Hibs’ pitch invasion – ‘no action merited’


Finally the SFA-commissioned  ‘independent report’ has been published today, and predictably, it is filled with near-admonishment of Hibs supporters and mild condemnation of Rangers fans for being ‘taunted’.

In summary, we all saw the events unfold live – either we were at the match itself watching the chaos unfurl around us, or we saw it from a birds-eye view on Sky Sports, the horror of seeing Rangers players assaulted by Hibs fans, of hundreds nay thousands of Edinburgh’s finest roam the pitch looking for someone to hurt.

We saw the fighting, and we saw the aftermath.

We saw the videos from outside Hampden, and we saw what happened.

We saw what was there.

But the commission?

Gone is the ability to see impartially and give the fair blame to the swathe of green and white supporters goading Rangers fans, attacking Rangers players and staff;

Instead both sets of fans, a ‘minority’ of each (despite the clear video showing thousands of Hibs fans in fully-fledged attack mode) are condemned.

“Whilst the vast majority of Hibs supporters who went onto the pitch did so in a spirit of jubilation a small number, probably no more than 200, behaved in a manner which went well beyond a manifestation of high spirits”

We have a brand new ‘over-exuberance’ now, folks, it is called ‘a spirit of jubilation’.

Anyone who believes only 200 Hibs fans were guilty of malfeasance is utterly deluded and simply has not paid attention to the evidence.

“The  violent  scenes  which  caused apprehension to many within the ground, and wider public condemnation, were  caused  by  the  minority  who behaved  in  the  manner  indicated  in paragraph 7.1.2 above. The hostile and irresponsible attitude of that minority requires to be addressed”

Again that glorious word ‘minority’.

There is simply no evidence that only a minority of Hibs fans, ‘no more than 200’ was guilty of this. The swathes of supporters who took part in these acts of malevolence was enough to fill the pitch, and that was at least 500 if I am being generous.

In short, this report is a complete cop out, and a whitewash of what actually happened.

Yes, it does condemn Hibs fans to an extent, but critically, the ‘recommendations’ section does not advocate any action upon their fans or their club.

They basically got away with this more or less Scot free.

What else did you expect?


  1. In fairness while there was a band of His supporters acting like complete yobs the vast majority on the pitch looking like a crowd of Yahoo's that had waited over 100 years to win the trophy.

  2. And if it was the other way round they would be trying to kick us back the lower divisions again or similar, complete crap

  3. This is exactly what we expected so now it is alright for fans to invade the pitch cut up the turf and smash down the goalposts and more seriously to assault players the sfa spfl and all the rest of the idiots who supposedly run scottish football are cowards if the roles were reversed and it was Rangers fans who committed all these offences we would have been hung drawn and quartered how can they say it was only two hundred hibee scum that were responsible it beggars belief

  4. Lets look at this with a clear mind and a different spin. Motherwell fan hits Lee McCulloch with a flag numerous times…….No action. Motherwell fans sprint across the pitch and goad Rangers fans……… No action. Hibs fans, run on the pitch (some in jubilation) rip up the pitch, break the goals, rip the nets, hit Rangers players and staff, goad Rangers fans and assault the few Rangers fan who ran on the park……… No action. However a few Rangers fans at away games foolishly (and it's unacceptable) sing an old sectarian song……… They call us Scotland's disgrace and its front page news, and not surprisingly ends up all over the BBC. What did we expect the report to say? No one likes us!!
    It's once again time for every Rangers fan to take the moral high ground, keep our thoughts amongst ourselves and slowly but surely, they will realise that they need us. Until then……..We don't care.


    • Well said Iain – truth is the authorities are dominated by those of another persuasion to us – so what you have correctly pointed out is to be expected……… We only need to remember that first and foremost we are a football club and every single one of us MUST unite to make sure that Rangers get back to being number one……… simples! that will hurt them all to the core of there being. No surrender in the meantime……. WATP.

    • in the 1750's less than 3% in Scotland were RC now it is more like 20%!! They dominate the judiciary and politics and we are on a hiding to nothing. Lets move on from this and concentrate on the football we can do NOTHING about the past but we can have a significant influence on the future of Scottish Football – we have signed some cracking youngsters recently top notch and in Frank McP we truly have someone who can get top class talent into the Gers who can do lot for us on the park and in the transfer market – we need to unite behind them and back them to the hilt be patient and we will get our reward make no mistake and it will be as sweet as honey when it comes….. heads held high remember our forefathers…… no surrender WATP

    • Ian wtf had religion got to do with it? The report says nowt did anyone expect the SFA to grow a set and print something useful?

      20% of Scotland are RC, what a ludicrous statement, are you 12 years old. Rangers is about football not fekin religion. Hopefully those bad old days have gone. Plenty of RC's support rangers, plenty play for us. Plenty on non RC's support and play for Celtic. Policy of exclusion killed us for years. get out of the dark ages mate.

    • Thanks for the history lesson mr howie. Its a pity you cant use your obvious high level of intelligence in more constructive ways like realising religion does not win football matches..players do. The fact is this team are not capable of winning the league simply because there are better teams. Let's stop kidding and turn attention to the fact that there has been zero investment in the team. The honey you refer to is a long way away unfortunately.

    • In your original statement here you forgot to mention the assault on Moshni. That apparently was his / Rangers fault as he had his back to the thug

  5. On a separate point, I live in England and watched with a whole load of friends who are football men. As the me lee progressed at full time, my mates were shaking their heads and saying "that is Hibs fucked, they will throw the book at them". Sadly Not.


  6. Amazing how you saw all of these events and could count the number of Hibs fans but didn't hear the sectarian singing. Unless of course you agree with it and have decided to ignore it, surely not! By the way knowing a few big words doesn't make you clever. Hibs fans is a plural so the word is were not was. I blame Catholic schools.

    • What sectarian singing? You morons think everything we do or say is 'sectarian'…..pathetic cunts. Grow up. Just for the sake of clarification here, no matter how many times the SNP or Labour say otherwise, a fenian is NOT a catholic. Maybe you fuckwits should try learning some history, rather than trying to make it up as you go along.

  7. Make your mind up…hundreds any thousands of bibs fans roamed the pitch looking for someone.to hurt..then it becomes no more than 200 that were causing trouble…no players were assaulted except in keith jackson masons mind..all fans that were fighting that day were a disgrace not just the bibs fans..stop being a bigot

    • 200 is a fair size of a squad to be causing trouble. Reality is that if the book was thrown hard at Hibs it would have been thrown equally hard at both teams. Hopefully the support will never be caught in scenes like this again. I firmly believe that if supporters had not entered the field to fight with Hubs supporters it would have left them open to all sorts but given the fighting was the height of the antisocial behaviour then both supports are compromised.

  8. Buzzing for match day today like Christmas morning when I was a child, let's get behind the team the whole season. MON THE GERS!! WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!! FEAR NO FOE!!!

  9. What worried me the most is the lack of goal shots,testing the keeper…. We dominate but are so clueless up front and the back ,and we basically become bang average,,,
    I hate to say it, but I'd like Walter or even B Davis in there..
    Warburton doesn't seem to register…in that bald heed of his


  10. Name one of our players who was attacked?

    Level 5 and the Daily Radar made up these allegations to take attention away from our performance and losing out to a poor Hibs team.

    Anyone who believes anything that they read in the Record deserves the shit that is served up to them……have you forgotten who sold the billionaire myth to us?

  11. Is anyone surprised by the SFA's attitude and decision ?
    Now let's see how they react to another pitch invasion that doesn't involve Rangers.
    Hypocrisy rules.

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