Germans make a move for Rangers target?


Rangers’ apparent defensive target Philippe Senderos has reportedly been interesting Bundesliga 2 side 1860 Munich.

The second division German giants have taken an apparent shine to the Swiss international following his stint at Murray Park, where the former Arsenal and Milan star has been impressing Mark Warburton, but the delay over a deal may have provoked the Germans into making a move.

They are also considering a bid for St Pauli stopper Soren Gonther should they fail with Senderos, but the reports from Germany indicate Senderos to be their number one target.

The 31-year old has been doing his bit at Auchenhowie for some time now, and after the Lescott fiasco must have hoped this deal would have been secured by now, but this supposed interest from Germany may scupper something happening, such has been the length of time it has taken to finalise anything, leaving Rangers with barely a week to find another defender.


  1. unlock the coffers and get a deal sorted out for a defender of quality. The nine in a row teams had a quality core from Goalkeeper to Forwards although we do not have much money the mucking about appears to be losing players look at the Knox position

    • That was a helpful and insightful comment on the article. I'm sure I speak for many others when I thank you for taking the time to type it.

  2. the agent looks like hes trying hard to generate some move from the blues.Injury worries would dampen my enthusiasm

  3. Senderos was first mentioned as being a target on this site on 4th August. 19 days ago.
    No deal by now, looks like either his demands are ridiculous, or he is just being strung along.

  4. I think we need 2 more quality centre halves, we are truly struggling at the back and will take a good hiding from a decent side,, Dodoo is doing nothing for me, the lad is a lightweight and still to show me any potential,, I hope Matt Crooks will show another dimension to our game and once windass is fit, we can drop halliday who is shocking at the moment. We need to start burying our chances up front,,and fill the gaps at the back,,, its so obvious and i cringe now when warbuton says they will look and learn from it,, they have learned nothing at the back in months, they still make the same mistakes!!!,,

  5. Sanderos being offered £20k a week by a German 2nd div club on a 2 yr deal, I believe we only had a one year deal for £12k a week on the table. Time yet to get some quality in.

    Also hearing the bheasts are close to signing up Roberts for £6m from Man City.

  6. Right now I don't believe that we have a decent quality centre back on our books with arguably the young lad on loan from Raith Rovers the best we have. Kiernan is a bomb scare, he can't head the ball, he can't defend corners and free kicks and he is way too slow.Wilson has some composure but is equally suspect at dead ball situations, can't head the ball and is slow. Hill is well past his best. Senders would improve things but only slightly and in reality what we need is a top class centre back, (and I can't believe that there is not one available on the continent for a couple of £million). If we are forced to go into games with Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts and possibly others with any two from Hill, Wilson and Kiernan then we can't really complain if we get a good trouncing!

    • Agreed Tom,must be better even in Dutch league or German 2nd div for us. No scouts in Europe though and time is running out. Meanwhile I'd put Hill in for Keirnan,he just can't be any worse.

  7. sometimes I wonder if you guys actually support Rangers we don't have the money to win the league but as long we compete this year we can progress next year…get European football and build more.

  8. I always get annoyed at this level of indecision, either Senderos is our choice or not, we must be careful of our comments, to slag off our CBs just now is not productive, the whole team is not performing well enough, this increases the pressure on our back line which is not in form either. We are a newly promoted side, lets not forget that, we have a lot of new faces, and yes, in the old firm settling in is never an excuse however why is the best support in the world turning on their own? Give them a few weeks to settle let see what Crooks and Windass bring and lets let MW and McP do their work. If they thought these guys were shit they would be sold as they offered no value. Clint Hill to me was a bad signing but one made just in case we get no joy. We are top of the league and are doing fine for a newly promoted side.

  9. I don't see why Crooks would be brought in for CDM role when we have Barton and Rossiter. But a 6ft 4in Centre Back who can tackle, pass and header, now where would we find one of them? Maybe the treatment room?
    I think/believe/hope/pray that Crooks has been lined up for CB. If we wanted or could get Senderos I think it would have happened by now.

  10. Ouch!!!!

    CL Financial breakdown:
    £1.5m gate receipts for 3 home qualifiers
    £2.6m for winning the play-off
    £10.3m for group stage participation
    £10m television money
    £7m from gate receipts
    £1.3m for group stage win
    £0.43m for group stage draw
    2 wins & 2 draws = £3.46m
    Nearly £35m, how can we compete with that? Not to mention if they advance £5.5m or drop to Europa £2.5m.

    Time to over-invest Dave.

    • If anyone had said Leicester would win the EPL with a team costing around £20m compared to the 100's of millions being spent they would have been laughed at

  11. The time has come for king and co to put up the money as the tic have now got plenty of it am i pissed off yes

  12. I think that Celtic fans are just delighted to be there, just as we would.

    There is no chance of competing with teams who are spending tens of millions on pllayers. I'm sure that most Tims would take 3rd place now with Europa Cup football guaranteed after Xmas.

    King must open his £30m war chest for Warbs to match the cash on it's way to Celtic otherwise we will be having this same conversation as they go for 10 IAR.

  13. I like Warbs comments in the redtops about playing in the CL making the comment that he'd need the squad quality and depth for that. I suspect that was for King's benefit. I cannot see Duplicitous Dave over-invest to that degree any time soon. He hasn't found the keys to the warchest it seems, I am sure some wee East-end ned could help Dave unlock that.

    In all seriousness I doubt our current squad would make the Europa group stage. Terrible we have to play those prelim games at pre-season. Next season some of our older players will move out so we should be planning their replacements this season. Hope Dave sticks by his word and gets us a couple of new faces in January.

    Lastly Barton should shut-it and do his talking on the 10th. If he is posted missing then after his stupid tweets he will find no hiding place from both sets of fans.

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