Warbs admits deal for defender has stalled


Rangers manager Mark Warburton has admitted that any deal for centre-back Adrian Mariappa is effectively dead and Rangers are likely to continue their search for a new defender.

After American Oguchi Onyewu failed to impress management, Rangers had to more or less start again in the hunt for a new stopper, and when asked about Mariappa, who assistant manager David Weir and head of recruitment Frank McParland met for transfer talks, Warburton was anything but positive about the prospects of bringing the former Crystal Palace man to Ibrox.

He said:

“(Adrian) Mariappa was one of many we were looking at but it’s not live at the moment. We’ll see how that develops. We’re still looking and will react to opportunities.”

The meeting with the 29-year old was around a month ago, and for it to be no further on with Rangers’ competitive season underway suggests it is a lame duck, with McParland presumably hard at work finding a suitable alternative.

However, in better news, striker Joe Dodoo is expected to be announced as Warburton’s ninth summer signing today or tomorrow.


  1. If Wallace and Tavernier did more defending than trying to break goal scoring records you may not need one

    • Wilson and kiernan should be nowhere near the team. They aren't good, even with protection from those around them. Any player that can push them down the pecking order is fine by me.

  2. Why do you all take this simplistic point of view?…Warbs is not going to say whether the deal is a goer or not until it is done and rightly so…he's shown that so many times. I'm afraid we just have to wait and see who we get but saying 'it's not live at the moment', means very little, haven't you heard of political speak?

  3. A centre half is a MUST the middle of the defence is shocking,it cost us the Scottish Cup and a place in Europe

  4. soon as a read that he was 5f 11in a was thinking no way but we need to get this CB right he needs to be big and strong we should go get one from Italy there are good def in that league, it shouldn't be hard getting a CB in as there cheap

  5. With Barton playing DMC I think it will steady things up problem is when wing backs push forward we only have 2 defenders, if Barton drops deep and Wilson covers left and keirnan right I see less issues

    • Agree…I also believe Wilson and Kiernan are probably very good defenders individually but as a pairing they clearly don't work. Would be good to see them beside a big defender who can attack high balls around them…

    • I agree with Stuart when Barto gets his boots on we are gonna be a lot more harder to break down
      However these 2 really need a FKN good kick up the erse, Wilson & switches off to easily & kiernan falls asleep hes too slow for me.
      So bung in Clint Hill & Crooks maybe playin in front & see what happens.
      We were lucky Motherwell were crap at the weekend a better team would have made there chances count.
      But im putting my trust in Warbs & I think he will get it right

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