Why has Warburton been so silent?

 Greg Roots

The latest hot topic amongst those fans who love to hate us is the ‘deafening silence’ that our manager has exhibited for the last few weeks. Fans who hate our glorious club more than they love their own, albeit less successful clubs, seem to think that Warburton is heading out of Ibrox after exactly one year in the job.

Their constant outbursts, which point to issues such as Warburton being unhappy, the board not backing him and best of all – that Mark can’t deal with the pressure – seem to derive from a certain online blogger who shall remain nameless. Suffice it to say that they’ve made a living from spreading false nonsense about Rangers.

These people can use their claims and opinions as hurtful tools in an online social media battle which has gone on for far too long now. However, one weapon that nullifies anything they can throw at us is the simple truth.

The truth and facts seem to be hated by these people, simply because it denies them of their hate-fuelled agenda. So what is the truth? Why has Warburton gone awfully quiet of late?

Firstly, all Rangers’ personnel can be excused for not giving a press conference in the immediate aftermath of the odious scenes that erupted at Hampden on the 21st of May. For me, the club statement was enough and there was no point in sending out Warburton or Weir to discuss the defeat, because it would simply be about the fighting as opposed to the football, and that’s not how our management team like to operate.

Warburton then embarked on a well-deserved holiday after the cup final, as did many of the other members of the playing staff! I feel half-bad for writing this piece in the sense that trying to justify Warbs’ absence seems a bit frivolous; however I am merely pointing out the truth in the midst of the nonsensical rumours being created by many other Scottish football fans.

Once he returned from his holiday, Mark went back to finish his UEFA pro license. A big song and dance wasn’t made of this, however he had previously pointed it out to the media in March earlier this year. This course has now been finished and Warbs’ is now back at Auchenhowie, finalising his pre-season plans to ensure our tour of America is as productive as possible.

On the face of it, Mark Warburton’s whereabouts were known all along, however the damaging rumours of him leaving were spread by opposing fans who a) wanted to believe he was leaving because they are in fear of his potential success next season, and b) were too lazy to actually research the truth before making such claims.

Warburton WILL of course be our manager next season, as committed and hungry as ever.


  1. Why give credit to morons? This article is lazy and pointless.

    The man is on holiday!!!!!!!!!!!! – and in any case what would you want him to say in interviews? It'll just be the usual "we don't comment on players until they've signed" boring interview so we are not missing much.

  2. and you believe that??a guy that has more to say on scottish fitba than motormouth barton has not said a peep in over 3 weeks??listen,its well known he,s tippled that the bonus has vanished he was promised,,,brendan rodgers will take home more salary than your player budget,,watch this space,,good luck wi the 37 year old clint whoever,,,

  3. To be fair it's closed season and we haven't heard much from any managers other than those at the Euros. This happens every year and the transfer window hasn't been open for a full week yet. Total non-story that you may have been better advised not feeding the trolls from the east end.

  4. Why do we need to hear from him anyway? Training doesn't really start until July, everyone's on holiday. Rumours spread from the same lot who convinced themselves Zlatan was signing for them.

  5. Havent heard a peep out of Roy Rodgers since it was open day at the zoo either. Cant wait till they start crying for his head. Probably after champions league failure.

  6. As usual the deluded tinks are more interested in Rangers than their own mob.It's amazing the interest they have for a club they say doesn't exist

  7. Brenda will take more home than the Rangers squad. A sign that the board at cfc are totally bricking it snd now throwing all the eggs in one basket. 300 million snd not a trophy won. What a bunch of dumb donalds

  8. Hardly think there's any fear from Warburton. After beating one of the worst celtic teams in a decade Warburton didn't win a game since and got humped by hibs. Magic hat can stay I'm pleased he's staying….as for Barton he is at the best club for criminals it's full of them.celtic welcome the chase from your 2012 newco

    • "worst Celtic team in a decade" do you believe they have improved since their agonising Semi-Final Cup defeat?

    • I for one would rather have a friend that stole from the tax man, than tampered with kids at a boys club.
      Wind yer necks in, historical cases of child abuse associated with your club.
      You should all be ashamed to supported such a dirty dirty club

    • I think you'll find ebts were perfectly legal at the time of use. Child abuse on the other hand

  9. There are those who are ruled with wisdom, faith, courage and patience and those who are ruled predominantly by fear, low self esteem and jealously. Those who are ruled by fear and low sense of self tend to look upon absences as a personal affront. They need constant reassurance; a word or a text or something to remind them often that 'everything is okay'.

    Those governed by wisdom will remember words spoken a long time ago and will trust in the absence that things are okay and moving forward.

    The press tends to feed on people's fears; to try to magnify them because this is what compels people to buy papers. We all know this. So wisdom dictates that we need to look to our own to see truth and not the papers who print lies & rumours.

    Show confidence in our club and manager: it has only been a few short weeks. Why give credence to those that we know to be liars, fear-mongers and green with jealousy?

  10. Well that was a nice bushy bullshit squirrel you've just fed to your gullibears Greg. Coaching badges and now back in training? Wow! You're ahead of all other media outlets. Everyone else thinks he's at home in London. Mate, with sources as good as this perhaps you should be the daily record's resident blogger

  11. Buck Rodgers what you got to say??? Zlatan still coming?? Give it a rest Timmy and concentrate on your unwashed relations.

  12. Ah organising the States tour, if one game against Charleston Battery constitutes a tour. What about those tens of thousands of Gers fans in Dixie Land who want to see their team compete at a decent level, not against a bunch of part timers recently beaten by a 10 man Orlando B.
    It's a joke. Is this the best we can do for some pre season entertainment.
    No surprise to see Joey not included in the visa applications.
    The Tims will be picking up £3/£4m in gate and TV monies from their pre season activities and another couple of million from Wanyama and Van Dyk sell ons.
    If they scramble through the Champions League qualifiers that's a minimum of £15m added to the coffers.
    Till the SD farce weaves it's way through the courts, which could take forever with no guarantee of success, there will be next to nothing coming from merchandising.
    Celtic ' s contracts with Magners, New Balance and the latest with the betting company are worth another £10m per year. Their ST sales give them an additional £5m.
    Unless King and the board can find £20/£30m to invest in the squad over the next two years then we will be looking at the Tims gearing up for 8 IAR.

    Are you listening Mr King?

  13. Amazing the amount of obsessed timmys Rangers articles attract. You would think they would be more interested in their own newco 1994 Pacific Shelf. Then again with Brenda curiously silent and signings nowhere to be seen other than being linked with some nonentity called Wisdom they don't have a lot to talk about i guess. Comical that after four seasons of half empty grounds and big flags covering seats they all crawl back out from their hovels soon as Rangers are back. With Niko joining Barton together with Crooks and Windass and the young lad from Liverpool the squad is shaping up nicely. And more to come. As for Hill,i remember the last "ageing" centre back we signed and he did not do to badly. Forget about us timmy concentrate on your own odious club responsible for the most shameful episode in Scottish sport. And we will forever remind you of that fact.

    • Rossiter is unproven having only played 1 game for Liverpool (Andre Wisdom played 22 and has another 78 games under his belt); Crooks and Windass are from the English 4th tier; Barton has won nothing and proved nothing(and can't go to the States because of his criminal convictions); Kranjcar has offers from the MLS and Italy, so a pay cut at Ibrox seems unlikely; Clint Hill is 38, has only played 35 games in 2 seasons and is nowhere near the skill level and experience of Davie Weir?

      So how does any of this add up to an improved Rangers for the SPFL?

  14. so many obsessed mhanks on a Rangers thread, they should worry about 300 million pound manager rudgers and how he can spend so much money and still win nothing at liverpool

  15. Seems celtic scum….only care about HATRED…for the most successful team in Scotland..!
    No wonder,we dont like you..never will.
    Most of comments made by their low-life…just shows how pea-brained their fans are..

  16. I'm a Celtic fan and agree thats its nonsense re Mark Warburton not speaking to the media since the end of the season, Brendan Rodgers our new manager hasn't said anything either and no one is suggesting he's for the off.

  17. Rangers will not finish in the top 4 …hearts Aberdeen will punish your corrupt little team as for joey wanker he is done good luck with that arsehole aplayer that Warburton didn't want lol

  18. Good luck repairing your own. Instead of coming on here try the samaratins I'm sure they can help

  19. It's amazing how these tims have more info on our team than we have, they seem to know everything before we do, let's just go fact for fact here, celtic season tickets sales have gone down every season rangers were out of the league…fact, the first season we are back ticket sales equal there best ever sales record…fact (oh and dont say it's because of rogers because yous sold the last 10 thousand after his appointment) rogers has won nothing as a manager….fact, celtic defeated by what they like to say a new club in the semi of the Scottish cup….fact, celtic became a new co company via the name pacific shelf oh the irony lol warbs has been quiet bt then again when was the last time rogers spoke??? The guy is sitting with his feet up watching the pound signs rolling infront of his eyes, and when his rolling contract is up he will leave after winning nothing with a smile on his face and an extra few zeros at the end of his bank balance, let's face it, the tims are scared, theirs a hunger about rangepip, a desire to win and the chemistry in the team has been outstanding, with the work that needs to be done at porkheed rogers may well actually stay for another few year pretending to rebuild while he lines his pockets, the futures bright, the futures blue, welcome back to being number two,watp

    • just for you Sean Harris ,it was the TIMS who tried to warn you months before that your old club was in massive problems but you lot buried your head in the sand with regard a manager winning anything how many major trophies has the magic hat won, does he get the nickname because he vanished after Hibs won the cup ,or is he just a crybaby

  20. Apparently the story that Warbs was at Auchenhowie this week is not true, I suppose the proof of the pudding would be the exclusive photos taken off him arriving and leaving by the Daily Radar guys working around the clock waiting for him to drive in or out.
    Expect some Level 5 squirrels to be released very soon before Weir is presented as the new manager and tge real brains behind the improved performances last season.

  21. For the annon Tim who posted back to me, the point wasn't made about, warbs,warbs nickname was giving through the efforts of what he has achieved in his shot time as a manager, with Brentford he achieved he unthinkable,and was let go for no reason, then with only a month th to put a squad together he put together a team that he paid less than 350k for that destroyed the championship and celtic haha, rogers has won nothing, when u read the history books no paige will read rogers almost won the premier league, but what will be writing is the year he spent almost 300 million of Liverpool money and won jack, the man has proved nothing and his pay packet from yourself is not justified with his cv, at this point in time the facts show that warbs is a manager on the up while rogers is starting again,
    Yous are clutching at straws and have thrown money at one man thinking it will change your fortunes while at rangers there was a process this time around to finding the right guy not just a name, oh nd just for the record, warbs has won the championship in England and Scotland and delivered the Petrofac( regardless of the competition you can only beat who u get handed) while rogers has won how many trophies….do the maths Tim and get your facts right before u post in the future watp

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