Rangers to announce new signing as another follows


Following Rangers’ hard-fought maiden SPL win on their return to the top flight at Dens Park last weekend, a feeling of moderately-increased optimism has undeniably been tangible among the supporters.

It is a far cry from league-winning expectancy, but there is a clear belief now Rangers can produce a credible Premiership campaign, showing grit and steel as they did against Paul Hartley’s men on their own patch to take all three points.

Buoyed by this, an accelerated transfer targeting strategy since Saturday has consequently pinpointed the final two slots in his squad that Mark Warburton has been keen to fill for some considerable time; a centre back and a striker.

As most Bears will know, Switzerland’s former Arsenal and Milan defender Philippe Senderos is currently going through his paces at Murray Park, a story brought to you some weeks ago here, while Preston North-End’s Joe Garner is reported to be bringing the finishing touches to his £1.75M move north from England’s League One.

From those two vacancies being itches Rangers just could not scratch, over the course of a few short days they may now be filled by a former EPL, Serie A and La Liga ‘veteran’ (he is only 31), and a highly-experienced 28 year old striker with a glut of matches under his belt at the highest levels of the Football League.

Reports are that Garner will complete his move today, with a medical to be carried out this afternoon then the formalities thereafter. Whether the deal will be announced today remains to be seen; but Rangers are getting a lion of a centre-forward, a striker who can absolutely score at this level, and who scored one of the finest goals in recent years with a stunning 25-yard volley against Rotherham.

His worth ethic is undoubted too – he will battle for every inch of grass, every ball, and he will become a big favourite at Ibrox; PNE fans are mostly disappointed to see him go, such was his popularity down there.

And the fee proves that the answer to this is yes; Rangers are indeed ready to make a million pound signing.

As for Senderos? World Cup and European Championships experience under his belt not to mention the best three leagues in Europe and the Champions League to boot. All before he has hit 32; for a Bosman, you could rarely find better than he. He will stroll over the SPL, with something to spare.

Philippe Senderos, Joey Barton and Niko Kranjcar.

Any Bear being asked at the start of the window if those three would be desirable signings would have ripped your arm off for them.


  1. Senderos was a great player until about 2012. He then just disappeared from our national team around then, amid mirth and derision from England supporters, and no one here is surprised he's a Bosman, My advice is not to expect too much.On a personal level though he's a really great guy.

    • Problem is he was a good prospect but never developed while other players passed him; actually not unlike Danny Wilson. Garner was prolific for two years in league 1 but the step up to the Championship last season saw him struggle with a return of 6 goals in over 40 games.

  2. Senderos will be immense for us defending set pieces.

    As for Garner…

    1. We won't see a return on the £1.5-£1.8 million quoted unless he delivers Champs league football.

    2. We already have O'Halloran, Dodoo, Miller, Waghorn, McKay, Forrester. 6 players for 3 positions. Not to mention Hardie currently on loan.

    And finally 3… now that we're starting to swing a ball into the box I would've liked to have seen a bit of a target man with an aerial and physical presence.

    All that said I still trust warbs and co

  3. Perhaps the last bit of your article would have been true if these players had been signed in their prime that having said I hope we have a fantastic season

    • Do you really realise where this club has been and how near to catastrophe we came. I for one dont want to go back to those times so a strong reality check is needed as to who we can afford to sign.

  4. I understand Lescott is being released by Aston Villa. He would do a great job for Rangers. Get him in.

    • I understand Lescott is an out and out balloon that should stay put.I hate Villa and glad they went down but he was shocking for them last season.What's that baldy afro all about?

    • RE: His hair
      When he was five years old, Lescott was struck by a car outside his primary school, suffering severe head injuries leaving scarring on his forehead and hairline.[4]

  5. At 6'3" Senderos would give us some aerial presence to defend corners/free-kicks which Kiernan & Wilson are totally incapable of. As regards Garner, our league is on a comparable level to English League 1 where he was quite prolific. Warbs does not intend to sign a 6'4" cent forward unless they're mobile and there's not too many of them about. Garner is a good header of the ball – timing of a run and quality of the cross is more important than the forward's height – Lafferty wasn't exactly prolific in the air!

  6. I live in Zurich but because I support the other team, I won't comment on Senderos spell with Grasshoppers. I just say he got only a six month contract and then was back on the outside.

    • Senderos was once a rising talent of whom big things were expected at Arsenal etc. Then it all went pear shaped. As well as a Bear I am also a Fulham fan and he was shocking for Fulham. I saw midgets outjump him (mainly because they jumped and he doesn't!). I hope I'm wrong

  7. See we're back to paying instalments for the Preston guy. Doesn't inspire much confidence. Will we be able to pay if we don't get into Europa?

    • That's nothin new, most clubs do that… Remember we still had to pay off jelavic when we were in the 3rd division, and we had already sold him for less than what we owed the season before.
      It's just the media down playing what we're spending, stupid Andy walker was saying yesterday that Aberdeen have more money to spend.. There budget is £450k and we've spent 1million so far on players (yes it's youth development fees at £250k each), so we're out spending everyone bar Celtic which is what we should expect… We could sign messi and the Scottish press would still have a negative comment over it

    • Very few deals are money up front. Every deal is done like that. If he plays well and does the business then we get a great player and they get the most about for him. Everybody wins. It's not a bad thing mate.

    • Stewart you are mostly right so I withdraw my comment. I still leave my question though and what the effect will be if we can't pay.

  8. majority of garners goals are from headers and great hold up player , cracking signing – senderos will be hit or miss but his presence at set pieces alone would breed confidence

  9. Seen garner play many times past 2 seasons, could do a good job for us but can be a little lazy and lightweight for a big guy. he could get us 20 goals in all tournaments this season for sure, I wouldn't expect more. If we lose Tavs we lose a lot of good crosses so it would be counterproductive to Garners arial ability. That's his best ability.
    I hope it's not just paper talk that inevitably fails as we cant agree terms.
    Garner and Sanderos will add £40-50k a week to the wage bill that's for sure hence I wonder if we will get both, especially as King doesn't do transfer fees.!!

    • Wrong. He is 188cm according to his page which works out at 6ft 2" in old money. He or Lescott would skoosh it in Scotland. Dedryck Boyata was far more hopeless in England and strolls it in Scotland (apart from when he gets scared during old firm games and has to go off)

  10. Can't wait to hear the teddy bears sing the Joey Garner song!

    "Oh Joey Garner, you are the love of my life. Oh Joey Garner, I'd let you shag my wife. Oh Joey Garner,I want ginger hair too"

  11. I think you will be surprised how good Gardener is in the air, the other advantage he has over Waggy is he is very two footed, unfortunately Wags makes it so easy for defenders as he is so one footed.

  12. Its good to have the experience but I am excited about the young boys Windhass and Rossiter for sure

  13. If the Garner payments are over 2 years and include CL add ons, Preston will tell us to take a hike.

    No one dealing with King and his board will be interested in a payment plan given the history of the previous club of which King and Murray were Directors.

    It appears that Hill has already been deemed not fit for purpose hence the need to get another CB in.

    Winding up Regan the Daily Radar is not very clever considering the club owes the SFA and SPFL the best part of £1m in fines and costs.

    Perhaps Regan will demand payment or threaten to throw us out of the Scottish Cup , with Donkey adding a points deduction in the SPFL.

    I'm just surprised it's not already happened.

  14. Why would King invest in Rangers, he is not the majority shareholder with 51%, he is not a director of the football club nor elected chairman of the owning business or the football club, just a director of the owning business as he failed the sfa fit and proper test… Why would King invest heavily in Rangers? All popular misnomers. Eye opener folks?

  15. What the f**k are you talking about….He didn't fail the test you muppet…at least know what your talking about before you jump on site and starting writing dross, you will be eating your words now I take it as a 1.8 million bid was accepted…wonder where the money is coming from??? Wow the unwashed that come on this site are so retarded it's unbelievable, I don't claim to be he smartest man but common sense is something we should have but evidently not….I for one am happy, garner possibly Lescott and sendeross, the future looks good bears, granted septic have spent a wee bit on Sinclair but he's one man, and that one man has finally found his level at Scottish football as not one premier league team or championship team put a bid in for him, not that Highley thought of now is he?? Like a said bears he's one man and one man doesn't win the league teams do and right now rangers are a family once again and that will give us the advantage over the unwashed once again. …no surrender watp

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