Who starts up front?

 Article by Greg Roots

After completing the £1.5m signing of Preston North End striker Joe Garner, Mark Warburton now has four players who can play centre forward at his disposal.

The latest signing, who joins Miller, Dodoo and Waghorn up front at Ibrox, will be expected to feature regularly due to the size of his price tag, but there is growing opinion that he may not be one of the first names on the team sheet.

I have to agree that no player in the squad should be in the starting 11 just because of their previous reputation and/or price tag, but it is a lot of money to pay for a 28 year old if they are not going to be a regular starter. The Killie game on Friday will be interesting for Garner, and for me it marks a perfect opportunity for us to see how he copes in the light blue Jersey. Kilmarnock will set their stalls and defend deep as they did against us twice last year, so in that respect it would be great to get Garner involved and up to speed in time for the Old-Firm game two weeks later.

Of course, we all know how valuable a fully fit Waghorn is to Rangers’ squad, and the Englishman will certainly be working his socks off to try and be fit for the game this Friday; and if he was to be fit then Warburton has a massive call to make.

We also cannot forget about Miller and Dodoo. Whilst Miller has already missed four or five excellent chances, bordering on sitters, this season, it is worth pointing out that his two goals have earned us 6 points out of the 7 we have this season. My thinking, though, is that Miller can now become more effective as an impact sub – someone who can come on for us to wrap up a game or to give us an added option when we are looking for a winner right at the death, like we saw yesterday.

Joe Dodoo is also an interesting one. We know that he has an abundance of talent, but I don’t think that he is near the top of the pecking order when it comes to fielding a starting line-up for our manager. When he came on against Motherwell he looked fresh & dynamic, although he did perhaps lack the end product that we craved at the time.

I can see all four of the names mentioned in this article all getting a decent amount of game time this season. All of them bring different styles to the team as well as different strengths which can be used to our advantage against different types of opposition this season. Having said that, if all four are firing on all cylinders then I would find it very hard for Warburton not to name our £1.5m hitman as his number one choice in the striking department. The board have backed him on this one and it would be a shame to see him become a bit part player in this exciting squad of ours. An interesting statistic to point out is that Garner massively outscored Waghorn in League 1 in England, so can he replicate that here and go on to score 30+ goals this season?

Let’s hope so…


  1. Miller will play and Garner will be a sub with half an hour to go. Wouldn't bet against this happening. Garner has had a pre season and is match fit. It will depend how he fits in at training before the Kilmarnock game.

  2. Garner, Dodoo would be a spearhead I'd like to see Friday.I think these guys have the direct scoring ability Rangers need. With Kranjcar, Rossiter, Holt, Forrester, McKay and Tavernier providing the chances we can win this league.

  3. Garner CF
    Waghorn RF
    McKay LF

    Definitely agree miller as an impact sub, he's experienced enough to get into the right places and the right time.

    O'Halloran missed two great opportunities to make a striking impact… luckily Miller was there to follow up on his miss

    • Thats how I see it as well ,with Miller , Dodoo , Harry and MOH in reserve but obviously anyone who gets in and does well keeps the shirt until performance drops .Thats the benefit of a bigger squad.

  4. Miller did score the goals that have won us points but he has done not much more. Been missing for a lot of the first few games. Missed a few good chances too. Miller has to be an impact sub now. Garner MUST be our first choice Centre Forward with Waghorn on the right and McKay on the left. MOH Miller and Dodoo as back up and rotation as the boss WILL do. Really hope wee Garner hits the ground running. We need it badly just now.

  5. I wud go a 4-1-3-1-1 formation with a fit squad LB Wallace,RB Hudson,CB Wilson,CB crooks. Midfield RW tav,LW windass, CDM rossiter,CM kranjcar, Jst playin behind striker forrester, CF garner.

    • I pretty much agree with this, definitely need to go with 2 up front, tavs would make a great right winger, and i feel crooks will do a great job for us at centre back, preferably with someone more experienced than wilson to keep him right though. would have barrie mckay on the left wing rather than windass and windass and kranjcar would take turn about playing in behind the strikers depending on the opposition. just like barton would be back up to rossiter depending on the opposition.

  6. Garner to start through the middle with Forrester on one wing and Waghorn on the other wing. McKay on the bench alongside MOH, Miller and Kranjcar.
    Hopefully we will also have a new centre back!

  7. Barton has been completely underrated thus far, look at his stats, and the amount of times he has won the ball in tackles, his balls out wide have been first class, give it a month and he will boss this league, rossiter has been outstanding and can't wait for windass to be fit again, but in my opinion starting 11
    Crooks/sendeross transfer depending
    Tav another who deserves more praise
    Forrester/kranjcar rotated as and when
    Mckay/windass rotated as and when
    Waghorn/moh rotated as and when
    Gilks,hodson,keirnan,dodoo,miller,then above rotated, Holt and Halliday will be grate cover but that's as far as I see it for them

    There is more than enough quality in the team to launch a decent assault on this league, we beat celtic with less a team and they have only made 3 changes, remember sinclair wasn't wanted back In the premier league and he will soon be nullified when teams start to double up on him just like Barry Mckay has recieved since everyone realised he can take the ball past them in a blink

    Everyone is reading far to much into what celtic are doing, some thing we have accused them of since Warbs got the train running again

    I feel the criticism of our team is unjustified,once everyone is match fit and the full squad is available which will defo be by the end of September, watch as the performances and goals start flying in

    I don't just hope, I believe we WILL win this league, I can't see us getting beat at ibrox this season, and when we go away, home fans aren't going to be happy with there teams sitting with 11 behind the ball for 90 minutes, sooner or later teams will start opening up,it's just tight as its the start of the season and a good start sets you up for the rest of the campaign, the second teams start chasing points it's a different ball game and we will capitalise and when it comes to the celtic games we not only have the quality but the heart to win, it means more to us, this is our time, a time to right the wrongs that have been done, and prove that we are still the force that was feared back in the day

    In Warbs and weir we trust, follow follow, watp

  8. Got to start with the men who r scoring miller but I must admit looking forward to seeing garner and dodoo

  9. Check out Joe Garner's goals on Youtube. This kid is a great striker. With the amount of possession we typically have, he's going to score a lot of goals for us. Plus he seems to have a little attitude too, which we all like in our players. I think Gers fans are going to really like this guy.
    I agree with many comments above – might be best to leave Kenny on the bench and bring him on as a sub after 60 minutes when he can make an impact.

  10. We need to find our starting 11 ,we have little choice at the back midfeild picks itself bt for me id have holt in front of Halliday ,lotes of possibilitys on front 3 ,how about dodoo ,garner and waggy ,as McKay ohalloran,have yet to adapt to prove themselves in this league and think every one sees miller as impact sub

  11. Garner 6 goals last season. PNE 5 competative games this season, garner played in 3, sub'd 2 of those, no goals scored. Hardly prolific, PNE saying they have not had the conclusive docs from us either. He may need time.

  12. Garner must start after the money n time spent to get him, we need someone in the box he fits the bill, Miller not involved enough n Dodoo not experienced enough to lead the line, Wags will prob b on the wing along with McKay, We must also get a centre half in pronto to shore up our leaky defence before we get a hammering

  13. There will be no settling in time for the new players.

    Any more points dropped before the game against Celtic will make that game a must win even at this early stage in the season.

    Would not be surprised to see them go through the season undefeated, just like Ally ' s invincibles, with the league wrapped up by January whilst we are in a dog fight with Aberdeen and Hearts for Europa Cup places.

    If we don't win the league this season Celtic will be out of sight financially forever. They are looking at a £30m windfall this year if they qualify tonight for CL proper………with £5m already banked for tge prelims and the pre season tournament.
    By Xmas, King and the board, will need fresh investment……where's it coming from?

  14. Dodoo Garner M O'H for me but we need people that can preform if the starters don't perform.
    Hope the defence gets sorted before the deadline and they give that young boy Bates a chance.

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