Rangers’ fan poll: will you buy a Rangers shirt?

Rangers’ fan poll: will you buy a Rangers shirt?

With various rumours kicking in that Rangers’ 16/17 shirt will go on sale at Greaves and Sports Direct tomorrow, the taboo topic of buying one rears its ugly head again.

As most Bears will know, Rangers Retail retain the rights on Rangers’ shirts – that is, Mike Ashley. His contractually-agreed Rangers’ merchandise company, created amidst the backdrop of the darker days of his crawl into Rangers’ boardroom may have lost its partnership with Rangers, but he still makes 99% profit on every shirt sold, whoever sells it, with Rangers pocketing a measly 18p.

Hence the subject of buying the shirt is as divisive a topic among the Rangers support as any in recent memory.

Rangers fans, naturally, want to buy the shirt, as they always want to buy their club top. But with the knowledge the cash outlay goes into Mike Ashley’s pocket rather than Rangers’, caution has been the name of the game as far as investing in the next kit goes.

Some fans think ‘to hell with the protocol’ and just want to buy the kit, not caring who the money ends up at, while others refuse to fill SD pockets with their cash and will not purchase a top unless the Club gives the ok to do so.

It really is quite a pickle.

So, I put it over to you guys; will you buy a shirt, or not?

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  1. Have not bought a new top for a few seasons now due to the SD/Mike Ashley robbing the club blind and will continue to boycott them until Rangers get a fair deal!!!

  2. Would love to buy it for me and kids but as its lining fat boys pocket no chance although feel sorry for the kids

  3. Would like to buy it especially for my kids who want to show who they support but while the money is lining fat boys pocket no chance

  4. I just wish Mike Ashley would do one and just leave our club alone but that's not to be so Mr King where and when can we be like all the other top teams and buy a shirt

  5. Anyone who would buy a top a give money to someone who is killing our club hasn't got the clubs best interests at heart, all they do is reward a fat man for crooked tactics that benefits nobody but him.

  6. I would like adults to boycott but think for kids it's a little different. To build the loyalty of the next generation I'd rather they ran about in a Rangers top than an EPL one for example.

  7. once again the seem powerless to stop ashley seems to be able to do what he wants because our hands are tied

  8. only when the club says it is ok to buy then i'll buy but that sick fat dick is not getting a penny from me

    • I agree get rid of Puma but I think the top itself is dead on?
      After all its a Rangers top mucker!!
      Would look better with a Nike Swoosh mind U*

    • Maybe I'm just a traditionalist but the Umbro plain blue with Tennent's small sponsor is the best kit since the adidas days. Puma is aligned with S.D also get them tae f##k.

  9. i always want to buy the new seasons top, but i have not bought one for a couple of years now, as i refuse to line that fat twats pockets with any of my money until he gives rangers a better deal.

  10. I will not buy a shirt until a better deal is agreed by the club. I believe that all supporters should buy shirts from The Lion Brand – with money going back into the club until it is sorted. The new 20016 range looks great as well – just ordered one for my son.

  11. No, won't be buying a rangers product until that fat money grabbing bastard is still in our club watp

  12. Who the fuck is the 7% unconditionally?? Seriously!! Why don't you get Llambias or Easdale on the back when u by it. Clowns honestly. That fat cockney rat needs ousting

  13. No chance. And like others have said, let's get rid of Puma while we're at it. Adidas would do nicely. I'd like to see us bin the 5 stars too. Always preferred the RFC logo on it's own.

  14. Not a chance!! Should be as simple as that if you are a real gers fan n if anyone is seen wearing one while lining fat boys pocket shud b booed at whether it be in the street. On the subway,outside the ground,in the ground , in a pub make it knowing they've not got clubs best interests. So all true blues get them booed!!! WATP

  15. Would buy a similar top in white or orange or something with instead of the sponsor says something like 100% Bear. Is there anything to stop the club from producing such a thing?

  16. Y doesn't the club give right to club 1872 to use crest on a top made by them like Rangers first did but using official badge n profits go to club

  17. Yeah I will be getting one as soon as I can. Hopefully before Saturday to have it for the game. Buzzin.

  18. Surely there must be a way round this, LIcence Club 1872 to make one.
    Also if we buy other stuff from say the megastore, books DVDs etc, Does he get money for that or is it just the shirts?

  19. Never mind doing a poll let's start a world wide petition to boycott sports direct and PUMA products . Let the gers family all over the world have a voice . Start a united petition sign and share.

  20. Not a hope in hell will I buy the new top, when the club are making pennies on it. The club if they can should bring there own shirt out for the supporters, and make money for the club at the same time.

  21. Not a chance as long as that fat cat gets more than the club. Ffs if he would just talk to the Rangers board they could surely come up with a solution that suits all parties.

  22. Blame it all on GREEN – how much of a backhander did he get for that deal. Who representing a club could agree to such a deal – criminal to have given such a deal. Legal agreement – how could it have passed any law?

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