Were Tav & Waggy right to reject deals?


When claims broke yesterday that Rangers stars Martyn Waghorn and James Tavernier had rejected new contracts, reaction was initially of shock and disbelief.

Many fans were aghast with disappointment that the pair had turned Rangers down, while others pleaded with the players that it not be true.

But the story has gathered momentum, and a lack of official denial suggests it may indeed have legs. It does indeed seem, that over a month ago, the two players did reject new terms offered to them by the club, and as such there are a number of angles and aspects to this we must examine before coming to any sort of emotive conclusion about it.

First off, crucially, this is not an immediate alarm. These lads are contracted to 2018 and have become valuable assets to the team. The fact that in summer 2016 they found an offered contract to be below their requirements is not the end of the world. It is the sport of bartering. Very rarely will players accept the first offer on the table, and therein it must be pointed out the agent is the one doing the negotiating. Rangers now know exactly what these players want, and it is up to the board if they deem the lads worthy of what they want, or indeed, of more than has been offered.

Secondly, this WAS six weeks ago. Very strange that it suddenly gets reported now when things are going rather impressively at Ibrox, and even more strange how it gets dredged up in concert with the Warburton story. Even more strange that the story gets reported the day before the Champions League signing deadline, as if to take away from the fact a certain shower from the East End only managed to bring in one player?

Furthermore both players have been professional in training and high-spirited with the media. If there is anything wrong behind the scenes neither of them are letting it especially affect what they do for their employers, albeit Waghorn was admittedly awful in South Carolina while Tavernier was subdued.

However, there is the more negative perception which some fans have; which is to say Waghorn and Tavernier are not bigger than the club and have some ‘cheek’ to reject contracts when Rangers effectively revitalised their careers. These players were nowhere when Warburton snapped them up, and they have become stars under the Glaswegian goldfish bowl and high profile Rangers offer. Ergo some fans feel it is them who should thank Rangers for taking a chance on them, and not the other way around.

There is also the undeniable fact that Barrie McKay and Lee Wallace’s respective new deals got sown up extremely quickly and clinically and the players got paraded to the waiting media pretty snappily. So the typical question is; ‘if McKay and Wallace could get this sorted so quickly, why can’t Waghorn and Tavernier?’.

Lastly the claim that both players want parity with Joey Barton and Jordan Rossiter, if true, does argue that the former Wigan pair may just have allowed their egos to grow a little too much. They are indeed important to the club, but no one man is indispensible and neither can surely expect the same wage as Joey Barton? That would be like Sergio Busquets wanting what Messi gets.


Both players have their prerogatives, and those prerogatives may differ from their colleagues. It is extremely disappointing that this story broke, a story which fundamentally was based on private negotiations. Those fell apart, but that happens. But with two years left, there is plenty time for parity to be reached, and if it is not, neither player is irreplaceable. Waghorn and Tavernier gave Rangers a lot last season, but the club gave them plenty too. If agreement cannot be reached, all concerned parties can shake hands and move on with mutual thanks.

It ultimately is not that important.


  1. Both players should remember where they were before the Rangers manager took a chance with them.

  2. Within their rights – yep,entitled to say yes or no but still contracted for another 2 seasons, lot can happen. Timing of the breaking of the story is very suspect, lets not forget that their are people in certain positions in the media who have gloated over our predicament past few years and would like nothing more than to upset the harmony in our squad just before new season starts. Tav, i can take him or leave him, Wags rather he was in the team but we'll see this season how much of a top class striker he is, prove he's worth whatever he's asking for . WATP

    • Totally agree.

      Tav cannot defend to save his life and the new NI international will be first choice before long.

      Wags on the other hand is needed right now, though now might actually be the time to sell after the season he has just had and with a danger that he will not be able to handle the step up in class this season meaning now might be the time to get some money for him.

      Selling the two of these lads now could provide the cash to sign a very good striker.

      As for the actual money on offer, the sooner the season starts the better because when they take to the field alongside Barton they will soon realise why he is getting paid multiples of them and that goes for more than Tav and Wags.

  3. This looks like another non story. Big headline with no detail. Designed to sell newspapers. Why would they look to sign new contracts when once they prove themselves in the premier league they can ask for more. Good attempt by the club to get business dine early.

  4. 2 players who were going nowhere! Just like our team if money is not spent! A very worried Bear.

    • Not worried enough to leave your name though, wee troll.

      Back to your one signing and prayers of getting pumped for money in the CL. Isn't there a name for people who get pumped for money:-)?

  5. Tav is average.good going forward Defending is poor. Waggy a good player to have. But they have got 2 years left if there not happy sell them on but they will not get european football in the english champoinship.

  6. They should rem that we gave them a chance when there careers were on a downward spiral.

  7. As much as I love these two guys, Tav should not be our starting right back due to his defensive deficiencies, and is best suited as a wing back in a 3-5-2 formation. We have the Irish kid, with 15 caps or so, so he should be starting.
    Also,if we sign a legitimate striker, Waggie should be playing an attacking role from either the wing or midfield. Problem is we have strength in numbers for those positions.
    I say sell them to an English Championship club while their valued high. Warbs has to be ruthless and not fall in love with any player.
    Look at how Alex Ferguson managed Man U. Beckham, and others, were gone as soon as they thought they were bigger than the club.

  8. If they don't sign then next summer the values will b less as they ll only hava year left on contracts regardless of form. So if they sign a new deal now we ll b able to cash in plus if they hava gd season in prem n they've signed then wages stay same bt if they go down to last year n they hava gd season they hold the aces cos by the looks of it they're holding off for a very generous wage as it is never mind holding the ace card. I say give them a deal on table set a deadline of 2 weeks n if they don't want it sell them now a like both players bt we owe them nothing they should b over the moon to b playin for 1 of the biggest n well supported clubs in world that gave them a chance to get there faultering careers off the ground n give them a platform to get noticed.

    • Blue Balls,
      how did you get through primary school? Didn't they teach you any writing skills? What you typed is almost impossible for us to decipher.
      Finish primary 4 before you post on here again.

  9. Never read your article. I have read the reports they rejected new deals. Why were they offered new deals in the first place?? They only signed contracts last year! Time to sell and replace if that how they want to play it. Anywhere else is a step down.

  10. First of all anon should keep his childish comments to himself in am sure he is perfect in everything he does , I right.
    These players may or may not cut it in the top league ,if they do then that will be the time to negotiate new contracts

  11. Football is such a short career and you must make the most of it, nevertheless to have a chance to play in front of 40,000 plus you cannot dismiss it lightly, sure go back to Wigan or Bolton ? whoever, they were nonentities before arriving at Ibrox ,ask the so called stars that left the ship apart from Davis, money is not everything most I'm sure would welcome Champion Leagues Football again at Ibrox and the odd final at Manchester think what you may miss out on.

  12. Anon 15:07 your just a smelly manky mob supporter that can't help himself cumin on a gers website. Obsessed! It all about the Rangers. Don't claim too b the best speller but at least I have an input and care bout my club. Your Jst a 2nd class p***k!!!

    • a dont think he was talking about your spelling,a read what you said and a agree with anon 15;07 you where talking piss,oh and they need to prove themselfs first be4 they get a new deal,a dont think there worth that much money eneyway so better af just keeping them.

  13. This would be my starting line up.
    Hodson keirnan hill wallace
    Kranjcar barton
    Windass mckay


    Dont give tav and waghorn new contracts cos they had a OKAY season in the championship. We didnt finish THAT FAR ahead of hibs which isnt the best. Despite what some say the prem IS a big step up in quality and these two lads havent provwd themselves for me. Wag was stinking in the final and tav is a shite defender which we will need from him this season. Too many fans defending last years team for this season. Its not about favourites it is about rangers winning

    • no bad team but don't think manager will go without a number9,and no Kenny miller,he will be on bench even with new striker coming in oh and you need to take into account the number of games players played last season or two like Gilks only played two games in two seasons and foderingham played about 50 games last year and crooks is injured so he will start in with U20s and forrester to good to be on bench he will start but hears my team Foderingham Wallace Wilson crooks Tavernier Halliday Barton Forrester McKay O'Halloran Waghorn bench Gilks Hill Rossiter Holt Kranjcar Windass Miller res Hodson Keirnan and kids and cant forget 3 players under 21 rule and a new striker + CB that can can go in crooks place and a don't rate keirnan he must go

    • Good team [ amazin how far we have come] I do hope Forrester gets a run out as I like the boy he seems a real trier. If Tav & Wag dont sign im sure Warbs can pick up just as good for the same money. Im just desperate for the season to start I want to see Barto & I rememebr watchin Krancjar when he was at White hart lane so that will be awesome

  14. Both came to us on free transfers after doing the rounds in the lower English leagues.

    Neither has a sell on value, their current ibrox wages will deter most teams in the lower leagues down south from signing them.

  15. Another anon 21:22 way n get your arse rattled again this morning at the pineapple ntake your smelly self bck onto your own websites n stop being so obsessed with the famous Glasgow Rangers. u must b as thick as the rest of your mob if you can't see wat I'm saying a wonder wat school you went to same one as yur m8 15:07.

  16. I have watched some real class come and go since I first started watching the gers in the 60's. Both those players are average.They did a job in the championship, but not so sure about the SPL. The boys are hedging there bets, as most professionals have to do. I remember a lad called Lafferty who thought he was better than he was, he can't make the first team of a shite side. Let's wait and see what happens next season before we condemn

  17. the reason they refused is simple- barton wages got our wages structure unbalanced and they are not happy with it. it is interesting, since warbo promised last year that he would never allow i to happen, yet he did. maybe the board wanted to convince fans and spur them on to buy season tickets as early as possible, who knows?

  18. They probably have got the hump because other players have arrived on more money than them,
    TOUGH thats the way of the world TBH TAV lost his form towards the end of the season last year & he really has to prove himself in my eyes,
    Waghorn will really need to raise his game if Windass is gonna be the main man,
    So they have a lot to do to earn there money for me,
    And if they dont like it lets sell them , we can get along without them

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