Rangers lose out on defender


Rangers have formally lost out on the capture of former Plymouth Argyle defender Curtis Nelson, after the 23-year old captain of the League Two side signed for Oxford.

The League One outfit leapt ahead of Rangers and other suitors in the queue, and while Rangers’ SPL status was certainly attractive, Nelson appears to have wanted to stay in English football.

Rangers’ interest in Nelson was merely rumoured, like so many of these stories, but his switch to United in England’s third tier will have come as a slight disappointment for Mark Warburton, if indeed he was interested, given Nelson was a free and at the kind of age Rangers’ manager favours from his ‘unearthed gems’ repertoire.

As it is, Rangers this morning look close to signing a player 11 years Nelson’s senior in Onyewu, a move possibly inspired by Nelson’s swift switch to the Kassam Stadium, which given Rangers’ defenders average age might not actually be the worst outcome after all anyway.


  1. It doesn't get any lower or soul destroying than losing out on a transfer target to the mighty Oxford. Rumour has it we only offered him 1.5k a week wages. When are we going to see Kings money.

  2. We are looking at players in the English 4th Div…!!!!! and losing out on them.. Jeez!!!

  3. He was never going to be much of an asset.I don't recall Oxford getting into Europe. The lad obviously doesn't have much ambition.

  4. King said he would over invest on our first year return to the SPL, where is this money we were promised? Also we have broke season ticket records, us fans are being short changed, AGAIN

  5. I have seen Curtiswas develop from the youth set up and into the first team at Argyle. The young man is a good player but I don't think we have missed out on him…Better players about 🙂

  6. We were in for him, I'm not a monkey but we offered him monkey nuts as wages hence why he went elsewhere

  7. rumoured… if… if… if… let's no greet about some pure speculation. I heard that some random guy moved clubs. If we were interested in that guy and if we made a bid and if he turned it down then we might have been disappointed and we might have gone on a forum to moan about funds but we might not because it's all just speculation from beginning to end. Maybe.

  8. Overall, I think Rangers are going ahead with a good football team on one side and the other with youth investment with a sell on factor with good returns for their money. Remember our Manager was also in the money market .!! PS I think that some of these "anonymous`s ain`t Gers Men.! Be positive! we`re getting on the right track to Greatness again.

    • Exactly James,

      The anonymous brigade don't want found out. They could at least call themselves Troll 1, 2 etc, but that seems beyond them

  9. If, and its a big if, we offered him anything then we offered what we thought he was worth.

    If he was a player warbs really wanted he would be here. Like Barton or Krancjar where we pushed the boat out to back the manager

  10. kilmarnock signed 8 players,,,will they be as good as your free,s???when oxford put you to the sword in transfer market why shouldnt you be asking the glib,,,where,s the dough,,every free signed made oot to be world class,,dads army more like,,

  11. The English leagues are awash with money. No country can compete. Leicester won league "only" spending £56 million! We either try to join England or get on with budget we have !

  12. The English leagues are awash with money. No country can compete. Leicester won league "only" spending £56 million! We either try to join England or get on with budget we have !

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