If you were Mark Warburton, what would YOU do?


With criticism of Mark Warburton emerging more frequently among Rangers fans now, what would we fans do differently? Ibroxnoise’s Richard Fillingham suggests a few observations and possible solutions to Rangers’ present woes. Do you agree with his comments? What would you do differently?

To begin with, it is imperative that our manager finds an alternative way to play in the Premiership on our first season back. Playing the same way in every match simply makes the tactics predictable, giving our opponents a distinct advantage.

Q. What is Rangers’ greatest weakness?

A. Woeful defending.

Reason: Any two from the three centre backs we have signed, Kiernan, Wilson and Hill, are not good enough to stop teams scoring.

Solutions: Sign a tried and tested tall centre half (Senderos or better player if possible), or play three at the back to reduce the opposition’s penetration chances and to eliminate cross ball danger. A ‘sweeper keeper’ would help with balls over the centre backs’ heads, as preached by Pep Guardiola of Manchester City.

Q. How many goals do we have to score to win a game?

A. At this moment in time, the answer is 2.

Reason: In the four league games, every team has beaten our goalkeeper once, therefore, we have to score twice to win.

Solution: Play a flexible 3–3-1–3 system. This will make Rangers far harder to beat by playing three at the back preventing teams from scoring easy goals. Three in midfield (two wing backs & two holding players), one in the hole (Kranjcar or Windass), and three up front (Forrester or O’Halloran – Dodoo or Garner, McKay or Dodoo).

This line up is not defensive, with Tavernier and Wallace as attacking wing-backs, whilst performing their full back duties. This new system gives four or six defenders and four or six attackers, depending on which team has the ball.

Implementing the so-called ‘plan B’ from this, we could possibly turn a setback into a comeback!

Q. What is Rangers’ remaining weakness?

A. Lack of penetration when they face a packed defence.


Pass the ball quicker from back to midfield, from midfield to front, and shoot faster than we are at present. There is little difference between chumps and champs.

Of course it is easy to write and much harder to achieve, remember actions speak louder than coaches!

What do you think? Any of this feasible? What are your suggestions? Or do you trust Warbs to figure it out himself?


  1. I think the season has just started the team is still finding it's feet.We are to quick to jump on the band wagon and listen to a press that is constantly against us stick with the team and see where we are at Christmas then judge.This is a time to get behind the team think where we were to where we are now let's not panic yet trust the manager he deserves a chance.

    • The press built this rangers team up to be something it is not, build up prospective owners to be something they were not ( are not),
      Most of them are compliant in rangers liquidation by failing to report properly on the dangers the club faced, even now Rangers are getting an easy ride, but at least this time the fans can see the problems

  2. Really? Is that how easy it is Richard? Complete nonsense, With little support from a board who fail to invest in a sustainable long term plan, there are no quick fixes.
    This need to win the PL now is driving the wrong type of investment. It smacks of desperation to keep up with Celtic who are in a different world in terms of income. This will go down as another season lost in terms of rebuilding. There are no long term signings, no vision, no business plan or strategy.
    The fans have done their bit for 5 years and let down by dreadful decision making and wasteful investment driven by a desperate need for success.

    Does anyone honestly see the recent signings being around any longer than a season? No…what does that tell you?

    Root cause of continued poor performances is not down to MB it is down to the custodians who do not know how to run a football club.

    • Recent signing NEED to be around more than a season as Warbs has the likes of Barton and Nico on 2 year deals on big money.
      Crooks and Windass on 3 years and in this day and age O'Hallow an (the one trick pony) is on a 4.5 year deal and cost 500 Dodoo on 3 year Gilks 2
      So they will be there or we're f***** as we'd need to pay them off or sell.

    • "No long term signings, no vision, no business plan" are you taking the p#ss. Foderingham, Wilson, Hodson , Halliday and Tavernier 24, Kiernan, O'Hallorn and Forrester 25, Holt 23, , Waghorn 26, Windass and Crooks 22, , Dodoo 21, Garner 28, Thompson and Rossiter 19 all for around 4 million. These are payers who will hopefully form the backbone of a successful team for years to come or alternatively be sold in a couple of years for shit loads more that 2 million, even now we'd likely get 2 mil for Tav or Waggy alone. We have a head of recruitment in Frank McParland who has already proved himself to be top class and a management team that is rebuilding a scouting team and has put long term plans and programs in place to ensure we are developing the youngsters in a way that will give them the best chance to walk straight into the first team. Of course we needed mature players with experience playing at the highest levels and that’s why Barton, Kranjcar and hopefully Senderos were signed. These are short term but not short sighted signings that we need if we are going to compete in any way in the Premiership
      Our board has ensured we have the transparency, stability and sound economic foundations to secure our growth into the future and we have a fan base that is well organised and ready to invest in the club and make sure it doesn’t fall into the hands of scumbags again. Basically we have never had so much cause for optimism that our clubs security and prosperity is guaranteed both on and off the field.
      And if I was Mark Warburton I would be telling the harbingers of doom after 4 games (none of which we’ve lost) that they should shut the f#ck up and show a bit more support for your team.

  3. Quite frankly your negative last couple of posts disgust me. in particular the doubts expressed about our manager's suitability defy comprehension. Get a grip! So we are not gelling as a team right now but what more do you expect with 10 new players bedding in combined with injury problems. According to you we are playing shit football, Unbeaten in Scotland this year second top of the table will do for now. To you and all other moaners on this site try supporting the team.

    • The manager hasn't got a clue, and is an embarrassment to himself.
      Everyone and they're granny know how he will set up how he will play when he makes subs, right down to the minute, no matter the score who we're playing or how the games going…absolute joke.

  4. If i was Warbs – i would remain calm, sign a strong 4th centre back, and take no notice of the majority of fans that spout rubbish. I would recognise that our form has been very patchy, but also take into account that i am integrating eleven new players into the squad.

    • Ricksen.
      Keep calm were 2nd and unbeaten ffs and the roofs fallen in WoW!!,
      Totally agree get another CH to play with big Crooks with young Bates as 3rd choice, When you have a solid defence that leaves the rest of the team to go express itself.
      Patience Required^!

    • The only way Crooks will play centre half, is if 3 of our centre halfs are injured/suspended at the same time. Forget about Crooks at centre half.

    • Well mate if he doesn't play there he better find a new club as MW will not play him before Barton or Rossiter in the holding role, IMO he would make a great CH, watched him playing against lesser opposition on you tube and hes better than Benny Hill for sure youtube.com/watch?v=6t1cPDopPDg

    • Ricksen, you may be right, but why? He isn't going to start ahead of Barton or Rossiter in CDM, so he plays CD, or he sits on the bench. Know which I would prefer if I was him.

    • ScotsWhaHae
      He must play there or as you say hes a bench warmer,Ricksen must have his reasons for saying that???, For me i hope to God he & Senderos are playing CH on the 10th and not Benny Hill or the other 2 comedians.
      Also I honestly dont think MW has a clue as yet who his best team is, Mind you neither do I but I do know it certainly know it wasnt Friday nights 11!!!!

    • The man had been found out. A one trick pony with the tactical acumen of John Barnes.

  5. Three in midfield (two wing backs & two holding players)
    You have an extra player there somewhere, which would definetly help heehee

  6. If Barton plays he shouldn't be going beyond the half way line absolutely no pace and has been at fault for 3 goals.halliday,rossiter,Barton kranjcar offer zero pace and movement as a midfield.why Kenny miller keeps starting is beyond me.another game passed and their keeper has barely made a save.still very early but also worrying same defensive mistake getting bullied and not winning any headers

    • Barton should be told to keep his gob shut until he's proven himself on the park to Gers fans . He and Hill are already looking like expensive mistakes , hopefully not . There must be a big killer Scottish centre half out there somewhere within our price range . Why wasn't that his first priority ? As Micheal Stewart said , " even McGreggor , who Warbs gave away for nothing , was better than anything they've got there right now " !

  7. Yes the defence is still a big problem, we are playing holding midfielders to try to stop the ball getting through to our defence, but in doing that we have little support for our forwards when we get forward far to slowly, last season Holt was getting in there to support and Wallace was another who would attack down the flanks,but remember we are now playing against a better standard of team and players, it's still a great method of play with the players moving the ball quickly around ,but like i have said above we are asking our players to cover more for our weak defense rather than going forward with pace.

  8. I think that we need Holt back from injury and the players need more time to Gel, we are a Championship club, being just promoted we need to find our feet, simple as that. Sick of how quickly our fan base turns on our players and staff. You know MW made some silly comments after Killie, but nothing I see is the end of the world and not fixable. The CBs need work absoloutely, I still think Wilson is a cracking player bit I have no time for Hill wish we hadn't signed him. Keirnan looks in bad form but did the same last season and was good against Celtic. Our preseason was a joke with this stupid League cup format. All in I suggest we wait and see what Warns does. WATP

    • The league cup format was not the reason why pre season was a joke.

      Taking the players to the States for a couple of weeks with one game against a team of amateurs was Warbs doing. Is this the best we can do, living in student accomodation and a game against a team who attract a few hundred people to their games?

      No one's fault but our own……….plus of course the pile of Bosmans and pensioners making up the first team squad.

      The 10th Sept will be the defining moment for Warburton…..a 5 or 6 goal mauling will see the fans turn big time on him and King whilst Celtic disappear out of sight with finances that we can only dream of.

      If a Sheik Mansour doesn't pitch up at Edmiston Drive their domination will continue way past 10 IAR……………….just watch our ST sales plummet as they line up for 7 IAR next season with a manager who knows what he's doing and a budget that will ensure continuing dominance in Scotland.

      CL qualification is all that matters. Celtic fans are not expecting anything from Europe other than a few hammering'S as long as they do the same to us.

      Clint Hill v Forrest, Roberts, Sinclair, Dembele, Griffiths…………….the prospect is very, very scary.

    • 5 or 6 goal mauling? Football doesn't work like that

      I dont know any Celtic fan expecting a 'few hammerings' in CL…there may well be such results but no one I know is expecting them…Either way the money is in the bank, tax paid

  9. How about, a decent centre half, get back to sipping the ball about and for the fans to stop thinking that we are up there with Bar a, real and Chelsea. Since our draw on Friday eve, this site has been full of woe. We have not lost a game yet. Yes we do not look like the same fast attacking side as, last season but we are bedding players in. I've said this so many times on here now, four year ago we almost were extinct. I think this is brilliant compared to those dark days. Well done Mark Warburton for making us believe we should be world beaters again.
    FFS, if you do not want to get behind the club and follow them through thick and thin……..fuck off and leave it to us who will. To many glory hunters in our support, we do not have the money of old and I for one do not want to live with the fear of losing our club again.


  10. I have no doubt that when the full squad become available we`ll be strong enough to challenge but given that two of the next three league games are at Parkhead and Pittodrie there is a possibilty that we could become detached from the top of the league before everyone is available,if anything I suspect that draws are going to kill our challenge this season

    My team when everyone is fit would be Foderingham,Tavernier,Crooks, Senderos/AN Other,Wallace,Barton,Kranjcar,Holt,Waghorn,Garner,Forrester

    I hope Mark Warburton is our manager for the forseeable future,it will be a very sad day for Rangers when Mark eventually leaves our club

    • My team would be, An other
      An other times two, Tavernier
      Kranjaer Barton Forrester Holt
      and 2 up front
      Dodo and Miller. And id tell Warbs to tell the board No investment, I'm off!

    • My team would be, An other
      An other times two, Tavernier
      Kranjaer Barton Forrester Holt
      and 2 up front
      Dodo and Miller. And id tell Warbs to tell the board No investment, I'm off!

  11. If I were Mark Warburton I would have told King long before now that I wanted two top quality centre backs with pace, heading ability and the ability to pass the ball. The request would not have been optional and I certainly would not have signed Hill! A very strange signing and a very expensive one! given he cost us two points against Kilmarnock!

    • Although I agree with you, could you perhaps go as far as to name these top quality centre backs with pace, heading ability and the ability to pass the ball? John Stones rings a bell, he would cost £50 large if he would come, which he won't. Everybody in the world wants those CBs, and there are a hundred teams with more money that us in the top 5 leagues in Europe.

    • Who's the 2 best centre backs outwith the old firm in Scotland ? Sign them , shouldn't be outwith our price capacity and got to be better than what we got !

  12. RESIGN?

    He's way out of his depth and his after match comments are becoming increasingly bizarre.

    If we walk out of Parkhead on the 10th having conceded just 4 or 5 we should be rejoicing.

    The league will be over before Xmas at this rate and Warbs assortment of Bosmans and pensioners will be exposed.

    In the long run a hammering will be a good thing……..King has got away with murder and has yet to fulfill a single promise the he made………over investment, listing, Nomad, share issue, no sustainable financial plan except to empty the Rangers 1872 bank account……….
    The ST monies will run out in December, who then?
    The merchandising is a shambles with SD and Puma lining up breach of contract cases against the club/company.
    There is no one on the board with experience of running a football club, it's a feckin shambles with the improvement on the park, up till this season, masking all the other problems in the background.

    • Spot on mate, it's amazing how many fans are still refusing to see that King has conned the support………….how many fans realise thar he voted against the CVA for example?

      In fact there are eejits out there who swallowed the Level 5 guff that King had reached a favourable settlement with SARS……….aye right, convicted on 40 odd criminal charges and bought his way out of the jail sentence with all the money he had…….except for the monies hidden in Hong Kong.
      Don't those same fans realise that if the board had not raised £5m to repay Ashley the administrators were on stand by……….nothing to do with King's claim that it was the right thing to do.
      Murray, Whyte, Green, King have all taken the fans for a ride.

      In a couple of season's they will be going for 10 IAR and there will be hee haw we can do about it………..King of course will have vanished by then to be replaced with another saviour!

      Level 5 have been paid hundreds of thousand of pounds to keep the good news going in the media and make sure that no bad news ever sees the light of day.

      Does anyone know where the money will come from after Xmas to keep the lights on………….????

      Club 1872 can only do so much…………

    • Pray correct anything in my post…..King is a convicted criminal, he voted against the CVA, there was no Nomad, need I go on?

    • You don't need to go on, you just need to go, as in go f**k yourself. We have no need for timposters.

  13. I really want Warburton to be a success but the signs are not good.He has no flexibility in the way he sets the team up.We knew last the defence was terrible but instead of bringing in at least one commanding ch he extends the contact of Kiernan who has underperformed.last year we all bought into the message of using youth with a blend of experience.This year lets bring in players well past it such as Hill this reminds me of McCoist bringing all his old pals who could not keep up with the pace of this league and unfortunately as we all know that did not work out to well.

  14. Mark has to realise…changes have to be made DURING games and that should come through the captain,Lee Wallace…when you see players making an impression then your side has to get gritty…this has been sadly lacking since the start of season.
    Our defence has been plainly woeful…that means victories will be slim..
    A new centre half is SOOOOOOOOOO badly needed.

  15. lets face it warburtons not up to it its easy beating part timers but now we are playing guys who train every day and they are looking fitter than us just look at barton on friday he was left in the wake of a 17 year old boy its no use paying these washed up duds like hill barton krancher who spend more time on twitter talking about celtic than on the training ground im sorry i just dont think he has a clue i fear we will be looking for a new manager before the year is out watp

  16. I find it disappointing that at this stage we see folks complaining about Warburton. King has done nothing to support the manager ad as a result he and McParland have had to go hunting for players in teh bargain basement. Getting Barton and Krancjar looked like clever signings to everyone, Rossiter could have gone to an English Championship or EPL side, same with Dodoo. Hill for me is the only questionable signing prior to Garner. Difficulty is that some of the players signed have been injured as have one or two of our better players from last season.
    He should have been given the funds to bring in a couple of decent quality centre backs, even if that meant spending £5m+ to get teh right player.

    • Ffs Tom get ur head out of your erse.

      Don't you realise that £5m is more than 25% of our last reported, audited ANNUAL REVENUE?

      Cuckoo, cuckoo

    • Forgetting that we don't have £5 million to spend on a player – unless you are offering, IF we wewre to sign someone like that, they would want a wage that would kill us. Then all the other players would want a pay rise, making matters worse. We spend what we have, no more

  17. now your playing f/t teams your hardly going to play your fast flowing football you supposedly had,,b4 wed night celtic will make major signing,,where,s the real ranjurs men now,,this isnt about how bad your playing,,its more how far in front are celtic,,fact,,

    • How is that a fact you nugget celtic have bought the boy from Aston villa and sold Johnston so in money terms they have spent the same as us they are still the same team as last year who were going to wipe the floor with us how did that work out.Septic need to sign at least 4 players I bet they won't sign anymore than 1 and it's never been about your lot it's about being back to where we belong.

  18. When we got promoted the manager stated when asked what he wanted from the team in the premiership and he answered. " I want the team to be competitive" and although we are not firing on all cylinders just yet we are competitive. Trust in what we have ut will come good.

    • But Celtic aren't in a different league and they are by no means invincible! The bragging Celtic fans are doing isn't because they are great(The israeli team showed people how to play against them were Celtic barely kicked the ball) they are bragging because Rangers defence is poor and know they can hurt us!

  19. Why does everyone blame King, he is only a director of the holding company, he may think he is more because he loves the limelight but that's all he is. The shareholders didn't vote him in as chairman and he didn't fit the proper criteria for the football board because of his dodgy business practices. Should we expect any more from he who pretends to be owner.

  20. This season we are playing against full time players, our mentality is we just need to turn up to gain 3 pts. We lack quality and the signing this season much heralded by a compliant media have been short of the mark. We cannot wait til January for new signings they are needed now.

  21. Rangers problem is the quality of player they are signing..league 1 english standard at best with a smattering of over the hill decent pros…they are now firmly in the same bracket as hearts and aberdeen and the wool is being pulled over the supporters eyes by dave king and his media whores who are doing their best to paint a rosy picture

  22. All the fair weather supporters who want everyone sacked should sod off and join the unwashed lot from the east as they fold over quickly when ever the going gets a bit sticky. Stay loyal now matter good or bad and give Warburton a bit of time. WATP.

  23. Ok so we are all agreed on the defence needing sorted…

    I think the other issue is Barton and Rossiter don't seem suited to playing together. Early days and they might need time to develop an understanding? Last year the Leicester midfield was explosive and thats because they played two sitting midfielders who took turns to break forward (drinkwater and kante)

    The way Warbs plays means the CM's need a telepathic understanding and last season we had a good thing going with Holt and Halliday.

    I'd also look at switching the wide players during games to keep opposition full backs guessing- McKay starts right side but moves to left after 25 mins if he isnt getting any joy. Moves back again 2nd half…

    Hopefully Garner can hold a ball. Quick long pass to him, releive pressure and bring midfielders into shooting positions – none of our strikers areq doing this at the minute.

    Don't panic, marathon not a sprint and i remember some of our best title wins came after "disastrous" starts to a league

    • Aye right, a doing on the 10th and the league will be over with fans screaming for Warbs head……….there is no blame attached to King and the board.
      Warbs has been quite clear that they have supported him throughout the summer transfer window.

  24. The thing that really annoys me is that going down to third division was supposed to be the start of a bright new dawn ie youth players combined with older experienced players building its way up ,unfortunatley watching the game v kilmarnock i thought we looked like a team of journeymen/has beens ….not how i invisaged us at all after the journey !.MW knew the defence needed sorted in the summer along with every other bear, it looks WORSE than last year …not good enough

    • Apart from McKay there is no other young player near SPFL first team standard.

      Due to the number of 30 plus players signed we will have to replace half of them next season.

      Value for money………..it's laughable.

      God knows what kind of hammering we will take on the 10th, the Celtic front men will think Xmas has come early.

      My mate's scorecast is Griff first goal and Celtic 5-1, 6-1 or 7-1.

      He's a serious punter and stands to pick up a few thousand pounds.

    • I see Warbs following the Level 5 line that Lescott didn't want to uproot his family was a load of porkies.

      Failed a medical……no

      Next, family reasons……..no

      Contract details……….a big, definitely yes.

      Julian looks as if he's off to Greece……..is Athens closer to Glasgow than Manchester?

      The financial situation must be dire indeed if Warbs number one target has escaped.

      Why is Level 5 being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to control the narrative when the manager is made to look like a clown ………….perhaps unknown to Warbs, Robertson scuttled the deal on King's instructions as the wage bill is already through the roof.
      With Lescott on his way to Athens the family issue story has been sunk below the water line.

  25. The Killie game was a first half nightmare and no Rangers player played to their potential but we all have a bad day, and even if we get a thumping at Parkhead it's not the end of the world.

  26. King has done a lot to support Warbs and more will come. But it is very delicate to invest until all legals are sorted. Rangers first etc. Are accruing money. When the time is ripe (legals including Ashley out of way) more investment will take place. At any rate what can Rangers offer top players? It's money of course but the only attraction in Scotland is playing in Europe and wages can only be offered if we get there. It's catch 22. Be patient. We have to be realistic. Top 3 this year will be great. I love Kenny Miller but at his age? Let's get behind the team.

  27. The fans must remember Rome or Derry's Walls wasn't built in a day and new players take time to gel and most teams don't get in the top six in their first season,it will take at least 2 seasons to challenge Celtic and if we are in the top 3 this season it will be progress,we don't have to be better than anyone else,we just have to be better than we were!

  28. Warbs is trying to integrate 10 new players. We haven't played in top league for 4 years. They have had about 60m more income than us over the last few years. Now is the time that we have to get behind Warbs and team. They tried to destroy us but we are still here. No surrender.

  29. Warburtons hands have been tied behind his back, the board have screwed him and the fans with empty promises and lies, we have spent nothing on players, we are the laughingstock of football

  30. I think we have to realise we are the new kids on the block & we have to take things take it slowly,
    We are gonna get grief from Everybody { FFS boydy horsed us the other night] but we need to be grown up about this & get on with it,
    I reckon we will be Top 3 [seriously]& get into Europe next year,
    Call it a pipe dream if you will I dont give a FK, im being realistic,
    I cant see anybody aprt from the Darkside & the Sheep beating us,
    But beat us they will with that FKN defence.
    So to answer your question Mr Fillingham,
    If I was mark Warburton I would get DK to shell out for a proper defender, but I know that aint gonna happen so we will soldier on with the shite we have.

  31. Halliday has to start with 1 from Barton or Rossiter. Id go with Waghorn central & Ohalloran wide right & a new centre half a must alongside Wilson. Also Miller cant be 1st choice with Garner & Dodoo options.

  32. The sheer impatience of so called Rangers fans pisses me off completely. Where were we 3-4 years ago ? We've just been promoted to the Premier Division and are still building a new team with very limited cash. Warburton is the best thing that has happened to this club in years.

    We need to give this new team time to gel and the rebuilding job is going to take more than a few weeks as expected by short sighted fans. For god sake guys, give things a chance and get behind the club.

  33. Last but not least. When shooting get head and knee over the ball before shooting. Would have won every game this season if done correctly instead of blooterin' it miles over the crossbar.Hellish to watch and suffer.

    • Totally agree. We get lots of shots off, but too few on target because they don't prepare properly.

  34. I reckon we need to fine tune a couple of minor issues at the back. Not too bothered if the Swiss signs or not. Don't think we need him. Celtic will be complacent and that's where we can exploit

  35. For me personally I've alwyas thought Warbs as a coach not really manager material. I like him and think he would be great at running the academy but for me sadly since day dot he has been too naive! where do I start. He brought his pal Eustace in for almost 6 months hoping he would be fit to sign( unfortunately or fortunately for us he didn't). Then he let Darren Mcgregor our best centre half that season walk out the door to our biggest rivals in the league for £0 to replace him with once again someone he knows and likes(unfortunately for us the guy he brought in and has since given a new contract and plays reguarly wouldn't lace Mcgregors boots) Now mcgregor isn't the best granted but he worked harder and was 10 times the player of anything we have at the moment? I remember something about how he likes defenders who are confident, comfortable on the ball and can handle the pressure of Ibrox, which Keirnan is none of. Anyway I digress. let's move on. How many games did we lose last year against small teams that we shouldn't have because of silly tactics or making subs at the wrong time? our confidence got us to the final but again his defence let us down. After the final against Hibs every single person watching could see we needed at least 2 good centre halves(don't need to be world beaters just competent) and what happens, between him and the quiet man Weir the ex Gers captain centre half they decide that a 37 year old dud in Clint Hill who has been released from his championship club would be the guy to bring that missing pace and grit back to the defence????. We then chase guys like Lescott, Senderos, which may do a job but are totally not the type we need for building a team for a few seasons and totally not the type of defender(ie sell on value) Warbs always spoke about. In between all this defender nonsense he somehow deems it appropriate to give Rob Keirnan and extended contract just to reward him for being a failure! He has now had 2 transfer windows and signed 20 odd players or whatever it is and has still managed to build us one of the worst defences in our clubs history!? – He said King has backed him for everyone he went for which simply then means he doesn't have a clue about how to build a complete team! Lets move on. Tavernier who can't defend for toffee but is good going forward keeps 2 players out the team. 1 being a real right back and the other being one of the few players in our team who is proven at SPL level where not one fullback in the country could stop him hitting the byline and getting a ball in, including Celtic! He spoke about a pathway for the future for the young Scots kids yet has fobbed Hardie, Walsh and Murdoch out since he has been here, basically dismissing them, whilst he played with dummies like Oduwa or Zelalam(helping developing players for other teams, whilst treating the academy kids like dirt. This action has now seen us lose out on 2 future talents in the kid from Queens Park and the kid from Livingston who basically said no thanks. He sacked Durrant without as much as meeting him, which is shameful. His plan from when he came in isn't the plan he is going with now. He doesn't have any tactical knowledge apart from attack…I could go on but I'm not going to. My eyes the guy is a good coach and would be great as head of the academy along with Mcpartland and the new guy, NOT Weir who seems to be a spare part but to pay him £12,000 a week for what I've mentioned then sorry, just not for me…

    It is easy to say but look at what he has done and he has done well. lets not forget he has great contacts int he English lower leagues which is his bonus and he has been lucky enough to know and bring in a guy like Mcpartland so that is his saving grace. But in my mind a Butcher, Davies, even Stuart Mcall with a good scouting network in place would do a better job of putting a solid, hardworking team with a blen of youth and experience who can compete with anyone…as they have alreay show.

  36. Patience my arse, this is Scotland, we own it !
    what would I do, well how about this Richard, it's a belter of a change up for the OF game. The sellick are expecting us to play Benny & Senny at the back….how about we put miller and garner at the back to cancel out the speed of their forwards and stick Benny up front as lone striker. Any takers?

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