How well did new Rangers signing Jordan Rossiter do for England?


Arriving at Ibrox with a great deal of fanfare and not a little hype, midfield anchor man Jordan Rossiter got a prime time slot on British Eurosport captaining the England U19s as they faced France in the Euros, for what turned out to be a surprisingly comfortable 2-1 win for the Three Lions.

But naturally what most Rangers fans watching were looking for was the former Liverpool midfielder, to see exactly what kind of player Mark Warburton had secured for the Ibrox engine room.

After 90 minutes flew by, it was pretty evident that he lived every inch up to the billing of both holding midfielder and playmaker – very much the ‘Barry Ferguson’ kind of player Rangers have missed since the current Clyde manager left Ibrox.

Rossiter, for such a young man with so much pressure on his shoulder, proved why he was the talk of the EPL and drawing comparisons with Steven Gerrard until unfortunate injury blighted his progress.

Going by what we saw for his country, that progress is very much back on.

Not only did England’s number 4 have the kind of vision you associate with the so-called Italian ‘regista’ position (typical Ferguson, Gerrard, Pirlo passing), but like two of the aforementioned conductors he was more than capable of getting stuck right in and harrying opponents.

At one point his performance saw him steal the ball in defence, dribble his way through a ruck of French players before expertly easing pressure off his team mates and laying the ball off to his team mate (who then let the side down by losing possession). For his part Rossiter was absolutely excellent and clearly more than good enough for an SPL Rangers.

He also showed sumptuous composure on the ball, with the typical sway and balance you would expect of a player in his position, the kind of player who seems to find acres of space when there is none.

The level he was playing at is development, true – there is not colossal pressure on the unders in the way there is at senior, but this is the way Rossiter has played at every level he has been at; EPL, national, Europa League.

Frank McParland worked wonders getting this kid to Ibrox, and alongside Joey Barton Rangers really have one heck of a potential midfield next season.


  1. must admit didn't think he would be that good could be worth 15 to 20million he is so tall can see him doing the job that Ball did last season, Halliday is a good payer but its all about levels this guy is on a different planet but halliday still good to have on bench, Rossiter he will play for England one day.oh and celtic wee will have league win by Christmas there soo bad worse cetic team in there history yes

    • Shooda went tae spec savers. For one he ain't that tall and £15-20 Million !! I've just watched the game back and yes the lad did OK. I haven't a clue where the passing of pirlo comes from….yes he gets in about it but he's no where near the level the young Barry Ferguson was at….yet. So let's not get carried away and pile too much pressure on the lad. He'll have to fight to get and keep a place in our midfield this coming season.

    • dude a said COULD be worth 15 20million Klop said if another English team was buying him righty now he would be looking for 8 million at 19 years old but when rangers play him for next 2 3 years what you think he will be worth then….. 15 20 million just think bye the time he's 22 23 he'll be 3 times the player you seen last night so you shooda think b4 talking you silly little boy 🙂

    • lol…….ffs……..key word being as you've said COULD !! ……well we COULD go anywhere wae that…..lets hope we're all smiling contentedly watching his progress this coming year….btw…I'm 56 !!…..a tad on the auld side for yer last point…

    • well neil if look down at the comments you will see that they all agree with me apart from tam burns that thinks Rossiter is a robot from the new star wars film, even Artie Macca says 15m easily, see tam you're like Gordon Stracken you're too old past it. and you've got a wee toad

  2. I think when your talking about under 19's international level it's a good bit beyond development level. These kids are going to be the stars of the future and Rossiter clearly fits that bill.
    Great signing and can't wait to see him shine for the Rangers.

  3. This guy is only 19 what a prospect when he reaches his peak he'll be in the 15m bracket easily

  4. This guy is only 19 what a prospect when he reaches his peak he'll be in the 15m bracket easily

  5. He looks tidy enough but these academy types all look the same to me.Very good technically but a robotic/regimented feel to their play.The boy had one good burst forward as you mentioned but I get the impression it is frowned upon and its all pass pass pass,decent enough looking player and hope he's not distracted by outlandish comparisons and valuations.

    • haha well put tam are you for real neil maclean tam is talking poo every player that's ever played the game comes from an academy that was so dumb and you agree with his dumbness coming out with crap like technically robotic/regimented feel to there game haaaaaaa so there you have it guys tam and neil hear think that we should just give up on academy players ye know there to robotic, do a need to teach u idiots a lesson, simple Rossiter is rated at 8million don't you understand that the only reason we are getting him couse Liverpool have so much midfielders that was class bye our manager but forget it he's a robot fea terminator 2

  6. Given the role he plays I find it difficult to see how he won't be one of the first names on the team sheet alongside Wallace, Kranjcar and Barton each week. Even at 19 he shows the qualities that have been missing for a long time!

    • Tom I think we'll struggle to accommodate two siting midfielders in the side….even Walter dinnae dae that !! lol

    • neil maclean my god you really are the biggest nudebook that a have ever met in my life, Tom Anderson I totally agree he is going with Barton Rossiter Kranjcar that's the trio but neil being 53 he knows better, this neil guy he was best pals with Dick Advocaat trust me he knows better because he is a really really old rinckly ball sack

  7. So Andy Hallyday is no good anymore?? Come on, the kid is for the couple of years down the happy with what wee have at moment.

  8. Doubt Hallyday will get a start even if young Jordan isn't in the team were overloaded with talent in midfield.
    I honestly think Warbs is building his complete new team and most of last year's team will struggle to get a start!!

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