“Ask not what Rangers can do for you; ask what you can do for Rangers”

 Richard Fillingham

I don’t know about you – but I want to know what you really think about a giant club, the size and stature of Rangers, being dragged down to such a low financial state, that we cannot afford to pay any real transfer fee for any player still attached to a club. What a catastrophic position to be in when your team is attempting to win a league title, when other teams have had years experience of competing at a higher standard of players.

Rangers have been reduced to scrounging around, looking for the best free transfer players currently on the market, that are available to sign right away. This will enable us to bed them in for the start of the new Premiership season, after a four-year sabbatical, forced on us by the SPL clubs in 2012. We can use their services to play for our world record breaking team, without having to pay a transfer fee for any of them. In fairness, we have picked the best of them, to the great credit of our management team getting the homework right, and with their experience and perseverance paying off.

We do have three new young players all under 23, and Rangers do have to pay some compensation money, as part of the deal agreed for them signing. A £250,000 fee has been agreed with Liverpool for Jordan Rossiter who is only 19 years-old and is a current international player who has featured at every level for England since he was only 15. Roughly £50,000 development fees have been paid to Accrington Stanley for Matt Crooks, our new 6’ 4”, 22-year-old and also for Josh Windass, who comes very highly recommended as an exciting, attacking scoring midfield player, by Mark Warburton.

I find the present situation a little embarrassing, and I feel very sorry for such a great management team, having to try and wrestle the league from Celtic’s clutches, with both hands tied behind their backs. In saying that, they have worked wonders with players of the calibre of Joey Barton, Niko Kranjcar, Clint Hill, Lee Hodson and Matt Gilks – so far, with ‘one or two irons still in the fire’ for another defender and striker!

I also believe that at long last, we have a board that we can trust to run the club properly now. Even if they have to run it frugally for the time being, it is so much better than spending money we obviously don’t have. Once we are on an even keel, Dave King will be in a much better position, if he gets help from others, to invest some more money in the best club in the world – especially with all the best supporters! We have haemorrhaged millions since 2012, and it will take something drastic to eliminate the problem and hopefully, I have devised an idea to rid us of the bad debt that we have accrued in the process of being demoted to the lowly Third Division of Scottish football – shame on the Scottish Government for not stepping in, to help save the whole of Scottish football. The Spanish Government would not have let Real Madrid or Barcelona suffer the same fate!

What I am strongly suggesting has never to my knowledge, been done before, but I feel for the long-term benefit of all the Rangers, “We are the people” supporters, and indeed our proud club – can we be allowed to put our own money (cash/cheques and bank transfers), into a specific Rangers F.C. bank account, called the “Rangers Transfer Fund”, to enable us to help pay for future signings and their wages? It would be an account that would very strictly be used for transfer fees and the particular signed players’ wages ONLY.

We have fans around the world who could easily get involved, and we also have a load of wealthy fans, who I am sure would be willing to help us out, in our time of need. I will be happy to contribute money to the fund, and I am sure that every fan would appreciate the opportunity to help in any way they can. Even the poorer Rangers fans could help by fund-raising in their communities, just to help the team that they have always cared for, so dearly in their hearts. We are the Rangers Family and it is time to stump up and do what we can, but please remember, you can only give what you can afford. We also have all the Rangers clubs, Orange Halls and Masonic Lodges to help eradicate this financial burden, by using their premises to arrange fund-raising events, with all the proceeds going into the, “Rangers Transfer Fund” account. Let’s be honest here – charity begins at home with this one!

All contributions, could accumulate to millions of pounds, if promoted right by a Richard Gough/John Brown/John Greig – representing a full-on Rangers publicity machine, involving all the newspapers and radio stations with the “Rangers Transfer Fund” project!

Rangers Football Club have the financial responsibility for all the repairs required for Ibrox and Murray Park, coupled by all the wages and extortionate running costs each month, so this influx of money, could prove to be a godsend to the board.

Would you be willing to contribute to the, “Rangers Transfer Fund” account?

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  1. I've already did my bit as a fan buying 3 season tickets, where is the millions King promised us, where is our season ticket money going? 300k and free transfers, the fans deserve better, just wish Brian Kennedy had taken over our club as King obviously isn't going to his hand in his pocket

    • To be pissed off with Dave King is an absolute JOKE. I think you'd be more happy with a 12 millions tore andre flo flop than the quality we have brought in for cheap. The stadium and training facilities are all being upgraded and the team are playing great. On track to beat record sales of season tickets. How can you be angry??? It's not a light switch you can just turn on. It takes time and millions of pounds to fix a club the size of Rangers. Get a grip

    • Agree, the above article sounds like it has been dreamed up by a child. The reality is fans have put their hands in their pockets already for season tickets, many also put money into the Rangers First coffers only to see a large chunk of that vanish and that was a massive effort. There is no way that the double figure of millions required is ever attainable from such a venture. What the club needs is to cut its cloth accordingly until such times as a solid base is built. It may be unpalatable for some watching Celtic clock up numerous titles but given the alternative is extinction I think most would rather things were built up steady. Unless of course King comes good on his investment but I for one gave up on that a long long time ago.

  2. I seem to remember at one time you were dead against Dave King ,and didn't trust him .You were even of the opinion that the old board were not that bad ,and we should stick with them ,better the devil. I think Dave and the present board have done a FANTASTIC job of pulling the club around ,and in time we will have the money to buy players.

    • Hi Willie,

      I only started writing in April for the Ibrox Noise team, and I don't always have the same opinions as the other guys, in fact quite often they don't agree with me. I don't necessary think that is a bad thing, as football is all about opinions. I am extremely self-opinionated and always have been, and I think it helps me with writing hopefully, interesting articles for Ibrox Noise. I always try to be informative and be a bit controversial where possible, as I try to get our fans thinking and talking about my topics. I don't expect everybody to think like me, and I don't get upset by any adverse comments, as I always think that I know better anyway (ha ha).

  3. Soft loans to help King keep the ship chugg-ing along…!!! Money raised to supposedly buy shares and a voice in the club now being given up as unconditional free loans to the club. To a guy who has invested nothing and has a history of ripping people off. No wonder good folk associated with fan coalitions are bailing.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  4. Rossiter has been injured for 18 months and was a free transfer and is now on £10k a week for 4 years. Tough for a young guy to recover from that, could be a major gamble. Liverpool are happy to see him get such a good deal. The celtic manager thought highly enough to give him a first team game last season for him to pull up with the hamstring prob again. Doesn't bode well.! Still the boy gets a couple of mill should it all go horribly wrong, better than some have had.

    • nearly 1500 SB's per season will pay for a possible crock youth player. Value for money??

    • But the boy will be worth a lot more than a couple of mill if it doesn't go horribly wrong. Great potential and a manager with the ability to help him reach that potential. Remember Messi was considered a major gamble due to injury and that turned out ok. One gamble worth taking I reckon.

    • Messi as a comparison, Jeez!!! Messi had treatment for a treatable condition as a very young boy, unfortunately some INJURIES are more difficult or impossible to treat. My point being, could the money have been invested a little more wisely for a more assured return?

    • No such thing as an assured return in football. According to all the reports Rossiter would have cost any English club millions, some reports even suggest 8 million. Us investing less than 2.5 million max (over 4 years) on a player with such great potential has to be a very good move. All players come with risk of injury and there's a great many players playing at the highest level with histories of hamstring problems. Signing Rossiter is one risk we would have been stupid not to take. This kid is going to thrive under Warburton and when he leaves he will give us a huge return on our investment.

  5. Winning the league with a team that cost almost nothing is going to make it all the sweeter #55

  6. I have been bangin my money in every month into rangers first or club 1872 whatever it is called nowadays , now can that money not be used for wages
    But TBH we have an owner who is very very rich & has stated publicly that he will fund Rangers, So come on mr king fairs fair, You have a helluva lot more cash than any of us so dig a bit deeper

  7. Asking fans to chip in to a "Transfer Fund" is not something a Premiership should do. The fans invest already by buying ST etc. It's time Dave King put his hand in his pocket or steps aside for someone who will. This "Transfer Fund" idea would make us the laughing stock of world football!

  8. I'm not sure why there is so much negativity towards King. He is the man that invested millions during the Murray era. He is clearly working behind the scenes and ensuring that the foundation of the club (Ibrox) is fully up and running in all respects, this takes money. Once the infrastructure is in place, he can concentrate on the squad.
    Yes we have not spent money, however, can anyone not remember Tore Andre Flo? Last season at little cost, we seen a style of football that we have not seen in years. Indeed, at half time during the semi, Mo Jo said that he thought he was watching Barca!
    I am not convinced that if Warburton had £30 million to spend, that he would. It looks like he enjoys getting the best out of a certain type of player.
    Let's not run before we can walk, I do not expect to win the league, but I expect every team to know they were in a real fight for it. This will lead on to consecutive seasons, Rangers will keep building cheaply and ensure that we never face the embarrassment of administration again.
    With regards to putting money into a transfer fund, I think it is a fantasy. I already have a season ticket and subscribe to Rangers TV.
    This season will be a great season!!


    • A lot of folk think King is trying to get his initial investment back…he didn't invest in the club he invested in the Murray group who owned the holding company…

    • Totally agree with you Iain. King has done a fantastic job since taking over and has ensured we have the stability and transparency we need to get us back permanently on top of Scottish football. And he'll do it without spending millions. As more money comes in more money will be spent but why waste money now when we can achieve our goal through good planning and good management.
      I think a lot of the people whinging about King here are really fans from other clubs pissed that we are back and ready to kick their butts, and that we can do it so easily and cheaply.
      Still their obsession with us does prove it really is all about the Rangers.

  9. Raheem sterling cost nearly 50 million?!?! The fee attached to a player does not always represent value for money. The current method of recruiting good players for this season is very shrewd and the calibre of player we have recruited thus far has been excellent. The club need to balance the books but that doesent mean we can't unearth a good free signing until we're back competing at the top of the spl and having a pop in European competition.

    • Totally agree. We are not paying fees because we do not have to!!! Would it make you feel better if Barton cost us 2m???

      Football has changed and transfer fees are now dead money. Like paying cash for a brand new car when you can wait a year and get it for 40% less…

      Our team will be worth millions when we win the league

    • I agree you pay for the market, but £50k for 8 players and nothing in for 10 who left, is this the policy???

  10. I don't get to get to many games as I'm in London. I was thinking of a Rangers TV subscription even though I watch most games in the White Bear – I enjoy the social.
    Question – anyone any news on how much of the money goes to Rangers? I want to give 100% not 6% as per shirts. No shirts being bought this year again!

  11. Rangers are alive signing players we have a great manager and are back in the spl .It's great being able to talk about transfers and have pride in our club again instead of dominating the front pages we are on the back pages it's just a few short years since we nearly disappeared let's just enjoy it.There is nothing wrong with any constructive ideas let's keep positive

  12. these guys are well paid and rewarded as it is. Not a chance in hell will they get any more cash from me.

  13. Anyone who believes a single word from career criminal KING deserves to be flecced of their money. .not a single penny more

  14. I agree TRFC shd be as positive as possible given the troubles of the last few years but continuing myths that your club was demoted isn't helping anything except fuelling a victim mentality that is in part understandable; however no clubs votes TRFC out of Scottish football that was a consequence of going into liquidation . The vote you refer was to let TRFC into Scottish football and the reality is most lower league teams voted to ensure they got a share of a blue pounder just the same as spfl teams aren't happy at only playing TRFC twice. I genuinely wish you all luck but as a football supporter I am concerned at the prospect of trouble throughout the coming season. That isn't a dig at gers fans but there will be other team supporters readult to start trouble purely to cite gers fans as being responsible which brings me back to this victim mentality issue. GOOD LUCK

  15. A think if fans could chuck a cple of pounds in a jar at home games wen they can not a direct debit or anything Jst as and wen they can everyone always has a bit of change spare change in there pockets on a Saturday sesh. Don't know if can b dun or nt but Jst a suggestion.

  16. Can rangers not give club 1872 the right to put crest on a top n the fans can buy them with proper crest n give money straight to club. Like rst done.

  17. Much as I love Rangers there is no way I would sacrifice my hard earned cash for this proposal. You are suggesting that we give even more cash to people who are multi millionaires or at the least extremely wealthy. If I was to come into a vast fortune then I would happily get involved. Where are your Jim McColl's of the world? A billionaire Rangers fan who you would think could chip in a few million without even noticing.

  18. Actually Kudos to this site for posting 'Pro', 'Agin' and 'other views' comments to the subject matter.

    It is healthy to hear all opinions and observations and not to label any who don't go with the flow as a hater of Rangers.

    I am not a rangers fan but have lots of family who are, good people who take things at face value and the media and spin monkeys in this country are really not doing the club's medium to long term health any good.

    We need good, healthy, sporting competition in Scottish football. Well run, progressive, open. We are not close to that with those who presently report nonsense and govern our game.

    All the best with the season ahead..

  19. Can we not start the journey again, I really loved travelling around all these grounds making new friends.

  20. We have been taken for mugs again by this board, when are loyal supporters going to see through this.

    • An even better laugh will be when we thump the mhanky mob AGAIN with our team of free transfers. Just gets sweeter and sweeter.

    • I adopted this policy in Football Manager and won the Champions League with Ross County after four seasons so it obviously works…

  21. I'm very optimistic about the new season and definitely feel we can win the league. Barton is better than anything that lot have. Hill will give us more dig and will not let us down. The press have gone a bit quiet on Mariappa and Steven Taylor but they have seen our world class facilities, so I'm still hopeful of getting at least one of them.
    First season back, we should at least get second and one of the cups which would guarantee Europe.
    Let's get behind our manager who is the best in the country and the trophys will inevitably follow.

  22. Are you seriously asking the fans to once again out their hands in their pockets. We've only just purchased season book sand a large portion of those will be on a pay up scheme. Its all very well coming out with a call together headline but I don't think you've given the matter a whole lot of thought. Mr King sometime ago told us he would be prepared to invest 30m if that what it took to get Rangers back on track and if a player the manager wanted cost a certain amount the board would back him. Well that isn't happening is it?? Our Manager is scurrying around trying to pick up freebies and his preference to go after young hungry players that have a sell on value isn't being adhered to. But lets go back to the promises of Mr King. So far he has invested 1.5m of his own money, I'm hearing from various websites this is actually 3m but no amount of searching can produce the other 1.5m, its just didn't happen! Most of the loans have come from the 3 bears but those funds have now ceased and will not be topped up. So why oh why you are asking the Rangers fans for more money when we have a multi millionaire in Mr King who hasn't lived up to the promise he made with regard to his personal contribution. Surely the title should be "ask what me King can do for Rangers" Maybe even ask why Mr King said he had the IPO lined up but hey that has now gone silent along with other promises. The Rangers fans have been shafted by previous owners promises that never materialised so why are we again sticking our heads in the sand while Mr King promises so much but doesn't seem to see these promises through. I understand he has certain fan groups in his back pocket and guys like dingwall and Houston prevent any kind of debate but surely our support are not going to be taken again mugs……………sorry I have invested enough of my cash and its now time for Mr King to step up or if he cannot please stop pretending he will.

  23. Team will be worth millions when we win the league……get your blinkers off, we don't have a single saleable asset!
    Celtic are about to punt Bitton, Ambrose and Johannson for £10m which Rodgers will use to bring in a better quality of player.
    CL qualification will bring them in £20m, we can't match that even if King found his wallet.
    We are on a 'tour' of the States with one game against a semi pro outfit on the schedule……what bright spark organised that?
    As far as the manager is concerned he cost us the Scottish Cup because of his inability to change tactics…….Stokes tore Tavernier a new one for 90 minutes yet Warbs changed nothing. Similarly Stubbs set out his team to prevent our full backs getting forward and Warbs was unable or unwilling to change anything.
    Some fans are starting to see through King's lies, those currently with a monthly standing order are p*ssing their monies away.
    If the stories about safety issues at the stadium are half true then we are in big trouble.

    If there are no safety issues King should kill these stories dead now. Get the structural engineers to make their findings public and throw the lies back in the face of the haters.

  24. You do realise this article is currently being shared around anti Rangers pages and makes us look an absolute laughing stock. Please delete this and refrain from posting such absolute drivel next time!

  25. Contribute more money……are you kidding.

    How much has King contributed so far………..ask the 3 Bears, they have nothing more to give and a couple of them want their money back now.

  26. This should be set up as an officiel charity and then Gift Aid on all donations wood get us another 25% from the tax man

  27. as much as the general idea is reasonable, to put Masonic Lodges on this list and then say "charity begins at home" is disgusting, I am Masonic and Catholic but support Rangers. Any properly run Masonic Lodge will laugh this off the table.

  28. I think this is a sensible idea that will appeal to thousands of bears. I endorse it and would be happy to donate monthly

  29. Why are people still so obsessed with spending money? The days of Rangers spending big money on players is long gone because of the money on offer down south. Rangers (and the whole of Scottish football for that matter) are working in a completely different market now and I for one am over the moon with how the present manager is going about his business. Take last season for example – his task was to build a team to get out of the championship which he did for around 400,000 (roughly). Surely that's better than spending overpriced transfer fees on players?

    • Good to see someone else thinking the same his business has been outstanding. There is still nearly 2 months of the transfer window left. Still plenty of time to bolster the squad if the right player becomes available.

    • Hi Blueblood,
      You do realise how absolutely ridiculous your writing is, don't you? If you read the whole article, (if you can read of course), you will realise that it is only a suggestion – not an order! I have also given you all the information to see why it could be a good idea. I am a true blue nose and I would like to help Rangers financially, but although I have a piles of money, I can;t do it all by myself. That's why I wanted to know, what percentage of true Rangers fans, would be willing to put their money in to help a club with not enough money to sign a prolific striker, that's all.

    • What a pathetic response from what is obviously a bitter little man. You put your opinions openly on the Internet and invite OPINION and when you receive them this is your response?? I gave you an opinion of YOUR ARTICLE and you reply with personal insult about my ability to read. How very unprofessional and behavior I would not expect from a Rangers supporter. I was simply reiterateing what others has stated about this piece being banded about as a joke on social media. I will not lower myself to reply with a similar insult of you, only to hope you see your ignorance for what it is.

    • Hi Blueblood,
      Please accept my apologies for my unreasonable response to you. I obviously took the huff and I was wrong to do that. You are 100% right about me wanting to get all the opinions from our Rangers fans, and I hate when we get Celtic minded people, talking a lot of cr*p on Ibrox Noise and spreading lies to try and p*ss us all off. I am not a bitter little man as I am 5'11", but I am sorry, and genuinely want to hear from you again in all my other varied articles, from Richard.

    • Richard I'm sorry but this isn't a very clever article and although I'm sure you meant it to be constructive it isn't. It's very naïve and plays right into the hands of the mindless opponents of our club.
      Let's stick to the football. It's one area where it's easy to silence these morons.

  30. This article, and many others on the site just seems to attract Rangers obsessed trolls, giving them a forum to have their wee smart arsed digs at the club.
    I can understand wanting to have all sorts of opinions but surely you could edit out most of the obvious trolls. It's hard to have a decent discussion about Rangers with these sad people talking so much sh*t.

    • yes I go along with you on this we get far too many tim trolls coming on here and posting purile shit but then that's all they are good for .

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