Rangers receive £2.5M bid for star player?


Rangers have this morning been heavily linked with having reportedly received a hefty £2.5M bid for star defender James Tavernier from Turkish giants Trabzonspor.

The Süper Lig outfit were outfitted well enough in RB with Luis Pedro Cavanda slotting there but he since switched to their rivals Galatasaray and with Tavernier signing an extension the English flying full back now has real monetary value on his head.

However, Tav is deemed critical to Mark Warburton’s Rangers system, and although Rangers have a Northern Ireland international in Lee Hodson also perfect for that slot, it could provide funds for the desperately-needed defender and striker Rangers are actively seeking.

£2.5M given he cost £250,000 would represent a fine profit, and would enhance the team if the right players came in for that cash, but is Warburton willing to lose one of his star men to improve the team as a whole?

We shall see.


  1. If we were offered a 1/5th of that for Tavs we should take it. The guy is no defender and he will struggle defensively and in scoring in a league of full time teams. If this was remotely true King would be at the Turks door right now. More paper nonsense. Jabba biggin' up the story.

    • I agree that he should be sold, not for 500k but certainly anything north of £1m would be very useful for bringing in reinforcements, Hodson is there as a replacement already and there is a danger that a year in the SPL could see his valuation drop – if it is indeed £2.5m then get it done now – that would be serious reinforcements given it is a few times the outlay already this summer.

      No-one is getting near Celtic this season but European football is a must to continue upgrading the personnel and this deal would represent an acceleration in proceedings.

    • If you think tav is our most important player you must be blind he cant defend and latley struggled tae go passed players he will struggle this year in the top flight as he doesnt get back quick enough and leaves the defence wide open

  2. A squirrel that will likely be put out to deflect from the fact that we are not getting any new players through any time soon BUT Warbs can now come out and say Tavs is not for sale at any price… It's how the PR game is played via Jabba's company.

    • Filled Field ,once again nothing constructive to say looks like these lads on here are on a much higher intellect than you , if you need to use beads to count , pretty sad really

  3. Don't do it get stability into squad still building for future.When is Waghorn going to sign his extension to show he wants to stay. Its only our first year back

  4. NL at Hibs out a 5 million on the head of Cummings. We should be looking to get more for our players also. 2.5 is nothing nowadays. I like Tav and hope we keep him. If we have to sell then put a 6,000,000 for him.

  5. Riccardo Carvalho released by Monaco. Played at Euros for Portugal. Good for a season or two in Scotland.

    I know ideally we want younger than 36 year old but we don't have European scouts to find them and we can't afford them in England so why not push the boat out for Carvalho…

  6. OOOOOOFFFT,,, tough one,,, on one hand, he is not the best defender,,on the other, best goal threat we have,, If offered 4 million,,its a no brainer,, 2.5 million is a bit cheap,, but goes to show,, Warbs knows his business, well done mate,

  7. A lot depends on what Tavernier can do in the SPL but his goals tally for rangers last season was better than most strikers in Scotland. At a time when nondescript players can be sold for three times that amount by our rivals it would be disgraceful if Tavernier was allowed to leave for such a pittance.
    That said, nothing would surprise me with Dave King in charge. He is another 'moonbeams' man, like Murray. At a time when his promised £30m should be ushered into the club we are hit with stories about 'bids for players'. We know what will come next. Tavernier will stay but the much needed centre back and striker will not arrive.

  8. lets take the cash as DK isnt gonna give us it,
    So if it is made PUBLIC in the papers that we get £2.5 mill for Tave
    then at least DK cant say he needs it for other things
    & hopefully let Warbs spend it on another player,
    All this is conjecture though as we dont really know if the story to be true
    Asyou say "we shall see"

  9. I hope it is true, I like TAV but we can do with the money for a CB.

    Also I am getting fed up with King not spending proper money, is it just me or is he full of sh*te,
    What happened to all the millions he was gonna spend,
    If the darkside can spend £2m on Scott Sinclair surely King can lay his hands on that sorta money?

    • It's not just you…he is full of shit, just read his latest ramblings.

      Celtic spent £3.5m on Sinclair, that amounts to nearly 20% of our last reported audited annual revenue.

      No Nomad, no share issue, no investment……it's the fans ST monies and Club 1872 contributions that are keeping the lights on.

      If SD and Puma come after King for breach of contract we are well and truly goosed again………well done Dave!

    • Why do you say 'if celtic spend money then surely rangers can too'? As if their finances are linked?

      Rangers have no money, they've earned very little over the last 4 years so how can you expect any different?

      As for King as an individual, he was guilty of very serious financial crime in SA and the understandng is that he isn't allowed to remove money from the country. So he doesn't have money in the UK – even if he wasn't a chancer and genuinely wanted to invest, he simply can't.

      Look at the last year or so…what has he actually done? How are rangers better with him involved?
      No money, no investment, no youth, no scouts, no stadium repairs, no IP, no alternative income streams, no lucrative tours.

      Where is the money going to come from?

  10. Do not trust King???? Are you nuts? How much money has been invested behind the scene? Rangers were front page for all the wrong reasons until King came in and put a steady hand on the Tiller. Yes we have not paid much at all for any player, but I'm loving the brand of football I am seeing at Ibrox these days. Wages do not grow on tres and King as well as getting the infrastructure correct will be using money to pay these guys. We may not be a decent force in Europe for the next ten years, but at least we are slowly building for the future. King seems to get a hard time for not splashing millions on players, utter rubbish……..tore Andre Flo???? Wake up my friend and appreciate we are in a far better place than we have been for awhile.

    With regards Tav, I do not want him to leave, he is worth more to us by staying for this season and allowing Warburton time to find an equal for next season.


    • Iain, King has not invested a single penny 'behind the scenes'. He is getting a hard time because he came along and said the things that the fans wanted to hear, but it's now apparent that he is doing nothing that was promised.

      Why do you say/think he's invested a lot? He's not done a thing financially.

  11. Too early in the season so no sale. It's a non story. Anyhow, who would want to go to Turkey in these times?!
    The players are people, not turkeys. He's happy here, we are too. Non story…

  12. King will drive him to Turkey if there is a £2.5m bid on the table……..I would take that with a pinch of salt,

  13. Personally rangers should bite there hand off for that if it is true,he is not a right back,attacking he is superb but defence fly he is terrible,if he stays in scotland he will be tested to the tilt ,2.million for a player who shines against part timers

  14. £2.5m for a right back, take it immediately. The fans love his attacking flare and he holds the record at Rangers for goals scored by a full back in one season, BUT only one ahead of John Greig. That aside he has defensive frailties and we have an excellent replacement already at the club. Take the money and let Warburton invest it in a recognised centre forward and a decent defender. Its economics.

  15. Flog him and move on. He was good for last season,but I don't know about this one. He's not worth that amount of money, so let's take it.

  16. Tav has just extended his contract therefore he is going nowhere unless silly money is offered.. circa £5M

    The King situation has been exposed somewhat with Rangers taking Bates 19yrs old) on loan from Raith Rovers…..it's not normal practice to take a player from a lesser club…normally you just buy him….however Bates would command a circa £500k development transfer fee, which we can't afford…..strange he was on the bench straight away against Peterhead on Tuesday?? So that makes me think the magic hat rates him but not being allowed to buy him….
    King talks about the January window for more signings…..that may be too late for this season! WATP

  17. I've heard that Arsenal are keeping their eyes on Tav. A defender who can't defend is high up on their priority list. £5m being spoken about.

  18. Bullshit story ,imo great attacking player ,those who critise defensive capability should realise he plays to his strengths

  19. 14 goals fuck knows how many assist from a rb for 2.5m bid yeh it's Scottish football but for me stick the £ and keep tav he can only improve in his defensive side maybe not chip in with as many goals if he's to sit deeper but he's deffo a keeper for me . WATP

  20. Or maybe they see plenty of potential in the boy bates but rather than spend hard cash they want to see if he can handle the pressure that comes with being a Rangers player maybe that what they done way billy King as well bt didn't fancy him after the loan so they parted ways with parting a wasting money which happens to often, if this is the case smart business in my opinion by warbs and co.

  21. If this is right then king will sell,it will be £250.000 more like/ but keep him and he will become a great player worth 5x that £2.5M you can bank on that.

  22. With his attacking flare,5 mill look at his assists,and goals broke jardines record,promotion , cup win….quite a season still very young need to keep him

  23. Keep him at Ibrox. His worth will increase. One good season for Rangers and we will receive a bid over 12.000.000!!!

  24. Hey if king lets him go then fuck it,more need to put money in the club that he king said he would do,keep our best and get rid of rubbish.
    It is time for king and co to put up or move out

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