Always look on the briiiight, side of life!

 Article by Greg Roots

Facts are facts, and the fact is that we have started the season very poorly; picking up only half the points we have contested and being swept aside by our nearest rivals. The standard of performance that we were used to last season has disappeared, and now instead of high energy football we are experiencing a more laboured approach to the passing game that Warburton insists on sticking to for every match. Throw the Barton shenanigans into the mix and all of a sudden it looks like a full blown crisis at Ibrox…

However, I am going to try to shine a positive light onto the situation and look forwards instead of dwelling on the previous few bad results. Whilst 9 points out of 18 is unacceptable, the performance level has been as bad as any in my life time. There were times at Celtic Park when I thought McDowall was in charge and the performance away to Kilmarnock reminded me of McCoist’s reign. I would like to assert that our performance level cannot possibly get any worse this season and that things must start to turn soon.

Whilst the Ross County result was bitterly disappointing, and despite the media criticism directed to Warburton, the performance was a lot better than of previous weeks. County fully intended on playing for the 0-0 and as a result we were always going to find it tough to break them down. However, we had numerous great chances and on any other day we would have walked away with Ross County hurting to a 3 or 4 to nil defeat.

I mean to say, even the defence didn’t collapse. Whilst we weren’t exactly facing Sergio Aguero, we made no basic errors. I know that not making errors shouldn’t be a huge positive, but it is. Defensively both full backs were poor, simply because Tavernier and Wallace aren’t particularly good defenders, but Hill and Wilson mopped up impressively and it would be a shame to not see Wilson retain his place for next weekend. I would expect Senderos to play alongside him, but anyone except Kiernan would do it for me.

So if the defence is starting to eradicate silly mistakes and we are back to creating plenty of chances, what is the next step? We must start to take those chances, and be far more clinical in front of goal. We don’t really have a clinical striker which is the worry. Even when we were scoring 4 goals a game last year, we were creating 5 or 6 times as many chances, which is not good enough when we are playing against better defences and goalkeepers in the premiership.

We have still not found our best 11 this term, and that is the fault of the manager. He spends 5 days a week with them so he should be starting to work out our best line-up by now. I duly believe that once he finds it that we can go on a run of games which, at least, stop the gap between us and Celtic widening any more.

On paper, our squad is comfortably the second best in Scotland, and so it should be as we have the second highest wage bill and a squad boasting a number of ex English premiership players.

Now is the time to throw our backing behind the manager and support the tram for every single one of the 90 minutes of each football match we play. Demanding knee jerk reactions from the board may lead to further problems, and in all honesty finishing second this season may actually be a very good result.

So let’s support Warburton and see what happens in the next few games. A win on Saturday and we may have a very different outlook on the state of the team.


  1. I'm all for sticking with the club but I wish Warburton had learned his trade before coming to Ibrox. Beating the sheep (at football) will warm me up nicely.

  2. Agreed, a good well balanced article, but you never ventured on the responses if we lose on Saturday or even tomorrow night. QoS are a good side and will provide us with a stiff test at home, as will Aberdeen away. Let's watch on and cross fingers that Warbs is getting to grips with what and who is needed to deliver results for us.

  3. Do we all really think there is this big gulf in class in this league?
    No I don't. All a sundry and the usual culprits keep ramming it home to us. They are piling as much pressure on us as they can!
    We are cracking under that pressure and we are shooting ourselves in the foot and taking their bait.
    We are basically not playing well as a team. Too many are off form ,or lacking confidence,or not fit enough, coming back from injury or not geld yet given the eleven signings in the first team squad.
    The amount of negative press we are receiving is to be expected even to the excess that is pouring in, real cheap shots from pundits at players and our management. We have seen it all these last 4 years!!What makes us think they are going to stop attacking our club anyway they can.
    BBC head sports reporter Chris McLaughlin outside Ibrox tonight, not seen him in a while. Reporting …YES ON THE BIG NEGATIVE !!
    Big Bad RANGERS are back in town. The Scottish Cup Final said it all !!
    The positive is we are back!
    We are in all their minds, they may be feeling a little smug at the moment but they all know we will be top again!
    The management team have made mistakes yes but to be expected.
    All I see is they are all working hard to achieve the success we all crave.
    They will all dance tour tune again !!
    As Rangers fans we are the only opinions that count.
    This is about Rangers and only Rangers.
    This young team will shine and will take our breath away.
    This management team are changing our whole philosophy on playing the game. It may take a couple more additions of young dynamic expensive signings to make it all really come together. It will be worth waiting on.
    A mention to all they Rangers Fans that were involved in that fantastic amazing display of red white and blue flag waving support at Parkhead.
    In Warburton and Weir and our board we trust.

    • That's the spirit mate,we'll come good. A win tomorrow and a win up in mutton country will kick start our season.I was watching Garners goals again on YT and the boy is superb in the air for his stature.He made some great runs into the box screaming for cross balls that never came on Saturday.I know its been done to death but Warbs MUST mix up our play.I'm not talking about changing his whole philosophy but just some variation. I found something else while fartin about online,Mrs T and the "suited bigot" and the "ex bear pals" 5 way plowterin. Direted by "the GIMP Ed007". Something aboot roast beef anaw.

    • Young, dynamic, expensive signings, ffs, what world are you living on?

      The ST monies run out at Xmas, we need £8m in soft loans to get to the end of the season.

      We can't afford to pay Joey off.

      We can't afford to pay Warbs and his backroom staff off.

      We can't afford to pay the outstanding SFA and SPFL fines, with another one on the way.

      We can't afford to pay the bill for wrecking tge Parkhead toilets.

      Yet you want expensive signings when we don't have a bean to spare and King and the board have run out of ideas.

      Did the summer transfer merry go round not tell you anything?

      Warbs, Weir and McParland have saddled us with a bunch of geriatric over the hill flops with the odd exception……ffs half of them will need replaced next season.

      Get your hard hat on mate, the accounts will be out shortly, don't be expecting good news..

      Celtic would have had a £10m loss if they hadn't sold Van Dyk on a £52m turnover……..our last audited turnover was £19m, with an £8m loss.

      Yes, the revenue will be up by 25% but the wage bill has gone through the roof. CL money will keep Celtic in the black for the next 2 seasons and Rodgers will strengthen over the next 2 windows…..anyone dreaming of winning the league this season or next is kidding themselves on.
      Unless someone with £40/50m turns up, and it won't be Kennedy, we are goosed for the forseeable future.
      Defeat at the weekend could see us drop to 7th or 8th.

      Now who was it that queried Hearts ripping apart their Championship winning team?

      Who was it that said harmony in the dressing room was key therefore all the players in the first team squad should be on approx the same wages?

      Who said………….I think we know who, why is another question.

      Trained well, prepared well, will learn from that, no gulf in class, best 90 minutes of the season………..and on and on, boy can he talk a load of rubbish. Could give Ally a run for his money.

    • Be on top again?

      When, 2050?

      We don't have a bean, the manager is wilting, the board has failed the support.

      Unless we can compete financially with Celtic we are well and truly goosed………….let's get Kennedy in, who has good links with Ashley, sack Warbs and his backroom staff, and appoint Joey as Player/Manager.

      That will shake things up a bit.

      This season has already gone, we have to prepare for next season now.

  4. Backing Warburton is the best way to get behind the bears. The sorry excuses for humans that shout for sacking the manager should GTF and by a ticket for the lot who ply their trade in Parkhead. Give Warburton and the players time and the results will arrive.

    • Im a season ticket holder, and after a lot of thought, and mind changing, Il back MW, for now, but this CANT go on much longer to be fair, our patience is wearing very thin, he HAS to go if he doesnt beat QOS, Dons or Hearts. We have to make a u-turn and fast, halt this rot. Its been mentioned many times on this site, all he has to do is change a few personel and we'd be flying. WATP

  5. What's up with Rossiter… it a recurrence of the problems he had at Liverpool?

    4 year contract at £10k per week plus win bonus, where is he?

  6. Pre-QoS match – well done Mark Warburton, a very good line-up tonight that I think 90% of us will be VERY happy with!

  7. Watching the QoS game on tv now and just want to say THANK YOU to the fans in the stadium. Absolutely brilliant support tonight from the first whistle, with no negativity at all inside the ground. Even when we struggled, the fans wouldn't stop singing. Absolutely SUPERB lads!!!

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