Ugly Rangers needing some freshening up; badly!

Ugly Rangers needing some freshening up; badly!

In all honesty, we have seen far worse Rangers displays than yesterday’s win over Motherwell. Some of the darkest days of Paul le Guen, Alex McLeish and indeed messyrs McCoist, McDowall and even McCall saw truly painful excuses for performances, so it is vital to keep some context before we pick yesterday’s disappointment apart.

But that said, it was indeed an excruciating show, devoid of any quality whatsoever and a truly worrying sign that Mark Warburton’s previously progressive system is running out of steam, and may seriously struggle this season to compete.

Of course, perspective; we top the table. We are top. It is ridiculous to discredit that. Two wins and a draw, on paper, is a very good return after four years in the wilderness with a considerably weaker team than before admin took hold.

But nevertheless, if we examine some home truths, yesterday’s display exposed a system which has no ability to adapt, a defence which simply cannot defend, and an attack which is increasingly stunted and flat.

It did grind out a good result, and the players do deserve credit, like at Dens Park, for not giving up.

But that predictability which mildly afflicted Warbs’ system and management last season is starting to grate and before long will be punished.

Rangers were not just poor yesterday; it might be up there as the worst display since Warburton took charge. The complete lack of cohesion and form among so many players was quite unerring, and the fact Rangers took till effectively the last kick of the ball to scrape a barely-deserved win was telling.

Mark McGhee’s Motherwell had a plan – to suffocate Rangers, but with intelligence. This was not just 10 men behind the ball ala the lower divisions – it was a well-organised and regimented unit which defended (mostly) with ease and repeatedly countered fluidly. It was not the overwhelming and clinical attack we saw from St Johnstone at Ibrox last year, but that it nearly did as much damage (but for brilliance from in-form Wes Foderingham) is disconcerting.

Too many players in Rangers’ colours have not adapted to the SPL with any great comfort, and the new signings are barely featuring, never mind excelling.

The defence looks worse this season than it did last, and that is no surprise when Warburton selects the same back four. Tavernier, to his credit, has defended better this season thus far than he did all of last, and it has barely dented his attacking threat (the signing of Lee Hodson has pushed Tav a great deal, just like that of Gilks has motivated more from Wes), but that attacking threat does still leave the defence exposed, and it happened for Motherwell’s (only) goal.

Rob Kiernan simply looks horrendously out of his depth, and he seems like he knows it too, with his attitude starting to become questionable, while his partnership with Danny Wilson (himself struggling at the moment too) is just agony to watch.

Even captain Lee Wallace has not really stood out in the expected way, being frankly rather ordinary thus far.

Joey Barton’s mouthy approach has equally not been backed up by big performances; he has not been rotten, but he has not impacted the way we had hoped, and he should surely be getting up to match speed by now. Hopefully the Old Firm encounter will see him step up to the plate he has so vocally promised.

Jordan Rossiter, on the other hand, has been excellent – a truly shrewd capture, he is currently head and shoulders above his more experienced team mate, and is running Rangers’ engine room. Harry Forrester, too, is a major reason Rangers are top of the table. His industry, running, persistence and goals have been critical and he has earned his place.

But up front it is all very disappointing. While much can be attributed to Waghorn’s untimely injury, Rangers are far from a one-man team, and should not blame the absence of one man on a complete lack of form in attack. In truth, Motherwell second half in the League Cup aside, Rangers have not really performed this season to any great measure, with or without Waggy, and I absolutely loathe myself for saying this but Barrie McKay in particular is truly struggling with the upgrade in class.

He is been completely impotent so far this season, offering next to nothing as an attacking threat. The odd half-decent run and nice first touch now and then are not hurting opponents, and the star of last year has failed to materialise this.

Kenny Miller too is having a rough time – while he is getting big goals, and continues to work hard, the quality he showed in the second half of last season is absent, while Andy Halliday has actually been reasonable, if weaker yesterday. He has not quite delivered the full quality we would need long-term in the SPL, but he has been ok.

But ok is not good enough; when Niko Kranjcar appeared yesterday, he looked a man with a point to prove, and his awareness led to Rangers’ winner. He is someone who clearly has class, but has not quite managed to consistently impress, and was stung by the criticism following Hamilton. This is one Warburton has managed well – by turning his role into cameo, the pressure has been removed and he now feels he owes something to Rangers and his manager – and his sub appearances are helping.

But Michael O’Halloran, after a great pre-season and impressive displays, still cannot get a foot in the door of the first team. He keeps on impressing when he gets his chances but Warburton is not listening, giving him only the sub appearances.

And lastly Joe Dodoo – after all the hype regarding him, he just cannot get a start. It must be frustrating to have joined Rangers for first-team football and always be understudy to an out-of-form 36 year old.

In the end, yesterday, Rangers won a very gritty battle – that was the only pleasing aspect, that the team did not give in. But Mark Warburton really has some thinking to do.

He has been widely and justifiably praised for what he achieved with a near-blank slate last season at Ibrox, but he too is not adapting to the SPL in the way many expected. Predictable team selections, predictable substitutions, predictable play style.

It is fine, great even when it works, and it did many times last season; but Rangers fans cannot keep going through stressful 90 minutes every week when we try our damndest to win the match after being worryingly matched by our opponents.

Surely some changes are needed. Some freshening up. Playing players on form and giving new signings more of a chance. Only two new signatures started yesterday, of 12 secured (some were not available, true, but some were plain overlooked).

And Rangers are looking stale for it.

Time for Warbs to admit (even if only to himself) that his team and system are struggling right now, and he needs to try something else.

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  1. It was NOT an excruciating performance, devoid of any quality whatsoever, That is an over the top assessment of the game. I know you are a passionate Rangers man, but please try to cool the beans! We did actually win the 3 points and it is a very steep learning curb for the Management team and the players. Garner will replace Miller in Fridays game, and Rossiter, Barton & Forrester will all retain their places. Motherwell's tactics stopped Wallace & McKay playing better than they did. I thought that Niko Kranjcar did well when he came on & that O'Halloran flatters to deceive, but has speed & could improve. Tavernier defended better. Fodderingham was good. Joe Dodoo's time will come with a bit more experience. 6' 4" Matt Crooks could be a real bonus for us when he gets match fit and Josh Windass is due back after picking up a knock, and I don't have Andy Halliday in my starting X1. I agree with you about Kiernan & Wilson, and it is becoming more obvious with every match, that we have a real challenge ahead this season. Especially if Celtic buy another £3m or £4m pound player before the end of the transfer window.

    • Tav defended better?? – You didn't see him being done by the Motherwell winger that led to the goal?

    • When is crooks gonna get fit & why did why we buy an unfit player FFS???
      We are nursing this guy & we are gettin jack shit for it, same with teh otehr time waster [ cant even remember his name] we had a t the start at the season.

  2. Every team goes through a rough patch,e certainly have went through that,since start of the premiership,awfully close to the game at Celtic park…still think at times too many passes, too slow and not direct enough and defence is still woeful.
    gotta be realistic,the form of the team hasnt been good,hopefully my comment will look bad,as season moves forward…Onwards and Upwards, the famous GLASGOW RANGERS!!

  3. It's time for commenters like you to chill out and be patient. Who knows Warburton's tactics and players better than the man himself? I am absolutely sick of armchair managers thrusting their opinions into the ether without contemplation of the circumstances.

    Yesterday's performance wasn't the best, in particular the first half but we're dealing with a variety of dynamics that will affect our play for a few games. Got to remember people, we're three games deep into this championship with a relatively poor pre-season and sitting top albeit with an extra game played.

    Miller isn't out of form, he's a journeyman with an excellent engine playing at a higher level and being found out.

    Warburton has a lot of options to consider and it will only take competitive games to find who slots into their positions. He's having to teach old dogs new tricks in Barton and Kranjcar, finding out about the other new additions and where they play best, then figure out who they will likely replacement inthe long run.

    He's having to do this against wily opponents who are fitter, hungrier and smarter than last year's and is still expected to maintain good form.

    I have do doubt come the end of September, he will know his best starting eleven for league games and for cup games.

    I don't think you emphasised the most important quality of this group of players; if nothing else, at least they are finding ways to win. And there is nothing lucky about our wins either, whetjee it's sexy football or grinding them out, we're finding a way.

    The nest teams are those who win whilst they aren't playing well l, let's not forget that and be patient.

    I also think you're overreacting to MoH's part to play, he's an impact player. He isn't as smart on the ball as most of the players who fill in that position, he is someone who puts his head down and runs. Warburton likes his players to have a bit of awareness about them, which MoH lacks somewhat. I'm pretty sure that's that main reason he isn't a starter.

  4. Completely overlooked Halliday who has been our best player by far this season – as many seem to have done in the over hyped arrival of Barton and Kranjčar, the lad has been outstanding

  5. what do you expect, we have signed zero quality. Barton, Hill and Kranjar past it, the others are at best average English division one players, even the new signing Garner's stats are 6 goals in 44 appearances. If timmy were signing these types of players we would be laughing our balls off. I suspect that this is what they are doing at us right now. Where is the over investment King????

  6. Agree almost entirely with what was said here.
    The defence is soft (including Tav),the midfield currently lacks balance and direction and continued reliance on Kenny Miller to score consistently is unwise. Albeit, it is true that has hopefully been addressed. The tactics appear one dimensional and alternative plans ARE required. Tactical flexibility IS name of the game. The element of surprise can lead to a competitive advantage. Tactical certainty HANDS that unnecessarily to our opponents.

  7. It's all about opinions, who is right
    Or wrong, two many supporters thing they are right, and everyone's else is wrong. We live in a democracy.

  8. Agree with a couple of points but the majority is untrue for me. Teams will come to Ibrox and try and stifle us week in, week out. Having seen what we've been through they are coming to play us with no fear, so taking that into consideration, the more games we can grind out and win ugly, the more normal service will be resumed in terms of Ibrox becoming the fortress it once was. When we keep the ball and pass it well, teams can't hurt us, it's as simple as that. Senderos' potential signing will steady the ship at the back, one hundred per cent. It is early days yet, give the players time to adapt to the better quality of opposition. It will come! In the meantime, we are top of the league and not in much of a position to be complaining.

  9. Warburton and Weir need to get their act together quickly as far as the defence goes, however, their attempt ( what a near disaster that was ) to sign Lescott shows how poor their judgement is regarding CBs. Hill and Kiernan are useless, Hill should never have been offered a contract and Kiernan should have been off loaded. Everytime the ball goes near our penalty area you fear the worst, it's up to W and W to arrest this problem, however, I don't think they know how.

  10. I was at the game yesterday and the first half was brutal. Kenny Miller'smovement was woeful and Motherwell were doubling up on McKay wherever he went so he ended up moving into the middle where he was picking the ball up only to be faced with no movement from a static Miller up front. Only when Dodoo came on and started making intelligent runs did Rangers get any joy because there were actually forward passes to be made, O'Halloran also made a difference, Kranjcar's quality was undeniable and really brought Barton back into the game. Warburton isn't stupid and would have seen all this, Dodoo should start up front in the next game, Rossiter, Kranjcar and Barton in midfield with O'Halloran and McKay wide. The defence looked a lot better with Clint Hill, i just hope that Warburton has the guts to drop Kiernan, Danny Wilson actually had a decent game yesterday and his distribution is actually pretty good, he gets too much stick in my opinion. Kiernan needs to stay on his feet longer and is invisible when defending corners… Kenny Miller headed the ball out from the centre of the 6 yard box at one point yesterday, wtf!!

    Still it was wonderful at the end, hopefully we can kick on and the team selection is as obvious to Warburton as everyone in the stadium.

    • Exactly the way I seen the game yesterday jackobyte thought Wilson played well when he comes out of defence with the ball opens things up for us with good vision on a pass.I feel Kiernan has to be dropped and dodoo start looked much more dangerous with his pace and strength. No worries a lot of new players early season see more positives than negative s.

  11. Talking pure piss first half we were poor 2nd half much better n to blame defence for everything is stupid we hav lost 3 goals this season 2 of them Wer midfields fault so giv it a rest as for playing terrible we had 60%pos way 18 shots at goal wind it in m8

  12. Think i got about 2-3 paragraphs in and i stopped reading this negative tosh. If you had watched Burnley v liverpool yesterday it should have put what Rangers have had to deal with since warbs took charge. Burnley won 2-0 with 19% posession. Liverpool with all their quality and expensive players could not break down a well organised Burnley defence and created very few goal scoring opportunitys. For 90 mins yesterday Rangers faced an organised defence of 11 players behind the ball.They got a lucky break with the deflection for a goal. Although wilson who had tracked mcdonald into the box let him go on the edge of the 6 yd box. So Rangers then played 8-9 in attack against 11 defenders.Liverpool couldnt break down two banks of 4 to create any meaningful chance. Warburton will not change and i applaud him for that. Yesterday wasnt Rangers best performance but it was admirable, full of belief in what they do well. They stuck at it patiently and were rewarded for their grit and determination succeeding where liverpool could not.


      Exactly correct whilst Rangers were poor in the first half but Motherwell were better than we have faced in the Championship. It is not long since Motherwell totally OWNED us 6-1 over 2 legs and now we see persons on here greetin because we onluy had most of the possesion plus won the game WHILST nowhere near our best form.

    • Utter tosh! If Warbs and the team can't break down Motherwell( a team expected to fight relegation)at home with the players we have then we are in for a rude rude awakening! The didn't get a lucky break for the goal t hey tore Tav apart like teams have being doing since Warburton came because Tav has no awareness and is not a RB. You applaud our manager for not having a plan B and struggling to come up with a better way to beat Motherwell…WOW, just WOW!!

  13. We are top of the league and unbeaten.If we still win, even when we are playing shite I can't see the problem. We need to give the lads a break.

  14. We've struggled in our first three games against teams which are cannon fodder to the rest of the spfl, there is no plan B to our game, I fear for our defence in the coming months.

  15. Massive exaggeration, disagreed with most of what you wrote, moh flatters to deceive, Miller's not out of form just well well past his best. Totally agree with Kiernan though guys useless and hill must be as well if he can't get in ahead of. Think kranjcar will keep improving with game time and fitness, massive improvements needed mostly in attack would pull McKay out an give dodo a run

    • MOH flatters to deceive? he hasn't had a run in the team! – MOH tore teams in the SPL apart for fun last season including Celtic and he also tore us apart, which is why Warbs went for him. Yet he's now being tossed on after an hour to chase games…nonsense!

  16. Compare this to how the shape, financially and on the park, of things would be were McCall or McCoist still in charge. Bunch of spoilt entitled 'fans' should be quiet and judge at the end of the season.

    • Fans are allowed their opinion! nothing spoilt or entitled expecting our team to turn up against a team expected to fight home! When a team ran at Ally's defence we feared the worst….anything different in that regards with Warbs defence? What has finances got to do with the team playing slow and cumbersome with no cutting edge? take your blinkers off…

  17. Over the top article.Garner and DoDoo will cut defences to pieces and will improve our own every day of the week at training. Give the boys a break. Barry McKay's confidence has gone for now. It could be back by Friday. Anyone who has played knows this is a big part of any player's game, especially the young guys.Jordan Rossiter taking the ball off the Motherwell player's toes is a lifetime memory. World class.Personnel changes have to be made progressively. We have some terrific players and for the last 25 minutes a wonderful battling team spirit.Encourage our team, they will deliver with our fans support.Some of our players are still coming to terms playing for Rangers, in a physical league with new surroundings and expectations.MW has undoubtedly got some fantastic footballers at Ibrox. In the coming weeks his team will prove it. Foderingham's save couldn't have been bettered by Clark Kent himself with or without his Superman cloak.We are table toppers and with our fans support and encouragement can stay there.

  18. Forrest, Griffiths, Roberts, Sinclair and Dembele will run amok against our back 4.

    Their pace will rip us apart.

    Don't mention Senderos, he is worse than useless, that's why Grasshoppers have binned him.

    Level 5 have again completely made a mess of the Lescott situation and have lost control of the narrative, just as they did with the SFA spat. King should be asking for our money back.

    Failed medical, personal reasons, couldn't agree terms!

    I thought Level 5 was a professional organisation.

    Robertson vetted the deal and changed some of the contract terms that had been offered verbally to Lescott…………….who then threw a tantrum about being messed about abd decided to walk.

    So no failed medical, no family reasons, we fecked up.

    • Yep, that's more or less what I heard.

      Robertson is worried about the significant increase in the cost base with ST monies running out fast and only the monthly DD'S from Rangers 1872 as the only other significant source of income.
      The board will need to step up to the plate with soft loans but some of them want to see King's monies first.
      King's reminded them that without his £5m contribution to repay the SD loan then Ashley was calling in the administrators.

  19. I read2 paragraphs in and can't read any more. I agree that we are not on our game and it was difficult to watch but I feel the defence was fine yesterday.

    I said to my girlfriend on numerous occasions that I was having to count the amount of players on the park… It always looked like Motherwell had an extra man. The midfield was all over the place and created nothing and there was no movement upfront.

    Frankly I'm astounded we won, but there is a very fine like between a sh*te performance and a ground out result… I for one am fearful for the Celtic game, but I feel youre overly critical in this article.

  20. No team can consistently play one system and get away with it all season long .We need another more direct system moving the ball much quicker and not a big punt up the park

  21. Far too negative, second half was of a good standard,motherwell had next to no chances in the second, and were constantly under pressure from rangers. The two goals were a long time coming. What we need is a strong commanding CB, a fully fit team and to give warbs and the team the time they need its a long season.

  22. Too many fans in total denial about Mark Warburton who is looking more and more like a coach not a manager as his time at Rangers passes!

    He plays Tav as a RB/RW who plays his part more often than not in gifting goals to other teams with his diving in or lack of awareness!The guy is NOT a defender and should NOT be played in defence!Can see the point if we didn't have a RB and RW at the club. O'halloran a player who tore teams apart last year including Celtic with his direct running and driving at teams is left on the bench. Halliday is now like a fish out of water and doesn't know which way to turn(will get replaced by Holt I'm assuming, a player with some skill and ability to hurt teams!) The defence Warburton has built is nothing short of garbage and like it or not has every fan worrying when a team attacks exactly like we worried when we had Ally's defence! The fast flowing football too many of you are banging on about is simply not there. Fast flowing attacking football is when teams turn defence into attack and threaten the other teams goal quick as possible – it isn't 30 4 yard passes around the centre circle up the line then all the way back again letting the teams we are trying to hurt get behind the ball and crowd the box! it also isn't a long diagonal pass top the corner flag to Tav who has ran 50 yards out of position. The article is spot on. We have played two home games against two of the teams probably going to be fighting relegation this year and we have struggled woefully in both with creativity, slow play, no invention and gifting toomany chances to the opposition. Waggy our best finisher before his injury plays out wide expected to drive by 2 sometimes 3 players befroe he can get a shot away!

    On top of all that the lack of plan B is frightening and Warbs has now become to obsessed with holding onto posession around the other teams box so he has some stats to talk about at the end! It simply isn't good enough. For a guy who has told us he prides himself in orginisation and getting things sorted early he sure has made a mess of putting a defence together and are now short of quality required(Senderos is one man, we need 3). So keep kidding yourself on fellow bears but the fact remains he hasn't built a complete solid unit since he has been at the club. What he has built is a team with heart and energy who can hurt teams but prefer to pass it around holding onto it to protect the defence or tactics that he has totally neglected! WATP

    • We are 3 games in chill out, tav has improved dramatically with his defending, yes the defense needs to greatly improve as a unit, but warburton has only been at the club for a season, and thes team have improved as a whole more things have been added to their game, more variety is being added if u watch closely, new things are being tried out some are working some arent. Really we just need to be patient and trust warburton because u forget he turned the team around. People need to stop being so negative like booing the team of at half time, absolute crap, call yourself supporters. Get behind the team dont put them down!

    • Yes I call myself a supporter perhaps moreso than you. I have been going to Rangers games since 1960 and I am calling it as I see it. It is nothing to do with 3 games in, it's about learning lessons and growing, which we are not!. Last year we lost too many silly games or goals by naive tactics, making subs at the wrong times and so on and we are still doing it! You talk about variety yet every team in Scotland now knows when and usually what sub is going to be brought on and sets out to counter it! We still pass the ball way to much around in needless areas. Where is the variety? you claim Tav has improved dramatically…in what area?? Certainly not as a RB or did you miss him getting tore apart for the goal at the weekend on Sunday as he did in the final against Hibs as he did against teams last year? Tav is good going forward but having a fullback at the corner flag time and time again then running back 90 yards and not being able to stay on his feet or put in a tackle is not good football management ESPECIALLY when we have one of the fastest wingers in the country and a strong RB languishing on the bench! We need to be patient till when? Warburton has made a pigs ear of our defence, which is still as vunerable as Ally McCoists defence was in the lower leagues and let me tell you, that has to take some doing!!

      Maybe you need to look back at Rangers teams on the past and see first and foremost we are built from a rock solid foundation at the back. The managers of old would be playing old pals act and be re-signing and rewarding guys for failure like Rob Keirnan. He would be out the door after the way he has played for Rangers! and they would not be playing football week in week out with one tactic that has now been fully understood clearly by every team we play! No one fears a team they know they can score against and no one fears a team that plays around too slow because they can simply get plenty of men behind the ball and stifle the game as we have seen more and more 6 months after the manager came in. If he can't switch it up or work a way out to change tactics that aren't working then believe me this whole banging at the door and trying to nick a winner will only last so long. Maybe a bit different if we had a really strong defence but as you know his defence is abymal and forever caught out as his defence was at Brentford. He isn't learning lessons, it's as simple as that! Great coach not a manager yet in my book! And one last thing, this whole thing about our style of play obviosuly leaves our defence exposed is nonsense….watch Rangers in the 90's when we played two up front, were a constant threat down the wings and STILL had a rock solid defence(yes not same calibre of player,but the tactics are there). WATP

    • Youth policy? The way Warb talked when he came in about youth and pathways to the first team is not the way he talks now about the youth now who barely get a mention! There is no pathway. Don't be suprised if you never see Walsh, Hardie, Murdoch, Thompson amongst others kick a ball in Rangers first team again. If they ain't good enough fair enough but if they have something then give them game time here like he did duds like Oduwa last year! He didn't trust the boys in the lower leagues enough to give them a shot and preferred English kids like the Lazy Oduwa or 3 yard wonder passer Zelelam. Jeez he said a few weeks ago our kids need to go to the English championship to gain experience then loans 3 out to the lower leagues in Scotland! enough said about that..

  23. We were always going to take time to settle. We won't win the league but we will improve. Couldn'tbelieve the half time booing. Keep the philosophy and continue to improve the quality of players through signings and youth policy (remember that?). Patience…WATP!

    • What youth policy?

      Apart from McKay there are no other youths pushing for a first team place.

      Note that Celtic started with 4 products of their youth academy in a CL match last week.

      We are light years away from that…..perhaps Donald Park's 7 year plan is more realistic, though by that time the Tims will be going for 13 IAR.

  24. I was at the game and this article is a ludicrously over the top reaction to what was, admittedly, a sluggish first half performance. Kranjcar transformed the game and created both goals, a beautiful top-spin pass to put Miller through for the first. No matter what players you have to call on it's never easy to break down a team which puts nine men behind the ball, just watch the highlights of Watford V Chelsea, a match the latter looked like losing until Fabregas came on to play the Kranjcar role. With Garner joining and Waghorn back, things should get a lot better on the attacking front : try to keep an eye on the wider front and remember the dross we were watching two years ago.

  25. Two points. Why do we wait till the second half to start upping the tempo and 3 games in and we are booing the team at half time. Shameful

  26. In both home games Rangers had the opportunity to take the lead,against Hamilton,Halliday from a fantastic pass by Kranjcar elected to shoot when Kenny Miller was unmarked in a better position and against Motherwell,Kenny Miller had a clear opportunity to give Rangers the lead,if these chances had been converted Rangers would not have struggled in these two games

    • That's just silly talk!! – They weren't converted were they? If Motherwell converted their 6 chances Warburton might be looking for a new job aswell…football doesn't work on what might have happened!

  27. Anon 11.48……spot on.

    Warbs is quoted on this or that and gives his opinion…give it a week or two and he completely contradicts his previous statement.
    By the time we go to Parkhead we could be a few points behind and needing a win just to stay in touch.

    Their pace going forward is frightening, imagine a Senderos/Hill centre back pairing trying to cope.

    Rodgers will have earned his salary if the Tims go through tomorrow night, their confidence will be sky high.
    CL monies will enable them to further strengthen if required, though I doubt if that will be necessary…..I can see them going through the season unbeaten in the league with us fighting with Hearts and Aberdeen for second best.
    Europa Cup prelims will be the best we can do but as we have zero coefficient in the UEFA table we will not be seeded so getting through the prelims will be a task in itself.
    It's not clear where the funds will come from post Xmas to keep the lights on.
    If we end up in court with SD and Puma King is treading a dangerous path but then as he has no skin in the game what has he to lose……….his reputation?

  28. If we are finding it tough now we will really struggle against the big teams. Season start has been kind to us accies, motherwell, dundee and Killie. All relegation fodder.

  29. I'm not sure about Warbs, he could be BS's us that he know what he is doing.

    Give it til October and you will see the team take shape, for then there will be no Hill, Baton, Miller and probably Sanderson as they will inevitably be out with long term injuries.?

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