Robin Van…Persie?!


There have been some bizarre transfer rumours connected to Rangers this summer. Most were dismissed as the nonsense they were and eventually forgotten. At one point Henrik Larsson’s son Jordan was announced as a link, a wind up of course; but the national press actually ran with it, suggesting journalism is getting even lazier these days.

But some of those crazy rumours actually happened – Rangers signed Croatian superstar Niko Kranjcar, and they really did snap up the mercurial Joey Barton.

But another rumour has been circulating the past week which, inspired by the player’s evident desire to get out of Turkey, has picked up in recent days.

Sky Bet are even offering a staggering 6/4 on it; I am of course referring to the Robin Van Persie story.

It is surely just that; a story. How could Rangers attract a superstar like Van Persie to the SPL? How could they afford his wages?

And yet, this lingering transfer rumour continues to persist; naturally odds are as much reflected in betting patterns as they are by actual likelihood – if enough people bet on a ridiculous concept, its odds will indeed shorten even if there is no chance of Joey Barton joining Rangers…oh wait a minute…

And the ‘Joey Barton Fallacy’ is what stops me absolutely dismissing the Van Persie rumour.

It is bizarre, and outlandish, but crazier things have and always will happen than a footballer joining an unexpected club.

Rangers are a big draw – we have attracted some seriously good talent this summer and the team is looking truly impressive. It seems beyond the realm of possibility that we could capture a truly Hollywood world class striker, but we can dream, right?

And we did exactly that when we heard about Barton and Kranjcar.

RVP obviously wants away from Turkey (not surprising given the political unrest there) – but here is a little puzzler – if a country with a league as relatively unattractive as Turkey can attract Van Persie, Scotland surely can too.

Affording him is a whole other story though…


  1. He was ready to sign for Rangers years ago before he went to Arsenal. What if, eh? I wouldn't bet my life on it happening now. I would bet my mother in law's life on it though.

    I love the anonymous profile option.

  2. I can't remember such a buzz around Rangers since the days of the souness revolution,ok we don't have the money now to get a terry butcher,Richard gough,gazza orlaudrup but this feels very similar with the likes of Barton and Niko, young rossiter,windass,etc and with a top manager like Warburton to gel them together i think this could be even better than 30 years ago


  3. Would love to see RVP at Gers but the simple fact is that we could not afford his wages and I can see no scenario that could change this.
    Would be a fantastic coup though although dozens of English teams could afford the privilege of RVP.

  4. £2M-£3M to buy and circa £2M a year in wages. Ain't gonna happen. It would also be an extremely foolish move in terms of finance at the club.

  5. I am absolutely buzzing woke up to these headlines n was like a Cheshire Cat. Wudnt surprise me if the dream team have managed to persuade such a star. Fingers n toes crossed. WATP!!

  6. In fairness VanPersie would be a far bigger coup than Kran who had basically retired a couple of years ago and Barton who is playing out his days having never been the top end player that Van Persie was – to compare to todays generation it would be like signing Jono Shevley and Kevin Miralles in the twilight of their careers and then following up with Sergio Aguero – as such forgive me if I do not get too excited about this rumour.

  7. RVP?,,, Get real folks!!..I'm a bear through and through.. and although I would cream my pants a little if RVP signed,, I would like to remind my fellow blue noses on how we got liquidated in the first place?,,, We should live within our means and Warbs appears to be doing a fantastic job at doing just that,,, lets rise above the media mischief, and get behind the players we already have,,i dont fancy us going into administration again!

  8. Why not just let it happen,the bookies tend too get things right,and rangers TV have been saying if the next deal comes off it will be sensational,so I am a glass half full kinda bluenose,let's see how things develop.

  9. it isn't all about money anymore for someone like RVP, same with Barton so I think there is definitely truth in this and would be amazing if we got him, okay we don't need him as we are playing brilliant lol but still…
    experience and quality!!


  10. Gents.
    RVP doesn't give a Shit about money he's got more money than Bob Hope so I'm sure he can get along on 15K a week & who knows what his contract is over in Turkey.
    Rangers are defo trying to swing this deal, Can only hope it comes to fruit with a CH next week!!?
    Ladbroke has suspended betting on him signing, That doesn't mean he's signed they just know there actively trying to!

  11. Love to get him on board obviously BUT we will probably win the premiership anyway by around 10 points so why bother?
    Ok bag him and win by 20 hahaha
    Jokes aside guys, this story could have legs…We'll find out on Saturday re our shaky defence. Only as strong as the weakest link remember…fingers crossed

  12. cant see it happening, but you never know. we will have plenty of star quality on show in Barton, krancjar and the brightest of all ROSSITER !!

  13. A clown needs his shoes.He pawned his old ones towards his season ticket for the piggery.Gies a wee dance ya banger and I'll get them oot for you.

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