBF to Kranjcar he is a good player, but hes getting on. Im fed up to the back teeth with it King promised us money & once again we have been fkn lied to

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