Kenny Miller: “I played by default”


Kenny Miller has today claimed the attitude of himself and some of his peers at Ibrox was not quite what it should be such was the indispensible nature of their selection in the team.

The likes of Wes Foderingham, Lee Wallace, James Tavernier, Rob Kiernan, Andy Halliday, Jason Holt, Barrie McKay, Martyn Waghorn and himself almost always found themselves starting regardless of form for the simple reason there was no alternative most of the time in Mark Warburton’s ‘lean’ squad.

But is this fair? While on the surface many could point at Miller and say he is correct in what he says based on pure logic, does it also arguably come across as a slight on his team mates, suggesting that they did not always apply themselves fully knowing a drop in form would not see them dropped to the bench?

It is an interesting position for one of the beneficiaries of such a scenario to take up; he concedes directly that he played more than he felt he would have had Rangers been bestowed with more (quality) attacking options in his position; but equally Miller is a pretty honest and mature lad these days, and is capable of introspective criticism if he deems it necessary.

In truth, from around December onwards Miller was a quintessential part of the Warburton machine, and while selected by borderline default, he certainly deserved his place anyway such was the form he held for large periods of the season.

But does he does have a valid point regarding a few others? James Tavernier certainly stands out – his form deteriorated increasingly as the season wore on, but the obstinate lack of alternative option meant there was simply no one else to select at RB. The only other vague possibility was Fraser Aird, but he was stationed in Canada for the majority of the campaign.

Andy Halliday is another who suffered inconsistent form, and who would have benefited from someone else pushing him. He certainly has that now, with aplomb, but Miller certainly seems to be including him in this list.

So, is Kenny right? Is he being fair? Or is he unjustifiably criticising himself and fellow pros when the lean squad was not their fault?

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  1. I believe with the influx of the new players every position will have competition & that can only benefit the team

  2. Kenny deserved to play. Always gave 100 per cent. Don't think he will play much this season.

  3. I think Kenny means that without the pressure of keeping their places as the season wore on and they tired their level of performance dropped, I don't think any of the players made a conscious decision to take their foot off the pedal, Andy Halliday played most of the season out of his preferred position so a drop in form was predictable, James Tavernier did seem to struggle later in the season but at no point did he look like he wasn't trying. A bigger squad will keep the players on their toes it will also mean they don't have to play every game, allow them to rest more and keep fresh.

  4. Kenny is quite simply sending a coded message to the rest of the team, he is telling them, that there is no place for passengers this season.
    To be fair, some players were probably shattered, but as there was no one to replace them, they coasted.
    Great senior man Miller, and he will be outstanding again this season.

  5. Theres no evidence i have seen that Kenny actually said that. Its reported in the media in the way you have stated but the media twist every bloody thing and take massive libertys with context. Personally i watched every game twice plus highlights and some games ive watched a dozen times. I couldnt criticise the majority of the squad for a lack of effort at all. Besides its in the past and the problemn of no competition for places doesnt exist any more. C'mon you Gers !

  6. If Kenny doesn't play who will?

    Apart from Waghorn we don't have another recognised striker.

    King's war chest promises are being shown as complete lies and if the stories about 3 of the stadium stands struggling for safety certificates are true then we are in big trouble.

    If JJ'S stories of King and his concert party driving down the share price so that they could pick them up at a low price then one or more of them could be facing criminal charges.

    This is the reason that, apart from the 3 Bears, no one is willing to invest in the club.

    • Surely if there were probs with Safety certificates no tickets for those areas could be sold until they were remedied, unless of course assurances have been given that repairs will be done in time for season start. King would not gamble with lives, surely!!

  7. Last season we ran with a tight squad.

    Warbs has added 8 new faces, I think 10 have left, so now the squad is even lighter, are there more signings on the way.

    I'm struggling to understand the signing policy……it's all very well bringing in experienced players but where are the young vibrant players who could be developed and sold on for big money?

    We don't have a single saleable asset.

    Celtic can get £5m for Ambrose and Johannson allowing them to bring in Gunter for £1m and £8m for Joe Allen.

    Add in the boy Dembele capped at every youth level for France………….yet despite record ST sales we are in the free transfer market snapping up pensioners.

    Where's the war chest King?

    Are there safety issues at Ibrox…… that why we are in America with one game on the schedule rather than having a couple of glamour friendlies at home?

    What's going on at Rangers 1872……………why have 3 Directors left?

  8. Hard to get motivated playing against part timers and lets face it cannon fodder last season but this season should see motivation maxed out – strong start is absolutely essential given the kind nature of the early fixtures – heading to Parkhead top of the table will not be too big an ask given they will have played a game less as well as having played Hearts and Aberdeen by that stage. This will make all the difference in challenging at the top and challenging for top 6.

  9. Quality striker will cost money and King is not one to really invest as he suggested he would do on quality he can resell at a profit. His short term policies will show the squad up for what it is.

    Some real investment required but King is really frustrating.

  10. I can't see Miller being fit enough to play 20 full games a season. King won't purchase any quality striker as this costs in transfer fees. With a bit of luck some of the youngsters will take their opportunity but may be a big ask in the top league.

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