Why the sun will never shine on Ibrox


The newspapers never were the most elegant of information sources. The majority of them historically chose whichever Glasgow club was the bigger focus of attention at that moment in time and used those travails for hits, circulation and general profit.

There is, however, no denying that the past four years have seen a dramatic spike in the sheer level of negative Rangers reporting, of these newspapers and indeed media sources in general exploiting the dark days at Ibrox for their own ends.

In a sense, who can blame them? Rangers’ suffering made for a multitude of rich pickings and easy money, even if facts and integrity were left at the door.

However, with Rangers now back to where we belong, and the storm clouds that have lingered over Ibrox now tangibly lifting, the Govan side is less of a target for the simple reason there is less ammo for these sources to use.

At least, that is what you would think.

Yesterday a story broke in a notorious national publication where manager Mark Warburton was apparently telling off his ‘frozen out stars’ and urging them to stop whining and just do what they could to get back in the team. The problem is there are no frozen out stars at Ibrox, and Warburton did not tell ‘them’ to stop whining.

Looking at pre-season, 95% of the first-team squad has featured to some extent in the League Cup group stage. While some players have certainly featured more than others, there are very few players who have not yet played for Rangers this season. The only two notable ones are Matt Crooks (still injured) and Jordan Rossiter (only just return to Murray Park after being away with his country for the Euros)

So the base fallacy of the headline is evident for those with any knowledge of the club or the sport. Then the bit about how these players should stop whining?!

No one has said a single word about play time. No one has been in the press complaining about a single thing, in fact, so not only do the players referred to not actually exist, but no one even said anything of the nature.

Lastly, Warburton’s quotes themselves were perfectly reasonable and not even remotely newsworthy; general rhetoric about how the whole squad had to work hard and for all individuals to make sure they were giving him a problem and doing everything they could to be selected.

In other words, what any sane manager should always be demanding of his first-team squad, whoever he is and whatever team it is.

This publication does not deserve direct reference, but I am sure the majority know which one I am discussing; they think nothing of pure lies and even hurtful slander in order to sell copies and attain hits.

Unfortunately they are also such a huge organisation they can afford to be sued repeatedly and if they lose just publish a glib apology on page 14.

Ergo nothing in this article will make any difference to their circulation and sales. But at the end of the day, in this case, they have manifested a story from nothing and created a negative headline which is, frankly, a complete lie.

It is worth also noting the ‘journalist’ responsible for the piece appears to be a fan of the side from the other side of Glasgow, which may certainly help inspire their work.

Not the first time a hoop has made up lies about Rangers or our fans, is it?


    • Didn't stop when we were champions before and unlikely to stop any time soon. They just use our name to get attention and make money. Even for these people it's always been all about the Rangers.

  1. All we can do is continue to rise above, the same way we have always done, particularly over the past 4 years or so. Their army of vile haters and journalists with poisoned ink know no bounds it seems, however when did the truth ever get in the way of a good story?
    Back where we belong now, so let's just do our talking on the pitch and let them live in their little green bubble of vitriol & lies.

  2. Certain journalists of the green and white persuasion are literally writing scared of the rise of Rangers FC!

    Their columns and articles are proof that they would hate to see Rangers challenge Celtic so they write negative press to spark a story…

    On another note, hilarious to see Celtic park half empty again for the visit from the champions of England… oh and for them to lose!

  3. Why do we continue to let these people into Ibrox. If someone came to your house then reported lies about you then you'd never let them back. It's simple

  4. We should not let this rags reporters back to any press conferences if they continue to make-up their own headlines & stories.

  5. "the storm clouds that have lingered over Ibrox now tangibly lifting". Imagining you down Edmiston drive checking out the weather…

    The daily rags will write any sort of nonsense, usually non-stories to fill the back pages. Can't recall a decent footie piece in years.

  6. Simple just dont buy the paper, easy as that that will hurt them,
    Now lets get on with the Football FFS,
    Were back better than what we have been for the past years
    So lets get on with it and start winning & most important ENJOY it we got FK all to lose!!

  7. I can understand your frustration with the drivel that is written, but TBH we should be bigger than this,
    We dont need to read them especially in this day & age with Blogs left right & centre
    So FK they are dying a slow death, The best way to beat them is for us to win games
    This will really piss them off.

  8. I read something similar in The Evening Times….
    It's time for lies and such not to be making their way into newspapers that may well be generally sold and thus have many a folks being 'duped' as to whether or not a story is 'true' ?
    Does this then mean that editors will (in SCotland anyway) have to earn their crust ?

  9. Let's face it more Bears read this than that rag.So keep up the good work good honest reports and blogs and a place where Gers fans get a right of reply.watp

    • Supera££y39 Is your name in honour of A££Y, the most useless manager Scottish football has ever seen ,the man who fleeced our club for about £5m post liquidation ,the same A££Y who accepted 1.2m shares from Charle Green to keep him onside . A££Y disnae dae walking away,well not until he has been payed up in full .

  10. My name is in honour of me as my name is Ally and I'm super so don't get your panties in a bunch.

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