Report: Rangers offer one year deal to former Milan and Arsenal star


Rangers have this morning been linked with a move for former Arsenal and AC Milan centre half Philippe Senderos.

The 31 year old stopper has experience at the highest level, with plenty of time spent in the EPL, and Serie A with the Milan giants, and has also plied his trade in Spain with BBVA cracks Valencia.

Reports claim Rangers have offered the defender a one year deal, with the former Everton CB currently back in his homeland with Swiss giants Grasshoppers, but he is out of contract, only having signed with them for six months in January.

Reaction to the link has been mixed at best, with some fans disappointed Rangers are in the market for another aging defender, but then Warburton at this stage is possibly finding his options narrowing and in truth there are worse defenders out there than a Swiss international like Senderos.

As with all stories, we will see if this one has legs.


  1. Old fashioned style defender! Lacks pace but hopefully can add aerial presence defending set pieces.

    Regarding Burnley game… delighted we lost as it will give the players and management a kick up the arse to start finishing goal scoring opportunities and to switch on defensively. Have a feeling if we won we'd go into this week's training and the game 10% off the pace

  2. I sincerely hope not I have seen SenderDROSS play many a time & HE IS SHIT!! Surely we can get better than this useless fkwit!

  3. He's quicker than what we have and would sit nicely behind Crooks.
    He's defo out of contract so I prey this is true as he is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  4. Aw naw! we dodged a bullet in that bomb scare kolo toure was over the moon wen he signed for the manky mob n we re goin for another bomb scare. Don't do it warbs!!!

  5. Having lived in England for 35years & going to see Arsenal a lot I can remember Senderos & I honestly hope this is just a paper story, I know I know we need a defender but FFS this guy is no good, how he managed to keep his place at Arsenal was always beyond me. Why cant the boy crooks play in defence & if we are that desperate Dave get the chequebook out [god knows you have been promising it long enough[ & get Dom ball back

  6. Cant understand why people are so against this. This is our standard and player market. Granted he aint a superstar but he is a good solid defender and will do well for us. You dont play for Arsenal, AC Milan and Valencia if you are pish.

    • you can play for Arsenal & be pish Pascal Cygan, johan Djourro ?
      i watch Arsenal a lot & I tell you Senderos is P.I.S.H

    • As long as we're getting better with every signing surely that's what everyone wants going in the wright direction.
      After watching that mob last night brown might be spot on Aberdeen may be the closest rivals to Rangers!!!

    • I for one don't believe our defenders are below premier league standard of other teams ,yes our system exposes their weakness's and yes they are not 9 in a row winning standard bt lets give them a fkin chance ,they deserve it

  7. Robbie, you must have been watching Celtic TV on Wednesday night if you caught the game as Celtic refused BBC, STV and BT who wanted to televise it.
    I watched the game in my Celtic mate's gaff…………..have you any idea how much Astana had spent on their team?
    Did you know that last season they held the CL Runners up to a draw at home?
    Did you know that they were unbeaten at home in CL proper?
    They are miles clear in their home league and well into their season, the SPFL doesn't start till this weekend ffs!
    Rodgers wants 4 players in, 2 of those will be in by Monday, including £3m for Sinclair.
    We can't afford any transfer fees……..the course that King/Murray and the rest of our invisible board are leading us down with regards to SD and Puma could be fatal.
    I suspect that Puma and SD'S legal brains are far superior than those available, or affordable, to King.
    The new merchandise will be flying off the shelfs today.

    If King doesn't do a deal with SD and Puma the legal costs will bring us to our knees, sooner rather than later.

    • He…f'n…llooooooo. Have you not been paying attention, King has tried on several occasions to deal with that fat slime ball… no avail. When he travelled south to attempt to open dialogue that fat fkr served him with papers that tried to have King jailed !!

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