Why Steven Taylor would be a big risk

 Richard Fillingham

Steven Taylor, whilst having plenty of experience playing in the English Premier League, is now 30 year-old and is only 6’ 1” and unless, as well as Stevie, Mark Warburton signs a much taller centre half, in my opinion, he is too small for our present team requirements. It is height Rangers are definitely missing from our team and it has to be rectified ASAP, if we want to have any chance of winning the league at the first attempt.

Corner kicks and free kicks are our downfall, as Wes Foderingham NEVER comes out of his goal to catch or punch any of the balls put in. If we sign a 6’ 4” goalkeeper who comes out to catch or punch balls (when the ball should be his, of course), then we might get away with two smallish centre backs in the team.

Now back to Stevie, who is an English professional footballer who played for Newcastle United, as a central defender, and can also play at right back, on occasion. He has been very injury prone over the last three seasons and unless he gets the proper training treatment, he may break down again.

In season 2015-16, he only managed to play in 8 full matches and 2 half games for Newcastle, due to niggling injuries. The next was not much better, as in season 2014-15, he only played in 9 full matches and 3 substitute appearances for the Magpies, again due to injuries. The real worry for me is that when he was only 27-years-old, in season 2013-14, Stevie still only appeared in 8 full matches and 3 substitute matches at St James’ Park – again all down to injury.

No – I’m sorry, definitely not for me, so please go to Turkey or Celtic and be another flop signing for someone else. When you read Stevie’s CV over the last three seasons, it is clear why Rafael Benitez deemed Taylor surplus to requirements and decided not to offer him a contract to play in the Championship with newly-relegated Newcastle. I hope he does not end up at Ibrox.


  1. He was offered a 1 year deal and knocked it back. That is what is known as lazy journalism lol.

  2. Could not agree more, coupled with the fact there are too many stories about him having options for elsewhere, i don't think he is really committed to coming to SPL like Barton was/is. We sign him then we don't look for another CB, 4 weeks he will be out injured and we are back to square one with Wilson and Kiernan.

  3. Yes, it's a risk but if we could keep him fit he would be significantly better than our current centre backs.

  4. Totally agree, I get the impression he is just wanting to go to the highest bidder where ever that maybe. We want players who really want to be here and are totally committed. Fortunately, it wont cost a transfer fee as it did with Daniel Prodan, one most rangers fans want to forget

  5. he is a dreadful defender we wouldn't be where we are now he lost us a lot of points with his sloppy defending the last few games he played we only won one game when he was not playing we started to win again would not wish him on anybody

    • And that was the worst defence in the league that he could not get into and was shown up when he did! Yeah some sucker will sign him but I would be horrified at spending policy if he wound up playing at Ibrox next season.

  6. looking at free,s n loans wont hide whats happening over in the east end,,50thousand season tickets or there about,,paying top dollar for new boss (wages),,where,s the so called dough from your chairman n why,s the magicmushroom so quiet???

    • dave king has said theres 30 million to spend thats 15 million more tha ur lot has just wait till warbo comes back and starts spending the war chest in king we trust

    • Yeah the money will be spent but probably not on a donkey like Taylor – Barton is just the first piece of business but I am assured there are 5 top quality players to follow.

  7. when ever a have seen him he's been good in the air he is good at heading the ball also a noticed over the years when he's out the team they lose a lot of goals but when he returns to the team Newcastle fans are happy they start keeping clean sheets,he is a leader some one that can help Danny Wilson settle into the team good partnership

  8. Rafa Benitez did offer him a contract.
    This is the sort the nonsense reporting that is becoming more and more regular on this site.
    If Mark Warburton thinks Taylor would be a good signing then id take his opinion over yours.

    • At last somebody sensible. If he's been good enough for the EPL for 13 years or thereabouts and still has good offers down south and abroad it would be another great bit of business of we get him. It's been obvious that we needed a bit more steel and aggression on the centre of our defence and whether he's 6'4" or 6'1" is a stupid argument…if he's good in the air then what's the difference? And he obviously needs to be decent in possession in the style Warbs has us playing…and of he's good enough for the Magic Hat to spend his summer holidays chasing then that's good enough for me…In Warbs we trust

  9. Hibs won the cup due to our crap centre halves!Two headers and Kiernan stood back for the first one! We are leaking goals, left, right and in particular, centre. We have no height and Foderinham is one of the worst keepers weve ever had. Warbuton should not under estimate the scottish premier, they will play long balls all day long,,and we do not have the defence to deal with it… Is Taylor the answer?, he is a good player, but we need a big centre half, strong, 6ft 5, who will bulldoze through a brick wall. We need to sort this defence out..do it not,,then we will lose big time!! And we all know it,,

  10. Can`t really blame the two centre backs for the headed goals in the cup final .They were not picking up Stokes or Gray , they were on the taller players .Problem is we are a small side apart from the centre backs and have no-one else half decent in the air. Agree about the first goal , one of the worst bits of defending I have ever seen , by Kiernan, I was screaming go to him but for some reason he didn`t .Keeper wise , not the best but not the worst …Letizi ,Simonsen ,Robinson ,Bell , Snelders, need I go on.

  11. As a Newcastle fan of many years, Taylor came on the scene as very promising young player, it was thought he would progress and possibly be a England international, sadly it didn't happen for him, due to injuries and really not improving his game at all, he's very flat footed, gets turned easily, cumbersome and a bit of a prat, it's no wonder Andy Carroll Lamped him when he was at Newcastle, in fact in his latter years when he did manage to get himself fit, he was a liability to the team, so no my Rangers buddies, don't sign him, where as Joey Barton is a great signing, would take him back at Newcastle in a heartbeat.

    • Could not have put it better full of his own importance real big head great news he has finally gone

  12. Plymouth Centre Half we've been linked with looks a better option. More athletic, young and can improve.

    Take Taylor if Warbs feels we need him, but I'd be surprised to see him at Ibrox next season

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