Should Rangers have signed Dominic Ball?


With confirmed news this morning that former loan Ranger Dominic Ball is to head to Alan Stubbs’ new gig in Rotherham, it spells the end finally of the rumours linking him back to Ibrox.

Some fans have reacted with great disappointment over the news, supporters who had eagerly wanted to see Ball return to Rangers’ colours, and as such his move to the English Championship was greeted with dismay by a significant portion of the fanbase.

But is ‘losing out’ on Ball really such a big deal?

Warburton himself was deliberately vague on the chances of signing the player, only saying:

“Dom’s one of many we’ve been linked with. The fact is Dom’s a very talented boy we know well, he settled in really well to the club, loved the city, performed well for Rangers last year so if that was an option for us we would move but it’s not as clear as the media might suggest.” 04/08/16

In other words, Mark Warburton seemed distinctly interested in signing Ball permanently, but for whatever reason it was not an option, which in itself could mean anything.

But is losing out on Ball really the end of the world? Truth is while Warburton was positive about Ball’s impact last season, that he could not displace either Wilson or Kiernan at the back and was in and out of midfield suggests strongly that he would have struggled even more deeply this season to get in the side.

He was never a bad player, albeit his display for Spurs pre-season against Juventus was the target of much ridicule, but compared with Joey Barton or Jordan Rossiter for that midfield slot, Rangers are arguably richer now anyway.

I will open it over to the readers though:

Would you have liked Rangers to permanently sign Dominic Ball?

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  1. He chose Rotherham (known down here in South Yorkshire as the Toytowners)over the mighty Gers. Whats that all about?

  2. Of the 50 possible games last year, he played in 30 of them. Certainly not a 'bit-part' player. I suspect (and yes, I know it's not going to be a popular reply) that the reason he's not signed up is a combination of wages and a transfer fee. Certainly MW seemed to want to keep him, if possible.

    • I agree, while I would like Dominic Ball to have signed, he is not yet the quality player we need at CB. Kiernan and Wilson are not up to it, Ball is very much on their level but I feel he can improve.

  3. Never instilled confidence in defense, was only when played as defensive midfielder that he settled but we have more than enough in that department now, no point adding to squad just because he was decent second half of last season,rather see a quality defender added who can command the air at set pieces. Would like to wish him the best but not playing for that prick

  4. Good player, but he made a decision not sure if we were ever in the running financially. Interested to see what he got

  5. Well done Rotherham, you have an average player on your hands now. Ball wouldn't have hacked in the SPL. Now I hope someone comes in for Halliday another average player, who will find it difficult in the SPL.

  6. He went for the money quite simple,
    He was never gonna get into the Spurs team with people like Deir in front of him
    So Rotherham offered him more cash & he went for it, & TBH Can you blame him?
    We cant compete with teams like that regardless of what Dave King says we are POOR!
    What happened to all teh 30/50M we were promised when he came in FK ALL!
    I for one am fed up with it!

  7. Did a great job in holding midfield role but looked poor when played CB.

    Would he get in ahead of Barton or Halliday? Not likely so he wouldn't play much. We need two signings (CB and CF) who can be starting 11 picks not squad men

  8. It would have required a fee so we were right out of it from the start. King doesn't do transfer fees.

  9. We need a tall (6' 3" minimum) dominant centre back who is extremely good in the air, and Dominic is not that – enough said! Who knows – 6' 4" Matt Crooks maybe the answer when he is match fit.

  10. What Rangers provide is a stage for players to perform and Ball did that last year. We can't compete with Celtic or even English clubs in monetary terms so we have to be shrewd with our business and trust McParland. Just look at Rossiter, Windass and Dodoo so far this year!!!

    Ball would've cost too much and we have Crooks who could be as good if not better.

    Absolutely no loss at all but would've added defensive cover.

  11. He chose another team. The lad knew he wouldn't compete with Barton and Rossiter or hasn't the confidence to do it. If it is the money that made Rotherham his choice his first home game might just make him ask " WTF have I done.' Especially if they get walloped. As far as his career is concerned he has Hibsed it.

  12. Something or someone is taking the piss , Warburton wanted him alright, he could have gone anywhere ,Stubbs is taking the piss, he knew alright.

  13. HE would have cost and wouldn't have the 'Value' factor Warbs is looking for. Strange thing for a manager to say, 'Quality', aye, value? Well if you spend £1m on a player, first team regular, keep him for 3 years and sell him for £5m, that's value surely.

  14. His best performances were in the holding role and with Barton, rossiter, crooks and Halliday we are more than covered in that area, good luck to the lad tho he served us well last season.

  15. When will you people wake up?! Firstly, stop criticising the Chairman whenever we miss out on a perceived signing target. He was nothing more than a name in the hat since the day he left anyway. The Board have stabilised our club from near distinction and invested millions of their own money to keep it running day to day. This money King spoke of was never promised purely as capital to buy players.
    Also, look at who he's brought in for next to nothing. You don't need to spend millions to find decent players who'll do a job at our current level.
    One more thing – as much as I'd love to stuff Celtic and everyone else this season, the reality is that a top 3 finish should be seen as a success, considering where we were this time last year. The media love to crank up the pressure where Rangers fans are concerned, and they're loving the frenzy of expectation they've created. Let's get some perspective and let the Board and Management carry on with the rebuilding job.

    • When was king voted chairman? He is a director of the holding company and a shareholder. He isn't even a director of the football club.

    • King taking past directors and Ashley to court, this could be soooo costly to us. Ashley will have his full legal team on this, we will have to match that plus another 3 ex Directors' counsel and actually Green may now qualify to have us pay his legal costs as it is a case on direct rangers business and not takeover nonsense.

  16. We need a defender who ll throw his body and head into dangerous situation who's tall and can defend n has pace, ball has no pace like Wilson that how we get caught out a lot. So glad we Neva signed him

  17. What's all the fuss about, Ball in a journeyman nothing more. Now young Bates is a better option, I predict this boy will be established CB before the end of this season, providing Rangers can persuade him to stay free January.

    • Enter your reply…Now you are talking anon.As I understand it this boy Bates is a very decent prospect.I too expect him to be playing this season,stood out against us last season in tight game we should have lost.

  18. Yes we should have,and king and co need to put money in to our club
    or move on out taking a good pay home and none have put in the money they said they would.

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