Are Rangers ready to splash the cash on a striker?

 Richard Fillingham

Martyn Waghorn has never been a major scoring success at any other club except Rangers – for the following reason. The 5’ 10” Englishman is NOT a prolific top class striker. He scored goals last season playing for Rangers, in a superb attacking team that continued to create many wonderful
opportunities for him to score.

We still have the services of our 36-year-old experienced striker Kenny Miller at our disposal for next season. He quite rightly earned another one-year contract with the club, due to his exploits in the team, coupled with his outstanding performances of playing exceptionally well in 43 appearances and scoring a very decent total of 21 goals into the bargain.   

You do have to remember of course that last season Rangers were up against inferior and substantially weaker and much cheaper players than they were used to playing against in Scotland, before 2012. It was such a shame that the short-sighted and brainless SPL chairmen, along with their simpleton supporters, agreed, then voted, to try and crush the mighty Rangers, forever! Thankfully, Mark Warburton, David Weir and Frank McParland were well aware of the step up required for the Premiership, hence the higher standard and quality of players they targeted and signed, for this coming season – well done once again guys!

I really hate pointing out that Martyn’s goal scoring record at all clubs, with the exception of Rangers, is absolutely deplorable! I think he is an exceptionally good player to have in your team, and he has an abundance of talent at his disposal. Let’s be honest, you cannot buy a 26-year-old top striker for only £200,000 (if they actually paid as much as that for him), and when Rangers approached Wigan for his services, they certainly didn’t stand in his way – that alone tells you everything!

If he doesn’t score 20 goals or more next season, you have been warned! But if he scores more than 22 goals – thank you very much Martyn, and I will be ‘over the moon’ to be wrong about you!

Summary of his goal scoring career between 2008, when he was only 18 and to 2016, at 26.
Sunderland, played 7 games and scored 1 goal

Charlton Athletic, played 7 games and scored 1 goal

Leicester City, signed for £3m and played 116 games and scored 19 goals

Hull City, played 5 games and scored 1 goal

Millwall, played 14 games and scored 3 goals

Wigan, played 41 games and scored 8 goals

Rangers, played 34 games and scored 28 goals.

I am totally convinced, that the solution is to sign a top class striker (or two) and play Waghorn in a free flowing, attacking midfield position. His main objective would still be to continue scoring as many goals as he can, and he would be involved in more goal scoring opportunities from that most important position. He is a very intelligent player, and can help to set up chances for others into the bargain. He can see a pass, has a bit of dig about him, as he is a very solid player who fights hard for every loose ball. He would give our engine room a sturdy presence and make us even more competitive in that department. Martyn is a very clever player, who is fit and exceptionally strong in the tackle, due to his build. I would love to see him play for six games in a row in the midfield for Rangers, to confirm my opinion of his potential to become an international player, of the future, but not as a striker!

Ergo, as we know, top class scoring strikers do not grow on trees, and usually come with a hefty pricetag. Rangers are heavily linked with Walsall’s Tom Bradshaw but the League 1 side planted a £1M fee on his head which no one has matched as yet, and while he may be worth that kind of cash, would King et al sanction such an outlay?

Please vote to see how many of you want Rangers to pay for a new striker – and not just sign another free transfer hopeful.

Should Rangers pay for a top quality prolific goal scorer? The choice is yours!

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  1. Hardie should be on the bench for every premiership match. He has earn't the right to do what Clark did last year. Then see how it goes…

  2. Keep in mind strikers live off of confidence, that comes with having a manager who has faith in you, fans who have faith in you, which results in you having faith and the belief in yourself that you will score, he has that at Ibrox- Ally was a prime example, Wags will do will next season, pair him with a Hately type, and he'll hit 30 in the prem no bother.

  3. Waghorn was absolute class last season and you seem to have missed warbs philosophy completely. None of the clubs waggy played for previously played passing possesion based all out attack football the way warbs does, its a system that warbs knew waggy would fit into and do well in, like wise all of warbs signings at Brentford and Rangers Fc. He doesnt go for obvious over priced players he has no history of that at all. He is looking for striker that much is true. He paid about 300 grand for Andre Gray from the conference, 3 divisions lower than Brentford fc in the english championship.Gray went on that season to be second top scorer and was sold to burnley a season later for 9 million. He then went on to be top scorer and win promotion to the EPL. Thats the sort of player he will be looking for.

  4. I disagree that we should spend big to land a striker. This is where Warbs will venture into the loan market as top established strikers cost a fortune.

    Waghorn, Miller, O'Halloran, Forrester, Windass and Hardie will hopefully do a very good job next year but we don't need to spend £millions to capture a top striker.

    Way too much risk financially!!

  5. Although i agree totally with the fact we need a out and out striker ,I disagree with your assessment of martin waghorn he is not a out n out striker ,and mibe that 3million price tag was too much to live up to ? bt as left sided player in a front 3 as is warbs system he is top rated and will score a average goal ratio,bt he is never a deep midfield player ,got be happy with all last seasons signings and if new boys all perform as well to use a warbism we will be in a good place ��

  6. What a lot of shite mate, an attacking midfielder? hes best played out wide in the front 3, we have plenty of midfield options, 28 goals in the championship was a great return considering he was out for a couple of months, money doesnt guarantee a top class striker.

  7. I think with Windass comin in Waghorn will find himself playing a bit more too the right, I think Windass will be the main man now but I still think Waghorn will get a bag full of goals, TBH it looks like we have goals coming from every department now, The opposition will be harder but we are a better team, we have shifted the Nickys,Templeton & Shields, & replaced them with much better players so hopefully we will crack on, I do not think we need to get a striker, not this year anyway as were not in europe, maybe next year. Anyway its all just wishing at the moment lets just trust in Warbs & get on with it I cant wait for the season to start,

  8. There is no money to spend.

    If the ground has safety risks it will cost millions to fix……Llambias had a full survey done and the costs of correcting the issues was frightening.

    Never mind that though, Dave will magic up £5m for a striker, no problem.

  9. I'd go for Lee Erwin. The boy is a proper talent but had Balloon Evans as manager, so his career has been on hold. Young player whom Warbs would soon turn into a Scotland international.

  10. Before coming to us Waghorn averaged one goal in every 5 games he played.

    Bags of goals in the Scottish Championship doesn't make him an overnight sensation.

    Why did no one ask King where his £30m investment was during the recent transparency outbreak?

    If the stories about difficulties with safety certificates for Ibrox are true then we are facing a massive issue………there will be no more £5m raised in 10 minute phone calls as the 3 Bears are tapped out.

    A significant number of the support seem to be unaware that if the Ashley loan wasn't repaid then he was calling in administrators…………..not quite the right thing to do Level 5 fabrication.

  11. Ill admit I'm a Celtic fan, but tell me who is a realistic striker for Rangers to sign and do you have the cash to splash?

  12. £300k for Andre Gray………that would be great if we had £300k.

    The stories flying about on safety certificates for Ibrox are pretty scary………rent Hampden for a year and hope King comes up with the millions required to fix the stadium?

    Where's the transparency on this Mr King?

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