What are Rangers getting in £1.5M Joe Garner?


With just a few small details holding the Joe Garner deal up, it looks inevitable now that Rangers will sign the soon-to-be former Preston striker.

The 28-year old has had a productive career in the English Football League, with a decent return of just under one in three goals per game in a spell spanning 15 years in both League one and the Championship.

While his goal tally is solid, if not incredible, he is certainly well known as a hard grafter; Garner is the kind of player to play with his heart on his sleeve, as this shows:

At just 5ft 11 he is no ‘target man’ and fits into the Warburton mould of versatile forward, and this from RangersCulture shows a glut of his goals.

Meanwhile this particular goal, featured recently in the Sky Bet ad, truly goes down as one of the best goals many will ever have seen!

In short, Garner represents a very solid investment and could well be exactly what Mark Warburton needs up front at Ibrox.


  1. Martyn Waghorn didn't score a lot of goals down in the difficult English leagues, but last season he scored 28 goals in 35 games, so Joe Garner will probably do the same. He looks a player and Warburton, Weir and McParland were unanimous in bringing him to Ibrox. I value their opinions as they haven't made any bad signings with no real money. It is fantastic what they are doing throughout Rangers. They are making sure our team are experienced and competitive to challenge for the Premiership, and at the same time making sure that the youth teams are being coached at the highest level. We are so lucky to have them!

    • Last season Waghorn was playing in a league weaker than the English second division. Garner was anything but prolific when playing in the Championship last season showing he maybe does not score the goals at the higher level but do not let that hide the fact that he is an absolute workhorse and will give defences a torrid time allowing the like of Forrester, Kranjcar etc the space to come through and get the goals.

  2. My God, that goal, boys. It brought tears to my eyes. What a player we have on our hands. As Richard said, we are so lucky to have Warbs, Weir and McParland at our club. They are a God-send. So excited!

  3. Boy made his debut at 13 yo then?If he's 28 and had a 15 year career hmmm. I went to a good proddy school and the numbers don't work.

  4. yes the maths dont add up there,Anyway FK it looks like we have him & hopefully he will be hungry to score goals as that is what we really need I for 1 am fed up with 20/30 passes for no decent effect. Maybe just maybe if we get Lescott we might be stronger at the back [we couldnt be worse] and that will give the likes of Niko a chance to creat more space

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