Rangers move in on million pound striker?

Rangers move in on million pound striker?

Tonight reports have broken claiming Rangers are closing in on a permanent signing for Preston North End’s Joe Garner.

The 28 year old striker has been linked with Rangers for some time, but a national publication, which did accurately break the Clint Hill story, has now claimed Rangers have moved significantly closer to the prolific front man with a financial package on the table.

The former Blackburn Rovers attacker is said to be valued at £3M by some outlets, but the latest claims suggest £1M will be enough to prise him away from The Lilywhites and the English Championship.

In truth these reports seem a little implausible, but then so did Joey Barton and Niko Kranjcar.

At a just over one in three ratio for PNE, Garner would be an outstanding addition if McParland was able to secure it, but it would be a shock to see Rangers spending that kind of cash on him.

Time will tell.

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  1. With respect are you being serious. King won't spend money like that. He wants Warbs to challenge them but won't give him any money. We need to get real, Its going to be a long hard season without investment and King is providing buttons.

    • Without investment? By that, I take it Barton Rossiter etc etc, are playing for free? Just because we did not pay a transfer fee for players does not mean there has been no investment. I'm getting concerned about fans perceived ideas as to exactly what investment means!


    • Well said Iain. Some of the people here are as thick as mince, that's the biggest problem I see going forward.

  2. Dont understand why it would be a shock, for rangers to spend 1 million on a transfer fee. There is money available if required.

  3. Only thing with this is you give him a 3-4 year deal wats he goin to b worth at 30-31 years old for resale might manage to squeeze a million pound out a championship club down south but ther will b no profit on the other hand if you get Cummings for £500k to a £1mil at his age he ll increase in value makes more sense to me.

    • Hibs rejected a 1.7 million pound bid for cummings. No great value, if we were to sign him for north of 2 million.

  4. There is no chance Lemmon will sell to us, the Cummings idea is a dead duck. I'd like to see a big striker with a physical presence in the air.

  5. I think if Warbs asked for the money King would give it to him. Warbs has done VERY good in the transfer market so far so let's just wait and see what he pulls out of the magic hat!!!!

  6. Keirnan and Wilson back for Dundee match, will Warburton never learn. Looks like we are in for another disappointing day.

  7. Continued investment in ibrox is costing money functin suites etc. As is the running of the club. We're short on cash but money has been Invested, Barton is on 20k a week ffs. We all wanted that to happen and thats what it costs! Stop moaning about it.

    As for football – another set piece, another goal. They had 2 chances we gifted them a goal. The CBs are murder Kiernan hasnt a clue how to defend. Its drop kiernan or the seasons a dud!!!!

  8. What does this guy offer that we haven't already got with Waghorn, Miller, Dodoo, O Halloran etc…? He's barely 6 foot tall and scoring record was poor last year.

    If we are not going to sign a powerful striker to provide a different option then why do we need another one?

    • Very strong and very good in the air. Lets face it Kenny is getting on so 3 good options up front would be great, If Tav is gone for 2.5M well that could fund this deal for 1M and have 1.5M for a CH to play with Crooks when hes fit with Hodson at RB. Also I think big Davie & Mark likes the look of that Bates we have on loan.
      Soon as our defense is sorted we will play a higher line and that will help our game. Were nearly there just a few things to iron out!!!

  9. That other team now 1 pt behind gers just so they could make money and get humped by Inter ,

    2 games in and we are top of the league


  10. To the the fellas that claimed bears are thick that are worried about lack of investment ,I think the facts are that rangers let 8 players go this year and brought in 9 ,Allen wing that the new players may be on a few grand a week more than some of those who left then iit is a fact that investment in players has been limited esp given me kings previous statements ,having said that I'm content in how we are conducting our business

  11. £1M for the Preston striker?

    Warbs has leaked the story to the media as King has blocked the move on two counts…………there are no funds available and the wage bill would need to be reduced before any further additions.
    For those banging on about signing a no nonsense centre half………..what is Clint Hill tge?

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