Rangers’ Rumour Mill on Deadline Day…


So here we are, the craziness of Deadline Day is now upon us and while nothing concrete has emerged, here is a step-by-step guide to everything flowing around Rangers’ Rumour Mill as we count down towards the end of the window.

Philippe Senderos.

After yesterday’s news that he was holding off for a better deal, it has further developed today that apparently something is being hoped for by the time of the Linfield friendly. The line from Ibrox is Rangers now hope to have this concluded by the time Rangers travel to Northern Ireland, with a slimmer hope that Senderos himself might be involved in said testimonial. It is turning into quite a saga.

Reece Brown.

This ex-Bury defender is 24 and currently a free agent; some have linked him with a trip north, with the usual Watford connection thrown in there for good measure. It is probably nothing, but Warburton is definitely keen to get in at least one new CB and surely the Magic Hat is scouring hard and wide.

Nathan Cameron.

Another Bury man, this time he is still with the Shakers. Also 24, his name has risen this morning linked with a transfer to Ibrox, and word is he is a big strong no-nonsense defender who would dominate the back line.

Kyle Lafferty.

Yup, this ‘ol name cropped up again, as always. Almost certainly going to Cardiff instead, but he has been connected with coming back to Ibrox for months now. He will probably still be getting linked when he is drawing his pension.

If you know of more, hit up the comments, guys and gals.


  1. we are the darkside celtic are so far in the ;light its unreal these pish players were linkied with from fucking bury and they are talking of signing hernanes and mcarthy which could turn out false hope for them but our club dont need bury centre backs theres a reason they dont want him!….i seriously dont think i can watch the next derby match i fear the worst i hate to admit it and alot of yous will also but they have extreme fire power going forward and kris boyd had a feild day

  2. Josh Meekings (unless it's a bad Twitter joke)
    and the other is Balatoni (shocking player – released by Partick)

  3. That one was trotted out in January as well HB.F**k them anywiy. I don't think we'll be getting anybody in tbh.My biggest worry is the apparent faith W has in Keirnan,he's even tipped him for a top EPL side in the near future?!! Even if we get anyone of these boys mentioned, he's still going to play Keirnan.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right enough.

  4. Just a quick comment to all the celtic fans who are regular contributors to many subjects related to Rangers for what ever perverse reasons. We have all been aware of your feelings regarding any sort of tax evasion scheme's so I am sure you will be disgusted at the Irish government getting into bed with apple on a tax evasion scheme of biblical proportions. Iam sure you will be burning your flags as iam writing this and throwing your apple products in the bin (you probably stole them anyway) as we all know celtic fans would never want to be labelled as hypocrites

    • Last I checked Celtic were a Scottish team, always have been, always will be. Countries all over the world do tax deals to attract big businesses and jobs, even Scotland. Global organisations need Global governance. Some of the biggest tax havens in the world are British owned with often Government ministers using those loopholes including the ex prime minister and his family. Don't give out half a story.

    • Hector, first of all I'd suggest you either get yourself a spell checker or try to go back to school.Funny feeling if the shoe is on the other foot, isn't it? I'll be sitting back, enjoying your struggle to scrape thirteen billion pounds together. Perhaps you should be demoted to the bottom tier, you'd be in good
      company there. Doubt you'd get yourselves back up as skilled and dignified as we did.
      Good luck trying.

    • Nothing wrong with Tax deals and indeed Ireland did a number of deals that were good for their Economy and good for the Companies doing the deal. Just another example of the double dealing of the EEC. Now they are having a go at the ROI while they turn a blind eye to the dodgy fishing deals done by France, dodgy Business Write offs perpetrated in Spain and various deals done in Germany to bolster its steal industry! I have no time for Celtic and wouldn't pour water on the Green Brigade if they were on fire but I say well done to the ROI for the way that they brought jobs to their country! It is about time that the UK put its people first!!!

    • Ok Dark venture genius, what exactly did Hector misspell?

      "shoe on the other foot"? Enjoying some struggle scraping £13B together? "Demoted to the bottom tier"?

      Ok so it was £11B for starters ordered by the European Commission for Ireland to recoup from Apple.

      Regards Hector recouping monies, shoe on the other foot etc. I guess the poster may not have been Hector the fictional tax man 🙂 He may just have been a normal Joe Bloggs poster and not sure what the Irish 'Hector' equivalent is.

      Now the point on Demotion to bottom tier, is that Hector or Apple or the Irish government or the European Commission? Do you understand how stupid that statement reads?

      Alas the point on skilled and dignified makes me wonder if you may be yanking poor old hector's chain as Nobody can really be as thick as that post portrays, could they?? Answers on a postcard to Hector the spectre, C/o (That means Care Of incase you were wondering DV), HMRC Services, GB.

      –I tried not to use any big words for you above DV.

    • Hector give us all peace and Tom Anderson for f*ck sake son they do well out tax breaks but then need a bail out that Britain (including Scotland) has to help Europe bail them out!!! Nonsense how they take business opportunities, jobs and money to the economy out of the U.K so they can set up camp in Ireland, all so they can be part of the U.K. market! And finally just to top it off its bollocks how the Irish don't pay any PAYE they pay the equivelant to double tax on purchases so when the Irish travel ther money is worth more and when we go there including our friends north of the Irish boarder pay an extra tax on purchases as our wages have already been taxed as we earned. I suppose for a plastic paddy you think that's ok Tom? Obviously your mind is warped with all that inbreeding!

    • Whoz this hector protector!!!the Rangers obsessed Celtic fans are out in force on here wits the point? Is it a quiet night doon the old pineapple? Your sister knocked you back again? Nothing better to do than follow the Glasgow Rangers…

  5. Ha was thinking the same myself. No doubt they will all be on here justifying it. The whole point being none of us would pay more if we were told it was legal to pay less. Trouble is most tims have never paid tax just lived off taxpayers

  6. Senderos has signed a one year contract ……..another 30 something lump of wood who will need to be replaced next season along with half the squad.

    Whose in charge of the signing policy………Paul Murray?

  7. What we need is a CH that can defend and score a few goals with his head. There must be one or two playing in Scotland.

  8. Senderos has less than 2 weeks to get match fit……whose kidding who.

    The Celtic attack will rag doll our defence with Senderos alongside Kiernan or Wilson.

    Griff, Forest, Dembele, Sinclair and Roberts will think Xmas has come early.

    King has fooled the support and Warburton ' s tactics and judgement have to be questioned in each of the 4 league games played.

    Probably 7 points behind very soon with Aberdeen away to follow.

    The Tims will have the league sewn up by Xmas, 6 IAR and with the CL millions to freshen up the team in January if required…..me likely in prep for next season's CL qualifiers.

    We are light years behind them and if a real billionaire doesn't materialise nothing is going to change.

    The ST monies run out in January, then we have another 4 months before next season's monies come in and nobody knows how the shortfall will be addressed.

    There is no one at the club with experience of running a football club.

    Lawwell has gone to the UEFA meeting and came back with a deal that is great ………for Celtic and no other Scottish club.
    Has our club made any response to this……..no they have not. If we ever win the league again , and that's a serious big if, we would go into the CL qualifiers with zero coefficient and get pumped in the first qualifying round by a seeded team….it's feckin outrageous that not one of the numpties on our board has anything to see.

    If we come away from the East End having shipped 3 goals I will be delighted but I fear the worst, their pace up front is going to expose our shit defence big time.

    • More Celtic fans c'mon boys wits up way u has the huddle board banned you for fiddling? But not reported it to the police! Don't worry it would b just like them to let you back on soon enough…. Would be just like them!!! Big jock most certainly knew

  9. What's the Irish government and Apple got in common with the 2 tax evasion schemes introduced by SDM, bless?
    10 years and more of financial doping. Every one of the beneficiaries have been served with a demand notice from HMRC AND are facing payments of hundreds of thousands of pounds and thankfully SDM has the biggest bill of all, around £10m.

    Perhaps some of those valuable assets that were kept within the family when MIM was liquidated will need to be sold to meet the bill ?

  10. "I had a lot of offers, but once I knew Rangers were interested, there was only one club I wanted to join."
    Wait for it…

  11. Explain 10 year of financial doping ya tool! Tried to ask the same thing to a Tim on that Rangers Banter site,but this wank Ed007 on the tarrier site got me sine died from the Gers page!!He's got his clique a ass munchers on there,happy birthday Ed all that pish. Its actually nauseating! Ed this Ed that,nuggit! I digress,I never thought we'd bring anyone in but I think Senderos will smash it. Just a feeling. What do you think Ed? Sook, sluuurp, parp, honk!

  12. When did Senderos last play a competitive match?

    He's strung us along to the last day of the window and finally signed on when it became obvious no one else was interested…….one year deal, says it all.

    Griffiths will be going past him as if he wasn't there…….ffs Grasshoppers couldn't get rid of him quickly enough.

    • You should comment on your own team at the other end of Glasgow, as this is a Rangers site. I for one am not the least bit interested in your team apart from their results, as we play in the same league now.

  13. Senderos has played 30 league games in total in the last 3 years, 14 of these were for Grasshoppers where he picked up 6 bookings…..apparently when exposed to pace his tactic is to grab the opponent.

  14. Anon 18.43

    I had lots of offers……….from whom, more feckin lies.

    Does he realise that his one year contract only attracts payment for 48 weeks of the year………….Lescott certainly did.

  15. "Lawwell has gone to the UEFA meeting and came back with a deal that is great ………for Celtic and no other Scottish club."

    — Wow Lawell has some influence with UEFA, what total tosh!!!!

    • He was there with Doncaster……..have you even read what was discussed and the changes that are to be implemented?

      No……didn't think so.

      If Rangers ever win the SPFL again, big if, they will go into the first qualifying round with zero coefficient and probably facing a seeded team. This will apply to any other Scottish team in the unlikely event that someone other than Celtic wins the league.
      Celtic currently sit 45th in the UEFA coefficient list and have been seeded over the last few years.
      Their coefficient will be improved as one of the changes will see previous winners have their coefficient boosted. In future teams will also stand on their own coefficient therefore will not be dragged down if other teams from their country do not perform.

      Celtic will therefore remain seeded for the next few years at least which gives them a chance of qualification.

      Do you think Rangers, Aberdeen or Hearts can go through 3 qualifying rounds each of which will be against a seeded team……..me neither.

    • And Doncaster influenced UEFA to make those changes for Lawell and Celtic's benefit? LMAO..

      Celtic need to stop cheating by winning the league, boosting their co-efficient for the CL, it's just no fair and that big cup win in 67, they should be stripped of that too..

    • Quite right mate, the rumours of tax dodging payments to the players in 1967 were rife at the time.

      Perhaps the Taig run HMRC would be better employed chasing up the Lions rather than sending demands to our former players who were EBT beneficiaries.

      Our former Chairman, a knight of the realm, would never have been involved in tax evasion otherwise he would never have paid himself £6m from the scheme.
      He even sold himself short by invoicing the club a reduced consultancy fee of £500k per year for his advice given to the players who were beneficiaries.

      I doubt if he has heard the last of his EBT expertise………….ask any of the former players who are facing financial ruin as a result of SDM ' S advice.

  16. I fear Senderos will take a few months to get up to match fitness. How Warbs get's him there will be interesting, throw him in at the deep end, give him latter parts of games? Trouble is it's not a position you really want to change in crucial game IMO…

    • A very sound post !
      This looks like something of a desperation signing as the defensive frailties are well known yet nothing really positive done about it and it could cost the team dearly.

  17. Yep throw him in at Parkhead, his pace will be required against their front players.

    Any other combination of Hill/Kiernan/Wilson doesn't bare thinking about.

    Would take a two goal beating now.

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