An open letter to Joey Barton

An open letter to Joey Barton
Article by Cameron Willis

Firstly, I believe stuffing Ross County tomorrow without you in the team would be a welcome dent to your apparently ever-inflating egotism – not that it will necessarily happen. The stuffing or the ego dent. This is about Rangers and not Joey Barton, maybe tomorrow will be symbolic of that. Or maybe the holes in our squad might just show again. Time will tell, but at least I’ll be there.

Secondly, you’re welcome to come and fight for Glasgow Rangers Joey, but you pale into insignificance when it comes to the club. Mouthing off to the manager and then running to the press just about gives the measure of you. You’re not giving your heartfelt opinion on things, you’re stamping your deluded sense of authority on them. You’re not bigger than Glasgow Rangers, you’re not bigger than Mark Warburton, you’re not bigger than the Old Firm & you’re not bigger than the SPL. You’re not bigger than anyone.

But you are proving yourself to be a bigger weapon as each half-rate performance passes.

“Nothing to apologise for”?

How about to the fans for embarrassing us with all this complete nonsense? We’re on your side, we always have been, but our patience is wearing as thin as your pseudo-philosophical quips on Twitter. You genuinely believe you can behave how you like, or have the right to behave differently from other people. This voluntary narcissism speaks volumes. Without having inside knowledge, I’d lean to believe that you being sent home is all about this isolated incident, not about your inglorious past as you deflect to here. No one is against you at Rangers. That’s not how we do things. We’re moving forward. You need to as well.

You sound like a teenager who’s been excluded from school after scrapping with his mate for not putting him through on the playground. Rangers players don’t behave like this.

You say here you:

“really care about playing football matches”


I really care about playing for Rangers“.

Do you care? Genuinely? It was like it was stuck on the end of your tongue and you just couldn’t bring yourself to say it.

We only want players who WANT to be part of what we’re trying to do and WANT to be part of Rangers. Either swallow your pride and be proud of playing for Rangers or disappear back to a mid-rate English team and a career of complete and utter mediocrity. You’re embarrassing us, and yourself. You’re a Rangers man now – if you don’t accept that and aren’t proud of it, why are you even here?

If you really do, you have to realise it’s about more than football matches. You need to hold yourself better. We want to start talking about what you’re doing on the pitch, not about what you’re doing with your gub.

No one cares enough what you think about Brendan Rodgers’ teeth or Scott Brown’s footballing ability. At least insofar. Even then, Scott Brown’s apparent ineptitude won the day last week, as did Rodgers gleaming gnashers and dodgy tan.

We care more about what you are producing and your influence on the team and club. We are a passionate, adoring and inexplicably loyal fanbase, and we’ve revelled in a collection of wonderful characters throughout our history, but it’s about football first and foremost. This doesn’t mean anyone is trying to censor you. Wear your heart on your sleeve, be passionate, but be humble.

We understand the problems on the pitch as much as anyone else, but this conflict helps no one. We appreciate your passion and your desire to win, as we do with the rest of the staff at the club. We’ve shown ambition and we’re still gelling, but it’s this total lack of respect for the league and this challenge that we don’t appreciate. This was never going to be easy, drop that idea right now.

Going behind the manager’s back and divulging all this to the press shows a complete lack of respect to the manager, your teammates, the club, and us, the fans. Swallow your pride, stand up and take responsibility for yourself. Also, let the press talk – everyone knows they don’t like Rangers. You just have to look at the Daily Record’s coverage of the Scottish Cup aftermath. Don’t take the bait – we don’t. No one likes us, we don’t care.

We’re a great club represented by great people from culturally and politically diverse backgrounds, just like any other. If you can’t see that, this is not the place for you.

We will move forward with you or without you, but if you’re part of it you need to be on our side. I fully trust in Mark Warburton for sending you home. I don’t think you’ll find many fans who don’t. This interview is like a shallow half apology full of ifs and buts without any real sincerity and it seems like a desperate attempt to cover your tracks, but one which only digs a bigger hole.

All this backchat, media pandering and arbitrary bulls*** is not welcome. Prove you are what you say you are, and not a total imposter. To end it philosophically Joey, people are judged on what they do, not on what they muse.

We’re all waiting…

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  1. Barton will be bak and better least he has fight rangers fans turning the backs again nae gid traitors in Barton we trust

  2. Cameron Willis, I am only halfway through reading your article, and the hair is standing on the back of my neck. Absolutely brilliant, brother. With every sentence, it's *WHALLOP!*, another uppercut to The Ego that is Joey Barton. Not cruel stuff, just some plain truths that need to be said. Like the man above said, you've articulated exactly what we all think. Keep your articles coming.

  3. That is the joey Barton is the problem theory ! And I'm not saying I disagree with it bt there is another side to this and that is the poor personal performances of most of the rangers team and why? is it joeys fault has he upset the applecart with his strong character and caused poor performances? ,id rate his personal performances at average !is joey right do we have some sub standard players in the team who shouldn't be at a club like rangers? Id have to say yes ! Is warbs trying downgrade the perceptions and expectations of rangers fans and media ,I think yes , so yes Barton has a big gob and yes he puts himself in the wrong bt is it because he's a passionate winner the kind our success is built with or is the open letter above all correct ? Either way I only see 2 options ahead one get rid now or make him captain and direct his temperament in right direction

    • Is joey barton the problem or as you say is he seeing players playing at a sub standard performance, not saying he is perfect but at times he is looking for a pass, not square ball or back passing. Danny wilson been a disaster since came back(would never have brought him back, didn't want us), rob keirnan being found out last week abysmal, senderos foolish, andy halliday came on second half and would have done as much sittin on the bench, impact zero. Ihaven't a clue what happened at training but me personally if and I reiterate IF he has only verbally abused players for their performance then good on him becuase some of it was terrible, on the other if he has been physical or abusive to the manager, then time is up!!!!!!

  4. Barton may have fight, it's just unfortunate that it's his teammates and not us, the paying punters who have seen it this season, motm against Hamilton? Stevie wonder doing the awards again, the looks of bewilderment in the stands at that one was priceless, article is spot on and never a truer word said

  5. Boom! Theres yer dinner joey……We are more than a club…play with a passion & the fans will respond.
    great letter btw.

  6. Jordan Rossiter – now there's a young man who embodies what it is to be a Ranger. 19 years old and so wise, humble and admirable that he'd make a great club captain already. He's a credit to himself, to the club and to his family. I am already excited at the prospect of seeing the team built around the likes of him. This week is a blessing in disguise lads.

  7. As Rangers fans, we are always having a pop at the press for only quoting one side of the story. This is exactly what your article has done. It's clear you dislike Barton and that's your right, but in the interest of fairness, here is Barton's quote,

    "I'll sit down with Warbs (Warburton) on Monday – that was always the plan," he said. "I'll be supporting my teammates on Saturday – that is all that matters. It's disappointing but I'm as committed to Glasgow Rangers as the day I signed. There's nothing at all that has altered me from that task.

    "They've told me to stay away but there are a lot of misconceptions out there at the moment. I've been asked to re-evaluate the way I'm thinking, but I don't think that's going to change – I want Rangers to win!

    • The guy had an argument with his team mates big deal. Instead of dealing with it warburton sent him home alerting the media of everything and turning the fans against him. Warburton is starting to annoy me. his lack of ability and experience is starting to show, He's Too soft. If he wants barton out the team drop him, if he wants a better defence drop kiernan. Nah he keeps up the pals act and "does plan A better" We'll see.

      Barton hasn't done too much wrong this season. We need FOUR defenders and he knows it. Obviously they don't like hearing it!!

  8. This is embarrassing. It sounds like it has been written by a parent pandering to their child. You are a bad boy Joey but we would still like you to play for us but you are still a very bad boy but you can go out to play and show us you being a good boy. Bollocks. This situation has the potential to blow the dressing room to pieces if it is not dealt with ruthlessly.

  9. Oops oh dear, worse than I thought.

    Gave it to Xmas for the ST monies running out but JJ'S saying October and overtures are being made to Brian Kennedy to come on board to save the day.

    King of course will have to go as he has created the problem with his absentee landlord management of the club.

    In Murray We Trust
    In Whyte We Trust
    In Ally We Trust
    In Green We Trust
    In Warbs We Trust
    In King We Trust
    In Kennedy We Trust

    and so it goes on. …..a feckin shambles.

  10. Ffs if we beat Celtic and this story came out after that. There wouldn't be any were near the hysteria made about it. Team mates fall out all the time but just cause its Barton every one is up in arms. A lot of people have been itching for him to mess up from the start.if it was holt and Halliday there wouldn't be anywhere near this much publicity about ffs front page back page he's finished. A load of shite Barton to fair has played shite every time I've seen him play. Drop him for that fair enough but don't keep going on about this pish just to get away from the fact that we got humped off them lot. I'm not his biggest fan and in my opinion we've got other things to deal with I.e the defence. Come on people don't fall for all this media shite and get behind the team. It'll be interesting to see how the team performs tomorrow. Watp

  11. Let's listen and read carefully into the great man Mr Struth wise comments:

    Never fear, inevitably we shall have our years of failure, and when they arrive, we must reveal Tolerance and Sanity. No matter in days of anxiety that may come our way, we shall emerge Stronger because of the trials to be overcome.

    As a club, a board, coaching staff, players and fans we are all in this Together?

    Last week hurt us all no doubt, the healing starts today v Ross County

    We Welcome the Chase!


  12. Warbs knew exactly what he was getting when he signed Joey, or certainly should have.

    All those smart arse know alls now screaming for Barton's head are the same people who were lauding our marquee signing a couple of months ago and praising the manager as the best thing ever for landing such a prestigious player.

    He's not kicked a ball and our manager's lack of tactical experience is shining like a light.

    I doubt if Warbs will want to get rid even if the board have to get him off the wage bill……I think Joey would have a lot more to say from the outside looking in and I doubt if Warbs r many of the players will come out of it smelling of roses.

    In King We Trust

  13. Hey guys, it's Cameron here, the writer of the post. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this, to those who agree with me and to those who don't. There were some very kind things said and above all, I hope you see that these words came from a true Rangers fan, if not an agitated and frustrated one.

    Firstly, this letter was inspired by Barton talking to Talksport yesterday and what he said. Nothing else. Granted, at the time there was a few barbs in my language and I’m clearly frustrated with him but his interview really got under my skin. It was a reactionary piece, much like his statement to Talksport was very reactionary. Nonetheless…

    If the club have sent Joey Barton home, then they've sent Joey Barton home for a reason. This should be dealt with by the club, and the supporters should follow the club's lead. Barton has completely undermined the club, the manager and his teammates by going to the press. What gives him the right? I've never even heard of a football player employing this tactic, and it is a tactic, let alone a Rangers one. Examples welcome. I don’t see how this can ever be justified and it amazes me that some fans are glad he did.

    Everyone know disputes happen all the time. My problem is not with the dispute, there won't be many Rangers fans who really have a problem with that, but my problem is with the aftermath. He admits in the interview he was sent home because he just wouldn’t shut up after it was all said and done, whilst Halliday did. That shows total lack of respect to the manager, it’s unconstructive to the team improving and ultimately damaging. In short, it’s poisonous. We all need to tow the line at work, we’d get our P45s otherwise. What makes this Barton, a mere mortal, any different?

    Then there’s Barton going to the press. It's not fair, and it smacks complete disrespect. It shows him up to be an egotist and says more about him that what he actually said on the radio does. He’s not bigger than the club and I just felt someone had to say it. IMO, those Rangers fans saying differently are kidding themselves on.

    On the issue of my personal opinion on Barton, I remain on the fence. His character could well work with the kind of players Rangers need and the fans enjoy, and his playing style is something that could enhance our midfield, but his ego is seriously damaging his performances and his time here. Is he serious about winning player of the year? It doesn’t look that way. I just feel he needs to get his head down, stop fanning the flames and start working his socks off for Rangers, not just for Joey Barton. I don’t think we’ve seen this yet. It’s all just noise.

    Also, and this is important, a lot of fans have commented on the hysteria in the media and the influence it had on this piece. This is something which I don’t think is relevant, as I didn’t consider it. This is a Rangers fan blog. Barton went to Talksport to talk about issues concerning Rangers. This letter was never meant to be divisive. And it is true we only have one side of the story – Barton’s. It’s the manner in which he gave it which really doesn’t sit well with me, and the reason why I wrote this. When it comes to what he’s said, I’ve saw enough from him to judge him on his actions and not on his words. He needs to start behaving like a Rangers player – all we ask for is complete commitment, and if he’s completely committed to Rangers, then why is he the one at home today?

    Hopefully, Barton can swallow his pride and get back involved, but only on Rangers’ terms. If you ask me, it should be him writing a letter to Mark Warburton explaining himself, apologising, and asking to get back into the team.

    Now, let’s get back to the football. Roll on 3’ o clock.

  14. Ok so we got to pay Joey off is it right that Joey B is on £20.000 a week
    if we can get Joey fit then Andy H can not get in the team AH can not hold midfield the game is faster players are stronger,we shall see today no next away game to aberdeen or hearts those will be games that will tell us where we are.ross county will not score so 3 nil

  15. That is what is wrong with us we beat shit teams easy at home and we think we are better than we are,we need to see how we are after 11 away games have been played then put right after that,i think we have got to many old men on £10.000 plus a week that can not cut it now and need to hang up there boots and let our great team use youth so in 3/5 years we will have a team of home grown players.

  16. This could have been handled much better by Warbs and JB but for fuck sake this is a terrible article. How the hell can you be so scathing without knowing both sides of the story. JB has only made the situation worse by mouthing off again to the press while he's been told to stay away and also by commenting on Warbs handling. You have your opinion which is fine but does it have to be so scathing, it's pathetic. You say we are Rangers and we're better than this, well that should apply to you too!

    • Wow, someone else has awoken from a Level 5 induced coma.

      Another few weeks and the annual accounts will tell their own story…….the usual trading warning will be attached.

      It's now grim on and off the park.

      King has to go but he wants £10m to walk , no one is prepared to meet his price.

      Ffs he needs £5m of it to repay the loan that he had to arrange to buy his shareholding.

      Mark my words, when everything is laid bare King will not come out of it looking good.

      Level 5 invoices are stacking up, note the loss of control in the media, that costs big bucks, ST bucks not King's or the board.

      Yes the accounts will be the only piece of transparency that we will see from this board and only then because it's a statutory requirement for a limited company/club.

      Anyone who still has faith in King and this board needs to have a serious look at where we are.

    • Barton will want his contract paid up in full and can afford to pay for the best lawyers to make it happen.
      Who will Rangers have in the opposing corner, James Blair, conveyancing solicitor?

  17. with barton in the team, without barton in the team, we cant bloody win.
    this is getting worse by the week, what next weekend eh?

  18. There are seasoned pros and winners in the first team squad, granted. We also have a great management team and keep supporting them as we have all bought into the playing style as well as the dignity and pride shown by them since their arrival. All that is missing is that certain parties haven't read the book, "Right hooks and reaction" by Walter Gough McCoist. John Brown publishing. Foreword by Jock Wallace. Now stand up, shut up, get out there and WIN.

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