This Celtic hero reckons Rangers players are inferior


Without any doubts, Rangers’ rise from the lower depths of Scottish football has been as quick as it has impressive. While four years felt like a long time for us fans, it is infinitely quicker than the 16 years of purgatory Leeds fans have suffered, and as such only 48 months is effectively something to be borderline grateful for by comparison.

Rangers have built a brand new squad, one befitting of the country’s top flight, but remarkably an ex-Celtic hero’s arrogance surfaced recently when former Parkhead striker Joe Miller decided a combined Old Firm XI would not feature a single Rangers player.

This is what he selected:

Not one single Rangers player.

According to Joe, Niko Kranjcar, Joey Barton, and Barrie McKay (to name just three) are just not good enough to feature in an Old Firm combined XI.

According to Joe, whose side was pummelled by even ‘weaker’ players (no disrespect to any of them) at Hampden, none of those players merit inclusion in his combined XI.

Is he trolling? Is he trying to appease the hordes of Parkhead? Or is this another idiotic attempt at proving ‘Ranjurz ur deid’? Maybe it is best left as being pinned on the Ibrox dressing room wall pre-the next Old Firm?

Let us know your thoughts in the usual place, folks.


  1. He's just a ordinary Celtic fan. Never defeated because the opposition cheated. It's quite unhealthy in a sane person never mind a Celtic fan.

  2. He a septic man. Of course he's gona pick that team. It's a headline. Truth is. Barton is the best in Scotland in my opinion. Barry Mckay is the best young player in Scotland "Inc Tierney" and Windass and Rossiter will be up there by the end of the season.

    Who cares what they write. We'll do our talking on the pitch like we did at hampden. WATP

    • Most of those who were on the pitch at Hampden will be jailed, both players and fans deserve jail time for their efforts.

  3. If we go through those players you've named :

    McKay : never played in ScotPrem. Yes, he's played v Celtic in The Cup, but as Wrexham (v Arsenal), or Berwick (v Rangers) proves, a cup match doesn't really show the quality of a player.
    Kranjcar : injury prone in the last couple of years. Coming to the end of his career, released by Dynamo Kiev, on loan at QPR, warming the bench a lot of the time in New York
    Barton : Been gradually dropping in terms of club quality for the last few years. Last season at Burnley this attacking midfielder could only manage 3 goals.

    Others :
    Rossiter. 'Hamstring' is the crux of the matter here. If Liverpool thought he'd recover, then they'd be wanting a lot more than a £250k development fee. They aren't idiots.
    Dodoo : why did such a genius player play so little football last season ? Again, Leicester aren't idiots. No interest from other Eng Premiership clubs, and Leicester happy to get the development fee for him.

    I may be wrong, Warbs might have the greatest set of physios on the planet, capable of patching up and keeping them on the pitch. But I see old players, troublesome players, and unproved and/or injury-prone youngsters, and none of their old clubs really crying over their departures.

    • McKay – will show you next season what he can do. His "fluke" goal has been repeated since.
      Barton – Your description of him as an attacking midfielder gives you away. He isn't. He was player of the season in the Championship, that's how far he has been dropping away.
      Rossiter – may or may not have a persistent hamstring problem, but Liverpool wanted to keep him. If he stayed in England they could have demanded millions and a tribunal would have settled it. Because he went to another country, a FIFA calculation is used, as it was for Dodoo and the two Accrington boys.
      Dodoo – nobody claimed he was Pele, but he was kept out of the team last season by the best strikeforce in England, who won the league. Left the country as did Rossiter, because he bought into Warbs' project.

      Not sure if you are a troll, very stupid, or a stupid troll. Whatever, you should learn before you type

  4. pummeled by weaker players u on glue lad? rangers had more of the ball celtic had more than enough chances to win 2 games 5 in a row 4 to go

  5. Interesting that the editor thinks a 2 each draw after 120 minutes is getting pummelled [your words] well its all about opinions, because you don't agree with joe miller you call him an idiotic fan and talk about pinning it on dressing room ,lol grow up , its called banter

  6. Barry Ferguson trolled them back in the record making it look genuine by putting a few of their players in so would read too much into any of this. Barely deserves discussion.

  7. He managed to achieve 2 scottish cups and 1 league title in his 6 years at celtic…a goal every 5 and a half games…..nae wonder hes a bit upset….poor joe..

  8. Scott p you my friend are an idiot 100percent idiot. To be honest I thought Joe Miller was just having a laugh no point in getting worked up about it. Let's see who's in team of the year at end of the season

  9. truth just a bitter wee fanny could not hit a barn door with a banjo – we will do our talking on the park. the septic are delusional and many of them way past the sell by date – bloated with mercenaries and the likes of Crooks, Rossiter, Dodoo and Wndass young hungry players along with Halliday, Barton and Krancjar will show them up for what they are second rate mercenaries. Remember the Gers badge kissers they all did a runner when the pot was empty and the septic crew are about to be found out big style they have a tea full of them – mark my words. Barton in particular key for us signs on principle and walks away from the big bucks – refreshing………..

  10. It's an opinion at the end of the day but who are Rangers fans kidding? A team with the second highest budget in Scottish football should have been up a year ago. I don't support any of the old firm but I wouldn't put players who are either past their best or unproven at the highest level in that team. Rangers will finish 2nd. We need a strong Rangers. You ain't nowhere near where you think you are yet however.

  11. Far too early to make any comparisons, let the season at least start first, we have played nobody and Celtic have had a fair few injuries and are still putting together their squad.

    My worry is we have brought in a few players who are in the twilight of their career and I have seen this before where they start off impressively then fade into squad mediocrity because its Scottish football. I;d rather be investing some real cash in the best upcoming youth and have them here and hungry for a good few years. Bazza's team selection was equally weird in some areas but who cares. It's only someone's opinion and means hee-haw!!

  12. Let's get a win against accies before we start getting ahead of ourselves. They will be looking for a big scalp.

    • Correctamundo,
      Forget Joe & his whingeing,
      Lets play football & start doing it against the Accies.
      We were showed up at the back again today against a better Burnley team
      But I dont think this will happen too much in the league.
      So lets get on with it cheer em on, Let Frank McP keep looking for defenders
      And see how high up the league, lets enjoy it FFS we got nothing too lose.

  13. He's a Celtic fan what do you expect him to say, wind up the main rivals I'd expect an ex Ranger to do the same. It's only a fekin laugh, means nothing.

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