Signing delay: Rangers target holding off for better deal elsewhere


Reports tonight have broken that Rangers’ transfer target Philippe Senderos is deliberately stalling over a deal despite agreement in principle including personal terms on the basis the Swiss international is holding off for a better offer elsewhere.

The Daily Express’s Bruce Archer tweeted tonight that Senderos is ‘waiting to see what he is offered elsewhere’ which basically confirms the reason for the hold up and why this signature has not been finalised.

It is of course the 31-year old ex-Milan and Arsenal stopper’s prerogative to get the best deal he can at this stage of his career, but it will disappoint Rangers fans who hoped to have a top class defender installed by this point in the window.

The ex-Valencia man is a free agent meaning negotiations can go on beyond tomorrow night, but this latest development does not bode well for the chances of this contract being pushed through.

We shall see.


    • He is useless anyway – he will get nothing elsewhere so the contract that has been put in front of him should be torn up and half the terms left for him if he wants them at 10 tonight.

  1. He must know that the finances are shaky especially after the verbal deal with Lescott was pulled by the Board.
    Probably had a look at his prospective CB partner for the Celtic game and decided that it was a step to far.
    When did he last kick a ball in earnest……….it must be months?

    Fed up getting messed about by these guys, first Lescott now Senderos.

    What's the odds Senderos will walk, Level 5 will fire out the usual failed fitness test or he didn't want to uproot his family with a move to Glasgow then next week we will be reading that he's signed up for the States or China.
    It's obvious that whoever is in charge of player negotiations hasn't a clue how things work.

  2. Like Warbs said: "we only want players that wants to play for Rangers", That said, I dont think it will matter a jot when we play the Savileers in a few weeks…

    • we only want players who want to play for us ??? like tim barton who spends his days on the huddle board get a grip son lets face it senderos is red rotten lets hope he finds another club

  3. He was made to feel the back up plan by us so I don't really blame him for playing hard to get, just hope it's a wee point he's making and he signs, then becomess a rock!!!!

  4. Don't want him anywhere near Ibrox……. I'd rather have one of our youngsters in…..wanting to play with hunger to suceed…….too many in now for pay a cheque …..

  5. Tell him to gtf….used the training complex for free for holding out?…he was a liability at Arsenal so do us all a favour and f@#k off ya useless cu#t

  6. I hope we don't sign him as he is injury prone check his sick record ,I don't think rangers will sign any 1,his priority should have been 2 centre half's, Clint Hill is passed it and Wilson n keiran are dodgy I feel rangers will get destroyed by celtic next week

  7. What does this say to future targets? Rangers can always be your last resort. At the last minute if need be. Sickening to watch. The whole scenario is pathetic. Wouldn't have hung around this long for Pogba never mind this dizzy fucker.

    • Alex, a bit of realism please brer. We are the dregs swirling around the ass end of the sump, getting blocked by all the sludge down there. Only ourselves to blame. You need to wake up Alex, they all fall about laughing when they see comments like yours. See the reality and live with it.

  8. No surprise, the Tages Anzeiger said a couple of days ago that the offer he got was "a joke" and they are not known for having any sense of humour.

  9. With a solid defense, you've 2/3 of a game won. No unproven Congolese Finn striker is a priority. McParland had a dodgy spell on the Liverpool transfer committee… look who they signed during his tenure! Only Luis Suarez can be classed as a downright success. This transfer window is finding the current recruitment team out. Anybody who has played for Arsenal, Valencia and A.C Milan is a top player. Get him signed before he clears off to China or somewhere obscure on an insane wage. By even attempting to sign Lescott, they looked a gift horse in the mouth. I don't blame Senderos if he walks away.

  10. Not so simple as offering more, these players are businessmen they have short careers. Consequently when they sign a three year contract the first thing the players accountant will do ESPECIALLY at a club like rangers is have the accountant give an opinion on the likelihood of that income stream being paid.
    Lescott & senderos are talking girls, they played together.
    I would not be surprised if lescotts backroom team decided the state of affairs at Ibrox is a tad risky for a players final contract.

  11. I to fear the worst when we play THEM, but it has little to do with this guy, for me any hesitation on his part and he should of been shown the door. I think his hesitation would be reflected by his desire on the pitch. We have a bigger squad than we did last term and yet for some reason our quality has gone down, im not sure that adding another misfit is the way forward. Lets get some cohesion and direction with the guys we have at the moment.

  12. Since the derisory offer for Scott Allen our transfer negotiations have been a shambles!! From the signing of MOH to Joe Garner and now the drawn out signing of Senderos, every signing takes a minimum 2 weeks to get over the line. MW states he prefers to get his signings in at start of summer yet we’re 4 games into the season and still struggling with the same defence that almost failed in the championship. Something need to change!!

  13. I can't understand with every agent in Europe punting players that we end up in this situation at the last moment waiting for a player who is showing no commitment.Centre backs should have been the top priority in this transfer window and it may be Warburton biggest mistake we will see.There is now more than a touch of the McCoist about our team old over the hill signings what happened to the philosophy of bringing in younger players developing them and selling them on.

  14. Basically gers only see him worth a certain amount n it a take it or leave it, this is a guy who only got a 6 month deal way grasshoppers n then they told him wer to go.personally his c.looks great bt I've never rated him. Bt gers did make a bit of a arse about it way lescott cumin up to sign after he had awready been there training n warbs cumin out n sayin we can only sign one n a deal was close way lescott so you can see the guys point.

  15. What's plan B Warbs? Move out Wags, not good enough. maybe it's now clearer how we could bankroll the Garner deal !!! Pathetic Rangers. King a disgrace. We sign a 17 yr old for the development squad when we need a recognised defender and to keep our top players.!!

    Feel like the fans have been let down.

  16. he was asked to see how lescott deal panned out so its not surprising. he was second choice. he isnt enough to right the wrongs with that defence anyway. the more i see it theres 4 poor defenders the gaffer didnt address the issus we had while strengthening the areas we were strong so its down to him.

  17. Is Waghorn going to Bristol City…is this how the Garner deal is to be paid for?

    Ffs that would leave us with Dodoo and a 37 yer old Kenny Milla as the strike force….ffs, what's going on?

  18. Wags and Tavs will stay, this is all Jabba deflection cos we are losing out on Senderos and LeScott and a cheap 17 year old thrown in as a cherry on top.

  19. Get him to fk ,we may need a defender bt not a half hearted signing ,think we may have signed a few foo many of them this season

  20. Great player and he will sort out the back line for sure i just hope we got the money to pay all there wages.

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